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What makes Goldman Sachs alumni at the center of international finance? Is it pure talent and business acumen, or is there more to the equation, then grooming the best and the brightest? The answer lies in the indisputable perquisite that places Goldman Sachs Above the Law. How did this banking concern become the most powerful political influence in government policies? Well, central banking certainly is at the core of their economic clout. The ‘TC’ essay Federal Reserve is a Cache of Stolen Assets goes into methods that results in the financial slavery. But what makes Goldman Sachs central to their dominance of nations and so many governments?
A pursuit for answers and an explanation needs to investigate internal workings and crucial critiques that demonstrate patterns of global dominance. Former GS operative Greg Smith wrote in the New York Times, Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs:
“It might sound surprising to a skeptical public, but culture was always a vital part of Goldman Sachs’s success. It revolved around teamwork, integrity, a spirit of humility, and always doing right by our clients. The culture was the secret sauce that made this place great and allowed us to earn our clients’ trust for 143 years. It wasn’t just about making money; this alone will not sustain a firm for so long. It had something to do with pride and belief in the organization. I am sad to say that I look around today and see virtually no trace of the culture that made me love working for this firm for many years. I no longer have the pride, or the belief.”
Goldman Sachs reached the pinnacle of investment banking because it served the fiscal needs of its clients. When businesses profited from the relationship, all was well for the masters of the universe. The focus upon providing value to substantial businesses, that actually provided constructive products and services, was a formula that has merit and meaningful purpose. Now, essential ethic standards, has become subordinated to the practice of exerting primary political control. Designing exotic deceptive products intent upon usurious returns, betrays the very foundations of raising capital to finance legitimate business development.
The excellent analysis from The Economic Collapse site provides a list of compelling arguments in 11 Reasons Why America Would Be A Better Place Without Goldman Sachs. #9 illustrates the real aim behind the curtain. The Wizard of Oz has a Goldman address.
“Goldman Sachs has way too much influence over the federal government. There is a reason why it is commonly referred to as “Government Sachs”. No matter who is the White House, people that used to work for Goldman and other big Wall Street banks always seem to be crawling around.”
Moreover, the tentacles of international reach have extended well beyond the former bastion of American capitalism. Goldman Sachs takes over America and now Europe is all part of “gods work” . . . Since this year old arrangement was adopted the faltering EU economy intensifies, while the consolidation of political union under the GS model of financial servitude expands.
“Now, the EU has given Goldman Sachs and Co. an unlimited free hand to fleece taxpayers – through the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). It is a permanent facility to replace the temporary Financial Stability Facility and the European Financial Stabilisation Mechanism once Member States, representing 90% of capital commitments have ratified, probably in July 2012.
The ESM is a contract of debt. . . . The authorized share capital must be 700bn €. (to be increased)
[Article 9]: “… ESM members commit themselves irrevocably and unconditionally to pay on demand any capital that is demanded of them … within 7 days of receipt of the request.”.
[Article 10]: “The Council of Governors may decide to change the authorized capital and Article 8.
[Article 27, lines 2-3]: “[Article 27, line 4]: “The property, funding and assets of the ESM shall . . . be immune from every form of legal proceedings – as shall ESM property and assets, governors, deputy governors, directors and officials.
The ESM is an intergovernmental organization, not subject to laws – and not subject to reviewers.”
If you think, the UK escaped this round of exploitation, ready yourself for Mark Carney: Bank governor’s journey from wilderness to heart of the City. “The earning years were – naturally – at Goldman Sachs, where he was marked out as one of the very highest flyers while working in London, Tokyo and New York. The switch to public service – and the public profile that brings – came with a move into central banking, first as deputy and then as governor of the Bank of Canada, in a spell that included the global financial collapse.”
Scott Brison, economic spokesman for the Canadian Liberal party – known as “finance critic” – and, a personal friend of Carney’s, provides this assessment.
“Mark has the economic background; but also he has personal understanding of the industry. He has peer-to-peer credibility with some of the top bankers in the world. There’s a language; there’s a cadence.”
In his international role, as chairman of the G20’s Financial Stability Board, he has not only been a strong advocate of tighter regulation, but notched up a furious shouting match with JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon. Perhaps not surprisingly, given how fast he has risen, Carney has a steely side: several people remembered being warned off disagreeing with him. And he had that life-plan from a relatively early age. “I have heard him say ‘learn, earn, serve,'” says Brison. “He is someone who chooses public service: he is not a materialistic guy.”
First learn, then earn and serve translates into protecting the domination goals of Goldman Sachs. The new code, The Goldman Sachs Business Principles, “Our clients’ interests always come first.”, actually means that the ultimate patrons of Goldman Sachs are the owners of the international central banking system. The public show of faction dissent among banksters is simply posturing. GS only services one nefarious master.
James Hall – June 19, 2013
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