Jewish Mayor: I’ve been called “Fascist, Thug, Racist”


…a nation of warriors and fanatics, marching forward in perfect unity, all thinking the same thoughts and shouting the same slogans, perpetually working, fighting, triumphing, persecuting… 1984, George Orwell




It is truly stunning. I went with them to their schools. I know what they were taught. It even wasn’t so far from Nazareth. Yet, I read their words and see them just repeating the manipulations our teachers told us were the bread and butter of the Nazi Regime. All the manipulative lies shown to us in the Nazi narrative are now the staples of modern Zionists. In January, after publishing his latest bombshell (“There would be no Arabic schools!”), I thought that Mr. Gafsou was like a rotten leaf floating atop a stream of sewage. Moving downwards into the deep waters of eternal oblivion, he was unlikely to return to the website. I was wrong. He returned with one of the most awesome racist texts ever published. In mid- April, Nazareth-Illit* Mayor Shimon Gafsou published a pamphlet entitled “Report to the Citizen. What we have done. Nazareth Illit Jewish Forever!”

Mayor Shimon Gafsou—Nazareth Illit The Nazareth Jesus Knew

Mr. Gafsou’s text was so extreme that Member of the Knesset Ilan Gilon has complained to the Attorney General of Israel**. This happened just one day after Netanyahu prolonged a law banning mixed marriages, which has already led to legal processes against the Zionist regime by Jewish Members of the Knesset defining the law as racist. Something is rotten in Zion, and Mr. Gafsou is providing us with one of the most distinctive sniffs of evil. Let’s take a look at his enlightened words:

Strauss Elite Candy Factory Nazareth Illit The Age of Manipulation: The Con in Confidence, The Sin in Sincere

“Nazareth Illit Jewish Forever!”

“This is not obvious, but the result of a strong standing and daily struggle”

When I assumed the post, many told me that the negative emigration of Jews from the town cannot be stopped. Accordingly, in former years entire neighborhoods were abandoned by their Jewish denizens. The percentage of Jews constantly diminished. This tendency was the result of an innocent faith and a message of living together, but it became a big danger to the very existence of a Jewish settlement in the Galilee. I decided to stand against this mighty struggle with all my strength. No more closing our eyes, no more nostalgia to the law allowing every citizen to live where he desires (which allowed Palestinians to move into town) This is the time to guard our homes.

“Accordingly, standing mightily against the attack, in our daily struggle, in clear public sayings and in acts that are better not told, and with courage, we achieved the incredible: we stopped the demographic retreat, and left the percentage of Jews at 82% of the population. The keeping of a Jewish majority in Nazareth Illit is the most important task of the mayor and the most essential one for the future of the city. Any other success in any other municipal issue is worthless if the city loses its Jewish majority, and the Jews seek every possible way to run away.

Shimon Gafsou Pamphlet, April 2013

“I did not hesitate and wasn’t shy of saying in a loud and clear voice: I will not let the Jewish character of the city be changed. I will stop at all costs the creation of an Arabic school in the city. I will work for the creation of Jewish neighborhoods in the city. Any request to place a foreign sign in the city will be denied (in 2010 the municipality took away Christmas trees from houses!). Instead, we proudly placed Israeli flags at the entrance to the city, so that those who enter it will know: Nazareth Illit is a Jewish city. This is how it was created, and this is how it will remain, regardless what it is said about us.

Here, the Israeli flag will remain at the top of the mast. My strong position is not obvious; in fact it isn’t even popular with mayors in a similar situation, not even to the former mayor. This is true; it has earned me many insults, many hateful letters, and attacks from the Leftist media. I have been called fascist, thug, and racist, but all these condemnations and insults, even the threats and pressures will not scare me away and will not weaken my hands. I receive my strength from you, denizens of Nazareth Illit, that chose me to stand at the front of this righteous struggle, and that are not ready anymore, for the sake of beautifying our souls and the sanctification of democracy, to put the Jewish identity of the city in jeopardy.”

The racist innuendos are clear, I won’t insult my readers by expanding them. I just want to comment on an additional clear manipulation he performed. In one of the footnotes,* additional data about Nazareth Illit is provided. The relevant parameter mentioned by the mayor is wrong. Only since 2007, was percentage of Jews reduced from 90% to the 82% he mentioned. This cannot be defined as we stopped the demographic retreat. Another point of interest was his use of a Hebrew idiom, namely in acts that are better not told (ma’asim shehashtika yafa lahem); this means “crimes.” As said, I won’t add even one word of interpretation. He was as clear as Goebbels.

Could he be just a poor student?

We went to the same schools; yet, he clearly understood nothing. Could he be a poor student turned mayor? During much of my academic studies, I complemented scholarships by teaching dysfunctional high-school students. Years later, I arrived as a refugee to my Bolivian prison and for a while taught at an academic institution. The weakest dysfunctional students I had taught were several academic levels above the best Bolivian students I ever found. Shimon Gafsou is unlikely to have misunderstood the elementary lessons on discrimination and racism. Simply, he and his peers, runners of the Zionist’s Utopia, are evil.

* Nazareth, with over 80,000 inhabitants, is the largest city and capital of Israel’s Northern District; it is also known as “the Arab capital of Israel,” since most of its denizens are Palestinians. In the New Testament, the city is described as the childhood home of Jesus. Nowadays, the Basilica of the Annunciation is the main church in the city. “Nazareth Illit” means “Upper Nazareth;” it is the archetypal Zionist stronghold watching over ancestral towns. The first parcels of lands used for the construction of the settlement were illegitimately expropriated from Palestinians. Protests at this action reached the Supreme Court of Israel, which in 1955 accepted (HCJ 30/55) the government’s word that the sole purpose of the land was to erect government facilities. Yet, its first neighborhood was completed in September 1956; Jewish settlers moved in immediately afterwards.

The settlement was referred to as the “Jewish neighborhood” of Nazareth, then as Kiryat Natzeret (“Town of Nazareth” in Hebrew). The name Nazareth Illit was adopted in 1958. In 1960, the part within the municipal boundaries of Nazareth was excised from Nazareth. The following year, Nazareth Illit was endowed with the municipal status of local council; in 1974, it was recognized as a city. In 2007, its population peaked just above forty thousand, since then the population declined until the Palestinians began moving in. In 2007, 90% of the population was Jewish, in 2013 just over 80% are Jews.

** Attorney General of Israel (HaYoetz HaMishpati LaMemshala, literally The Legal Advisor to the Government) is the head of the executive branch legal system. He can direct the Israel State Attorney (in Hebrew: Praklitut Hamedinah), the legal representative of the State of Israel in its courts, to begin a legal process.


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