Phony-news ‘psyop’ danger outweighs government spying


Phony-news ‘psyop’ danger outweighs government spying

By Gordon Duff and Press TV


“Spy data is processed for the NSA by Israeli companies along with Booz Allen Hamilton, a subsidiary of the Bush family’s Carlisle Group, a sinister organization clearly more powerful than the US government.”

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You read it in the news, even find it being touted by your favorite “cutting edge” blogger.

The story, NSA spying, threats of war, all sound real, sound like they have “backbone” but, when you pry into the sources, you find them to be “samo-samo,” thinly veiled “disinfo” paid for by the Israel lobby or Wall Street and its cast of criminal cohorts.
Recently Jim W. Dean, Dr. Webster Tarpley and Dr. Kevin Barrett discovered a pattern in suppressed news. Stories on NSA spying, the Snowden scandal, the John Kerry bombing hoax, the General Dempsey cyber-attack hoax, these and more each day are simply “invented news,” not just propaganda but a cover for broad censorship and a distraction from real news that can never be reported.
France and Israel Cited in Benghazi
Silencing Press TV has been a priority, a surprising priority though, in actuality, no one knew exactly why. Many believed the attacks were simply part of Israel’s moves against Iran, a way of controlling the news.
Though this is certainly true, recent revelations have now shown that there has been something far more sinister to hide.
A surprising revelation from sources at the highest levels of French intelligence confirms that Press TV has been suppressed, taken off satellite system after satellite system for, not just reporting suppressed very real news but for coming too close to a major intelligence operation now being shoved “under the rug.”
On September 16, 2012, Press TV reported on Israeli attempts to attack President Obama and influence the American election toward Mitt Romney, who had promised to send American troops into Syria against the Assad Government.
In October 2012, Press TV carried news interviews tying Israel’s Mossad to the Benghazi attack that killed Ambassador Stephens. The report followed the money trail, through the CATO Institute and Heritage Foundation, right into AIPAC and Israel’s intelligence services and the Reverend Terry Jones, a former top CIA operative in Germany.
Today, in Algeria, French sources now report that FBI investigators have uncovered links between “al-Qaeda” forces, not just in Algeria but Mali and Niger.
The Algerian president, reportedly “ill” in a Paris hospital is, we have confirmed, being held hostage by intelligence services, which is brother, Said Bouteflika, represents Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE) interests in Algeria.
Chief among those combined interests of French and Israeli intelligence was the creation of al-Qaeda units to lead the Libya attack against Stephens and to create a “template” for organizing political and propaganda support for al-Qaeda groups operating in Iraq, Syria and throughout Africa.

“The Direction Centrale du Renseignement Intérieur (DCRI) along with teams from Israel arrived in Algeria on June 25 and 26, 2012, to begin planning the Benghazi attack which was coordinated with the American groups cited by Press TV.”

The FBI investigation reported only in Algerie-Focus, a French language journal, cites FBI teams and recent arrests.

“A delegation from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has arrived, this weekend in Algiers under judicial cooperation between Algeria and the United States of America, and also as part of the investigation American on the assassination in October 2012, the U.S. ambassador to Benghazi (Libya), J. Christopher Stevens and three other embassy officials, we learned judicial sources.”

However, the story goes much further, actually confirming Press TV’s September stories and citing them as reason for attacks on that news organization and its illegal removal from satellite services.
Snowden, Israel, Syria and Real Spying
Many cite Snowden, the recent cyber-spying whistleblower, as a hero but none are able to put their finger on what whistle it is that he actually “blew.”
In intelligence analysis, “timing” is everything. There are two real questions; “why now” and “who benefits” that, more or less, prove not just any but every story widely reported by the mainstream news to be a calculated deception.
In some ways, Snowden reminds us of Assange, a supposed fighter for truth and justice who supports war on Iran, who supports Israel’s occupation of Palestine and who considers any effort to look into wrongdoing by Israel or America’s neocon fanatics, things such as 9/11, a “waste of time.”
When Snowden arrived on the scene, two key stories, both far more important than anything we have seen from Snowden, simply disappeared.
Perhaps inadvertently, perhaps not, “Snowden” erased all reporting of Iran’s election “from the sands of time,” if you excuse the ironic quotation.
After years of attacks on Iran as ‘autocratic’, a well-known moderate, one internationally respected, was elected president.
Will we give his name? Why should we, no television network or newspaper in the West has? Instead, this blockbuster story simply never happened, the world didn’t really change and years of rhetoric and propaganda really wasn’t exposed for what it really was, and, moreover really is.
This is the second story, Syria, now gone from the media, replaced by Snowden. Why now? Why get rid of a story and replace it with a compelling tale of an androgynous young male traipsing around the globe while the vast network of airline security apparatus put in place after 9/11 fails almost as badly as the American air defenses did on that fateful day in 2001 that Julian Assange wants us to steer away from.
Here are a few curious tidbits about Syria that had to be “Snowden’ed” under:
Not only has Egypt’s Morsi called for a Jihad on Syria, he has also carried out a major crackdown on Gaza, fully coordinated with Israel and fully backed by Turkey, a nation that once promised to send naval forces to break the Israeli (Egyptian) Gaza blockade.
Israel no longer needs military on the Sinai border with Morsi in place and has relocated units there to the Golan Heights.
Not only has America been exposed for its willingness to turn WMDs, even MANPAD air defense missiles over to al-Qaeda but the supposedly secret pact between Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia has long been exposed.
There is a third story to bury. “Arab spring” has come to Turkey. The accusations made against Iran all those years are proving true against Turkey, the NATO bulwark of the Middle East, America’s other “junk yard dog” along with Israel.
“Along with Israel” is right, so very right.
NSA Deflection
The press is holding much of the world’s attention with its current “caged monkey,” America’s NSA, a shadowy SIGNINT organization with no operational or analytical capability.
The NSA became the monster we see today at the hands of the Bush administration, after 9/11.
This is the same time the Department of Homeland Security was formed, originally to be led by Tom Ridge, a fanatic Zionist. Then Bernie Kerik, a high school dropout “close,” perhaps too close to former New York major, Rudy Giuliani, was nominated but was chosen for something less glamorous.
Kerik was recently released from prison. “Welcome home Bernie!”
Instead, an Israeli, Michael Chertoff, took over. During Hurricane Katrina, Chertoff ordered militarized to seize all civilian weapons in the area, even if deadly force was necessary. What ensued was horrific, decent citizens unarmed, brutalized by the government while armed gangs murdered hundreds.
No newspaper reported this and the National Rifle Association was, not just silent, but has continued to lead the effort to suppress this precedent setting Bush directive that legalized gun seizure during any “declared” emergency.
Who has that kind of power?
Of course, the biggest armed gang of all was commanded by Chertoff and made up of police, Blackwater mercenaries and DHS “shock troops.”
There is a reason I mention the DHS.
They are the primary recipient of data from the NSA.
Spy data is processed for the NSA by Israeli companies along with Booz Allen Hamilton, a subsidiary of the Bush family’s Carlisle Group, a sinister organization clearly more powerful than the US government.
What Snowden and the press fail to consider is who the actual client is for all this spying. The Obama administration is blamed though there are few signs if any that Obama has much to do with governing the United States.
What we don’t hear is that America’s NSA, that “shadowy” entity, doesn’t really account to anyone. We don’t know who or what they work for or where their data goes.
However, we can guess.
What I can guarantee is that it will never be reported and no whistles will blow.


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