The Poorest Rich Country


For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living.—Mark 12:44



Do you remember the Third World? In order to emphasize certain state-crimes, I said to a Bolivian lawyer once “Bolivia belongs to the Fourth World.” He was unable to understand the reference. Empire’s Doublethink* conquers even the West’s lesser corners.
The Third World was a term used during the Cold War to denote countries that were aligned neither with NATO nor Warsaw Pact and their respective allies. One may claim that the discontinuation of the term is justified after the end of that War. Named after the beloved Western Doublethink, this war was one of the hottest humanity had ever suffered. Can’t you accept this claim? Visit the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City, former Saigon, and you will understand.
Third World in green in 1975, thus Iran appears as American Ally The Darker Nations: A People’s History of the Third World
Developing Countries Third World + Former Warsaw Pact Allies Third World America

It doesn’t take many efforts to recognize where the Third World is located within Western semantics of war. One can find daily references to “developing countries” in the international media. A look at the two maps presented here is enough to convince that this newly coined term refers to the Third World plus the Second, namely Warsaw Pact and its Communist allies.

“No, you are wrong,” would an IMF representative say if they bothered to speak with me, adding: “Third World was politically defined. Developing Countries are economically defined. We are righteous. We are just. We are pure.”
Yet, the former First World forms the bulk of the current term “developed countries.” The term “developed” here is used mainly regarding a country’s military-industry capabilities. A religious society morally developed but lacking a missile factory would be defined as “undeveloped” and attacked if refusing to accept Western values of violence and pay a golden tribute to Ceasar.
Accordingly, the United Nations Statistics Division claims that there is no established convention for the designation of “developed” and “developing” countries in the United Nations system. Within what the West likes to define “less-developed countries” are fast-growing economies (see Gold-pegged Yuan; Peso-pegged Dollar) as well as economies that would never produce nothing but beer and llama fetuses.
Ambiguity rules; the IMF claims to use a flexible classification system. Using proper terms is important; they don’t mean “flexible” but “manipulative,” and the latter with its full Machiavellian innuendo. The World Bank classifies low- and middle-income countries as developing, adding: “The use of the term is convenient; it is not intended to imply that all economies in the group are experiencing similar development or that other economies have reached a preferred or final stage of development. Classification by income does not necessarily reflect development status.” In other words, they claim “we can play around with the numbers.”
Thus, according to Western Unbiased, Self-Righteous and Very Holy Standards, the USA is a developed country, while China is not. Yet, Chinese denizens can travel comfortably in the best maglev trains in the world while most Americans reading this are running to search what does “maglev” mean.

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                                                                                                    MagLev Train | Not in America

Would you buy Togolese missiles?The issue seems trivial, but it is of vital importance to a country’s economy. It defines its capabilities to get loans and attract international industries. It defines its capability to develop certain industries. Would you buy Togolese missiles? Would you buy Somalian space ships?
Thus, Israel forced its political muscle as hard as it could and was defined as a developed country. It is even member of the OECD, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, a rich countries’ exclusive club. China is excluded from it. In 2013, the club has 34 members and is centered in Paris.
But they don’t have even proper sewage!
Nowhere Western Doublethink is so emphasized as in Israel. This is true since its beginnings; never in history has Communist ideology been used so coldly to describe such a wild Capitalist society. Never in history has the term “Democracy” been so loosely used by camouflaged Politruks.
Unbearable Poverty, Israel 2013 Third World America

On May 28, 2010, Israel joined the OECD. The ceremony was held at the organization headquarters, with the assistance of the French President Sarkozy and Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi. During the event, Netanyahu said that joining the OECD will enable Israeli to access sources of investment and boost its economy. There is no question about that. What must be questioned is Israel’s qualification to be a member state. After all, also Israel lacks a maglev.

You can’t hold Israeli citizenship if you don’t master the Newspeak of Doublethink, where “Peace” means “War” and “Benefactor” means “Oligarch”. Recently, social protests forced Netanyahu to call for early elections in January 2013, and to lose a significant percentage of his political strength. A similar political bomb, the ongoing discrimination against Ultra-Orthodox Jews, was a secondary force against Netanyahu, though it is now gaining momentum. Both movements are related to the truth that Israel is trying to hide: Israel is not a developed country.

Its membership in the OECD allows it to market easily its military industries to Third World countries. Yet, on May 15, 2013, the OECD published a report showing that Israel is the poorest country among its members. Moreover, the rate of poor people in its population almost doubled since 1995, rating worse than Mexico and Turkey. Moreover, Israel is one of the top five countries in the world when measuring the income gap between rich and poor.
The key point here is not the exact percentage of poor people, but the negative gradient, the fact that Israel is steadily deteriorating in its social policies for decades. This won’t improve in the near future; Calcalist, a leading financial Israeli newspaper, recently claimed that recent changes in government policies will bring another 50,000 children below the poverty line during 2013.
“Israel is not-rich because it spends so much in social issues,” would self-righteous Zionists claim at this point. They will cite health expenses while failing to remember that Israel forces the sterilization of Ethiopian women, providing a painful reminder of the monstruous source of what that state calls health system. They will cite health expenses while forgetting a recent OECD report placing Israel near the bottom of the list showing the number of hospitals per 100,000 people. Israel has 0.6, pretty close to Zambia which has 0.5. Poor Cyprus, which has little chances to join the OECD, is rich enough to provide 7.8.
More detailed reports by the same organization show that Israeli hospitals are among the most crowded and provide among the lowest number of nurses. The only issue where Israel shows a relative advantage is the lifespan of men, which rates the highest among OECD members. However, that is despite the local health system and is a result of ethnic characteristics. Moreover, lifespan is not an indicator of life quality.
Visiting Israel another level appears. Central Tel Aviv is a modern and pretty, recognized as the White City by UNESCO. However, what Israelis called “Minority Towns,” namely towns populated by Palestinians, Bedouins, Circassians and even allied Druze seldom even feature functioning sewage. This is not an acceptable characteristic of a developed country. This discrimination is not acceptable for any country.
A Better Division
I apologize to the UN, the IMF, the World Bank and related organizations using the terms “developed” and “developing” countries for rejecting their definitions. Nobody can accept the definition of humanity into classes as per their role in the Western Bussines of War. “Developed” for “enslavers,” “developing” for “subjugated.” This is the way to make war eternal.
The relevant division is between societies which accept the rule of law and attempt to be just towards humans in general, societies which are highly developed, and societies in which the rule is “abuse yours and others.” This is what separates worthy humans from monetarily-rich ones. Looking from this angle, the OECD and its star-member Israel are the poorest rich countries, in their abundance casting nothing but undiscriminated hatred.


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Roi Tov is a graduate—among others—of Tel Aviv University and the Weizmann Institute of Science. In addition to his memoir, Tov is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Molecular Physics and other scientific journals. He won various travel writing and photography awards. In his writings, he tries to reveal life in Israel as a Christian Israel Defense Force (IDF) officer—from human rights violations to the use of an extensive network of underground agents. He was recognized first as a refugee and subsequently as political prisoner of Bolivia.