Turning America Into Gaza


by Preston James

It nows seems increasingly clear that unless the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is stopped cold and disbanded by an outraged and awakening American public, we will all soon become the New Palestinians, and America will be transformed into Gaza II, the world’s largest open air prison camp.
DHS appears to be morphing into a new Bolshevik style Cheka. Is there a secret plan to institute Red Terror in America and mass-murder Americans?
And all this is being done to supposedly protect Americans from Terrorists hiding under almost every rock?

And yet even though many Americans have naively believed these DHS assertions because they were unaware that the Neocons, the IZCS, the USG, and the USAF were responsible for instituting the 911 attacks and so many more Gladio style false-flag attacks, some folks have “smelled a rat” all along.

A new Populist awakening in America is now underway and this one has some real teeth.
Many Americans are waking up thanks to the alternative news now provided accurately for the first time by the worldwide Internet. The Internet is a tool that is now being used to cut through the lies of the US Government (USG) like a red hot knife through a block of butter.
Here is one lady Nora Craig who has become a folk hero for her speech at New Jersey Senate Committee Hearing on gun control which is going viral.
[youtube wwDeKF1rKNM]
Nora Craig is a US Navy Veteran and a true American Hero.  Watch her “kick butt” with ignorant, corrupt politicians. There are plenty more true Americans like her including many vets and non-vets who are sick and tired of elected officials violating their oaths of office to uphold the US Constitution.
NeoCon Zionists have hijacked America.
Yes, the problem is the NeoCon Zionists and the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) that has hijacked America and surrendered control of it to the City of London Financial District and Israel’s wars in the Mideast by using their phony “War on Terror” to bamboozle the American people by eliciting deep mass primal survival fears and promising safety if they go to war and institute a massive internal police state “for their own safety”.
This of course is one of the biggest cons and lies in history and serves mainly to help these NeoCon Zionists asset strip America of all its industry, jobs, banks accounts and real estate in order to create a NWO Globalist luciferian tyranny with a new Caesar of the ages installed in Jerusalem as soon as America is destroyed.
Yes, it is the Judaic NeoCon Zionists that hijacked America on behalf of the world Banksters and their IZCS.  They can print or issue all the money they want and can buy almost any politicians they want.  If that doesn’t work they can honey-trap ‘em or human compromise ‘em because that is their top specialty and they are known for it worldwide.
Improper definitions and slick word-smithing used to create one of the world’s biggest tricks, anti-Semitism as a means to prevent any criticism of the IZCS.
The claim anyone that criticizes the IZCS are anti-Semitic, but actually a recent noted John Hopkins genetic study shows that approximately 90%+ of Judaics living in  Israel are not even Semites, but Khazarian/Ashkenazis and are the most anti-Semitic individuals in the world based on their treatment of the real Semites, the Palestinians. Yes, it is okay to be anti-Zionist as in anti-IZCS because they are world’s biggest crime syndicate and deserve to be fully prosecuted and brought to justice in every single nation they have invaded and parasitized through international banking and money changing and their worldwide luciferian based crime network.

Zionism comes from deep within Bavaria via Teutonic Zionism and the Hanseatic League and goes back all the way to its roots in Babylon, where is was known as Baal worship and involved serial infant sacrifice and pure luciferian worship, which still characterizes it.  It currently is a form of super-masonry, not for the common freemason and involves worldwide luciferian and satanic cults like the OTO and the “Process” which are always protected by a personal rep within each major urban police dept who runs interference under “national security” and quashes all related crime investigations.

Note that top world leaders still practice these “Teutonic Zionist” ritualistic human sacrifices at Bohemian Grove each summer, a pervert playground for the main cutouts for the IZCS. While you watch this druidic luciferian human sacrifice ritual based on Baal/Owl worship keep in mind these are the folks that have been put in power by the Old Black Nobility (OBN) to run the various nations of the world and they believe these human sacrifice “Cremation of Care” rituals empower them with the teeming power of their god lucifer (in their own words).
[youtube wtSVBTne-KY&feature=player_detailpage]
Not All Judaics are radical Neocon or Likudnik Zionists. In fact many non-zionist Judaics are “America firsters” are standing against tyranny any the use of the American military as a private Israeli mercenary army in the Mideast, but they generally get no recognition because the CMMM denies them coverage.
Most Judaic believers are NOT Zionists but many get blamed for the dirty deeds done by Likudists, mossadniks and NeoCon Zionists.  Those Judaics who are against world Zionism (most of them) are often ignored by the media and get little press despite the growing popularity of their beliefs among Judaic believers. Many are afraid to speak out because they would feel disloyal to their fellow Judaics.  But now is the time to do so and take a strong stand to expose and block the criminal acts of the IZCS and the NeoCon zionists who still run America’s political system.
Those who have studied the IZCS understand that they are also known as “mishpucka” in America or have been classically known as “Red Mafiya” in Russia (but now present in many other nations) and also called “kosher nostra” in America. Some organized crime experts have claimed that the IZCS aka “mishpucka” overtook the Italian/Sicilian mafia during the early days of the “Ruling Council” and came to be completely but silently ruled by them, especially in Chicago.
It is interesting to note that according to a well respected historical book on organized crime in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Augie’s Secrets by Neal Karlen), it was Meyer Lansky that notified the New York State police about the mafias Appalachin meeting.  If true and there is every reason to believe it is, this was a very crafty move by Lansky the head of the mishpucka to weaken the Italian/Sicilian mafia (Cosa Nostra) and keep control over them. And there is every reason to believe that the mishpucka still runs almost all the organized crime in America as well as in many other countries too.
If DHS persists on the track they are on and briings full blown “Red Terror” to America by morphing itself into a new American Cheka, what will the results be?
If DHS actually persists and brings in a full blown “Red Terror” to America as it certainly appears to be now trying to do, non-zionist Judaics will be oppressed and mass murdered just like Christians, Muslims and everyone else who is not  part of the super-elite zios, the NeoCons who are part of the “Federal Family”. If you are in the NeoCon top zio “insiders club” you get the full force of the Federal family, the DHS and the US Military protecting you while you aset strip more power and taxpayer assets.  Otherwise if you are like everyone else, you get “hexed” by the six pointed “dark star” power.
And it is important for honest, law abiding Americans to be well armed and well trained in firearm use and safety and to carefully consider Solzenitzen’s famous words:

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

The American people are the largest army in the world and it will be a fatal mistake to provoke them into a war against the USG, since it will start out bad for “we the people” at first but then due to American ingenuity and spirit they will eventually crush all evil DHS and USG forces that have violated the Constitution and attacked “we the people”. Wide ranging revolt and mutiny will occur in DHS, the police and the US Military and also within the military high command.
The huge DHS ammunition stocks in private contractor warehouses will be sacked and armories will be attacked and stripped. Insiders with DHS will sell high powered weapons systems and ammo they have stolen on the black market.  After all anyone with deep integrity and who honors their oath to the Constitution would have long resigned DHS and only the deviates and criminals like those who run it will be left, and some of these folks will do anything for money. DHS equipment and armored personnel carriers will be sabotaged and things will get very extreme and ugly.
This process will be greatly speed-ed up if the USG and DHS bring in NATO or foreign troops to assist in their Cheka style Red Terror upon America.  If DHS and the USG truly wants to continue this course into abject tyranny, they should be careful to understand what they are in store for, and it won’t be a cakewalk.  Any captive people will always fight the hardest against any internal oppressor.  That is the lesson of Vietnam and all the Mideast wars which cannot ever be won by an outside invader.  Americans (we the people) will win and DHS will lose and they will lose big.
The American civilian population is the largest armed force in the world hands down, but it takes a lot to wake up this sleeping giant and unleash rage in these folks. Armed hunters alone comprise a most formidable force that if ever decides to fight will certainly be eventually able to overwhelm any internal USG tyranny or Red Terror directed at them, as long as they defend themselves spontaneously from all directions.
This could occur if a certain tipping point of public disgust occurs at all the recent numerous unConstitutional acts by Congress, DHS and American intel. Once DHS or Northcom starts going door to door to disarm folks like during Katrina and violating the Constitution and rule of law or attacking cities, “it will soon be on” 100% and a transformation will occur that makes average peaceful American Joes and Gladyses into the meanest most savage fighting machines since Ghengis Khan.
Doubt it, let DHS keep pushing and they will find out. The more American citizens they slay, the harder the remainder will fight and the more the police and military will split and revolt. And when DHS start murdering whole families like the Cheka did in Bolshevik Russia  in 1917 during the infamous Red Terror, a savagery will be unleashed against them from all sides that will mimic the French Revolution.
With the worldwide power of the Internet, the Truth can no longer be stopped by the fixed CMMM nor can the massive intel leaks be stopped either with the newly emergence worldwide “collective-conscience” from the Internet that has arisen.
With the exceptionally far reaching worldwide power of the Internet to rapidly and widely communicate discovery of so many gross RICO criminal acts of the USG, SSG and DHS, unless these entities start cleaning house and obeying the Constitution and Bill of Rights and honoring their oaths of office, at some point there will be hell to pay as a major tipping point is reached.  There is a limit to how effective psychotronic mood attenuation works when folks start to lose everything and clearly see the USG, the SSG and DHS as the main cause.
If the folks running DHS cannot see this they are self-deludedd with their own importance and cannot see the forest through the trees.  they will all be personally held responsible if and when TSHTF.  If these folks were as smart as they thought they were, they would start “cleaning house” now and routing out all the Neocon zio IZCS crooks out of high positions and make certain all USG officials are true American firsters, not dual Israeli-American citizens, NeoCon zios or Israeli firsters.  Folks who want to put Israel first should migrate to Israel.  There should be no dual citizenship allowed or anyone with a history of that allowed to occupy any political, LE or Military office or position.  Anything less is a complete conflict of interest.
It is important to point out that there are numerous non-zionist Judaics who are hard core “America Firsters” against any gun-control and do not support DHS, Zionism, the IZCS aka the Mispucka or Kosher Nostra. Academics and former USG officials such as Alan Sabrowsky, Ph.D., Norman Finkelstein Ph.D., John Mearsheimer, Ph.D. and Stephen Walt, Ph.D., and Steve Pieczenik, MD, Ph.D. are great American Heroes and have done much to expose the dysfunction of Zionism.
To blame all folks of the Judaic faith for the high crimes, treason and sedition of the NeoCon Zios and the IZCS would be a grave mistake.

Few who know the facts can argue that DHS is not a rapid mad dog that is feeling increasingly cornered by an awakening public who is being fed more and more daily truth by the alternative media on the worldwide Internet. News consumers are abandoning the controlled major mass media (CMMM) by the millions and turning to www.Drudgereport.com , www.Rense.com , www.whatreallyhappened.com ,  www.infowars.comwww.veteranstoday.com , and www.veteransnewsnow.com by the millions since they no longer trust the CMMM but see it as merely a propaganda arm of the USG.

[youtube P4Nxa3QrSNw]
Many Americans are getting sick and tired and completely fed up with the 536 RICO criminals in Congress and the Whitehouse.
They expect these folks to keep their oaths to the Constitution they took upon being sworn into office and want them all voted out.  It’s time to start electing folks who are not bough, owned, blackmailed, honey-trapped and compromised by the IZCS and the Banksters via 70,000 K Street lobbyists and intel specialists.
This is “creeping, spontaneous populism” at its best and there are many thousand more like Nora emerging and speaking out all the time.  This is the new wave of rising populism that will crush the NeoCon IZCS tyranny that has hijacked America and is working 24/7 to turn America into Gaza II.  It will fail despite all their efforts.

If DHS succeeds in provoking a civil war they may succeed for a while but then will be crushed and their leaders will probably be exposed, chased down and hung from the street poles or executed by American military who have gone “populist” and “constitutionalist”.

Has the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) declared war on Americans, and is it now in the process of provoking a civil war, planning to deploy DHS and Northcom to battle Americans door to door in a provoked civil war and completely balkanize America, forever destroying the Republic on behalf of the City of London Banksters?
Who is behind DHS who set it up an still pulls the strings?
Who is behind this nightmare or Orwellian abuse, DHS, and what is their agenda?  Does the SSG want to destroy America the Republic and mass murder its citizens like the Bolsheviks did in Russia in 1917 and later under Stalin and then Mao?
Mr. Homeland Security
Mrs. Homeland Security
The True boss of DHS ?
Friends and supporters of DHS?
MJ2?  Titular Head of DHS?
This lady is head of the Senate Intel Committee and is arguing that Snowden is a traitor and must be arrested for Treason. But wait, she, herself, is a blatant oath breaker to the Constitution, has tried to destroy the Second Amendment, has abused her positions and power for years to make millions for herself and her husband.  Their current insider deal is selling Post Offices that Congress is shutting down for a percentage. Like so many Israeli firsters who have hijacked the USG, she wants a strong internal police state and organizations like DHS to keep the “dumb Goya” in line so she can continue her insider deals. Now tell me, who is the traitor that should be arrested for treason?
Political hypocrite of the Decade? This man gave a free pass to Cheney for blowing Valerie Plame’s CIA NOC cover which destroyed many years of serious and sound undercover work done ethically and properly by one of the best and most professional agents America ever had, resulting in numerous foreign agents and assets being exposed and murdered. All because Cheney was mad at her Diplomat Husband Joe Wilson for telling the truth and being honest and ethical. This most serious breech of true national security since Pollard could have cost Valerie Plame her life, but instead of demanding justice for Valerie Plame by moving to impeach Cheney and try him for Treason, this man instead argued that her Husband Joe Wilson should have been severely sanctioned.  And why, because Joe Wilson was a great American Hero who exposed the “yellow cake” claims as a complete fabrication and lie used as a false pretext to mass murder more Arabs, resulting in the deaths and maiming of thousands of more American Soldiers. Now this man wants Snowden arrested and prosecuted to the full extent permitted by law rather than demanding that the current crop of top intel and USG officials who are knowingly lying to Congress be brought to justice, fired and/or impeached. Out of control USG intel tyranny should be severely punished and result in the most serious sanctions permitted by law against these intel officials and in many cases trials for Treason and Sedition.  Every time an American’s phone call or Internet message was tapped and/or recorded by American Intel under their authority and supervision without a specific, personal warrant signed by a judge with a valid personal witness that can be examined, they committed a major wire-tapping felony and also violated the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Remember, these programs to tap every single Americans’ communications are completely illegal, felonious, and a serious violation of the Costitution and Bill of Rights. Truly this alone has made most of these Intel Agencies doing so into very large RICO crime syndicates that begs for prosecution. When a whistleblower like Snowden confirms this, which is what many others have said before but were ignored, this is a breath of fresh air.  He did not release any secrets, but only the fact these intel officials are liars and law breakers and worthy of serious prosecution for doing something they denied and would never been allowed to do had they told the truth and kept Americans informed.  No invcation of “national security” can ever validly cover illegal felonies, illegal drug and arms trafficking, murder, massive phone and Innternet tapping or any other felony. Many top intel need to go to federal prison for very long terms upon conviction (just as they would do to the average man on the streets of America). And besides, top insiders know that mossadnik and Neocon zio communication companies have also been used to been used for years as main cutouts to assist these American Intel agencies and they often steal and sell important DOD secrets to other nations with no exposure or accountability. How come this man isn’t upset about that and demanding they be brought to justice? He must not really be serious about protecting national security after all.  Is it all an act to keep his campaign donors happy?

Red Terror and Cheka style Bolshevik mass roundups and mass executions have occurred in the past and have always involved Zionism and the IZCS in the background.  What is it about Zionism that breeds tyranny, oppression and mass murder everywhere it goes?  
Was there an underlying common cause and a pattern to these past mass murders in Russia and China and Cambodia under Pol Pot? Yes, it appears that all these evil crimes against humanity originated within the Old Black European nobility (OBN) and were financed and by the City of London and Wall Street central Banksters and Moneychangers who use Zionism and the IZCS as a means to “divide and conquer” to strip countries of assets and natural resources, and it is apparently their own form of Bankster based perfidy that goes all the way back to ancient Babylonia through the luciferian occult network aka “synagogue of satan”.
But why the murderous, savage blood-lust of these NeoCon Zionist Likudists? How can a group of folks who keep saying “never again” in their frequent continuing protests and fear of the Nazi style persecution of the non-zionist Judaics in WW2, end up acting like the worst of the SS and the Nazis themselves? Is this “identification with an aggressor” a form of the Stockholm syndrome or is it something else, a deep evil of the soul? This is a mystery that historians, philosophers and religious leaders will have to address.

Apparently this Zionist self-centeredness, narcissism, blood-lust and warmongering is all part of a worldwide luciferian network of interlocked evil esoteric cults that worship death as a means of purifying and culling the human race (the Russel trust aka the “Skull and Bones” fraternity at Yale University was a byproduct of vast illegal opium sales used in a secret war against China to recover silver and gold spent by England on Silk, tea and spices).

It sure seems obvious that such recent large DHS Procurement orders suggest serious malfeasance, seditious behavior and sinister plans to attack honest law abiding American Citizens.
Can any normal person not conclude that something sinister is in the works when DHS submits procurement orders for over two billion rounds of ammo, most of which are hollow point (illegal for use in warfare), buys 2700 armored vehicles with gun ports for swat team support in residential areas and orders 30,000 drones to be used to spy on American with secret plans to later arm these drones with air to ground missiles?

DHS has also ordered hundreds or armored checkpoint booths, and is rumored to have hired a mercenary force to train their special long reach sniper squads in most major American Cities armed with DHS specially ordered .338 Lapua magnum bolt action rifles. Some of these teams will be able to take out a target at up to a mile or more if rumors are correct.

It was rumored that DHS had negotiated such a special contract with Chris Kyle, former Navy Seal and his company Craft, International.  Kyle had claimed that he sucker punched Jesse Ventura in a Navy Seal Bar in California for dissing a dead seal. As the story goes, former Minnesota Governor Ventura vehemently denied this ever happened, said he never met Kyle and sued Kyle in court.
The strange case of the claimed but imaginary sucker punch to former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura.
As the case progressed with all indications that Jesse Ventura’s key witnesses would provide a clear victory for him in court that the alleged event never occurred at all, Kyle was alleged mysteriously gunned down by a veteran with PSTD at a local gun range. This alleged death conveniently prevented Jesse Ventura from obtaining the justice he deserved.

Some have viewed this false claim by Chris Kyle incident as an attempt for the SSG to smear Jesse Ventura and keep him from being elected a future President or VP. So questions remain, was Kyle really murdered by a vet with PSTD, and has DHS still continued to run this program to set up secret long-range sniper squads to assassinate dissidents with if a major civil rebellion or civil war breaks out?

With all the virtual false-flags illusions lately such as at Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon, it’s hard to know what to believe anymore unless one is a direct eyewitness and examines hard core forensic evidence close up.
DHS loves to hire “crises actors” and stage unannounced live-shooter lock down drills in grade schools to “terrorize” young kids and their teachers supposedly to acclimate them to real world mass shooting situations. This not only is an absurd justification but tends to place sick ideas in unstable children who then may want to become copycat killers.  Remember the “Dare” so-called anti-drug program which produced more drug use than it prevented.
Any government that goes to the extent it does to hire “crisis actors” from several different groups and stages numerous live shooter drills, some announced and many unannounced in schools, occasionally turning some into live terror or mass shootings, obviously is very crafty and evil beyond words.
DHS has a remarkably sick and twisted agenda.
Any government that sets up a major internal police state mechanism such as DHS to fight a War on Terror that has been their phony construct from the get-go can be assumed to be deeply tyrannical within its highest control circles, which in this case is the “invisible” SSG.

Like it or not the facts are that all world terror events have been financed, arranged and staged by either the British, Israel or the American SSG or a coalition of all three under the umbrella of the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) run out of the City of London Financial District, also known as the “World Banksters” or “World Moneychangers”.

Originally Khadafy was blamed for the Pan Am 103 bombing over Lockerbie.   He denied it and said that all terrorism ultimately was controlled and run by the City of London and that a well placed cruise missile sent there would eliminate all future terror problems. And private intel hired to solve this crime for an insurance company discovered that the CIA was responsible and had smuggled a bomb into the baggage compartment.  A trained German BKA agent saw this, recognized it and called Langley to ask what he should do.  He was connected to Aldrich Ames as the story goes Ames told him to let it go that it was part of an exercise. Later it was discovered and alleged that a special unit in the CIA had decided to get rid of Tiny Mckee and his team of high ranking DIA agents who had discovered the Frankfurt heroin pipeline into the USA via Pan Am.
The plane was not full to capacity and it was reported that some State Dept officials had received a private communique to stay off the flight, leaving quite a few empty seats. When this intel report surfaced and was used by an insurance company in secret negotiations it is alleged that Aldrich Ames was set up to take the fall for what he did.  Allegedly he was functioning as a double agent and selling misinformation seeded with minor leaks which was part of his job making him easy to take down for his part in the Tiny McKee murder and the murder of many innocent air passengers.
Thus the true reason for Ames prosecution never came out. This Lockerbie bombing provides a good example of how various IZCS intel operations will take out a whole plane load of innocents to get one or or several targets.  Pretty sick, huh. And the false blaming of Khadafy was strictly intel theater for mass consumption, all total lies from the start to the finish.
And as a growing percentage of Americans now realize 911 was an inside job, done by Zionist NeoCons, the Mossad, and a cabal within the high command of the USAF (1).
[youtube bU2n1UiY3I0]
And a large and growing number of Americans now realize that not only is there no real Terrorism inside America that hasn’t been staged by the SSG and its cutouts, many are now starting to see that the root of all this evil is the IZCS and its hijacking of the American political system and its mass media, which it owns through cutouts.

And a recent Senate Subcommittee study showed that DHS Fusion Centers have been worthless and stopped no terrorism at all, despite their almost constant publishing of confidential smear documents such as the famous MIAC reports to police and other federal agencies accusing returning vets, Ron Paul Supporters, Constitutionalists, home-schoolers, Christians and Catholics of being “domestic terrorists” (1).

Check out this article if you want information on how DHS is wasting taxpayer money like there is no tomorrow (because maybe they will do their best to make sure there is no tomorrow for America!). http://www.activistpost.com/2013/06/dhs-wastes-billions-of-taxpayers-money.html
Or if you want more information, refer to an excellent article by Prof. Jim Fetzer and Attorney John Whitehead, https://www.veteranstodayarchives.com/2012/10/04/fusion-and-fear-in-america-the-non-existent-terrorist-threat/
Manufacturing money from nothing, controlling its distribution and generating massive public debt is “easy money for nuttin”. (2)
The IZCS, i.e. the World Banksters or the “World Moneychangers”are the folks that manufacture money from nothing and create massive public debt in doing so, a debt that generates massive unending interest payments on an ever increasing principal which is 100% fraudulent and unconstitutional in total.
This is world Bankster money power provided by their application of ancient Babylonian “money-Magick”, the black luciferian arts of the world’s greatest deception which has now created a worldwide web of debt with slavery soon to follow unless stopped cold.
Has DHS begun the targeting of mainstream America for destruction with its massive internal Nazi/Stasi strike forces now being assembled?
Why are Americans now being targeted by their own government which is using their tax revenues to massively arm up DHS against the American public?  Is DHS being set up as the main enforcement arm of the IZCS which will be used to provide the muscle necessary to complete the asset stripping of America and its complete destruction as a nation-state?
Obviously this would have to be an agenda kept secret from the American people or they would be outraged and rebel. But is there more to this secret agenda than just the take-down of American by exporting all its heavy industry and manufacturing and stealing all its assets?
Is there a secret plan for DHS to morph itself into a Bolshevik “Red Terror” type Cheka, a mass killing machine to be be deployed against mainstream America?
[youtube Alf4Ho4RqVM]
There are several more video available on www.youtube that provide information about the Bolshevik Red Terror that has largely been ignored in high school and college History classes.
Is there an even worse part of this IZCS secret agenda for America that is just now becoming clear? Do the IZCS and the top controllers of DHS have a plan or blueprint to morph DHS into a Bolshevik style new America Cheka to mass murder all normal Americans in order to forever blot out any concept of America, freedom, liberty, the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights?

Now just stop for a second and ask yourself, how much do we know about the true origins of DHS? How much do you want to know? You can find out an amazing amount by doing some basic Internet research. Who were the key people that started it?  Did they abuse their power and manipulate the TSA to buy scanners and gene stripping X Ray machines from a company they own or control and thus made money from the purchase of this equipment? Is DHS an extension of the IZCS and the NeoCon Zionists that were deeply involved in the planning and execution of the 911 false-flag inside job attack on America?

Are IZCS Likudists actually running America right now as main Cutouts for the City of London banksters?
Was the creation of DHS like moving the Likudist Knesset right inside the center of the USG and giving them unrestricted power to construct a complete Nazi/Stasi style internal police mechanism via their NeoCon dual citizen moles, a huge out of control parasite for taking down America, Balkanizing it and turning it into a big Gaza II, the largest open air prison camp in the world?
This will seem very strange but it is something that could explain a great deal of recent history.
Ever wonder why the hard core Likudists that run the Israeli war machine are so bloodthirsty? Why some reputable sources claim that there have been past incidents of IDF snipers occasionally shooting Palestinian kids for target practice and paiting a mark on their shirt for a hit?  Why have these folks become like the Nazis who are supposed to be their arch enemies and what Israel was supposed to be a safe haven against?
And why were only the non-zionist Judaics harassed, captured, and transported to concentration camps in Germany and Europe in WW2, why were the top zionist Judaics escorted to safety and why wouldn’t those inside America at the top of the political system help or allow the two ships full of non-zionist Judaics to unload and receive amnesty in America (they had to go back to Germany where many were arrested and sent to concentration camps)?  Remember the true old English meaning of the word “holocaust” which actualy means “fiery sacrifice”.
Were non-zionist Judaics captured along with Christians and other dissenters and sent to concentration camps were some were to be worked and starved to death, and some murdered, as a luciferian blood sacrifice? Was WW2 itself one big luciferian blood sacrifice? Unless the IZCS is stopped is in now setting up another major world war (WW3) as an even bigger sacrifice to lucifer?  Why does the IZCS appear to need war time deaths 24/7 forever as it seems, perhaps they need a constant ongoing blood sacrifice to Baal and their ancient Gods as some experts in the occult have claimed.
Some experts on the occult aspects of world banking have hypothesized that the source of Nazism and Communism is the same, it is the luciferian/satanic circles of power of the City of London Banksters who create ideologies and political causes to run against each other and provide a basis for conflicts and large scale world wars, through which they extend their profits and world power, necessary for a one world globalist luciferian system.  This would make Nazism and Communism two sides of the same coin.
This is their basic strategy of perfidy, to pretend and create fake oppositions which they make real and manipulate to produce needed world conflicts and wars.  Thus you see the Republicans and the Democrats set up and designed by the Banksters with their top leaders “play acting” to create massive division within the American people while the Banksters proceed to run everything from the top down and asset strip them. This is a very crafty trick that typically provides great cover until folks catch on.  thanks to the worldwide Internet this truth is now leaking out and the “jig is about up”.
Two sides of the same coin?
So here is what one political analyst who wishes to remain anonymous theorized.  There are currently two factions of world zionism, i.e. splits in the IZCS.  One is the Rockefeller fourth Reich faction, and the other is now the Chicago communist faction. Both are allegedly run by a small number of zionist Judaics, some crypto-Judaics.
Numerous experts have claimed that the Nazi party survived WW2, even though the German Army surrendered and made a deal with Britain and the USG to share Nazi Gold, an intact intel system and alien high technology is given immunity. Experts have well determined that the whole Nazi and Communist movements in Germany, Russia and China originated in the City of London by zio Banksters also supported by Wall Street Banksters. Anyone who doubts this can do some basic research into Prescott Bush and Union Bank and issues related to “trading with the enemy”.
So it no appears that claims made by Marine Veteran and military logistics and armor expert Mike Sparks (author of the  suppressed but most excellent and very revealing book, James Bond Is Real) has been correct in a great deal of his assertions that the Nazi system survived and went underground worldwide and is now the Fourth Reich, which by the way is rumored to have bought up a great deal of controlling stock in many major offshore large corporations including some major oil companies.
And of course folks that want to learn more about this can go to Greg Hallett’s fine website.  Greg Hallett is now considered to be the top muckraker in the world and was at one time was given access directly into many deep MI-5 and Mi-6 files by one of the good guys at a very high command level.
The splitting of the IZCS into two factions that themselves compete in a limited war state for the good of the OBN “Circle of Twelve” and their cause to establish world luciferianism and a NWO Globalist system with a Caesar of the Ages, is very, very crafty and prevents most folks from ever figuring this out, until now tanks to the Internet.
Who is running most of the American high tech communications systems and their billing?
Have NeoCon Zionists been used as main intel cutouts to set up, infiltrate or run all the American communications systems?  So far based on the available evidence one must conclude the answer is yes.  In this way the USG can deny that they are spying on Americans. http://www.businessinsider.com/israelis-bugged-the-us-for-the-nsa-2013-6
However now with the recent disclosures about the NSA from two of the greatest American heroes that ever lived, William Binney and Kirk Wiebe, the public is being informed that the SSG is partners in these deep RICO crimes against the American public (3)
[youtube eaTv5MODnBk]
Is Bolshevik “Red Terror” coming to America via DHS?
Will DHS be morphed into a new Bolshevik style new American Cheka and used to institute red terror and mass murder to attain the goals represented in the Georgia Guideposts to reduce the population of America by 80%?
Were these folks also top NeoCon Zios who participated in the planning and deployment of the 911 attacks which murdered over 3,000 Americans and served as a false pretext for all the illegal, undeclared, unprovoked, unconstitutional Mideast wars which served up trusting American soldiers as cannon fodder for the IZCS NOW Globalist plan? Who is still “advising DHS” even though not the current head, but in reality means this person and his cadre are still really running DHS? Does this man look and act like Lenin?
DHS appears to be a Likudist Step-Child?
Do you think it is any coincidence that everyday DHS is becoming more and more like the Israeli Likudists?
The Recent public disclosures that the USG has been engaged in massive illegal, warrant-less, unconstitutional spying on all innocent Americans by the USG using the NSA, DHS and numerous other federal agencies has sent a shock wave through American Society.
It is now becoming increasingly clear that the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) has declared a secret war against all normal law abiding citizens using DHS and all its various LE and intel agencies. It is now becoming clear that the USG is using DHS to militarize and federal all the police of major urban police departments into the so-called “federal family”.
Streamlining all federal law enforcement makes it easy to institute major cover-ups and institute mass tyranny against the American people.
This is all part of an apparent IZCS plans to streamline all American Law Enforcement and intel into one large organization with a single centrally controlled command and control structure.  In this way one single leader at the top of this big “federal family (hierarchy or pyramid) can easily institute complete control throughout all American Law Enforcement and institute complete cover-ups. The only thing which can stop this are the courageous whistle-blowers that cannot stand to see hard core Zionist thugs and murderers destroy America.
The War on Terror is a Big USG lie responsible for the mass murder of hundred of over a million innocent civilians (called “collateral damage”) and thousands of dead and wounded American Soldiers. But thankfully numerous top level whistle-blowers inside DHS, NSA and all areas of the SSG are now leaking every deep secret, even things that most cannot imagine.
And this is exactly what is now happening and why the recent facts about the highly secretive but completely unconstitutional operation Prism as well as former disclosures such as Steller Wind, and Echelon, Carnivore as well as the SSG secret assassination teams Jsoc and Solic operating all over the world and inside America kidnapping and murdering innocent US citizens at will.

The truth that at least 40% of all Muslims kidnapped and taken to black prison camps or prison ship, to be tortured and many murdered, as well as those at Guantanamo are actually just innocent kids who were captured and sold to the CIA for bounties by war lords in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as from inside America and other nations too.

It is now realized by many that remote operated drone strikes are being used to murder so-called terrorist targets of interest, i.e. folks with no trial or legal representation, no convictions while at the same time mass murdering hundreds of innocent women and children and other innocent civilians. These are clear cut war crimes and crimes against humanity and those at the top who ordered such can be hunted down and prosecuted as long as they are alive anywhere in the world because there is no statute of limitations mass murder and these crimes against humanity.
An avalanche of major leaks from high ranking officials is now in progress–you will be amazed at what is coming out soon, so stay tuned and watch the alternative media on the Internet closely.
If you think the disclosure on Prism and the disclosures about illegal wiretapping of a news reporter were the end of this you would be greatly mistaken.  Because you “ain’t seen nothing yet” as the phrase goes.  You can expect some very great leaks of top secret, above top secret and beyond black programs to surveil, harass, mindkontrol and murder Americans and stage phony false flag as well as real Gladio style “inside-job” attacks.

There is a significant rebellion in every part of American intel and what makes it untraceable and unstoppable is that it is completely spontaneous, uncoordinated and free-floating.  This is also true within the military high command with several different factions arising that have had “about enough” of the IZCS take-down of American and use of American troops as cannon fodder to fight Israel’s and the Banksters oil wars.  The American military high command is now awakening and finally understanding that American soldiers have been used in the Mideast to Fight other people’s war and used as (in the words of Heinz Kissinger, wanted war criminal in some countries) as “Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

Historically the presence of independent alphabets, and federal LE agencies allowed parallel and independent investigations, inter agency rivalry that usually prevented massive, complete cover-ups/
The failed recent efforts of a sick, twisted, perverted and “bought, owned and compromised” Congress to institute draconian gun control measures have largely failed and DHS has taken the fallback position of placing massive ammo acquisitions to keep ammo from the public.  This is the USG’s new form of gun control and another true litmus test for Congress to show the public who they really work for. Various twisted state governors have attempted to continue the SSG’s gun-grabbing agenda but so far only with limited success.
Why we know for sure that NSA is not really concerned with preventing Terrorism, but is merely a tool of the banksters to protect their own regime and keep the American sheeple in line by spying on their every move.
NSA has for years had such sophisticated intel gathering devices and methods that they have been very well aware of the massive illegal drug trafficking into America by the IZCS and various American Intel factions and have done absolutely nothing about it.  It is a well documented fact that the NSA traced all CIA Air America black opium flights to japan from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia under operation Whitestar and did nothing to stop them, and as well knew exactly where most MIA/POWs were kept as well as the USG ordered assassinations of them by special operators.
NSA top officials also know that the USAF dropped lethal gas canisters on many of these POWs/MIAs and snipers were sent in to finish off as many of the rest as possible in order to keep the wicked truth about the secret drug pipeline into Japan and into America in the body cavity of dead American soldiers.  Admiral Moorer admitted the gas attacks publicly before he died and the purposefully left behind MIAs/POWs is described in the excellent book, Kiss the boys Goodbye by Monika Jenson-Stevenson and William Stevenson. Can it get more disgusting than this?  So it is obvious to any reasonable person that the NSA is an evil, unAmerican treasonous outfit at the top which just happens to employ many good men and women that will now leak secrets about the NSA Rico Crimes even more.
Great American hero Edward Snowdon has just come forth and exposed extreme NSA crimes, Constitutional violations and corruption against the American people. Numerous top NSA officials should be immediately fired, charged and arrested for these crimes against Americans and the Republic.
Here is another story of a very great American Hero, Edward Snowdon who has blown the lid completely off of illegal, unConstitutional NSA spying done for them by cutout private contractors which in the past has created a wall of deniability and moved much of the power of the USG into corporate SSG hands where it is frequently misused to set up whistle-blowers, blackmail Supreme Court Justices into voting a certain way (like the recent closeted one who defined Obama Care as a tax).
Of course the CMMM spin machine and professional SSG psyops experts will be working 24/7 to attempt to wrongly smear this great American Hero.  Instead of being prosecuted or harassed like Sibel Edwards and William Binney and so many more, he should be raised up as a great hero, granted complete immunity and protection.  Why, because national security must not be allowed to provide a false cover for these major USG, SSG and corporate DOD contractor crimes.
Hundreds of top American officials in Congress and Intel as well as DHS should be indicted, arrested, prosecuted and convicted for these gross civil rights violations, many of who have committed high treason and sedition against America the Republic and knowingly violated their Oaths to office.  There should never be any cover allowed for these national security abusers and RICO criminals who use high poistions in the USG, SSG and corporate defense contractors to violate the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Every major US intel agency including NSA has always run its own private murder squads and have over the years murdered hundreds with arkenside, strange accidents, you name it.  They have training manuals which provide detailed instructions on how to murder and make it look like a suicide and accident. Doubt this ask people like John Coleman and many others who are living under asylum in foreign countries, great American Heroes that gave everything.
There are many more great American Heroes that have done their best to expose this serious intel corruption in high places and have been ignored, harassed and worse.
take Terry Reed or Cele Castillo two more great American Heros who deserve our eternal gratitude. Or Bradley Ayers who still pays a terrible price everyday (as does Cele Castillo) for refusing to accept high level USG/SSG massive drug trafficking and went public on a large regional radio station which was quickly bought up by the CIA through cutouts and is still dirty and little more than a USG psyops operation. Or take Mark Novitsky of Minneapolis, Minnesota, another great American Hero that blew the whistle on much of this constantly for the last 10 years to top national journalists Minnesota Senators and Congressmen who ignored him and now lie and claim ignorance that they just didn’t know about these seruous intel violations of law and the Constitution.
Mark Novitsky has a big story to tell that will be coming out now and will implicate many in serious intel related  business crimes.
Mark Novitsky’s reward for being a stand-up honest Patriot who refused to participate in and cover-up intel crimes of a private DOD contractor has been years of almost constant hard core harrassment and occupational blacklisting as well as sophisticated psyops which have been used to attempt to destroy him. His full story will be coming out soon and it will be hard hitting and shocking. Watch the cockroaches run for cover when the lights are turned on as they always do.
Yes, there are many more great American Heroes and Whistleblowers.
Mark Novitsky has also been working with Karen Hudes former World bank Counsel and current whisleblower that had conscience and refused to ignore wrongdoing.  She is another great American hero now being harassed by the big out of control American intel psyops whurlitzer. And there are so many true American heroes, stand up folks that have been wrongly jailed on phony charges, or imprisoned in hellholes like vacaville, harassed and abused beyond reason, and many murdered while the soulless criminal psychopaths who run various intel agencies and private contactor corps and do their illegal wet work and psyops live like rich little princes on tax payer money that has been asset stripped.
It’s time all this murdering of witnesses, and harassment and blacklisting of whistleblowers who are too high profile for Arkensiding is stopped.  It’s time to clean house and bring TOTAL JUSTICE to American intel, the SSG and the renegade out of control USG. Ike threatened to storm Area 51 with the First Army.  That was a great idea and this should be done until every major intel and SSG secret is fully exposed except launch codes and private USG, intel and embassy encryption codes. The rats and traitors need to be cleaned out of the US Dept of Just-Us which was fully corrupted by the Bush regime under the so-called “war on drugs”.  Yes, it was the folks who ran the Bush regime that murdered JFK, MLK and RFK.
Top Protector of US National Security, or an Enemy of the State inside the Gates who serves a foreign offshore master?  Examine the evidence and decide for yourself.  Did this man knowing lie to Congress?  Is he trustworthy and honorable?
Big Time Push-back is now coming and it’s a pretty good bet that eventually DHS will be destroyed by disillusionment from within as well as by massive and extreme public pressure  applied to elected officials who will be labelled as national security abusers, criminals and Constitutional Oath violators.
The American public is tired of “twisted sister” and her lying, deceivingways on behalf of the Rico crime syndicate the IZCS that has hijacked America via its Central Bank. And many are sick and tired of her absurd “see something, say something” con job to try and create a snitch society and destroy basic community trust between neighbors.

It seems certain that the American public is pushing back now. How else can their massive gun purchases be explained, especially with so many first time gun buyers in such a short period of time? When questioned new gun buyers give a number of reasons for their purchase.  Some say they are afraid unless they buy a gun now they will never be able to get one.  Some say they are afraid of societal disintegration due to the worsening economy. Some say they now fear the USG and want to able to protect themselves against the USG if it ever comes to that.

Have the Patriot Acts, the John Warner defense Act, NDAA 2013 and so many other unConstitutional aberrations and state acts of treason provided the means for this transformation to be actualized by the DHS instituting numerous Gladio style false flag attacks and blaming them on nonexistent domestic and Muslim terrorist patsies? Truly Rico thugs of the IZCS have hijacked America despite the fact that any law passed that is unConstitutional is patently null and void according the the classic Supreme Court case of Marbury  vs. Madison.
Is all this NeoCon IZCS Staged Terror of Murrah, 911, Aurora, Sikh Temple, Sandy Hook, and Boston Marathon just like the fox blowing up the chicken coup and blaming the wounded or surviving chickens and then instituting draconian police state measures which can be later used to slaughter all chickens?  Yes, that is certainly the way it appears.
Don’t yet count the American people out and think they are down for the count.  Yes, many sleep and must be awakened. It only takes 10% to become fully awake and active to bring down this rising tyranny.  We are now at 7-8% and climbing fast thanks to the alternative media on the worldwide Internet. It’s not over until the fat lady sings and experts know that America is a sleeping giant, that once awakened will fight back like banshees.
The SSG and DHS  have seriously underestimated the power that the Americans will wield against them if DHS proceeds to provoke a civil war and tries to institute a Bolshevik style “Red Terror” in America using DHS as a new American Cheka. As DHS continues to stockpile ammo and weapons to be used against the American people, anger and rage in the people is rising every day about this because their shooting sports are now limited because of it and ammo prices for hunters and shooters are rising.
This restriction of ammo ultimately hurts many states which have a great deal of business generated in relation to shooting and hunting sports, such as gun clubs, ranges, and hunting resorts and deprives state governmens of realted sales taxes revenues.
Every day it seems as if more and more folks are waking up and getting increasing angry and frustrated with the USG that sold them out years ago and exists only to serve its own, the “federal family”, the world’s biggest parasite. All it will take perhaps is another small spark, another rallying point, another mistake like one more seditious top official lying to Congress and “we the people” that there was “no tapping of all Americans phones and Internet” to set it off. And once it’s on, the fully awakened giant will probably take no prisoners either.
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