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Me and Louis Gavin


“And don’t you think that being deceived about the truth is a bad thing, while having a grasp of the truth is good? And don’t you think that having a grasp of the truth is having a belief that matches the way things are?”Plato, The Republic [1]


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Louis Gavin just recently accuses me of “consistently fram[ing] every conceivable evil around Jews,” a ridiculous notion which Gavin has summoned in order to make a point.

Is Gavin going to accuse me of saying that Jews are responsible for Robert Mugabe’s racist attitude toward white people and Christians in Zimbabwe?[2]  Are they responsible for Joseph Kony’s mass murder in Uganda?

Gavin has to invoke these types of arguments because this is the only way he can make a point. He cannot justify his points from my articles, and therefore he has to take the easy route.

He has to summon the greatest work of fiction imaginable and then demolish it with great relish. In that sense, his feet are firmly planted in mid-air.

Gavin takes issues with the fact that the Bolshevik Revolution was largely Jewish. In response, he says, “Do you have the slightest idea what Jewish communities went through during those murderous years, what level of discrimination they were subject to, how they were excluded from owning land, participating in the economy, and attending institutions of higher learning?”

Gavin makes my job very easy.  For those who want to know the issues surrounding Jews in Russia, I would highly recommend Erich Baberer’s Jews and Revolution in Nineteenth-Century Russia, published by Cambridge University Press in 2004. For further studies, I would also recommend Sarah Gordon’s Hitler, Germans, and the Jewish Question, published by Princeton University Press in 1984. (Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together is yet to be published in English for obvious reasons.)

To summarize, “discrimination” was largely a reaction to Jewish revolutionary activity around that time, and it had little to do with who the Jews were as people. Even some of the universities in Russia were functions of Jewish revolutionary cells, and the government had to take drastic actions in order to restore civility and balance.

People like Veniamin Osipovich Portugalov, Lev Moiseevich Zelenskii, Nikolai Utin, Mark Natanson, among others, created subversive activities which ended up in political upheavals and unrests.

Moving on to Nazi Germany, Albert S. Lindemann of the University of California declares in his study Esau’s Tears: Modern Anti-Semitism and the Rise of the Jews, “A tradition of hatred for Jews in the German race, although obviously part of the story, is inadequate to explain the brutalities of the concentration camps and the horror of mechanized mass murder…”[3] This is indeed a complex issue and I have addressed this fully in the second volume of Christianity & Rabbinic Judaism.

Francis Fukuyama

Gavin writes, “ So what if Marx and Trotsky were Jews, does that automatically make all Jews guilty?” Once again Gavin cannot prove this ridiculous notion from the articles, but once reason is not on your side and you have to make a point, you’ve got to come up with something—anything.

One of the reasons I keep bringing up Trotsky, Stalin and Lenin in particular is because their revolutionary worldview has been reincarnated in the neoconservative movement with a new garb. This is not my word. This is the conclusion of neoconservative luminary Francis Fukuyama of Stanford University. I will let Gavin quarrel with him.

Gavin continues, “Stereotyping Jews in the way you and your fellow columnists at VT consistently do, is hate.” Far be it from me to get involved in stereotyping. To use a Christian term, it is a “sin” to pigeonhole precious people who have been created in God’s image and who have to deal with human problems like everyone else. It was Winston Churchill who said that people can be good, bad and indifferent.[4] I wish Gavin would understand this.

Gavin moves on to say, “Criticize Israel – that’s acceptable and correct…. but to consistently fixate on Israel as the cause of everyone’s woes and to do it in the cynical and malicious way you and your fellow columnists do, when clearly there are so many other causes, issues and players in the unfolding world drama, is hatred ( as well as a kind of mental sickness.)

And to then claim it cannot be such because you are a Christian and therefore incapable of such things, is not only incredibly disingenuous, but quite idiotic. I suppose the Christians who burned Jews at the stake and forced them to convert by the sword were doing it out of love?”

Once again I have never approached the pathetic language that Israel is “everyone’s woes.” I will continue to challenge Gavin to show me where I have insinuated this claim. Yes, Zionism is indeed a real issue that needs to be addressed, and if Gavin wants to focus on that, that would be a legitimate topic of discussion. But far be it from me to tell him how to do his job.

If Gavin does not like VT writers to focus too much on Israel, then he needs to talk to “King Bibi” and tell him to at least refrain from manipulating the West. Gavin needs to give an answer to the Palestinians when Israel horrifically removed them from their homes in 1948. This issue again has been addressed by numerous Jewish historians.

Gavin also needs tell the neoconservatives and the Zionist regime to stop demonizing the Palestinians “in the cynical and malicious way.” If he does not believe me, let us hear from Zionists themselves.

Menachem Begin

Menachem Begin declared that the Palestinians are “two-legged beasts,” “ants,” and “serpents.”[5] Israeli chief of staff Moshe Yalon called them a “cancerous manifestation” which must be expunged by “chemotherapy.”[6] In 2001, Rehavem Zeezi declared that Yasser Arafat was a “scorpion.”[7]

Zeevi bragged about how Fatah liked “chopping off limbs of seven- and eight-year-old [Palestinian] children in front of their parents as a form of punishment.”[8] And this is just a small fraction of the blessings which the regime has forced upon the Palestinians.

If Gavin is striving toward justice for all, will he join me in repudiating those repulsive statements? Incidentally, could Begin and Yalon be classified as Jewish Nazis by saying these things? Why was Begin “stereotyping” the Palestinians as “two-legged beasts”?

Gavin still has not answered the vital issue that the war in Iraq will give America a six trillion dollar bill. More recently, it has been discussed (even by those who still think that Iran is a threat) that a war with Iran will drive much of the world in economic abyss.[9]

This is an important issue which has largely been ignored by the media and indeed Washington. Someone has to focus on this issue because decent Americans and much of the world will pay the price too! As Ron Paul previously said, the neoconservatives will not pay the price at all.

Let us work on this indirectly. The U.S. population as of this year is more than 300 million people. Would it not be hate to send those people a six-trillion dollar bill without their consent? Is it not “hate” to reverse the founding principles of the United States when the people who built the country universally and unanimously wanted nothing to do with the neoconservative utopian “paradise”? I wish Gavin would address these issues.

Finally, I wish to say to Gavin and others that I am actually on their side. If Gavin and others despise bigotry, hatred, mass genocide, injustice, moral corruption, etc., then he should join us. Welcome aboard! As Alan Hart points out, Zionism (with all its implications) is actually the real enemy of the Jews.

(I was supposed to finish the discussion on Ann Coulter’s book in this article, but this was more urgent. The next article will complete our analysis of Coulter’s work.)

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