The Woolrich Terror Attack 2


The Woolrich Terror Attack 2


By Michael Shrimpton

Thanks to JS for pointing out that the spelling of the headlines is done by VT’s hardworking volunteers!   “Woolrich” of course is a sock, Woolwich is the suburb of London where last week’s disgraceful terrorist attack took place.
I have of course read the various comments.  I won’t be responding to the abusive ones, or the paranoid anti-semitic rants, no offense, accusing me of being a Zionist.  I am not sure it would be something to be ashamed of anyway.  I am neither Jewish nor a Zionist, but I am proud to call myself a friend of the State of Israel.  I do not believe in the two-state solution, unless you count Jordan.  It is unworkable, would seriously compromize Israel’s security and was rejected by the Palestinians anyway.   At least William Hague and John Kerry are beginning to grasp that it’s an idea whose time has gone.
I am frankly puzzled by the idea that the Woolwich attack was staged.  Staged by whom, exactly?  It’s good to question photographs – look at the faked photograph of young Muhammad al-Dura being shot, used to inflame Palestinian opinion at the start of the second intifada.  This was recently exposed by an excellent Israeli report as a fraud.  We can easily account for the missing boy however – he was probably shot by Palestinian terrorists, who have a track record of taking out their own ide for propaganda purposes.   Who took out Drummer Rigby, if not the terrorists accused of murdering him?
The attack took place in broad daylight, in front of witnesses, some of whom recorded it on mobile phone cameras.  I am afraid that the idea that it was staged is a conspiracy theory too far.
The attack has really stirred public opinion in Britain.  The base of our village war memorial is covered in flowers.  There have been over 200 revenge attacks of one sort or another, happily none fatal.  It takes a lot to stir the British to take their revenge outside of the law.
I am afraid that I was too fair on the Metropolitan Police.  I am nothing if not fair to the police, a Thames Valley Police can confirm.  It seems that it took more like 20 minutes for armed police to eventually get there, rather than 14.  Nothing seems to have been done to organize an armed response by the Royal Military Police from the barracks itself.   Why on earth not?   The RMPs could have been there within minutes, if they had been told what was happening.  They clearly had jurisdiction, since this was a terrorist attack on a British serviceman.
The delay was inexcusable.  The Rector of Woolwich has very properly called for the ‘Angels of Woolwich’, the three courageous women who tended to our dying soldier, to be awarded the George Medal for bravery.  I entirely agree, and have signed the online petition.  I expect the Cabinet Office to try and block the award, but we need a new Cabinet Secretary anyway.
Turning briefly to the Boston terrorist attack I am no longer buying the FBI’s story about the fatal shooting of Ibragim Todashev in Florida.  Important new information has emerged which if confirmed casts significant doubt on the FBI’s account, indeed the FBI are now resiling from their claim that Todashev was armed.  It appears that he was being formally interviewed, which makes a nonsense of the claim that he was armed.  He would have been unlikely to have been allowed to keep his belt, never mind a knife.
Moreover Todashev’s father’s claim, supported by photographs of the corpse, that his son was shot seven times, including a control shot to the head, is difficult to reconcile with the FBI account.  Seven shots, including a head shot, if confirmed, would make it a probable extra-judicial execution in my book.  If what I have been saying about COREA Group penetration of the agency and covert FBI support for the Boston terrorist suspects is right then there is a clear motive for eliminating anyone who was close to the Tsarnaev brothers.
I am not saying that Todashev should not have been executed, nor am I buying into his father’s claim that he had nothing to do with the triple-murder in Boston.  What I am saying is that he should have been executed after due process, and that the FBI story has more holes in it than his body.
June 1st 2013


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