Guess Who Killed America? Hal Lindsey! Say it Isn’t So!


Hal Lindsey Killed America

By Yukon Jack for VT

Hal Lindsey is more powerful than most realize, I like Hal Lindsey but being a truth teller I have to say, he killed America. “Say it’s not so” you say! Let me explain why Hal Lindsey steered the US Titanic straight into the Zionist iceberg and now America is sinking fast, glug, glug, glug, she’s keeled over just about ready to go under. How influential was this man? He is considered the “the most influential of all Christian Zionists of the 20th century“.(1)
Hal Lindsey single-handedly killed America because he delivered tens of millions of Christians into the pro-Israel, pro-Zionist, pro-Neocon fold. Satan, himself, could not have done a better job.(2) Hal Lindsey is one of the world’s greatest charismatic Evangelical crusaders, his success led to ruination of America, he converted and delivered millions of believers and molded them into a right wing Christian Zionist grass roots political movement. No man did a better job recruiting loyalists for Zionist Israel and prepping conservative Christians for the upcoming Neocon future.
The cumulation of this Evangelical fervor was the election of GW Bush, 911, and the War of Terror. Let me point out that most Evangelicals still buy the official version of 911 and support the terror war. In my opinion, this relationship is powerful evidence that Evangelical thought energy was causal. They can’t see what they are doing because they are under their own spell. No matter what Israel does it must be ok because Israel can do no wrong, including 911.
Don’t get me wrong, I like Hal Lindsey, well sort of, I wouldn’t mind to debate him about his beliefs. We are both very personable people. But what I believe about his beliefs makes him the devil incarnate. In fact I’ve watched this whole drama unfold for four decades, ever since I was handed a copy of “The Late Great Planet Earth” in the early Seventies on a university campus by a group called Campus Crusade for Christ, the world’s largest interdenominational Christian organization.(3)
Hal Lindsey’s eschatological view (4) of America’s immediate future convinced many about the approaching and impending doom, a very real feeling probably caused the assassination of President Kennedy, the endless and irrational Vietnam war, aggressive social engineering (i.e. feminism), inflationary policies of the Federal Reserve, prolifigate Federal spending of the 1970′s just to name a few. Hal Lindsey’s genius was to put a spin on those collective feelings and make them Biblical. Armageddon was just around the corner and in a sense he was right, America was going to hell, but not for the reasons he thought, it was heading straight into to Zionist hell where it currently smolders. But Hal Lindsey can not see that his Zionist beliefs are causal and to this day has yet to name the enemy, Hal Lindsey and his iron will are firmly in the enemies camp.
Self Creation vs. Fate
What you need to know is that we humans create reality, there is no external god torturing us with HIS plan, the plan that unfolds is what we think and feel about things. We are being tortured by Hal Lindsey’s plan because HE wrote our script. Hal Lindsey was able to convert millions of minds to his way of thinking and thus was able to create his vision of reality. Apocalyptic thinking is the hell being unleashed onto humanity. If we were actually fated to experience the visions of Revelation then god wouldn’t need help punishing us for our sins. Really, the angry god theory is ridiculous. We create our fate, if it seems like angry gods are punishing us then we should ask ourselves what are we doing wrong.
What makes Hal Lindsey so dangerous is what he believes and his ability to memetically infect others.(5) Hal Lindsey is possessed by the Bible, he believes the Bible literal, he believes that the Bible is the inerrant word of god. Jesus is coming back any day and we must prepare our souls for a great harvest, make the world ready for the return of god (never mind the contradiction that god is already omnipresent). This apocalyptic fervor is a common theme in Western history, for thousands of years it has been believed that Jesus would return in the lifetime of the believer. It is also a major indicator that Western culture is so traumatic that its captives want out. We need to change.
Hal Lindsey is helping Jesus return, and oh boy, what a world Jesus might return to, a Jewish supremacist run hell, and Hal Lindsey hasn’t met a Jew he doesn’t adore. Do you see the great irony of this tragedy? Hal Lindsey is channeling hell while reaching for heaven. We are in the Tribulation and will continue to experience apocalyptic conditions, which has been going on for decades, until this end times lunacy is transcended. The end times zealot will never see their actions as causal and they always project the Tribulation into the near future, the more fervent the believer the closer the projection.
The God Lobby Makes War
Since the end never comes the god lobby must be getting impatient, in recent years Evangelicals lacking faith have been actively lobbying for politicians who start wars. There is logic to this, if they make things bad enough then Jesus has to come back. All the while, during these wars, they deny their role as trouble makers and quote Matthew 24-6:
“You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end.” (New American Standard Bible (©1995)
We are in it now, wars without end. Why? Because our culture’s holy book says “for those things must take place“. This is a form of predictive programming, the Bible is teaching that war is inevitable because god saw the future and it is war, lots of wars. If I get you to believe that to be true then you will vote to make it true. Voting for warmongers makes the Bible come true, so we vote for warmongers who make war and then we affirm the validity of the Bible. We just proved that our myths are valid and we are not collectively crazy. That is how the game is played. What is going on is a self fulfilling feedback loop, and the worse it gets the more convinced the players are that it is real and they use this self generated negativity in convincing others that prophecy is coming true.
How did Hal Lindsey do it? His strong will and unwavering faith. Faith can move mountains and in this case Hal Lindsey’s near perfect faith moved America from a free country into a Zionist police state. Hal Lindsey was primarily responsible for allowing the Zionist terror machine to set up camp in America, we are careening toward a new dark age unless the Zionist movement is stopped. The survival of the human specie is now threatened by the works of Hal Lindsey. So let us compare Hal Lindsey’s fruits with what the Bible says:
Matthew 7:15-16 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits.”
Hal Lindsey is helping god kill everything, the fruits of his labor is widespread terror and death, Hal is terrorizing the world with his faith and making a bloody mess, the will of USIsrael is the will of Hal Lindsey, the state is acting out the end times program. The Bible literalist makes the supreme logical error (caused by internal dishonesty from the belief system) of using circular reasoning as proof of the Bible’s accuracy. The believer claims the Bible is true because the Bible says its true. Truth rests on its own laurels, if god was true he doesn’t need help or your money. The proof is in the pudding, the so called believers, or god’s little helpers, are the ones passing out pamphlets usurping the divine. If you actually believed in an all powerful and all knowing deity who created every single thing in this Universe then what gives you the right to proselytize on its behalf or say that you represent it? If god was real, omnipresent and omnipotent then why would god need help from mortals? God needs help because god is a meme.

New Memes for Sinners
Hal Lindsey is infected by a memetic pathogen, so powerful that it is literally destroying the planet.  He needs to let go of his Bible induced trauma, god didn’t lie because god didn’t write the Bible.  Hal Lindsey is suffering from a Santa Claus syndrome, he is like the child who believed and then was told that Santa wasn’t real, he won’t let go because to do so would be admittance that his entire life was based on lies.   He has not checked the assumptions of the god argument,  he has made the unwitting assumption that god is real because the Bible is true, he can not see or does not want to see that the Bible is full of errors and can not be taken literal.
If you examine Hal Lindsey’s storyline he makes another classic mistake, he weaves together prophecies of Daniel with prophecies in Revelation, making the case that the Bible is consistent because the OT prophecies match the NT prophecies and utterly fails to realize that the NT writers simply respun the old ideas into a new storyline.  A scholar looks at the Book of Revelation (9) and sees the direct connections back to past literature or events.  Man is writing the story and is borrowing ideas from the past.  Faith based Evangelism is of simple mind, no critical thinking required, just make any claim you want and say it’s true.  Most of these preachers are proven straight up liars, but the public buys their end times story line and politics is playing their tune. 
Politics is not about reason, the state is an organization with a monopoly on the use of force.  Emotions can dominate policy decisions, people can be stampeded with false flags.  Anyone able to hijack the state can use it to apply force, whether for a holy crusade, expansion of Israel, or military domination of a geographical area for energy resources.  If all three agree then the use of state force becomes inevitable.  But politicians do not operate in a vacuum, they need grass roots support and found it in the Evangelical conservative movement which was originally being fueled as a reaction to other failed policies like the welfare state.
What Hal Lindsey believes can be shown to be completely untrue yet our culture is basing its existence as if the Bible is true, that god wrote the Bible and the Bible says the Jews are god’s chosen and that in the end times god will re-establish Israel and that will lead to Armageddon and the Rapture and Jesus return. This idea is so virulent that American politics is being based on the script to the point that the GW Bush administration was in phone conference with Ted Haggard weekly during the early 2000′s.  Because of these popularized end times beliefs, the Zionists have taken control of America.  This was no accident,  Christianity is the rock the Jews stepped on to take power.  Christian America provided the cover for Zionist Jews to infiltrate and subvert the United States and turn her into a minion of International Jewry.  Now that the parasite is fully embedded America will be easily taken down.
I have some good news for Hal Lindsey, Jesus didn’t exist, so his return as the destroyer god is 100% doubtful, and in case you didn’t know mild and meek Jesus is coming back with a new personality.  Jesus can’t make it back for a couple of reasons, he never was and people don’t physically rise from the dead and become a Zombie god.  The modern mind does not accept dead people coming back to life as a real possibility.  Many scholars have looked for evidence of a historical Christ, finding none, they are challenging the apologists.(6)
The key to understanding the god story is to understand that memes are replicators and propagate.  Humans fear death and god is way out of that predicament, the afterlife is an idea that replicates from mind to mind because every human has a stake in immortality whether true or not.(7)   Heaven sells.  Evangelical Christianity came up with the best memetic sales job to date, you get entrance to heaven by belief only, works do not matter.   That sells better than the big gorilla balloon at the used car lot.  The masses want no responsibility for their actions, and the televangelists are amassing fortunes because they found a way to play it.(8)  All that is required is that we all believe, suspend our rational minds, and believe in mythological constructs such as the resurrection.  “Jesus died for my sins” is an idea that won’t go away because it is so appealing to the sinner.(10)
No God = No Israel
What must the rational mind conclude about god if there is no evidence of god?  Science has looked and found nothing with the signature of god, so that begs the question how can there be no authorship if there was a god who created everything?  God’s date time stamp is simply not there so we must check our assumptions attached to the idea of a created Universe.  Perhaps god is a primitive concept of humanities origin and has no basis in a modern scientific world.  But that presents a huge problem, if god is an ancient superstition then what claim do Jews have to Palestine?  None, none whatsoever.  In fact the Jews have no legal claim even though most of the world is under a Jewish legal system.  But that’s not what the fearless leaders of Israel say, they claim Almighty God gave them that land, ain’t it funny how “Almighty” God took thousands of years to get the Jews back to their land.  That smells fishy, don’t you think?
Israel is unique because it is a nation based on a belief that God promised the Jews some land.  Never mind the fact that the Jews wrote the book concerning this claim.  No god means no Israel.  Think about that, and think no American believers also means no Israel, so one can surmise that Israel only exists because of what Americans believe.  It isn’t just weapons and bank loans, it is a belief that floats Israel and unfortunately for Americans, who are not religious, they also suffer what Eustace Mullins correctly labels a parasite.
The parasite must control the host in order for the parasite to exist.  Israel needs America, America doesn’t need Israel. That’s why Israel MUST sell itself via the preachers.  Christianity is the bedrock of Israel, without preachers like Hal Lindsey herding large segments of Christianity could Israel even exist?  The vast majority of Zionists are Christians, not Jews.  Is it an accident that Jewish owned and controlled television has a slew of pro-Israel televangelists spewing hatred of Muslims and whipping America into non stop support of Israel?  You might even get a private jet like Jerry Falwell if you do a good job (8).
So what then is “god”?  A meme, an idea,  a program on your brain hard drive (4).  God exists in a book and in your mind, outside of that it has no reality as none can be found.  Secondly the god of the Bible is not a good god and should not be worshiped.  The Bible god is a destroyer god and linking that deity to creation is a big mistake, so even if you proved a creator god that still wouldn’t justify Israel.  You should reject the Bible god as worthy of worship, the Bible god is a most unpleasant fictional character:

 “The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”
― Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion
I like to make the point that the Bible god is a dead ringer for classic supremacist behavior.  After all, the Bible god is a projection of Rabbinic class onto a deity.  Is it a surprise that the characteristics of a deity might have something to do with the mentality of those that authored him?  That should be obvious unless you are indoctrinated into a belief that god wrote the Bible. 
Hal Lindsey loves this judgmental Bible god because inside Hal Lindsey is a prejudiced bastard, a Zionist wolf wearing a smile.  You must be a prick to be a Zionist and Hal Lindsey is so disconnected from his actions that he cares nothing of those he destroys in his vision of the future, but why should he care since he already has a ticket to heaven.


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