The Woolwich Terrorist Attack (5)


The Woolwich Terrorist Attack (5)

By Michael Shrimpton

I make no apology for staying with this topic.  It’s not just to see what misspelling of ‘Woolwich’ the guys can come up with this time!  The rest of the media have almost stopped talking about the attack, for PC reasons.  There are also too many difficult questions about why the Metropolitan Police left Drummer Rigby (his correct rank) to his grisly fate and what happened to the terrorists’ driver.  here are also some comments requiring a response, which I am afraid I still cannot do, for glitch reasons, on the comments page.

There is clearly a cover-up underway.  I doubt there will be a serious inquest, and it’s likely to be long-delayed anyway.  MPs have stopped asking questions and GO2 have pretty much got away with it, again.  The trial of the terrorists will be the usual farce, with the focus entirely on them and their motivation, not on who set the attack up and who ordered them to murder Drummer Rigby.
The laudable campaign to decorate the Angels of Woolwich with the George Medal has run into the sand.  The Cabinet Office control honors in Britain, which is why the system is so discredited.  Only a small number of honors, the Order of Merit, the Garter, the Thistle and the Royal Victorian Order are decided upon the Queen.  Respectful congratulations to Her Majesty by the way for Her great win at Royal Ascot this week.  It cheered everybody up after the failure of the G8 summit and the 1922 Committee’s failure to remove David Cameron (he’s unlikely to go before the fall now – rats!).
The Cabinet Office are resolutely opposed to awarding the GM to the Angels.  Since they are penetrated by GO2, the same intelligence agency which set up the attack, that’s understandable.  The last thing the Bad Guys want to see is the public standing up to terrorists, like the brave passengers on Flight 93.
Capital Punishment
My comments on this were clearly misunderstood by at least one reader.  I only want traitors, terrorists and murderers hanged in the nicest possible way.  Hanging is a humane mode of execution, provided that it is done properly and professionally by a competent hangman.  It is correct that if the rope is too short the criminal being hanged can be strangled and if too long, decapitated (or is it the other way round, I can never remember!).  It is very important to weigh the condemned before execution.
I am not a big fan of juicing people, although I know it has gained widespread acceptance in the USA.  I am not entirely convinced that it’s as quick and painless as it says on the box.  An efficient hangman, like the late Albert Pierrepoint in Britain, despatched the condemned with great efficiency and humanity, in a matter of minutes from opening the door of the death row cell.
The British Empire
This has also got some readers confused.  The British Empire was a very nice Empire, and its peoples were generally a lot better off under colonial rule.  This is especially true in Africa, where our colonies were largely handed over to the Germans (e.g. Kenya) or the Chicoms (e.g. Tanganyika).  There are no independent states in Africa, unless you count Eritrea.  All the others are neo-colonies, i.e. client states, of one of the great powers, usually China, which can’t afford to pay the going rate for Africa’s vast natural resources.
Zimbabwe is the classic example.  It rulers are venal, cruel and corrupt and the death toll since the handover to China has been huge.  Poor old Ian Smith wept over the unnecessary loss of life, black as well as white (we met – he was no more a racist than Michelle Obama).  Colonial civil servants tended to be hardworking, courageous, principled and honest.  They are still remembered by name in places like the Sudan, now split into two, with the Chinese moving into the south.  The north is a joke.
I am not saying that we should bring back the Empire, which has had its day, but all our former colonies would be better off with non-corrupt, constitutional government, under a Governor-General, appointed by the Queen on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, i.e. the Canadian and Australian model.  The Chinese should be given the order of the boot.  It is a little-known fact by the way that not a single British colony has ever voted for independence from Britain.  Only three referenda were ever held, and they all saw a determination to retain the status quo.  In the most recent case people of the Falklands voted almost unanimously to retain their constitutional status.
If it comes to that George Washington might well have lost a vote had one ever been held on independence, although I am sure that comment will provoke an e-mail from the Daughters of the Revolution!  A large number of American colonists wanted an end to daft interference from Whitehall in local affairs, not full independence.  As it was the new country was unstable, as the crucial issue of slavery was not addressed, requiring a second war.  The South asked us to support them, but quite properly we respected America’s hard-won independence and stayed out.  As I point out in Spyhunter (now due for publication in September) the South then turned to Prussia for support.
Slim Whitman
Very sad news this week, about the passing of this great singer.  I wasn’t a fan, but there was no doubting his talent and the quality of his work.  He was very popular in Britain and had a splendid obituary in the Daily Telegraph yesterday.  He was also a man of considerable quality, who served in the US Navy in World War II.  The story of his long marriage to his childhood sweetheart Geraldine is heartwarming.  They married in 1941, when she was 15 and he a little older.  The marriage lasted for nearly 70 years, until her sad passing in 2009.  They are now together again.  May their souls Rest in Peace.


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