Revolutionary Metaphysics


by Yukon Jack

Gentlemen, it is time to start your engines and prepare to let loose the dogs of war. Gentlemen it is time to stop being gentlemen and time to become lions in defense of your nation. The nation I am referring to is not the usurping corporation called The United States of America, I am talking about your nation, the nation that doesn’t exist anymore because it was usurped by tyrants. The nation I am thinking has the same ideals of the founders, things haven’t changed, liberty is still liberty and tyranny still tyranny, the wheel has come full circle.
America was born in revolution because it was a revolutionary idea that others didn’t want to exist – the king wants you to be his slave. Modern tyrants are no different, they want unarmed slaves and thus we have to fight for our right of freedom again. Bloodshed is the cards, Americans are arming themselves, the government is unable to false flag its way to any meaningful gun confiscation, every plot immediately uncovered by an army of internet activists, the situation is careening toward open armed conflict of the people vs. the corrupt illegitimate Federal government. The obvious question is why the revolution hasn’t started.

Revolution 2.0
Everyone agrees the 2nd American Revolution is far overdue. We have waited to long and been to timid in the defense of liberty and justice, both now gone, we witness the horror of the unfolding police state. The daily injustices only furthers our resolve to take action, the stage is being set, our rage will become a fury upon them. Revolutions happen, the Universe is conspiring for this revolution to happen, you are being given a gift to remake the world in a new image, one that represents your values and not that of banksters and other vermin. They are acting out their part in this play, they actually think they have tightened the noose to the point that they can sic their dogs on us without repercussions. Little do they know about metaphysics. Little do they know how freedom burns within our hearts.
If you are not looking forward to taking action against the criminal class then step aside, many of us are and are impatiently waiting for the opening shot and a chance to act. You must be mentally ready to take out those in uniform, you must overcome the meme of authority, you must understand to the core of your being that those who don a uniform represent authoritarianism and are the enemy of freedom.
PatriotDawn shakespeare quote
This is your country because you live here, it is not a surrogate state of Israhell or world bankers or the Crown. All those usurpers have their appointed day of hell awaiting them when they are arrested, tried for treason or better yet, immediately shot dead on sight. Either way, they can not exist in the new world that we decide upon. Before this revolution is over, missiles shall fly into those entities that have create all this terror on the world, like the Rothschilds estates and their banks and their minion class. They must have done to them what they are doing to others. Either way, we can not exist with them, they are a cancer to the Republic, they must be cut out with extreme prejudice.
The revolution is a culling process, it is part of evolution of the specie, it is when the moral part decides to cut off the diseased part and cast it aside. Revolution is the highest moral calling, it is spiritual duty, it is how you rise from slavery and become divine. Have no fear, it is our destiny to do this work, we incarnated for this fight. All beings have the right of self defense, revolution in the defense of self autonomy, which is a Universal principle and thus will be honored by the Universe. If you fight a revolution based on spiritual principles then you can not lose, you will be assisting the Divine in driving out the evil force. The Zionist evil will be driven from this planet, it is the malevolent force destroying world civilization.
waiting for jes
This fight between good and evil is eternal, it is the one thing in the Universe that profoundly allows you to define your being, from the viewpoint of a soul’s evolution a political revolution is the greatest gift, at no other time in history can you define your being with such intensity. Battleground earth is the greatest game around. Everyone pick a side, this realm is only a hologram and our beings are eternal. Death is an illusion, it is only a pass out of the simulation. The greatest mistake is to think that something external will rescue us from our own folly. The game exists for you to engage.

Some of mankind’s greatest poems are about this process, in the The Bhagavad Gita (a chapter of the epic tale of creation, the Mahabharata) is about a conversation between Lord Krishna and his talented bowman Arjuna, the hero. The Gita is considered to be one of humanities greatest literature achievements on lessons of spirituality, the entire tale is about civil war as a way to purify the society. Krishna instructs Arjuna, in order for life to exist, good must triumph evil. The tale is really about man’s oversoul instructing the conscious mind about the process of human spiritual evolution.
Arjuna is up against all odds, he has to take on political corruption, he is distraught that he has to kill his friends and relatives, before the battle he calls out to god in anguish. Krishna appears to him and instructs the doubting soldier on the bigger picture, he instructs him in yogic knowledge, that he shouldn’t let his mind get in the way of this fight, that his karmic purpose of his life is to engage the enemy because they have it coming because of their evil deeds.
Krishna teaches Arjuna that he must kill his own relatives in order for life to exist, the Divine arranged the fight, quit thinking so much. lol Krishna basically tells him to quit dilly-dallying and engage, that god wants him to fight, get going and have at it, and by the way, good luck. Really that’s what the Gita is about.
So what are we waiting for? Each person is concerned about their survival and there is no guarantee that they will survive engagement. Well, that is one reason for the delay, the other is we don’t believe in principles anymore because we’ve been seduced by centuries of prosperity. We have become materialists. We have a lot to lose, so we are in the midst of the hope dope, hoping that things turn out better, heck most of us still owe the bank. An inherent self correcting process to a system gone haywire makes intuitive sense, there must be a mechanism for the system to self correction otherwise evil would of taken over a long time ago. Evil now flourishes because those in power have learned to counter the corrective mechanism, they have corrupted society from within so that normally good people are unable to resist their tyranny. How can society fight evil when they have been seduced by it? We have so much to lose, but we are losing it all, when it is all gone we will turn within and fight.
Waiting for the Opening Salvo
Patience is a virtue, it is only a matter of time until the capacitor fully charges then the discharge – the lightning bolt of righteous anger unleashed on the criminal class and their minions. It will be a sight to behold, the day that fear dissipates and those being abused strike back with ferocity. I can’t wait to see the look in their faces. It hasn’t happened yet, the bully is kicking sand in the face of Mr. and Mrs. America and most are just getting an inkling what us conspiracy theorists have been uncovering for decades. The program of dumbing down has been wildly successful, but the dead are awakening. The American soul is awakening, the process of revolution is the return of the soul and once again taking control of the material gone decadent. This is described perfectly in George Washington’s Third Peril:

“Instantly a light as of a thousand suns shone down from above me and pierced and broke into fragments the dark cloud which enveloped America. At the same moment the angel upon whose head still shone the word Union, and who bore our national flag in one hand and a sword in the other, descended from the heavens attended by legions of white spirits. These immediately joined the inhabitants of America, who I perceived were nigh well overcome, but who immediately taking courage again, closed up their broken ranks and renewed the battle.”
“Again amid the fearful noise of the conflict, I heard the mysterious voice saying, ‘Son of the Republic, look and learn.’ As the voice ceased, the shadowy angel for the last time dipped water from the ocean and sprinkled it upon America. Instantly the dark cloud rolled back, together with the armies it had brought, leaving the inhabitants of the land victorious.”

America is a fallen nation yet it can be saved, a beacon of freedom if only we arise to the occasion and defend liberty against the forces of evil. Like Arjuna, we must fight our own, for good to exist the bad must be driven from the nation. The revolution will be a real civil war, a war for the hearts and minds of those fallen. The problem, the big problem, is that the good doesn’t understand who is the bad, they are caught up in the delusions of myth and state and lost in mindless consumerism. The corporate owned television instructs us to buy, eat, drink, consume, then repeat endlessly until you are so bloated and so putrefied that you are barely conscious of yourself as a divine being.
The American people are slowly awakening, painfully slow,  from Waco and Ruby Ridge to Sandy Hook and Boston, not much of a response – yet. They must be wondering what its going to take to get us to fight. Give them a few more minutes, they’re still choking down that bag of burgers. We aren’t going to fight until the rug is pulled out from under us and we lose everything, when our villages are burned to the ground then we will find resolve. Damn it! Now they went to far, they burned down my 5500 ft2 bungalow.
Why We Fight and Who is the Enemy

We fight to define who we are, we fight to purify ourselves from corruption, we fight to defend our personal integrity as human beings from being degraded and ruled by criminal psychopathic minds. Tyranny is a process of how the corrupt offend the moral with their dastardly acts. The fight is the purification process, it doesn’t happen overnight, the revolution is a spiritual process of redemption. The situation will get worse and worse, the outrages worse and worse, the injustice worse and worse, the unjustified murders, drugging, and incarcerations worse and worse until a certain point where you have to act. They are pushing you and testing you. That is why it gets worse and worse – the Universe is egging you to act. Think I’m kidding? How ludicrous they are, they are like little children testing the patience of their parents. The lack of intellectual maturity in America is outstanding, everyone lies and think that’s ok. America is a nation of false flagging liars.
The usual suspects are the obvious enemy, Zionist traitors, Neocons, dual citizens loyal to foreign states, AIPAC lobbyists, etc. The not so obvious enemy is why we lost our nation. Zionists are only the tip of a much larger cancer, much of the nation has been subverted to collectivist notion of state worship, the state and its power has become “god” and that grates against the human spirit which is autonomous. Humans, by their nature, are against being slaves. A huge number of people worship power and statism over freedom and liberty. Many of these people go to church and believe in a malevolent foreign-alien mind as god.
The sad fact that the United States military is a mercenary force of financial power, the US military invades foreign lands as an aggressor, and does this on false pretense based on engineered false flags. The situation is completely disgusting, the entire war machine is being activated by lies piled upon lies, it is repugnant to living beings, the antithesis of life. A major part of the demoralization process is using the military unjustly. Those that signup and forced to fight so regret their situation they often commit suicide and are abandoned or drugged by the system, and become enemies of the state upon repatriation. No one commits suicide fighting for a just cause like the freedom of your own nation. The Afghan freedom fighters are not committing suicide, even though they are outgunned fighting an invading empire with superior weapons.
Have no fear, choose a side, it is all good. This will be the good war because for the first time since the American Revolution we will be fighting for a just cause, our freedom and redemption. We fight for the love of our nation, not for the cesspool that it has become but for what it can be. We fight to be real, real men and loving human beings. The current ruling class is a bunch of warmongering psychopathic criminals, they are not human, and they have to go. Let us help them on their journey to their next life. They are in a sense giving of their lives for your soul’s experience so bless them as you send them on their way back to wherever souls go.
Wealth and privilege are the eternal enemy of freedom. Often those will wealth will be the last to join, if at all. They have money and don’t want to lose it, they actually don’t care who rules, so long as they can keep their money. Businessmen are typically the worst, they have absolutely no loyalty to principles, they are loyal to money and never want to spoil the sale. America has been seduced by the materium, she lost her soul in the consumeristic society. What good are the so-called ‘material blessings’ if you have no freedom? In every revolution the old guard, hoarding its wealth, does nothing, while the dispossessed and impoverished organize. Revolutionary actors often own nothing and have to move around to survive. The rebellion is a rebellion against illegitimate authority. Whether its King George or King Zion, the problem is still the same, those that claim authority are viewed as unjust or not doing their job or acting outside of their charter. Zionism is official malfeasance, all human beings should rebel against it and it has no home in America except within certain segments within Christianity that love state violence and who wish destruction and ruin of others. The Zionist philosophy is the source of America’s wars and its virus has infected many.
Zionist principles
Keep good attitude and maintain your body. Act positively. Act. Do something for the cause. No one needs to join the military to be a warrior, they can start their training in their own back yard. Young men that want to fight can start immediately by getting a gun and learning to how to shoot precisely. The most important aspect of this fight is sharp shooting. We don’t have unlimited ammunition, the shooters need to know how to connect with the target and be the bullet and put the round downrange exactly where they intend it. We need lots of good shooters, America is loaded with Zionist targets of opportunity, the hunting forecast this season is very good.
The Flow, Dharma, the Way Things Evolve

There is a definite pattern to revolutions, they don’t just pop up out of nowhere. Certain conditions need to exist for one to happen, those conditions are now met. The government only exists to serve the people, our current government does not govern, it is a criminal cabal looting the nation, performing false flags, attacking the people and their rights, therefore it is illegitimate and must go. The current government is belligerent and murderous and has no intention of changing, thus a revolution at this point is moral and necessary.
Tyranny can only exist when the government acts outside of its charter, its use of force arbitrary and exceeds its boundaries. Once the state is able to behave tyrannical, its lust and desire self-consumes and goes out of anyone’s control. Tyranny becomes its own monster, a consciousness unto itself, the bad genie out of the bottle with new found freedom to impose the arbitrary will of the state of anyone who can direct it.
Be aware of naysayers, those that exhibit a defeatist attitude and are vocal. They are voicing there own limitations and lack of resolve, and they don’t understand the dharmic process. Civilizations wax, top off and wane, become corrupt, then are thrown into chaos and revolution. It seems to be an inevitable cycle, and we are near the last stage. The revolution is never a lost cause, it is the prime correction of a society gone bad. No matter how improbable, the outcome is inevitable because the Universe is organized to correct itself. Each person evolves during revolution, the revolution is your evolution. The institutions also evolve, things change for the better, the society morphs, civilization evolves to higher consciousness.
Christianity is the practice of subservience, that is not good for free men. America is a Christian nation and it fell because of their inability to recognize the Jewish-Zionist enemy within. Christians are taught that they are sinners and must repent to an authoritarian god. They are slaved to authority, the entire idea about being a Christian is to be a good obedient tax paying slave who believes just as the Roman authors intended. They can not be counted on until they are deprogrammed the are most of them support the evil state. If you are praying to an authoritarian god and hoping for freedom, well, good luck with that strategy. Part of this revolution is the evolution of Christianity which is way off course, in fact it is so far off course that Christianity is mortally damaged.
Idealism is an expression of the Soul
Slogans of the first revolution “All men are created equal”, “victory or death”, “join or die” are high sounding ideals, the reason this appeals is because a human being isn’t just a collection of carbon atoms, that is only the shell of that which animates that being. Some call that a soul, others the animating life force, call it what you want but you are aware of it because it is the real you, not the carbon-hydrogen exoskeleton. That is the current theory of the soul meme generally accepted by most religions and philosophers.
You, the spirit being, is having and experience in the DNA lifeform shell. You are a free being but in bondage during the material incarnation, those in control of the materium, the evil banksters and businessmen are attempting to enslave you. This is why you are motivated to fight because you know that you are free, in modern times this slavery is debt slavery and control by elites is wrong. The banksters are a criminal class of materialists, they lack connection to spirit and thus many do occult rituals in a vain attempt to connect to what they have cut themselves off from from their karmic acts.
Iceland is the first state to oust the parasites, they said no to the bank bailout and ended their debt slavery. Debts are contracts, if they are made under a fraudulent system like we have now, they are null and void, no one is required to pay. Iceland forgave all mortgage contracts, that was the smart thing to do, it was the moral thing to do.
This obsession with the material realm is quite apparent in the mainstream, Jewish owned media, which broadcasts nonstop vanity of the stars and other unimportant lost souls interspersed with commercials of stupid insane products for you to consume, as if you were an insatiable pig unconsciously munching on every piece of slop throw in front of of you.
A million patriots are ready to fight, they are standing by for orders. Ten million more are thinking about it, once the fight starts and the opening shots are heard around the world, millions will find resolve and join in the fight. Millions of unemployed are waiting for leadership, they are waiting to do something that will help. Trust the people and trust the flow, you will get all the help you need.
There are plenty of guns, ammo, and camo, there are plenty of men waiting in the wings for the opening salvo, what there lacks is the rally point. Much of the resistance comes from the system that has managed to stay afloat, the dead horse has yet to fall. Once Americans lose everything, they will gladly fight. We haven’t lost everything yet. We will have our Republic back, but how should we change it? How should the Amendments be written, so this time they don’t fail? How should we organize the state so next time usurpers are unable to corrupt it so easily?
EMP False Flag – The Parting Shot as the Gang of Thieves Ride out of Town

This is speculation on my part, but fits the current scenario and I consider a real possibility. When the party ends and they decide to pull the plug, it could be lights out. What a better way to leave with the loot than to pull the plug on America, kill the electrical grid on the way out of town. Be aware of potential false flags like a solar flare that that is blamed for an EMP or computer virus or chip back door that kills the grid and the power to the internet and iphones.
The Zionist tribe is a gang of thieves that has come into your town and looted everything in sight. Take note that the hundred year charter of the Federal Reserve is up this December. They are acting like there is no tomorrow because maybe they have an ace up their sleeve. They’ve loaded their wagons, stolen trillions since the 2007-8 meltdown, and when they roll out of town they will set it on fire, confusing the residents and giving themselves cover as they flee. Think EMP false flag done under the cover of a purported solar flare. With a flick of the switch they turn the lights out and then who know what happened, without electricity there would be complaints or ability to complain.  At that point you would know you’ve been had by the master thief.  That would be good, the revolution would be on.


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