Chinese Takeaway


By Michael Shrimpton

It’s been a good week for the Chinese, and a bad one for the NSA, which is a shame, as they are such nice people.  Hopefully the Good Guys will start hitting back soon.

I am not stating that Edward Snowden is a Chinese spy.  It is however possible to see the hand of China in this.  Snowden’s stunt was timed for the meeting between Obama and Xi Jinping, the new Chinese kingpin.  The NSA, very sensibly, have been prioritising (should that be a ‘zee’?) intercepts on Chinese communications.  That’s partly why they have an operation in Hawai’i, the closest part of the US to China.
The Chinese of course have a massive espionage operation directed at the US.  It’s a bit rich them complaining about the NSA, given the number of computers in the West with Chinese chips in them, most of which probably have a trapdoor.
The good news is that the NSA have clearly been upsetting the Chinese.  Great.  That’s what the commies are there for.  General Alexander is doing a great job and patriotic Americans should get right behind him.
It was noteworthy that Snowden ran to Hong Kong, which is part of China. Forget the autonomous bit.  That’s strictly for public consumption.  It’s Chinese territory, sadly, and the Chicoms get to say who comes in and who goes out.  Wikileaks is not exactly anti-Chinese either.
I am intrigued by what’s happening in Moscow. Obviously the Russians are having a quiet word with Snowden.  Obama can’t afford to upset the Chinese and he wouldn’t want to anyway.  That error in the extradition request to Hong Kong may even have been deliberate.  They normally check these things.  They’d spell Woolwich with 2 ‘Ws’!
The Russians won’t grant him asylum but relations with Washington are so bad they won’t want to return him.  Quito are coming round to the realization that taking in Snowden will prejudice their new trade treaty.  Not with the Administration, who may already have given them a green light, but with Congress.  I hope you guys get Snowden back.  He needs to do some serious time in a federal penitentiary.
Rudd v Gillard
Peking will also have been pleased with the outcome of the extraordinary party room coup in Canberra, which saw nice, pro-Australian Julia Gillard ousted in favour of Kevin Rudd.  I am not saying that Rudd is a Chinese asset, merely that he is pro-Chinese.   He is also anti-British and a republican scumbag, no offense intended, whereas Julia was knitting a woolly kangaroo for the Cambridges’ new baby, which was very sweet of her.   Rudd can’t even knit.
I expect Rudd will bring the election due in September forward.  Hopefully he’ll lose it – electorates do not like divided parties and the ALP have just had a big stoush, Aussie for bust-up.   I gather from people who know him that Tony Abbott is a nice chap.  He’s a bit left-wing but has generally sensible views on immigration, the economy, the War on Terror and global warming.   He beat a guy called Costello to the leadership – it was the Abbott and Costello show all over again.
I don’t recall ever meeting him  – the guy believes in global warming and would not have been in the academic stream – but allegedly we are at school together, for a brief period, in Scarborough, Queensland, in the late 1960s, in the De La Salle Junior College.  I grew up in Queensland, after we emigrated in 1964.
Not much to reply to this week on the comments front.  I entirely agree with the comment that Albert Pierrepoint was a very efficient hangman.  He was quick, humane and competent.  For that reason he ran into trouble with Phillip Allen, a German spy at the Home Office.
Interesting murder trial down in Florida.  I’ll delay my comments until after the trial, save to say that I think Sanford Police got it right the first time around.  I’ve only ever been through Sanford once, on AMTRAK’s Silver Meteor.  It’s the terminal for the motorail service.  Seems like a nice place, with an efficient Neighborhood Watch.


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