‘Flight 800 investigators admit they lied about plane crash’


‘Flight 800 investigators admit they lied about plane crash’

The reconstructed wreckage of TWA Flight 800 (file photo)
The reconstructed wreckage of TWA Flight 800 (file photo)
(compare to reconstruction of 9/11 planes)


By Gordon Duff and Press TV


In 1996, an airliner, TWA Flight 800, bound from New York to Paris with 230 passengers mysteriously exploded off Long Island. Reliable witnesses said they saw a missile streak up from the ocean and hit the plane, then ascending at 13,000 feet.
Seventeen years ago, the American people sat idly by when an airliner was downed in the waters off New York.
In 1996, an airliner, TWA Flight 800, bound from New York to Paris with 230 passengers mysteriously exploded off Long Island. Reliable witnesses said they saw a missile streak up from the ocean and hit the plane, then ascending at 13,000 feet.
Former Press Secretary for President John F. Kennedy, Pierre Salinger, also a former United States senator in his own right, contacted the FBI stating he had documentation that the plane had been shot down by the US Navy.
From that day forward, Salinger was systematically ridiculed and destroyed, almost as though he were one of the lonely voices that stood against the invasion of Iraq or the tragic buffoonery of 9/11 and its aftermath.
Flight 800
Yesterday, it was announced that investigators who had submitted the report debunking Salinger had come forward claiming they had been ordered to falsify their findings.
You see, a film outlining the cover-up is going to be released soon and the same investigators who cited a “fuel explosion” as the cause of the crash now admit they lied.
How many times have we heard this?
They now tell of an “external explosion” as the cause. “External explosions” at 13,000 feet are typically caused by the presence of explosive material which can only reach that height when attached to a missile, typically one with a guidance system intended to help “external explosives” down aircraft.
Confronted with proof of a cover-up conspiracy and the murder of 230 Americans, the government has remained silent.
There is no intent to open an investigation now inexorably proven to have been a criminal conspiracy.
There is no call for prosecutions and arrests. In fact, the press, even to this day, uses the term “conspiracy theory” in references to the revelations from the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) investigators now coming forward with the truth, telling of the threats they endured and the silence they held for so long.
Michael Hastings “Boston brakes”
Yesterday, Michael Hastings, a 33-year-old reporter responsible for ending the career of renegade General Stanley McChrystal, died in a mysterious “one car accident.”
Hastings exposed General McChrystal as a “cowboy” military leader, unanswerable to civilian command, oblivious to the rules of war and a general more inclined to worry about keeping the flow of heroin from Afghanistan going than anything else.
General McChrystal along with Vice-President Cheney headed JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command), the half-military, half-political group that used death squads and drug cash to fight world terrorism.
JSOC knew no borders. They still don’t. JSOC doesn’t recognize the President as Commander-in-Chief, takes no orders from the secretary of defense or Joint Chiefs of Staff. In fact, many JSOC operatives are employed by civilian contracting firms under the control of political extremists openly opposed to America’s form of government.
Thus, it isn’t hard to understand why President Obama fired General McChrystal. It is equally clear why General McChrystal or his supporters might want Michael Hastings dead.
McChrystal’s friends have the expertise, giving all that is needed, means, motive and opportunity, for an arrest. There won’t even be an investigation.
Boston brakes
Another minor issue, which should be brought up. One of the common methods used by operatives of JSOC to “neutralize” opponents is “Boston brakes.”
The staged “one car accident” is actually taught in classes to members of a number of commands, Special Forces, Navy SEALS, CIA and others. All that is needed is access to a car, someone stupid enough to drive down a lonely road or be out very late at night, and control of accident investigators and a medical examiner.
Not that long ago, an Arizona sheriff who stood his ground against the Mexican drug cartels died in a “Boston brakes” accident. It may very well have been JSOC “operatives” who arranged his death. That man was Larry Deaver.
The “JSOC boys” are mostly “conservatives” and very amenable to “private enterprise.” They are fanatic Zionists, carry bibles wherever they go and account only to “God” who, according to them, seems to love their criminal enterprises.
In 2009, John Farmer, the senior counsel to the 9/11 Commission, wrote a book, “The Ground Truth.” There, he outlined, not just the pattern of lies and obfuscation that plagued that investigation, but reported that a majority of commissioners wished the report rescinded and had requested a criminal investigation of many of those who were interviewed.
Key Bush officials refused to testify under oath. A review of their statements made to the commission reveals a pattern of almost childish deception and broad complicity in the acts themselves.
What is clear is that Bush officials feared charges of perjury, the real crimes easily discerned through even a cursory reading of the long published pubic record, those being murder and treason.
How do revelations of a government cover-up of the downing of Flight 800 apply? How far do we have to reach to connect the dots?
I picture Senator Salinger, year after year trying to turn evidence over to the FBI, evidence the FBI really never needed in the first place.
After all, who do you think it was who silenced the investigators and handed them the phony story about defective fuel tanks?
They knew Salinger was right, that the US government had shot down one of its own commercial airliners.
One thing is clear; “truth” such as it is, seems to be a war between conspiracy theories with the sanctioned “tale” generally the most hollow and bereft of substance.
Is this why a generation of Americans has been such an easy target for the onset of totalitarianism?
Syria and the G8, a “new sheriff”
This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin, told President Obama in no uncertain terms that the wild conspiracy theories about the Syrian government’s alleged use of chemical weapons were not going to go unchallenged.
No G8 communique was issued calling for President Assad to step down. Additionally, both Britain and France backed away from their previous positions, calling for a “no-fly zone” to support rebel insurgents and the arming of forces now increasingly seen as a combination of Jihadists intent on eradicating Syria’s Christian population and terrorists funded by oil, arms and banking interests.
CIA operatives tasked with “vetting” those intended to receive the America “bounty” of weapons and ammunition complain that it is impossible to give any “rebel faction” arms and be certain that they won’t be used against Syrian Christians or for terrorism in Iraq.
Arms to Syria
Last night, Syrian news services announced an agreement with Russia that will supply hundreds of modern TOS1a “thermobaric” rocket launchers and other unspecified advanced weapons.
For years, Russia has participated in sanctions, weapons and otherwise, buying in on the West’s proclivity for broad mythology that always seems to, in the end, support one form of criminal enterprise or another.
Has Putin finally decided that it is time for Russia to assume the mantle of leadership abandoned long ago to those who were going to deliver a “New American Century?”
Mythology versus reality
It was only one airliner, 230 dead, seventeen years ago, one phony investigation, on very big lie. However, since that time, the world has been propelled to the brink of ruin by exactly this kind of lie, the same hubris, the same weakness.
They waited seventeen years to become “whistleblowers.” Are we hearing about it now because they want us to start chasing ghosts instead of the sea of lies before us?

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