Netanyahu to decide on Price Tag as Jewish Terror Organization

The Kingmaker who fumbled the ball
Graffiti sprayed on a Jerusalemite mosque on December 14, 2011. The Hebrew graffiti “A Good Arab is a Dead Arab” and “Kahane lives.” (l) Photo by Reuters

by Roy Tov

On June 2, 2013, the Israeli Administration froze after sending an urgent messenger to Netanyhau, asking him to solve their troubles. Justice Minister Tzipi Livni favors the definition of the Jewish Organization Price Tag* as a terror organization while the State Prosecutor’s Office opposes. The latter claims that settler attacks against Palestinians and leftists represent an idea, not a centralized group and thus they cannot be defined as terrorists. They froze up while standing in their favorite karate position, unable to agree on the obvious.
Why the Definition Matters?
One of three burned cars in a suspected ‘price tag’ attack, Um El-Kutuf, Wadi Ara, May 14, 2013
In 1994, Kach, a Jewish organization led by Meir Kahane was defined** as a terror organization by Israel and the USA. The Israeli Administration imposed the definition in order to shift the laws under which the accused organization was treated.

The General Security Service Law*** (usually referred to as “Shin Beth” outside Israel, and “Shabak” within) gives the Head of the Shin Beth power to search people’s homes without their knowledge and even tap their phones without a warrant. Moreover, the related Detentions Law allows the Shin Bet to hold a suspect without access to an attorney and delay his appearance in court; the victim of this state-terror enters what in Israel is known as the X-Wing, a place where people are denied their rights and identities. Zygier, Vanunu and Amir are the most prominent X-Wing residents ever.

“It is Just an Idea, not a Terror Organization”
Once every few decades, one can enjoy a rare moment of intellectual delight, when one’s claims, ridiculed for years, are suddenly presented as true by the State. The eminent State Prosecutor’s Office, Keeper of the State and the Unquestionable Truth, has justified his current position on the issue saying: “Price Tag itself is not a group, but an idea.” He claims that they have no chain of command, so perpetrators cannot be defined as holding a position in a terrorist organization. The final part of his argument is that the Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance provides tools for dealing with terrorist groups, including the confiscation of their money and offices. However, Price Tag has no offices, and their financial investment comprises about two liters of gasoline, matches, and a can of spray paint.
I am aware most of my readers care little about theological arguments; thus, let me make a “reductio ad absurdum” approach to an absurd aspect of Western societies. Unbelievably, its organizations are recognized as legal persons; the soul is utterly ignored by their laws. “Burger King” is a juristic personality (a.k.a. “judiciary person”) in most countries. Does that mean that whenever I eat one of their hamburgers I could technically be accused of cannibalism?
Greeks Out! Price Tag

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Being accused of cannibalizing Burger King may sound funny, but it is a serious issue. Simply, this is nonsense. Without a soul, there is no personality. The legal definition depends on human acceptance; without it, it has no value. The American Constitution begins with “We, the people” because state sovereignty begins from us, the people. Imagine a world without states: we could still exist. During most of human history, countries didn’t exist. Now imagine the opposite: without people, countries cannot exist. Countries are organizations subjugated to their people’s will and needs. As such, they depend on our recognition of their sovereignty. Without our recognition, they lose legitimacy.

Out of the blue, the State Prosecutor’s Office, which is infamous for its ultra-nationalistic views, thing that implies the recognition of organizations as real persons instead of abstract ideas, says that Price Tag is an idea and not an organization. It never said that about the PLO or the IDF. Is this a mindless contradiction of fools working for the State, or something else?

Efficient underground organizations are decentralized, made up of independent cells, and the real identity of members is strictly kept within each cell. They seldom advertise their structure, methods of operation and meeting places. The Prosecutor knows that.

Mosque in Tuba-Zangariyye, a Bedouin Town in the Galilee | After Price Tag Attack of October 3, 2011

Didn’t Israel Use Ideas in the Past?

The current event is deeply related to the capability actions of the Shin Beth. Embedded in their method of operations are abstract ideas. Let’s see an example.

The Palestinian Preventive Security Force is the official security apparatus of the Palestinian National Authority, in other words the Palestinian Shin Beth, or what in other Arabic speaking countries is called the muhabbarath (spellings may vary). It was established in 1994 by President Yasser Arafat as a result of the Oslo Accords. It provides intelligence to the political level, its duties including counter-terrorism, counter-espionage, and defending the national economy. It is regarded as highly professional; its cadres are mostly university graduates who receive intensive training both domestically and abroad.

Where did the PPS appear from? Its duties identify a Walsingham-state ideology, inherited from a country that adopted this system of underground political-police from the source: England. I am saying this with the complete confidence of knowledge that the PPS structure was designed by the Shin Beth, under the approval and supervision of Yitzhak Rabin.

The Shin Beth trained many of the PPS officers, who in the past had served as low-level informants of the Shin Beth during the First Intifada. We are talking of sister organizations, which on more than one occasion had shared staff. For years, Mohammed Dahlan run the PPS in Gaza Strip, which became known for a while as “Dahlanistan.” On August 7, 2011, top officials of Fatah issued a report claiming that Mohammed Dahlan sent poison disguised as medicine to President Yasser Arafat while he was in a Paris hospital, eventually killing him. I expanded on this event in Abu Fadi: A Credible Conspiracy. Jibril Rajoub filled the parallel role in the West Bank. Both were trained by the Shin Beth and are often accused of being double agents.****

As expected from such an organization, the Shin Beth was not honest while forming the PPS. These organizations work according to established protocols (I described one in The Cross of Bethlehem). Their agents do not think, do not innovate, do not evaluate. They just follow the book; that is the only thing that will save them in court. “We just followed orders,” the State-clowns invariably say, forgetting that they claim that Nazis saying that were invariably guilty of crimes against humanity. Shin Beth didn’t teach the PPS its own protocols, but altered them, introducing a million little changes. It may be the details of how to break into a house, or how to conduct a quick-interrogation in the field. It doesn’t matter, as long as it leaves a recognizable Mark of the Beast.

The reason is simple. Every time the PPS conducts an operation, it leaves signs identifying it, or a derived organization, as the perpetrator. In this case, the entire Israeli legal system is happy to accept ideas in order to entrap somebody.

Convenient Manipulations

The Shin Beth was not honest in its trainings, as the State Prosecutor’s Office was not honest in its current arguments. The reason the latter doesn’t want to accept the Price Tag “idea” as an “organization” is the ethnic/religious allegiance of the “idea.” Israel doesn’t want to prosecute Jews terrorists because they are Jewish. Any argument is valid to achieve this unholy goal. Very nice, Prosecutor General. Now please be intellectually honest and admit publicly that also the State of Israel is just an abstract idea, void of any actual value. After all, we can’t cannibalize Burger King.

* The term “Price Tag Policy” became public in July 2008, when settler Itay Zar from “Havat Gilad” referred to the policy as such: “Whenever an evacuation (of settlers) is carried out—whether it is a bus, a trailer or a small outpost—we will respond.” It refers to illegal actions carried out by radical right-winged Israeli activists and settlers. The actions of these Jewish hooligans include demonstrations, blocking of roads, clashes with Israeli security forces, throwing rocks at Palestinian cars, torching of Palestinian fields and orchards, and the destruction and uprooting of trees belonging to Palestinians. The last is very important since according to Ottoman laws still legally binding in Israel, trees can be used to show ownership of land. See The Price Tag of Israel’s Doublethink.

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Kahane was Right! Death to Arabs!
Max Rayne Hebrew-Arabic bilingual School, part of Hand in Hand: Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel

** In USA Denies Visa to Jewish Knesset Member, I described the most extremist Right parties in Israel as they were at the beginning of 2012. Yet, this is the most active segment of the local political map and has changed considerably since then. What then was the “Eretz Yisrael Shelanu” (The Land of Israel is ours) and “HaTikva” (The Hope) factions of the National Union Party run in the 2013 elections as “Otzma LeYisrael” (Power to Israel). Member of the Knesset Michael Ben Ari is second in this new list; last year he was denied a visa to the USA due to his belonging to a terror organization. This surprising achievement was the result of his having been a member of Kahane’s Kah party. Rabbi Meir Kahane was an American-Israeli ultra-nationalist rabbi. Kahane founded both the Jewish Defense League (JDL) in the USA, and the Kach (roughly “This is the Way”), political party in Israel. In 1984, Kach gained one seat in parliamentary elections, and he became a member of the Knesset. In 1988, the Israeli government banned Kach as “racist” and “undemocratic” under the terms of an ad hoc law. In 1994, following the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre perpetrated by Baruch Goldstein, a Kahane follower, Kach was outlawed in Israel and the US State Department listed it as a terrorist organization. Kahane was assassinated in a Manhattan hotel by an Arab gunman in November 1990 after he concluded a speech warning American Jews to emigrate to Israel before it was “too late.” In 2013, Ben Ari lost his palce the Knesset. His Knesset aides were Baruch Marzel and Itamar Ben Gvir (On Musmus, a Forgotten Pharaoh, and Political Violence). Marzel was Kahane’s spokesman for a decade; after his rabbi’s assassination, he was elected to head the organization until it was declared a terror organization and disbanded. Marzel and Ben Gvir live in the Israeli settlements of Hebron, home to the most extremist settlers.

*** General Security Service is “Sherut Bitahon Klali.” The proper Hebrew acronym is “shabak.” English acronyms work according to different rules; “Shin Beth” refers to the first two initials.

**** Palestinian inner wars are as bitter as their wars against the Jews. In 2007, Dahlan assisted an American plan to overthrow the elected Hamas government in Gaza, known as the Battle of Gaza. The coup failed when Hamas carried out a counter-coup that threw the Fatah forces out of Gaza, a fitting end to his ongoing violence towards Hamas (during the entire 1990s Dahlan forces were accused of torturing Hamas detainees, to the extent that Gaza became nicknamed “Dahlanistan”). His corruption was made public in the Karni scandal of 1997, when it was revealed that Dahlan was diverting 40% of the taxes levied at the Karni Crossing (an estimated one million Shekels a month) to his personal bank account (he had Israeli bank accounts also). Hamas has claimed that two Palestinians arrested in Dubai for suspected involvement in the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh (Ahmad Hassanain and Anwar Shheibar) are former members of a death cell which carried out violent suppression of Hamas members. Both work at a construction company in Dubai owned by Dahlan. A senior Hamas official told Al-Hayat newspaper that the two provided logistical aid to the Mossad hit team alleged to have carried out the assassination, renting them cars and hotel rooms. Dahlan denies the charges. When Dahlan led the PPS Gaza branch, the West Bank one was run by Jibril Rajoub, who later became a prominent Palestinian politician. The New York Times published an article named “Once Neighbors, Now Rival Palestinian Leaders,” by James Bennet on April 29, 2003, mentioning that Jibril Rajoub openly accused Dahlan of being an Israeli agent.


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