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Controversy Stalks Sunday’s 9/11 Truth Conference

Angry nay-sayers are threatening to disrupt this Sunday's Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference in Urbana, Illinois.

Controversy Stalks Sunday's 9/11 Truth Conference

Angry nay-sayers are threatening to disrupt this Sunday's Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference in Urbana, Illinois.

Fetzer Questions Holocaust – Call the Spanish Inquisition!

Jim Fetzer says "six million" is a gross exaggeration.

Bishop Richard Williamson: Boston Bombing Was Another False Flag

Bishop Richard Williamson says the American people need to wake up to false-flag terrorism - before it's too late.

Holocaust History Denial: A Clear and Present Danger

A modest proposal for ending the scourge of HDD, Holocaust History Denial.

“American Genocide”: John Hanke revises holocaust revisionism

Can you be jailed for revising holocaust revisionism?

The Importance of Holocaust Revisionism, a Reply

In the past two weeks, VT has published three pieces on Holocaust revisionism by Alan Hart, and one set of reflections by Jim Dean and Paul Eisen. Any discussion of this topic is welcome, given its central importance in American life today.

Paul Eisen – On holocaust Victim Supremacy – Updated

- - We once again revist the greastest Psy Ops event of the 20th century - a Paul Eisen feature article

The Nazi holocaust: My response to my critics

In this shortish response to those in the comment space of my own web site and others including VT who criticised, ridiculed and condemned me for what I wrote in my last two posts (WANTED - A psychiatric diagnosis of Nazi holocaust denial, which was a follow-up to Understanding the real significance TODAY of the Nazi holocaust), I quote from a very long and in-depth interview with Samuel Crowell, the author of what some regard as the definitive books which make the case for Nazi holocaust revisionism.

Holocaust not Hope

Our past belongs to us and as we progress, we will always revisit, revise and rewrite it. This form of activity is inherent to human nature.

Faurisson: The Poor Man’s Atom Bomb

Even though this article was written almost four years ago, it is still timely today. I am posting it for two reasons:

A Radical Conservative Perspective: America Would be Better Off Without Black...

The most recent example of the GOP engaging in subtle racism is when Mike Huckabee claimed that President Obama viewed the world from the perspective of the Mau Mau. Then when it became clear that he'd crossed the line, he claimed that he misspoke and didn't understand what all the uproar was about. The true attitude that the GOP harbors toward African-Americans is reflected in this exchange that I recently had over the internet:

Further Evidence of Why Blacks Reject the Conservative Movement

[Only] 14% of blacks marry. [Seventy-four percent]74% don't know who their fathers are. Their contribution to the arts is gangsta rap, nasty, foul chattering, that passes as music. [Ninety-six percent] 96% voted for Barack Obama, who is the worst fraud and fake ever to set foot in the US. Per capita, blacks represent 80% of prison population violent crimes segment. Billions have been spent on blacks in the US to mainstream them to no avail.

RE: Why Black Americans Reject the Conservative Movement

Actually, what’s both curious, and insulting, is why conservatives can’t understand the reason that most Black people see the GOP in exactly the same light as the GOP sees Al Qaeda. After all, the people who lynched Black people in the South may have called themselves Dixiecrats, but the bottom line is, they were radical conservatives, and they eventually migrated to the Republican party. So why should Black people hate radical conservatives any less than the GOP hates Al Qaeda - they killed many more Blacks, and for a much longer period of time? The only logical reason that conservatives can’t seem to grasp this very simple concept is that they obviously believe that the lives they took were not of equal value to the lives taken on 9/11.

A Retrospective Against GOP Revisionism

One of the founding fathers of conservative thought was Alexander Hamilton. He was an aristocrat who advocated that poor and middle-class Americans should be relegated to second-class citizenship, and the GOP has fully embraced his agenda. While Hamilton’s position was resoundingly rejected by the vast majority of the founding fathers - whose primary reason for coming to America in the first place was to get away from the European class system - there were many of Hamilton’s ilk who chose not to recognize the American ideal that “All men [and women] are created equal.” Then they were later joined by Southern Dixiecrats, or social bigots, who also rejected the ideal of human equality.

The Tragic Death of a Night Porter, a Holocaust Story of...

The Tragic Death of a Night Porter …what possesses greater intrinsic value? Maintaining the mainstream version of the Holocaust at any cost, or the life...