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Obama’s secret letter to Iran revealed!

Edward Snowden has hacked into White House computers and acquired a copy of Obama's most recent letter to Tehran.

Bilderberg Plots New World Order Agenda

The Bilderbergers are losing their grip...on the world..

World should boycott US

Time for the whole world to boycott the illegitimate tyranny posing as the US government and corporatocracy?

Is the President Being Blackmailed?

In 2005, NSA whistleblower Russ Tice exposed illegal and unconstitutional NSA involvement in widespread surveillance against lawmakers, the Supreme Court and the American public.

Obama’s daddy, Putin and the Ukraine – Here we go again

- It now seems clear that the Chinese spy Edward Snowden took Moscow a copy of the CIA’s DNA report on President Obama.

Ed Snowden, NSA, and Fairy Tales

He walked into work with a thumb drive, plugged in, and stole…everything. He stole enough to “take down the entire US intelligence network in a single afternoon.”

Snowden’s secret

"Snowden's secret" has been a talisman of American literature since 1961. Coincidence or conspiracy?

This Tuesday: Million Mask March vs. NWO!

"If you've seen nothing, if the crimes of government remain unknown to you, then I suggest you allow the fifth of November to pass unmarked."

The Phone Company that Said No to NSA

Former US West CEO Joseph Nacchio was released from prison last week after completing a four year insider trading sentence.

To Defect or to Integrate? The USA vs Edward Snowden

Russia’s granting asylum to Edward Snowden is not just a milestone in US-Russia relations. It is a mene tekel of “How the United States is Repeating the Mistakes that Destroyed the Soviet Union”.

NSA a Waste of Money, a Garbage Intellience Agency (video)

Senior Editor, Gordon Duff speaking on the NSA spying scandal:

US State Department Declares Citizens Have NO Right to Free Speech

Do you agree with US State Department that Americans have NO right to free speech?

Snowden: Human Rights and Global Information Security

On July 12 fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowdenheld a meeting with human rights representatives in the transit area of Moscow airport.

Phony-news ‘psyop’ danger outweighs government spying

You read it in the news, even find it being touted by your favorite “cutting edge” blogger.

Fourth of July Funeral for Murdered Miss Liberty

America has passed away. She was 237 years old. Billions of her friends, relatives and family mourn her loss as her global murderers remain free without arrest.

Turn Your Back This Fourth of July

In a few days, we will all have an opportunity to peacefully inflict a major psychological blow on the rapidly coalescing police state by the simple but powerful act of refusing to play along with the absurd pantomime on the 4th of July that we live in an even nominally free country – one with the rule of law, an operative Constitution and respect for individual rights. One that isn’t a thugocracy.

Poll: Zero Percent Support NSA Spying on Americans

Feds Damage Control Efforts Not Working! No matter how hard they try the spin is not working; not in the USA and not around the world.

Snowden, Syria, and the Soviets

Hiding among the spiky rocks, I waited for the slowly approaching alien government force to make an error. Operation Assange 2.0 was bound to fail, as miserably as its first part. It looked as an almost perfect copycat; but this time the design was flawed.

Veil of Lies, Snowden and Wikileaks

The Selling of "Snowden" The Selling of Snowden By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor We are told, "and how" we are told, aided by every discredited media hack on the planet, that poor Snowden is flying to Russia where he will either be given "safe passage" or "considered" for asylum.

Snow-Job Over At The NSA

Yes, the NSA is trying to pull a Snow-Job on the American people over Edward Snowden.

NSA Spying: Damage Control Teams Hit U.S. Main Stream Media

Feds Deploy Cabal of Thieves, Criminals, Crooks and Globalists Posing As Americans to Give Joe Public another Dose of Take The Medicine It's Good For Ya

Are whistleblowers sometimes ‘too good to be true’?

"The NSA is the largest signals intelligence agency in the world and has quite publicly recorded, and quite publicly admitted to as well, every international communications from every nation to any nation for many years. Everyone here knows that, or I thought they knew that, everyone but “the press” it seems.”

NSA Spying: Time for U.S. Population to Check-In at Crazy...

Find out why U.S. peoples ought to be diagnosed as clinically mentally ill as it relates to giving up freedoms for fear of ghosts, phantoms, and Godzilla. Time to check in the crazy hospital? Yes, I think so!

NSA Spying: Another NSA Veteran Agent Speaks Out

U.S. main stream media has virtually shut down the news info coming out about the NSA spying on Americans. Thank goodness the international channels are taking the mantle and bringing us the news.