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Post 145 donating to Feeding America veterans project

The American Legion Post 145 of Norway has agreed to make a donation toward the upcoming Dickinson County Area Veterans Alliance Feeding America veterans project scheduled for late January or early February.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in USA Right Now

Even though the current unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in over a decade, American wages remain stubbornly low.

Entertainment Here Are the 20 Highest Paying Jobs in America This...

When it comes to career paths, job titles like "oil baron" or "CEO of Fortune 500 company" will always gross the highest incomes in the country.

The 10 best jobs in America right now

Think it's impossible to find a job with tons of openings, that pays exceedingly well, and that you'll really enjoy doing?

America needs more than jobs to fix racial inequality

At his Tuesday press conference in New York, during which he discussed the recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, President Trump spoke about his theory on how to overcome America's racial divides.

The highest-paying tech jobs in America right now

Tech jobs are highly coveted and highly competitive, as evidenced by the overwhelmingly good pay industry-wide.

The 10 highest-paying jobs in America in 2017

If you want the highest-paying job in America right now, don't expect to wear your typical 9-to-5 uniform. Odds are you'll be wearing scrubs or a lab coat.

The Fastest-Growing Jobs In America

Unemployment in the U.S. sank to 4.3% last month, nearly half its level just five years ago. Millions more Americans are hard at work, but which jobs are growing the fastest?

The 25 highest-paying jobs in America

Wages of middle- and low-income earners increased in 2016 faster than wages of the highest earners. However, this increase does not come close to closing our nation’s income gap.

Comment on Radiation 2010 – 2014

- Getting Zapped like that leads to “shortened life spans” in the quaint expression of the American Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

NEO – Russia, Iran and Syria are coming to aid of...

- "We see the emergence of others following the US especially in using "private" military contractors who have more flexibility of deployment...and deniability."

NEO – Central Asia Musical Chairs for America’s Air Force

- Victoriya Panfilova - Due to the loss of the Manas airbase in Kyrgyzstan, there are negotiations to use of Uzbek territory for U.S. military facilities.

NEO – Is Turkey Becoming Irrelevant To NATO? – Part 2

- As soon as the invasion of Iraq went ahead without Turkish involvement, the West wrote off the Turkish military as a critical ally.

NEO – Energy Wars in Europe

- Petr Lvov brings us a timely analysis on the gas pipeline wars, a subject that is going to have a major effect on all of our lives for the next generation.

Lee Wanta, American Hero

Here is the True Story of Lee Wanta* and how he served our Great Nation America as President Reagan's Secret Agent under the Totten...

Defending Israel is Elemental to Being an American

De Blasio said, "There is a philosophical grounding to my belief in Israel and it is my belief, it is our obligation, to defend Israel."

Concentration Camp America

Who are the FEMA camps for and what is their purpose? Will they one day be turned into concentration camps for Jews?

Goodbye America: Under Jewish Rule

- Is it time to write America's obituary? Is it time to say, 'Goodbye, America'?

USA: the Disposable People

I use this method of communicating to appeal more to the skeptic, and those that are jaded by the mainstream mouthpieces, rather than preaching to the choir.

America is Entering Another Great Depression

The credit boom came to an end in the 2006-2008 financial crisis, slowly but surely deflationary forces are starting to exert a dominant influence on all markets.

Revolutionary Metaphysics

Gentlemen, it is time to start your engines and prepare to let loose the dogs of war. Gentlemen it is time to stop being gentlemen and time to become lions in defense of your nation.

Zionist Christian Pat Robertson Wins Churchill Award

Zionist Christian, televangelist and faith healer Marion "Pat" Robertson has won the first ever Winston Churchill Life Time Achievement Award from fellow Zionist Christian Ralph Reed's Faith and Freedom Coalition last Friday.

Killing America

There is a secret war being waged against America the republic by the London Banksters. Its Purpose is to destroy America and Fold its remains into a NWO Globalist One-World Government System.

Did America Say NO to Israel?

America may still be saved by just a few brains who are beginning to realize that Israel is the biggest threat to world peace.

Just Imagine; Israel at Peace.

We can only wonder and imagine how our world would change if Israel chose peace—if it came to a peace with itself, with the Palestinians, with Arabs, and with the rest of the world, even the United States.

An American Judge Puts Islam Above the U.S. Constitution

This past Halloween an Atheist was in a Halloween parade held in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania dressed as a zombie Mohammad.

The American Dilemma

America has to choose between a fight for freedom or total surrender to a foreign materialist ideology conveyed by AIPAC, ADL and other Zionist warmongers.

VT Correspondent, Marine Combat Vet Put on Terror List

Ken O'Keefe has been named as having 'known links to Al Qaeda, Hamas, and other terrorist organizations' in US Congressional Bill now being processed through the traitorous US Congress. Here is the applicable paragraph;

Obama Takes Money From Americans, Gives it to Israel and Brags...

Speaking to a convention of Reform Jews on Friday, Barack Obama bragged openly about talking money from American tax payers and giving it to the terrorist Jewish state of Israel!

Thanksgiving And Deep Meaning To Veterans

Have you really though about Thanksgiving and where America is today?

Thank You America, A Country Of Choice.

I will always remember with fond memory and cherish those years I served this county, my country of choice and will always remember the friends I lost in the war

Dreams of Democracy

"Democracy is only a dream: it should be put in the same category as Arcadia, Santa Claus, and Heaven."

1865: The Beginning of Universal Servitude in America

People believe that 1865 marked the ending of slavery in America, and they are wrong.

America, Israel and the New Holocaust

In the end, an inexorable end, we will have bred generations, Orwellian generations, capable of endless cruelty. Watch the news, what news we have. Nothing can hide it.

America Should Step Back

Although Pakistan has remained tied to USA since early 1950s and never shirked from volunteering its services whenever the US asked for, but the relations between the two never matured into long lasting strategic relationship.

Will The Real President Obama Please, Please Stand Up?

Many of my fellow Obama supporters contend that the president can only do so much, which is absolutely true. But what he can do is use the bully pulpit of the presidency to educate the people, which he’s failing miserably at. The entire GOP agenda is based on flat-out lies, the blatant corruption of facts, and a deviation from reality that’s so severe that even a child could see it if someone would just take the time to explain it. So why isn’t Obama doing that?

The United Loony Bin Of America

“Have we as a nation gone mad, waging war in the Persian Gulf while society crumbles?” Seymour Melman asked rhetorically when I interviewed him for The Progressive 19 years ago.

America is The Biggest Terrorist State of The World

America’s past and present testifies the fact that there is no country in the world matching its destructive oriented policies.

Changing cultures

It’s a smaller world with people further apart than ever. We travel to different cultures; we fight other cultures. We want to control cultures we don't understand.

Oct. 6th: Will Tahrir Square Come to Washington?

I used to work for Democratic candidates. I was a campus activist. I marched in protests. But, in the 1980s, I quit politics. I was fed up. The Left was impotent and inept. They didn’t want to change things. They were content with theater.

America’s Coming Nakba (Catastrophe)

With America forced to do bidding of its adopted child by the “corpocracy” and its unending need for wars to sustain economic growth, America finds itself weak as its forces futilely attempt to contain terrorism

The Subjugation of America

Subjugation and shakedowns of America extended indefinitely. Wishful-thinking pipedream reverse psychology recited to the global masses by Mr. Obama's speech on American financial meltdown and Palestine State.