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NSA Never Breaks Up Israeli Espionage – Why Not?

- Snordster's dramatic reading of my Israeli espionage piece sent it viral...peaking at a Google count of 262,000 on the title, and teaching us what a team effort can do.

Mass Secret Surveillance in the Orwellian Police State

- Imagine you are being spied on 24/7 by an all-seeing Eye...that Big Brother is watching you, not only from the US and Britain but also from Israel.

VT was Right – Again…Gordon Nails Them

- Corporate media shilling getting shot down in flames - Almost daily now

AIPAC Congressional Sockpuppets are a National Security Threat

- AIPAC continutes to deploy its Congressional assets to derail the Iran nuclear talks. Expect a new broadening of the threat to create new red lines

Israel Espionage Machine’s War on Free Speech

- The real story is how not a single Western country will take any criminal action over a conspiracy to subvert the rights of its respective citizens

Academic Zionist agents in US go public

- " It seems that the American Studies Association’s (ASA) boycott resolution vote has rattled the Zionist cages."

Kerry and Hagel kick Netanyahu's butt

- U.S. fed with bogus Intel by Israel moles - confirmed by the highest sources

Kerry and Hagel kick Netanyahu’s butt

- U.S. fed with bogus Intel by Israel moles - confirmed by the highest sources

Time To Kill Zionist Vampire

- It is the duty of all loyal Americans to support those who have stuck their necks out to get us to this point

US vs Israeli Espionage – the Final Battle

- We have been shouting for years that America will never have any national security until the Israeli espionage networks are rooted out and destroyed

NSA Never Breaks Up Israeli Espionage

- The Snordster dramatic reading video of this article has a Google count of 263,000

Israeli Espionage in US Senate

US Senate violates Nuremberg precedent for waging offensive war

Australia Hiding Israeli Espionge Complicity

_ Australian Intel works hand in glove with Israel...in grooming potential spies on Australian soil at universities such as Monash in Melbourne and military academies like Duntroon.

Shame on Canada – Israel’s Boot Heel

- Canada warns Palestinians against taking Israel to ICC

WikiLeaks – War on Terror No Problem for Israeli Crime Bosses

As such Israelis who are known to work for or belong to OC families are not automatically ineligible for travel to the United States

Phil Giraldi Spills Beans on Israeli Espionage in America

Phil Giraldi stepped out today to do his country a great service and save some honor for the American counter intelligence community