Communist Influence in Afghanistan Government Needs to Be Stopped


by  Kadir A. Mohmand                …for VT


Hon. Carl Levin

United States Senator


RE: Communist Influence in Afghanistan Government Needs to Be Stopped


Dear Senator Levin:

During the 1980s, I returned to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets and Afghan communists to stop the spread of communism. I am very concerned because Karzai  is surrounding  himself with former communists from the 1980s,  Maoists  and warlords. His government is appointing them to key positions.

It appears that these communists are beginning to tell Karzai to stand up against the United States. These communist war criminals, whose started the problems in Afghanistan, have not been prosecuted for their war crimes.  They need to be prosecuted in lawful tribunals. It is shameful that the world has forgotten what they did (a million Afghans tortured and killed and millions displaced because of their crimes) and now they are being rewarded with government positions and my tax money.

I did not fight the communists in the 1980s to now see these war criminals given high positions in the Afghan government and benefitting from U.S. tax dollars and the children of these communist party members given key spots in the Afghan government and some U.S. departments. These pro-communists and warlords include but are not limited to:

  •  Afghan First Vice President Mohamnmad Qasim Fahim ( Parcham Communist Party Member during  the 1980s, served in KHAD Secret police in 1980s-war criminal)
  • Afghan Second Vice President Mohammad Karim Khalili (Hazara warlord war criminal-pro-China)
  •   Abdul Rashid Doshtum ( highly documented communist war criminal of 1980s with Communist Parcham Party, and current  war lord and army general in Afghan government)
  •  Afghan Interior Minister Mujtaba Patang ( Pro-communist, during 1980s Party member of Khalq Communist Party, Police Officer under communist regime during 1980s)
  •  Gen. Baba Jan , Northern Alliance Commander of 303 Pamir Zone ( during 1980s  Afghan Communist Parcham Party)
  •  U.S. State Department Afghan Desk, Mustafer Popal ( during the 1980s his father was a member of Afghan Communist Parcham Party)
  • Gen. Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai, Advisor to Karzai and Secretary of Afghan Peace Council ( pro-communist, Khalq party during 1980s)
  •   Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta ( Pro-communist Maoist Party of Afghanistan, Pro-China)
  •  Afghan Ambassador to China Sultan Ahmad Baheen (  Maoist communist)
  • Afghan Deputy to Spanta, Eng. Ibrahim Spinzada (Pro-China, Maoist),
  •  Zia Salahi, Member Afghan National Security Council (During 1980s member of Afghan communist party Parcham),
  •   Afghan Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology Amirzai Sangin ( during the 1980s member of Afghan Communist Khalq Party),
  •   Afghan Minister of Mines Wahudullah Sharani (Pro-China)
  •    [There are a lot of communists in lower positions in the Afghan government which I have not identified].

I am also concerned that Former Afghan Interior Minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar (communist war criminal- during the 1980s. He was a communist who worked for KHAD in the special operations unit, which tortured and killed non-communists.)  He is running in the presidential election in 2014. It is shameful that he has not been prosecuted yet. I certainly hope he is not receiving any U.S. tax payer dollars.

In addition, I am highly concerned about former Gen. Noorulhaq Olumi, who was a savage communist general during the 1980s. He was head of the Kandahar Army Corps under the Communist government from 1978 to 1992. He has returned to Afghanistan and formed the National United Party, which really is a camouflaged communist party. His goal is to unite the PDPA (26 members). He is a war criminal who needs to be prosecuted.

I fear that this communist control of the Afghan government will give China and even Russia an opening to gain great influence over the government in Afghanistan and control of the vast untapped earth materials such as the REEs to the detriment of the United States and Afghanistan.

With its booming economy and population, China is resource hungry and is tapping Afghanistan’s mineral wealth. Already, China’s Metallurgical Group Corporation has a thirty year lease in Mes Aryah, in Logar Province. China’s National Oil Corporation is pumping oil in the northern parts of Afghanistan. China is even entering into agreements with Karzai to equip, train and fund the Afghan police.

China has the spare money to invest in Afghanistan and “pay off” the officials and war lords.  Beyond strategic investment, China may eventually militarize its foreign policy and bring Afghanistan into its sphere.

These former communist war criminals, war lords and pro-communist members of Afghanistan’s government are a threat. They are not pro-American. They do not really care about Afghanistan just their personal pockets. When China pays the Afghan communists and the Northern Alliance Warlords more money they will switch sides and turn their backs on the United States. China has the extra cash.

Unfortunately, our government does not.  Please go take a close look at their history of switching sides.  I think that the United States needs to focus on the Chinese   and Communist threat instead of focusing on isolating the majority of the Pashtun villagers. The focus should be on peace and trade with those Pashtuns instead of  military actions  against them and the killing of the Pashtun villagers like the recent attacks in Maidan  Wardak.

China and Russia’s goal is to sink the United States in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, with the help of these Afghan communists and money hungry warlords in the Karzai government it will sadly happen if the problem is not addressed now. I did not fight the Soviets and Afghan communists in the 1980s to have the communists gain control over Afghanistan again.

In addition, I am greatly concerned about the contamination of the Afghan environment by the use of uranium –tipped weapons and the dumping of nuclear waste in various provinces of Afghanistan. I am working with other Afghan engineers on finding out where all of the areas of dumping  are located. If you know which U.S. department I should contact to request this information, please let me know. The Afghans are entitled to a clean environment just like we Michiganders and all Americans are.

The war strategy against the silent majority, the Pashtun villagers, who are the freedom fighters, needs to change. Our policies in Afghanistan need to change drastically. The United States needs to be friends with the majority Pashtun villagers instead of treating them as enemies.  The true enemies of the United States and Afghanistan still are the communists and will always be.


Kadir A. Mohmand
Kalamazoo, MI 49009
[email protected]


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