The Intel Cowboys


The Expected Repatriotization of the Intel Cowboys


by  Preston James, Ph.D.


Robert Steele, Former CIA Spy Connects the Dots & Speaks Out Publicly


A true Patriot and Great American Hero comes forward and speaks the truth we all need to hear:


[youtube wlVCbWlx5y8]


[youtube zoUMyudlYFY]


A separate class of US citizens emerged during the Cold War and after the Roswell crash of 1947 and the other associated UFO crashes and recoveries.  A whole new and separate world of “national security” quickly emerged with the passage of the National Security Act of 1947 and 1952 and other associated new laws. It was obvious that the Pentagon and its key defense contractors went into “panic mode” and locked down everything associated with the UFO situation as a knee jerk reaction.

The True origins of the Shadow Govt and the World of Intel

This new world of Intel was essential separated from conventional society by strict secrecy agreements, need to know compartmenting and rigid classifications and hierarchical ranks.

This new social world of Intel, basically a large new subculture, was in essence an extension of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and the OSS of WW2 fame.  The Federal Bureau of Narcotics was run by a number “Intel cowboys” who were fast and free with their sources and methods and often made their own rules as they went along, becoming notably corrupt in the process.
The new “world of Intel” that emerged after Roswell came to include an additional and somewhat separate subculture that developed in reaction to the “cold war” that developed and was in fact stimulated by key Nazi Intel which were imported under project paperclip that helped dramatize the “red scare” of the world communist movement.  In fact the importation of Mueller, Gehlen, Skorzeny and Mengele was in fact based on the Pentagon’s fears that the FDR had been conned by his advisers to concede far too much to “uncle Joe” Stalin.  It was believed that the Nazi intelligence had deeply infiltrated the Russian military and had set up well developed and sophisticated agent networks inside mother Russia.

The Cold War Resulted When the Pentagon Found Out About the New Red Terror under Stalin

The Pentagon wanted to capitalize on all this Nazi Intel they believed the Nazis acquired on the Russians.  As time passed some top Pentagon experts came to believe that the Nazi’s had exaggerated the Russians defense capabilities and that their liquid fueled ICBMs that they developed during the cold war were poorly maintained, largely dysfunctional and most would not launch properly.  It has been hypothesized that some of the top Pentagon Air Force Generals knew this and wanted to provoke a nuclear exchange with Russia to get it over with once and for all because they truly believed that the US would win and lose no more than twenty million civilians. But these generals knew something that most American never found out about.  They knew about the “Red Terror” under Lenin and Stalin and Russia’s plan for world communism, accomplished by taking down one country at a time in Europe first and then the whole world.

Lenin’s Red Terror Machine (caution: explicit displays of violence)

[youtube FTocQfqCNJ4]

In this new world of Intel, operatives at the higher levels became free-wheeling cowboys that made up their own rules as they tackled new objectives.  They were “christened” with the power of the state and were extended many privileges often bridging the normal rules of law.   The enemy they fought during the cold war at least initially was deadly serious, highly proficient and had well developed plans to take down all the western nations including the USA.  The international espionage war with Russia during the cold war was often a deadly game, and numerous agents on both sides were killed.  This is not fantasy as those who fought this war on the front lines know. The Red Terror under Stalin and Mao was also disgustingly inhuman and pure evil, and resulted in many millions of murders of innocent civilians.  Most Americans today have no idea how vicious Communism was or what it actually was, a mass murder machine.

East Germany, Communism’s Poster Child

East Germany under the Stasi became the communist poster child for their model of an Intel controlled, total surveillance tyranny.  At the time most of the American cold warrior Intel cowboys did not realize that some of the large Wall Street banks were supporting the Soviets and the Chinese with certain Congressional funding and hidden business deals, such as loans for tractor engines which were usable in tanks, and financing of grain deals).  Those that found out and protested were ignored, transferred, cooled out, shut down by veiled threats, or sanctioned. And most cold warrior Intel cowboys did not realize that the cold war would eventually be used as an excuse to actually transform the USA into a Nazi Stasi style national security state and surveillance based society.  The UFO crashes and recoveries provided the excuse for a complete national security lock-down, and the cold war provided an excuse for the massing of a great deal of centralized power in the Intel world and a means for much of US Intel to be influenced and perhaps even hijacked by the surviving Nazi party which under Bormann had acquired enough gold, diamonds and securities to purchase major stock holding in approximately 700 international corporations.

The Esprit De Corps of the Intel World Produced the Intel Cowboy

The typical Intel cowboy became deeply enmeshed in the cold war and the daily drama surrounding it and developed a sense of bravado.  Desperate situations resulting from sophisticated international Soviet espionage in many cases required desperate counter measures. A free-wheeling and wild cowboy esprit de corps emerged among senior Intel operatives engaged in international counter espionage with the Soviets.  Note the famous quote of CIA agent George White:

“I was a very minor missionary, actually a heretic, but I toiled wholeheartedly in the vinyards because it was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape, and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the All-Highest?”         —George Hunter White

Need to Know and the Highly Specialized, Narrow Compartmenting of Intel

As the new “national security” Intel world (secret subculture) developed, expanded, and differentiated it became highly task specified.  Narrow compartments were set up on a need to know basis to counter the highly successful Soviet moles which were able to infiltrate the Intel world.  This compartmenting helped minimize the amount of information these Soviet moles were able to gain when they successfully penetrated the Intel world.

Along with these various compartments, different levels of obligations, privileges and rights emerged, hierarchies emerged and were organized into a secret, largely invisible government, which has been labeled the “Secret Shadow Government”(best description provided by Richard Boylan, Ph.D. ).  There is often a romantic aspect related to functioning as an Intel operative, whether a mere “asset”, a NOC (no official cover, i.e. deniable) or employed as an official Intel agent and provided a Government or military paycheck).  Such individuals often feel as if they wield the full power of the US Government by serving as its agents, and quite often they actually do, until they become a liability at which time they are often “cut loose” and/or sanctioned.

Advanced Techniques to manage Intel Operatives and Keep Them Obediant

How any agent asset or officer is “kept in line” depends on a number of factors, including how strategic their secrets were i.e. how much damage could their disclosures cause if they breach their secrecy agreement.  Some operational roles which use operatives with certain dysfunctional or personalities considered anti-social, are kept in line by sophisticated control means which may include human compromise, drugs, psychotronics and other means related to advanced trade-craft.  Some operatives who want to retire must agree to accept a minor conviction and some minimal jail time in order to be adequately discredited so as not to create a risk of later testimony.  This is usually accepted as a lesser of two evils instead of being sanctioned “with prejudice”. Higher level Intel operatives, officers, assets and even NOCs in the higher status classifications are often freewheeling and considered “Intel cowboys”.  These folks are typically left alone between missions or in retirement as long as they remain in their assigned parameters.

Some Intel roles are highly risky while operational and even more risky afterwards.  For example, it has been rumored for many years that some special ops that have been engaged in highly sensitive ops which if disclosed could create massive backlash politically or legally for those who ordered such operations, are terminated through strange accidents, muffed operations with no adequate backup, not picked up as promised from behind enemy lines, etc.  One example is the rumor that numerous “spooky teams” were eliminated in South America after completing their mission by used of sabotaged remotely triggered exploding radios.  And there are numerous other rumors of such terminations of special ops during the cold war and wars in the Mideast.

Classically these eliminations for political or legal cover were generally unknown by special ops before their missions or those that survived them.  But this is now changing due to the Internet and many special ops (AKA special observation groups) are starting to learn of such treachery by their higher ups.  One can easily imagine the high level of distrust that has recently emerged regarding these obvious occurrences within the last year. The esprit de corps of the Intel cowboys has been wearing thin as they are catching on to how they are often lied to, used and considered completely disposable.  And the average GI is also starting to feel that their trust has been completely betrayed as too many return home with serious DU and health problems, poor medical care, homelessness, and chronic unemployment.

When operational Intel most get caught up in the drama, privilege and power of their role representing the USG and do not realize that in most cases the USG has no loyalty to them and will cut them loose in a New York minute if it becomes functionally convenient. Such power and feelings of being special become very seductive and tend to feed ones ego, helping to create an esprit de corps like none other.  When their compatriots are killed by the enemy “blood Feud” takes over their motivation in many cases.  Blood feud occurs when a group becomes obsessed with defeating the enemy to get even for their own compatriots being killed.  This is like the feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys, or the Irish war between the British Protestants and the Irish Catholics.  It clouds out all other issues and become the main focus.  This alone tends to have kept Intel cowboys occupied with their missions in a myopic way.  But in time as the Intel cowboys get older and near the end of their lives they start reflecting about whys and start connecting the dots.

The Hierarchy of the World of Intel

This new social world of secret intel or post WW2 intel subculture developed essentially into four main levels emphasizing certain areas, some listed below):

Secret (sources & methods, basic intel grunt work, human compromise ops)

Top Secret (crypto, massive electronic surveillance, advanced communications using Gwen,  ELF and other means, advanced conventional weaponry and aircraft, satellite platform spy systems)

Above Top Secret including special compartmented programs, and special access acknowledged (catalytic vaccines, indigestible nano-chips, advanced psychotronics, advanced particle beam weapons, advanced MKultra type mind control and soul murder techniques)

Beyond Black, includes special access unacknowledged (antigravity craft-secret space fleet-transhumanism attempts to breed the super  soldier hybrid-triple helix-advanced weapons systems)

The worker bees with very narrow compartmented functions tended to be at the Secret and the Top Secret levels.  Those who functioned at the Above Top Secret level were also very compartmented but were given far more sensitive assignments after being morally neutralized through the internalization of the “end justifies the means” credo.  Through various type of re-education as use of the “ends justifies the means” and use of certain sophisticated mind-kontrol and brainwashing techniques, these operatives could be conditioned to engage in what would otherwise be considered unacceptable, i.e. major capital crimes such as murder, drug dealing and major felonies.

The Recruiting of Intel Operatives

Here is a typical example of how an inlet op is brought on board.  Perhaps an individual was observed during the Viet Nam conflict to have the desired personality profile.  He would be approached and offered a role being detailed to one of the Intel agencies.  The soldier accepts and is indoctrinated with “ends justifies the means” and becomes convinced that he is a “big boy” now and needs to deal with the real world as it is, not as the public views it.  Over a period of time he is brought into various parts of the illegal narcotics trade, told “this is a necessary part of fighting the cold war”, and you can never get rid of drugs.  It’s best to take control of the drug networks and use them to gather Intel and capture the money for Intel purposes.”

This post WW2 Shadow Govt was actually the step child creation of the large defense contractors and the Wall Street banks, adequately fertilized to grow out of control by the UFO flap and the cold war, with good cover from the sheeple provided by the invocation of the cloak of national security. It has now become clear to many Intel cowboys that top pentagon officials, large defense contractors, and the big wall street banks have had a very large interest in eliciting wars to generate huge profits not otherwise attainable any other way.  The shadow govt has emerged essentially as a hidden or secret govt that controls the visible “elected” govt.

Why in heck would the USG ever give up control to the Shadow Govt?

The question always arises, “how in heck would those running the elected visible govt ever concede power to this secret or shadow govt?  The answer is really quite simple.  The events of the Roswell flap and other UFO crash recoveries that occurred in 1947 which were so traumatic and far reaching, and the cold war was such a real and serious threat to our way of life that the USG fully submitted to this newly emerging shadow govt which at first was a conglomerate of large defense contractors that emerged during WW2.  WW2 gave them the size and financial clout as well as the contacts in the pentagon and govt to accrue and exercise power when these catalytic events occurred in 1947.

Why would the USG decide to keep the UFO problem secret forever and give up all their real power to the shadow govt?  First, they were afraid that if the public found out the truth of the Roswell crash, and two others ones nearby at the same approximate time, that the public would panic and no longer believe that the USG would be able to govern. And it was expected that such a disclosure would undermine any centralized govt power and would stimulate a mass social movement to populism.  It was also feared that the public would discover many other secrets from WW2 like Hitler’s survival, Nazi high tech weapons, Nazi anti-gravity craft, operation paperclip and the importation of the Nazi Intel system including Gehlen, Mueller, Mengele, Skorzeny, Borman, and thousands of Nazi scientists, all felt necessary in the new cold war battle against the Soviets. To a certain extent the newly emerging US Intel world was developed with these Nazi Intel operatives centrally important and key to that system. The Wall Street banks also greatly feared populism and any resurgent efforts to get rid of the private central bank, which was obviously unconstitutional and based on the greatest scam in history, the scam of creating money from nothing and lending it out at interest to the citizens. This private central bank run out of “the City of London” private financial district, an actual separate country like the Vatican, needed the ability to print money and manufacture unlimited credit to finance the newly emergent defense establishment and shadow govt and provide all the new govt programs that Congress wanted under LBJ’s “New Society”.

The Shadow Govt’s Apparent Hidden Agenda

The Shadow Govt has had an apparent hidden agenda which involves a historically based plan to industrialize and globalize the world, create a one world governance system, and reduce the civilians to serfs on a global plantation.  This alleged overall plan to destroy all the nation states and institute this new world wide fascist style central govt has been kept secret from almost all Intel including the Intel cowboys except for those very few controllers of the Shadow Govt.  Allegedly this NWO global system is to be a new hybrid form of fascism, one different than the fascism of the Nazis which was a merger of the corporation and the state with the state staying in control.  The new form of fascism will be the merger of the corporation with the state with the corporation exercising control over the state.  And it is alleged that this new global fascist regime will be comprised of a confederacy of corporations, with most based offshore outside of the USA.  The point is now rapidly approaching where these large corporations have more wealth and power than any central state govt.  And they use this wealth to buy politicians via 70,000+ K Street lobbyists.  In the USA we end up with the worst govt the most money can buy.

Unexpected Curveballs Now Threaten the Shadow Govt’s Power and Control

However, there are a couple of curveballs now coming at the shadow govt and the world on Intel.  The first is the greatest trick of the last 100 years, the newly re-emergent populism of our Founding Fathers and the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights.  This has largely been attributable to the creation of the of the Internet by Darpa which was promoted to the shadow govt as the greatest intel gathering tool imaginable.  However it now appears that the Darpa insiders had a secret agenda in all the, to “slay the beast”.  Their secret agenda appears to include setting the stage for the complete destruction of the shadow govt through exposure and the elicitation of major mass movements that would create a new populism that would expose the deepest secrets of the shadow govt and ends its unConstitutional reign of abuse. As you can imagine, it is rumored that various powerful groups related to the shadow govt are rumored to be holding numerous sensitive meetings trying to figure out how to get control of the Internet without creating a populist backlash that could get even further out of control.

Those who run the shadow govt are rumored to be deeply concerned at the emergence of the possibility of uncontrollable populism since they remember what happened in the French revolution and the American Revolutionary war, when the peasants with pitchforks went ballistic and overpowered the ruling elites. These folks know only too well that if the sheeple ever wake up and take them on in mass they are finished.  The sheeple’s compliance is voluntary and if they become desperate enough or motivated enough to withdraw consent in mass, the game is over for the Shadow Govt.

The second curveball is some major geophysical earth catastrophes that appear to be coming soon, perhaps within the next year or two or within the decade (major earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, solar flares, etc.).   It is likely that the shadow govt will try to capitalize on any of these events and use them to get additional control over the masses, but they also know that their control systems could break down and become insufficient, allowing a new form of populist govt to emerge.

Mass Consent of the “We The People” Is Required to Empower the Shadow Govt

It is important to note that the survival and continuance of any state or govt system including the Secret Shadow Govt basically depends on the use of secret Intel and/or a secret police system, a strong military and loyalty or compliance within such entities.  Such loyalty has classically required boundaries or separation from the sheeple.  This is typically done by use of advanced training methods (e.g. mind control, re-culturalization, esprit de corps., etc.).

If the Intel and military starts doubting their mission and losing its esprit de corps, they begin to have a General Smedley Butler moment.  Various influences are used to keep the military and Intel in line ranging from bribes, transfers, death threats against self or family members,

trumped up phoney criminal charges, illegal incarceration in hell holes like Vacaville, and various other methods using fear and control. Up until recently, these methods have been very successful.  Lately they have been failing and senior high level Intel have been sandbagging (obstructing their missions), and leaking secret information to damage and loosen the Shadow Govt’s grip.  What are the reasons for this apparent breakdown in control?

Many high ranking Intel are old and near retirement or retired.  Some are sick and in their last days.  Many have been able to step back and start connecting the dots, moving outside their formerly narrow compartmented view.  These folks are starting to understand that the whole world of Intel is based on a number of lies and misrepresentations.  Many are starting to question their behaviors and their vale from a moral perspective.  Some are starting to think of death, judgment by God Almighty and Eternity for their actions serving Intel and the shadow govt.  Many no longer believe in their Intel mission and have started to see those who control the shadow govt as the enemy within the gates that our Founding Fathers warned about.  Many

are becoming grounded in true patriotism and the US Constitution which was what first motivated them in their fight in the cold war against Communism, but which became perverted due to the development of the twisted globalist missions of the Shadow Govt.

Many Intel Cowboys Start to Think for Themselves

It is now apparent that a significant number of older Intel cowboys are having the light bulb go off in their heads and are having numerous continuing General Smedley Butler moments.  Many of these Intel cowboys have now connected the dots and realize that the shadow govt has really become just like the enemies they have been fighting.

Many of these Intel cowboys have come to understand that the operating credo of “the ends justifies the means” has led to numerous above top secret false flag attacks used to start numerous illegal, undeclared, unprovoked, unConstitutional foreign wars in most cases merely for war profiteering.  This alone is a major Gen Smedley Butler revelation, i.e. that the USG itself has been hijacked by foreign banking interests and defense contractors and has in a sense declared war on the American People by instituting its false flag/stand-down attack on the twin trade towers and the Pentagon.  And many Intel cowboys are now convinced this is the case, do to their connecting the dots and the blatant public disclosures as such by Steve Pieczenik, MD and Alan Sabrosky, Ph.D.

Steve Pieczenik, M.D.

[youtube bU2n1UiY3I0]

Alan Sabrowsky, Ph.D.

Many of these Intel cowboys have now come to realize that the Wall Street banks and the Intel agencies have become more addicted to drug money than the drug purchasers are addicted to these illegal drugs.

In years past those who run the world were spoken of in hushed tones. Now thanks to the Internet, the truth is available for all who want to dig.  But those with high security clearances cannot openly talk about this, it would not be tolerated and must be suggested by innuendo or “rumor”.

But others who are not public officials or main stream news media, can talk openly about who is running the world system, what they want, and what their plans are. In fact those who run the world believe that they must allow the truth to be told, but just not from mainstream sources.  They believe that secondary sources will be lost in the background noise and will be incredulous since they have no position of power or “high bully pulpit” creating legitimacy.  Plus these disclosures create the distrust of govt that they want, and the “king’s new clothes” image that they use to display their ultimate “Cesarean with-prejudice power”.

The Actual Root of US Intel & Shadow Govt Corruption:   Illegal Narcotics Trafficking & Addiction to Drug Money

Those who want to know can read the book “underground Empire” by James Mills and learn of Centac, where it led to and why it was disbanded.  Centac was the most successful federal drug investigation operation in existence and was far too effective to be allowed to continue. Then one must study the “opium wars” and the various associated groups.

The Apparent Game Plan of the Shadow Govt

Those that run the world sit back, plan and receive the wealth, property and power collected for them by their worldwide network of cutouts, a cadre of interlocked drug cartels, each part of an occult linked death cult which worships death and the destruction of the human race after massive blood sacrifice, complete asset stripping and creation of a one world global system. At the center of the plot is a collection of evil beings (notice the use of the term “beings”) who apparently have no souls are more beast than anything else.  By their own words they claim to be empowered by pure evil and bloodlust and they require 24 hour shedding of blood as sacrifice to empower their system.  True or not this serves as a complete delusion and their utter lack of humanity and complete savagery against humans as prey provides the fear and terror necessary to obtain cooperation from politicians when grease wouldn’t otherwise be enough.

Numerous Intel Cowboys are Now Connecting the Dots

It is interesting to note that numerous Intel Cowboys with former “beyond black” clearances have connected the dots and figured out the actual NWO globalist plan of the Shadow Govt and are leaking information for the first time, and much of this information reveals the deepest secrets of the shadow govt and those that control it. These Intel cowboys have made their own rules for many years, and at present are being left alone for the most part. The current Shadow Govt philosophy apparently is that it is best to ignore them because their disclosures are far too incredulous to be believed by the sheeple, no major new media will cover them (editors are great gatekeepers, all of ‘em), and some of these Intel cowboys have the capability to seriously retaliate in spades if not left alone (which is what most want, i.e. to just be left alone to finish their lives in peace). Up until now the big boys believed that it is best to let sleeping dogs lie with these Intel cowboys as they can become highly dangerous when provoked. They can work in deep cover and their work is usually never sensed until a govt is taken down (i.e. collapses) because they are that good at what they do. But it appears that this leakage is continuing due to their connecting the dots and increasing perceptions that those at the top have gone way too far and must be stopped.

Will a Critical Mass of Creeping Populism Soon Be Reached from Extensive Secrecy Disclosures and Breakdown of Compartmenting?

A critical mass may soon be reached because the internet serves as the new “Gutenberg Press” and is eliciting the third force of populism, the new moral density of society that can take down any govt that goes too far. It is rumored that some of these cowboys are now “back at work” in the deepest roles of their lives and this time they are working for the sheeple and themselves and not for the shadow govt, who they now perceive as the real enemy inside the gates. All the narrow compartmenting is failing and these folks are connecting the dots. And the shadow govt and its cutouts are in complete confusion as to how to clamp down on the internet and convert it to the information control vehicle they expected in the first place. Their continued efforts to take complete control have failed and appear doomed. It is obvious that any serious attempts to restrict the internet will likely result in considerable and severe pushback from all sectors of society, even the uniformed sheeple. This alone would likely wake many up. Pandora’s box has been opened and it is probably too late to close it. This isn’t Nazi Germany in 1935, and returning Vets, Ron Paul supporters and Constitutional Patriots will refuse to be the New Jews no matter how hard the USG tries to treat them as such.

Are Some of the Intel Cowboys Back at Work

A critical mass may soon be reached because it seem apparent that the internet is now serving as a new “Gutenberg Press” and is eliciting the third force, i.e. populism, the new moral density of society that can take down any govt that is widely perceived to have gone too far oppressing the sheeple. It is rumored that some of these cowboys are now “back at work” in the deepest roles of their lives and this time they are working for the sheeple and themselves and not for the shadow govt, who they now perceive as the real enemy inside the gates. All the narrow compartmenting is failing and these folks are connecting the dots. And the shadow govt and its cutouts are in complete confusion as to how to clamp down on the internet and convert it to the information control vehicle they expected in the first place. Their continued efforts to take complete control have failed and appear doomed. It is obvious that any serious attempts to restrict the internet will likely result in considerable and severe pushback from all sectors of society, even the uniformed sheeple. This alone would likely wake many up. Pandora’s box has been opened and it is probably too late to close it. This isn’t Nazi Germany in 1935, and returning Vets, Ron Paul supporters and Constitutional Patriots will refuse to be the New Jews no matter how hard the USG tries to treat them as such.

The Sheeple are Waking Up and Arming

Do the math, the calculations are simple. Guns being bought by the public at the rate of 6 million a month. Count the number of Vets, hunters and gun enthusiasts who will fight like hell if civil war breaks out, provoked and cornered by the shadow govt. Police and the active National Guard and military will revolt and foreign troops will be called in to fight, but they will be defeated as armories are sacked and weapons systems are turned against the traitors at the top, the enemies within that our Constitution mentions. When push comes to shove the only ones going to the FEMA and Internment camps will likely be those who are pushing them now. The American sheeple have been dumbed down and have been asleep, but they are now a waking giant, and when fully awake will take back their country and crush all enemies within the gates.

Mission Creep and What Went Wrong Inside Secret World of Intel?

An honest appraisal of the USG’s response to the cold war will conclude that the creation of intelligence agencies to fight World Communism was certainly justified and overall attained great success.  Unfortunately almost all those fighting the cold war did not realize that it was set up from the very start by the ruling super-elite banking related families many years before, in response to their inter-generational hidden agendas and secret plans to Industrialize and Globalize the world via conjured wars, both hot and cold.  Unfortunately it’s been all about money, stripping as much as possible from the sheeple, and wars and illegal narcotics trafficking are the best means to do so.  The cold war mission of the Intel world started out good, but became an end all unto itself as the Leo Straussian existential credo, “the end justifies the means” became the operating justification for all sorts of the criminal acts that would never otherwise have been committed or allowed unless rule of law was suspended under national security.  This cloak of national security has become the standard operating procedure and is

now routinely invoked as cover for criminal war profiting, illegal drug trafficking and money laundering.  Most wars appear to be related to capturing illegal drug supply lines or oil or other mineral mining. It appears that numerous older Intel cowboys are now seeing the shadow govt as a criminal enterprise that is out of touch and out of control, and has been completely hijacked by foreign based offshore banking power and is now the main threat to the US Republic and the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

Is A New Red Terror Now Emerging from The Enemy Inside the Gates and will the Intel Cowboys Go back to Work to Energize the Sheeple and create a Critical Mass of Populism?

Some Patriots have said that the Red Coats are no longer coming again; they are already here and appear to be trying to institute a NWO communist system with a new Red Terror now being unveiled by the Homeland Security (the New American Gestapo) and their evil stepchild the TSA.  If this is true, that our Administration has essentially gone communist or communitarian it can be expected that fairly soon numerous Intel cowboys will do what they have to do to get this system unglued at the seams.  And if this is true it likely involves all administrations going back to JFK.

Consider the illegal, unconstitutional fascist style Patriot Acts, Bank Bailouts, Military Commissions Act, NDAA 2012, Homeland Security’s orders for over 750 Million small arms rounds, and bullet proof checkpoint booths, and hundreds of armored cars.  To anyone who examines the evidence, it sure seem obvious that the USG and the Shadow Govt have declared war against the American people and are gearing up to attack patriots, gun owners, home-schoolers, and Ron Paul supporters.  And why all the Govt plans to bring in thousands of Spetsnaz for training starting in late May?  Why are the police being militarized and dressed in black like SS storm troopers?  Why do the gun laws and the Patriot Acts mimic Nazi legislation almost word for word?

If numerous Intel cowboys, many of which who specialize in advanced psyops and high tech political manipulations, actually go back to work on their own, independently for the sake our our Republic, few will realize it while they work until their missions are completed and the Republic is restored, because they are that good at what they do. Awaking the sheeple is likely going to be one of their primary goals. If the Shadow Govt gets desperate enough and institutes another inside job false flag attack, this time they will be quickly exposed and the backlash will be immense at all levels. America is a sleeping giant that may now be awaking from its slumber. Once it fully awakes those criminals that have hijacked the USG and used it as a big cash machine to asset strip the sheeple will likely have hell to pay.



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