Australia Hiding Israeli Espionge Complicity


Australia, Mossad base for espionage


   … by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor       … with  Press TV

First Published on Press TV – March 11th, 2013


By way of deception
I have been carefully watching the Prisoner-X fallout in Australia where the report on the administrative mistakes regarding contact and notification in the Ben Zygier suicide case was recently released.


The report was a complete whitewash for the government, so far. A cover-up would better way describe it.

I had read the tea leaves from the parameters set initially when the Foreign Office ‘review’ was announced. They focused totally on ‘administrative improvements’, and no public official would dare go near the ‘IE’ word… Israeli Espionage in Australia.

Why not? It’s because they have been complicit in Israeli spying inside their own country for decades. That’s why.

They have been letting Israeli Intel recruit Aussies, both to recruit other spies amongst the many foreigners living there, but also to do the domestic spying operations against Australians.

The Zionists always deem critical to their survival exploiting all relationships they have with any and all countries to exert as much control and influence as possible.

I watched a short clip that someone sent me today of an AIPAC operative lecturing to students how they were going to stop Israel divestment resolutions on campuses, by taking over the student governments, just like they have done in Washington, DC with Congress. I must say I was surprised at the admission.

How do they get away with this? Their tried and true method is political espionage. They spend years infiltrating and gaining influence in all major parties so no matter who is in power they have their hooks in deep with both. Despite the age-old funneling campaign cash carrot to both top and up and coming politicians, they also have the stick… their blackmail operations which can be used against foes, and even friends when they feel necessary.

I was not surprised, but disappointed by the obvious stand down of the Zygier family during the Prisoner-X news scandal. They knew what was at stake, not only their son, but protecting the long history of Israeli spying operations in Australia, having that become public. The Israelis know how to manipulate the Diaspora that way. They have lots of experience at being ruthless, even with their own people.

Can he testify from the grave?

Besides the Foreign Correspondent TV show which broke the case down under, the only decent reporting on Zygier is coming from the anti-Israel, anti-Apartheid Aussie Left, both Jews and Gentiles. But their reporting has been relegated to second tier media platforms.

The name Rupert Murdoch and his press empire has yet to be mentioned, like they would not have known what was going on early in the game. Yes, the Israelis would have tipped him off to make sure nothing got printed.

The famous Israeli author and security commentator Yossi Melman shared with Australian TV that their Intel people were informed of the charges early on in the case, due to their long history of working closely together. In fact the Israelis have admitted this, leaving the Aussies caught in their own lie.

I picked up on this right away early on when they avoided creating a paper record with the Foreign Office and consulate people, so everyone had as much cover as possible afterward to say they knew nothing, including the Prime Minister. He was briefed quietly. He lied of course. They always do.

Also left out of the story in regards to background framing is that when the former Rudd government went down, the Attorney General slot moved over to a Nicola Roxon, who was recently replaced by Zionist Mark Dreyfus. In the Intel biz this is called the musical chairs routine where all can claim that due to the office turnovers they knew nothing, or don’t remember.

Your radical Zionists always infiltrate target country justice departments to have eyes and ears there. They also want to be able to block critical investigations not only into Israeli espionage, but also those cases involving the Jewish community, a sort of community defense arrangement.

The corrupt campaign funding, much of that money comes from industrial espionage where those rewards circulate year after year. It needs protection, also, so you just cut the politicians in for piece of the action.

The proof is in the pudding. They never catch any Israeli spies or break up any networks in Australia because they aren’t really trying to. You can just imagine the corrupting influence this has at the government mid-level positions who watch this going on, administration after administration. The players change but ‘the fix’ remains in, permanently.

The country rots from the inside out, and that becomes classified information. The biggest secret these infiltrated countries have is they don’t have any security, because it has been sold to a third party. Israel has repeated this intelligence coup, with the big help of the Diaspora, in country after country.

Mark Dreyfuss – Australian Attorney General

Attorney General Dreyfus has refused an investigation of his own department, which would of course include their intelligence service’s handling of Prisoner-X.

The hard infiltration work of the Zionist Lobby there has paid off once again, and there are many non-Jewish Aussie helpers who also want to cover their behinds. They have a lot to lose.

Also missing in most of the media coverage is a public timeline of critical Intel and espionage events taking place while the Zygier case was happening.

Independent media has tied Zygier into not only the Dubai assassination passport fraud but other terrorist operations that Israel runs in the normal course of business.

American blogger Richard Silverstein’s sources reported Zygier having gone over to the Dubai authorities after the assassination there, and was later snatched back by the Mossad, quite a trick I am sure. Plus the Israelis had shot, roughed up and robbed Australians on the Gaza peace flotilla, and we know now they were not very worried about any problem with the Aussie government.

Haaretz’s defense analyst, Amir Oren reported that Zygier had told an Israeli friend, a special forces soldier, that he had killed a boy and girl in Lebanon while providing security for an Israeli covert operation in Lebanon. This incident caused him to leave the army and he was hospitalized with trauma for a month afterward.

Zygier came back to Australia after that to go to school, and the Mossad had him on board watching and recruiting foreign students, historically a prime hunting ground, going back to the days when the Soviets were recruiting British bluebloods at Oxford.

It is disappointing to see the Aussie public let this opportunity slid by to eradicate an infestation of Zionist Lobby weeds from their society, and yes, a national security threat. This was confirmed by journalist Anthony Loewenstein in Australia,

“New Matilda (online magazine) spoke to a former senior Australian ambassador who said that ASIO and ASIS work hand in glove with the Israeli government, including the assistance of grooming potential spies on Australian soil at universities such as Monash in Melbourne and military academies like Duntroon. Australia long ago outsourced much of its military and intelligence, as well as foreign affairs sovereignty, to Israel and America. “There’s little we [Australia] would not do to please them”, my source says…”

Canada is in worse shape than Australia in this regard, but both are Mossad bases for Israel’s extensive international espionage. And both have opened themselves up for the corruption that comes with letting an extremist regime in a small country get them over the blackmail barrel. It allows them carte blanche approval to run operations against Australians and Canadians, with government protection.

More than a few in the intelligence community would describe this as treason. I certainly would. And it is worse than what has been described above. Not only do both countries allow Israel to steal passport IDs of their own citizens, but they do this knowingly in sponsorship of Israeli terror operations.

Gordon Duff gave an example of one this week in a Press TV Viewpoints… In an interview with a Swiss police spokesman, VT was told: “The Canadian embassy in Switzerland has been issuing false passports to criminals including terror suspects.” Thank you very much Canada.

Both Australia and Canada have a totally infiltrated government and media and their respective citizens enjoy a comic book version of democracy, a kind of magic show where they think the trick is real, by it’s just a trick. Their respective publics are held in contempt by those who do this to them.

These terribly compromised security situations could be dealt with if their publics have the will to do it. When Aussie Zionist Attorney General Dreyfus refused to investigate his department and security services, the Australian people should have camped out at his office until he resigned and their getting a full open investigation of Australia’s sordid past with Israeli espionage. And the same goes for the Canadians, if they have the courage.



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