Black Pastor Backs Zimmerman – with Jesus


 Pastor – Why Blacks Blame Zimmerman – Because They’re Black


        … by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor

Dr. David Manning

Dr. David Manning of Atlah World Ministries does not do the whiny black thing well. In fact he has contempt for it, because he knows his people inside and out.
What you are about to see is hard rock confirmation of why the truth hurts, and why mass media ignore Manning like the plague, never showcasing him on TV because it is not the dependable puppet they prefer to deliver the expected lines on cue.
As often happens I just bumped into this tonight while looking for something else. The title caught my eye, and editor appreciate a catchy title.
I don’t think Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton have been to visit his church, nor do I think they would agree to debate him on TV as Manning would wipe the floor with them. But that would be a battle of the preachers I would love to see.
Gordon and I were discussing a week or so ago why sharp old police detectives are, because they spend their whole lives having people lie to them. They know every trick in the book and are really top notch interrogators.
If they had been let loose on a real 911 investigation with a blank check they would have gotten right down to the bedrock. Nobody could get a lie past them.

Manning is not attacked by the civil rights community hustlers as they do not want him to have any more attention than he has. He, to them…is like kryptonite was to Superman. But what you will see him doing here is tearing away the black victim crutch that he knows has been so deeply imprinted on so much of black society.

It is  one where a young teen will give a TV interview about what it’s like to grow up in racist white privilege America, and later that night rob and rape an 80 year old black lady in an elevator. Manning has seen them do it, and watched who has covered for them, and why they did it.
He has a very simple answer, one a lot of people won’t like, but Manning doesn’t care whether they do or don’t. To say he is outspoken is an understatement, but any of you who have been around preachers know you have to take them one sermon at a time.

“Be all that you can be.” – It looks like this guy did.

We have watched the post trial rioting to be not as bad as many wanted. Cities are not aflame and the morgues have not gotten too much business.
In this instant video world we have plenty of footage of young black Trayvon followers indiscriminately attacking people randomly, and if no white people were around, beat up black people at a bus stop. None of them were shot.
I saw a Randy Short interview on Press TV (they get sandbagged on this cultural stuff) where he closed with a planned strong last line.
“So, Stand Your Ground basically means ‘if you see a black, shoot one,” Dr. Short concluded. I am not easily shocked, but I have to admit this did shock me.
Thank you Dr. Short for showing young black people that they are still giving affirmation action Phds. to people like you. This was a very inspirational line.

All those gang kids out in the streets, attacking black and white people and businesses…they love you. You gave them your endorsement. But Dr. Manning…he has your number.

[youtube DAFPIPiyoqA] – Dr. David Manning



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