Israeli Espionage in US Senate

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US Senate violates Nuremberg precedent for waging offensive war


by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor and Press TV

First published May 23, 2013

I can’t wait to get my ticket for our own traitor trials
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee disgraced America yesterday, especially the memory of our WWII generation, by passing legislation to fund waging an aggressive war against Syria.
At the Nuremberg trials the German high command was hanged for supposedly doing the same thing. The old saying, “We have seen the enemy, and they are us,” comes to mind.
Senator Menendez’s committee members voting for this legislation also violated the Bush doctrine of ‘those aiding and abetting in terrorism would be hunted down wherever they were, and dealt with accordingly’.
Whether the fifteen bipartisan Senators are a rogue element group under the control of their Israeli Lobby puppet masters we will have to wait and see if the legislation proceeds to a full Senate vote.
Prof. Jim Fetzer covered in his Wednesday Viewpoints how another resolution backing an Israeli strike on Iran if it deemed necessary would commit America to supporting it militarily, diplomatically and financially. That last part means Americans would fund the cost with added debt or cutbacks here, of course.
The finance committee legislation and the Senate resolution are perfect examples of our out of control Israeli Lobby political espionage here. The loyal branch of the military and Intel services are just aghast at the openness with which Israeli agents get our Congress to do their bidding, literally on their hands and knees.
Hangman John Woods – “Ten men in 103 minutes. That’s fast work.”
It is a total abrogation of their oaths of office and many consider it plain treason. But because it is so widespread, to publicly prosecute it would be deemed detrimental to American national security (the shame), when it is really just the opposite. We have to clear the sellouts and traitors from our ranks to ever be secure, or they will just keep doing what they do.
Of course the Israeli Lobby move on Congress now is just a usual flank attack on a White House that is not sufficiently supplicant to Israeli Lobby demands.
Our sources still tell us the Benghazi attack was the last election’s October surprise that was intended to shave a few points off Obama’s vote tally and swing the election to Romney.
Yes folks, we have people/groups here that would murder our own people to obtain political power. And Israelis would help them, too… always have. Their own ‘country’ was birthed through terrorism against the British and the Palestinians and they are proud of it to this day.
But the American political system is not the only one poisoned by the Israeli Lobby scourge. Britain and France are doing their Lobby’s bidding by trying to derail the Syrian political settlement conference in June when 70,000 to 100,000 lives have been lost just to get to this point.
Field Marshall Keitel – post hanging
In typical Israeli negotiating style, France and Britain’s Foreign Secretary Hague are demanding Assad surrender despite the Syrian army’s not having been broken and gone over to the rebels as had been expected, covered in detail in Gordon Duff’s last Viewpoints.
Despite their long time issues with Assad the Syrian people have rallied around him. The reports to the UN that 75% of the rebel fighters are hired mercenaries backed by a Ku Klux Klan of war criminal states have made them more fearful of rebels.
This did not happen by accident either. Using proxies to fight future wars is now official US and NATO military doctrine as they know their respective publics have been burned out on the ‘forever war’ concept. The training circular TC-18-01, used currently for Special Forces, reveals that ‘unconventional warfare’ would be the primary method of combat for the foreseeable future.

What has been going on in Syria is a textbook example of this new doctrine. But there is one problem with it. It is a crime against humanity by even the most stringent definition. It is premeditated, planned, funded and armed knowing full well in advance that large numbers of innocent civilians will be killed in the process.

This is not Mr. Assad executing prisoners – It is America’s new ally al-Nusra, whom we support via our Gulf State proxies while we pretend to be against them
The criminal legislation that Senator Menendez is so proud of boasts tough vetting in the process of arming the rebels to make sure ‘terrorists’ do not get them.
This is a brazen lie of course. Menendez already knows the terrorist brigades are armed and funded by US proxy states in the Persian Gulf, the Royal warlords who are actually occupying their own countries and the West has always preferred as working partners.
The freedom and democracy part was nothing more than a convenient fairy tale. Whatever Assad was doing in Syria, no NATO country had any problem with Mubarak, the King of Jordan or the Persian Gulf banditos doing.
Every university graduating class in the Arab world was completely educated about all of this. But most of the Western leadership is serving someone’s interests other than their own people’s.

From Col. James Hanke, the former G2 (intelligence officer) for the US Third Army, the heart of NATO during the Cold War, we have: “NATO’s credibility today is negligible. It is poorly armed, led and totally ineffective… it has descended into a third world rabble.”

The West’s new militia in action – where they think they have deniablity, but they don’t.
This folks is a hell of an indictment coming from the living John Wayne of the Special Forces community.
This will give you some insight as to how the TC-18-01 doctrine evolved, the purpose being to use cannon fodder forces with no retirement or disability obligations into the future.
Where does a broke Britain get the gall to claim being the power broker as to who would represent the Syrian government at the political settlement conference in June? And the same goes for France who has huge problems at home due to its own failed domestic policies.
All of these Western countries had front row seats at the Nuremberg trials where claims of ‘just following orders’, ‘protecting my countries interests’, ‘acting in self defense’, were all rejected. But we find the West rejecting any accountability when doing the same thing and using similar justifications but with one exception.

The preemptive strike option on a target who might be a threat at some future date makes a mockery of any claim to Western jurisprudence, moral code, or right to live actually. Such a doctrine is a premeditated crime against humanity, brought to us by the low-life NeoCons and their Israeli Lobby espionage buddies, and pitiful characters like George W. Bush.

Not all suffer equally playing the regime change game
What these countries are doing is taking advantage of their suffering populations who are consumed with surviving austerity measures, and engaging in foreign intrigues which of course will only benefit their elites.
I am seeing a growing consensus among Press TV readers that for the common people their main threats and enemies are at home, those who are robbing them blind. All of this foreign bogeyman stuff is what Gordon Duff christened today in one of our state of the world chats with a wonderful phrase… Weapons of Mass Distraction.

But there is some good news, so put your Russian roulette pistols down. The EU accountants have finally figured out that a trillion Euros a year in tax cheating is the only source of revenue available to climb out of the debt hole they are in. There is no other source of debt repayment or job stimulation funding on the horizon.

This presents the possibility of a ‘last battle’ between the robbers and those being robbed. The $25 trillion stashed in those offshore accounts, do you think that was earned legally or illegally? And are they going to spend/invest it to save the rest of us or wait till we are all starving and willing to volunteer ourselves into slavery for a roof and a meal as Roman citizens did at the end of their empire?
The super elites’ pensions are securly fundedThey are doing all they canto generate a global collapse so they can buy up all crucial life sustaining assets at five cents on the dollar. They are testing using proxy armies and throw away cannon fodder troops now so they are available to use later. We are debt financing robotic warfare development now, and guess who will control how that is used… them or us?
We have some very critical decisions facing us… walking the tightrope kind, where if we make one slip we are gone. To win against the elites who now have their own private armies who are paid for by earnings from the bogeyman War on Terror scam, we have to cut their funding off and unleash the loyal military and Intel people on them. It will all be over in six months.

The loyal Intel people know who every one of the bad guys are, but that don’t have faith that you the people would support them when crunch time came. They watched the public do nothing about 9-11.They will not move against them until they really see serious and open support. The bad guys are betting we don’t have the stomach to do it. I hope they are not right.


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