Shame on Canada – Israel’s Boot Heel


Canada warns Palestinians against taking Israel to ICC


             … by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor                            …  for  Press TV


Canada is an occupied country

Just when you think Canada has maxed out it’s total subservience to Israel, here it comes with lowering the bar even lower.

I must say I am surprised, even for Canada. The whole country is jokingly referred to in the Intel community as the Mossad igloo. 

Now they stoop to their Jewish Lobby bidding to threaten the starving Palestinian Authority not to take Israel to the International Criminal Court. Can you all say…Obstruction of Justice?

Israeli Intel has operated in Canada with total impunity for at least two decades. I think there must be a secret law somewhere that it is actually illegal to arrest an Israeli spy there.


This is treason against the Canadian people as the Israelis have always been big on industrial espionage, stealing everything they can get their hands on. The political class is bought off in the usual way via campaign support in return for a very solid understanding that the Jewish Lobby operations will never suffer from any legal difficulties.

We certainly have our problem with the same issues here in America, but poor Canada, the good folks up there have been sold out, invaded and occupied by a foreign force that never fired a shot.

But as you will read below, they went so far as to send their foreign minister down to our AIPAC convention in DC to grovel in front of all the AIPAC delegates, along with a good portion of our Congress. Both countries will need a revolution to purge this curse, of both the Israeli Lobbies and also their fellow treasonous countrymen who have assisted the Zios to line their own nests.

You can ad to them the religious extremists like the Christian Zionists who are betting on Israel’s nukes bringing on an end to the world so they get a good return on all the money they donate to them every year.

Our Intel people could catch all of them doing this simply with datamining, as the the stand down against prosecuting them has made them sloppy on covering their tracks. But the stand down include our counter intel services. Exposing Israeli espioniage here, their networks in the Jewish community and penetration into the upper political class, those same people have called that exposure, their exposure, a national security threat…to them.

You just can’t make this stuff up.  Dear Canadian thugs, take your boot off the Palestinian’s neck.  You have embarrassed not only Western jurisprudence, but any religious morality you would lay claim to.

Shame, shame, shame. Someone please call me when the revolution is over up there.


Canada warns Palestinians against taking Israel to ICC

First published on Press TV  –  March 5th, 2013


International Criminal Court in the Hague

Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister has announced at pro-Israel lobby’s policy conference that Palestinians would face “consequences” from Ottawa if they use the new UN status to sue Israel at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

John Baird made the remarks in a speech to thousands of lobbyists from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and members of the US government last Sunday.

“We were very clear from the outset that further actions, like we’ve seen at the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), like we’ve seen at the United Nations, particularly at the ICC will be ones which will not go unnoticed and will have certainly consequences in the conduct of our relations with the Palestinian Authority,” Baird said.

Baird’s remarks received a boisterous welcome from the audience, revealing the satisfaction with the Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government support of Israel.

Ottawa opposed the Palestinian bid last November to upgrade status at the UN from “non-member observer entity” to “non-member observer state” and has warned the Palestinian Authority against taking legal action against the Tel Aviv regime at the ICC.

In October 2011, Canada also opposed the Palestinian effort to win membership within the UNESCO.

Palestinian officials said they would take legal actions against the Tel Aviv regime at the ICC in order to stop illegal construction of settler units on the occupied Palestinian land.

Baird also criticized the speech made by acting Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas at the UN General Assembly in November, saying it “concerned many of us.”

“He could have extended an arm, a hand to Israel. He could have extended an olive branch. He could have been generous, and we didn’t see any generosity in his remarks,” Baird said.

Canada, the United States, Israel and six other countries voted against the Palestinian bid, while 138 other assembly members voted in favor of the resolution, approving the upgrade.



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