Secret Space War VIII: Alien Quantum Computing and the End of Secrecy?


MoleculesThere has been little publicly released about what Quantum computing actually is, but it is perhaps best described as advanced computing involving multi or inter-dimensional processing that has almost unimaginable power.
It is now recognized in the highest circles of American Intel deep inside the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) that development of quantum computing is the key to mastery over all cryptographics as well as advanced scientific data analysis, mass intelligence gathering through the Internet and cell phone systems, product/material management, advanced CAD/CAM, cyber warfare and the establishment and maintenance of absolutely bulletproof cyber security.

It is now likely that any nation that completely masters quantum computing first will be able to master cyber warfare, cyber defense and dominate any other nation state or even the world and this quest itself alone will likely create a complete end to secrecy between and within nation-states due to the application of this new technology to industry which cannot be kept secret easily or forever.

Thus the stakes are very high for mastering quantum computing. In fact, Quantum computing is considered the final stage left to develop human sized fully functioning combat robots now that new high tech plasma-based metal parts printing is a reality.
Small quantum based CPUs are considered essential for day to day deployment of stand-alone, self-contained fully functional advanced fighter interceptor aircraft, smart drones with missiles which require no remote operators, devices that can easily become humankind’s worst nightmare, devices that can “see” with 3D and even 4D or 5D sensors and can make decisions that are far beyond “fuzzy logic” circuits and software. Quantum processors will be supposedly be able to execute high level independent judgments, and be used to re-design themselves, build and add additional micro-circuits and will be deployed to do so.
Some of those who are now working to develop them believe that they will eventually even be able to set up and build their own factories to replicate or improve themselves and be able to operate turn-key manufacturing including their own quantum powered design studio to produce the CAD for CAM manufacturing. Obviously if this ever comes to pass the role of human labor may become quite limited and quantum processors and the manufacturing they support could result in the development of whole armies of independently self-controlled combat forces.
Of course the possibility of high tech hacking in a multitude of modalities would always be a major concern, but quantum computers appear to have the ability to indicate remote access or hacking much easier than other present computer systems. Quantum computers are an alternative to the biologically based “super brain” computers that researchers are working with and are alleged to have already gained their own independent consciousness.
And some experts fear that some of these new quantum super computers will be manufactured to have the capability for self-programming and may develop their own agenda to declare and begin a covert war on their owners, which when discovered will be too late to successfully defend against.
The big hold up appears to be the apparent “error rate” that occurs when a byte of information or qubit is processed in more than one dimension at a time.
So far the error rate that occurs has been unacceptably high, so much so that the value of quantum processors has been limited. But now the NSA is rolling out its new VESUVIUS system at their new massive Utah Data Center. Have they solved the error rate problem or this this computer system just another massive unproven experiment?

[youtube sICXOwOwS4E]

Have the Chinese entered into an agreement with aliens to obtain the secrets of quantum computing?
It is now rumored that the Chinese have entered into a special treaty with Reptoids which is supposed to provide them with the deep secrets and technology of quantum computing. If this is true the Chinese would be able to assert worldwide control over all cybernetics and crypto, thus being able to bring down any nation they wished at will if properly executed. Insiders have reported that the initial source of all fiber-optics, micro-circuits, solid state electronics, and toroidal/scalar communications equipment, as well as the idea of quantum computing which later appeared on the scene was gained from aliens as a condition of certain treaties and back-engineering of recovered alien anti-gravity vehicles (AGCs) and their component assemblies that crashed.
And if rumors are accurate, the Chinese Government has been quite angry with Americans for tricking them into manufacturing remotely “compromisable” CPUs, or CPUs with numerous back-doors and means of secret access. More on this later after a brief discussion of alien treaties with various governments of the earth. And various officials in the Defense contracting industry and the DOD allegedly feel betrayed that Israeli “brokers” and power control groups provided the knowledge of this secret technology to the Chinese.
More and More respected scientists are coming forth and disclosing the truth about aliens and alien technology.

[youtube yO0T05kQkbs&feature=player_embedded]

There is evidence to suggest that the alien intersection with earthlings is not limited one single group of aliens.
If reports and leaks are accurate, there are several alien entities having approached various nation states at different times and entered into various different treaties with them all to one degree or another exchanging high technology for access to human subjects for biological and genetic research.
The Nazi/Tall White Nordic Treaty.
aliens-nordic2The first alleged treaty was between the Thules of Germany using the Vril girls as go-betweens, and this was in the early 1900’s perhaps sometime between 1912 and 1933.
This treaty was between the Tall Nordics and involved trading anti-gravity and advanced weapons technology in exchange for a promise to eventually establish a world kingdom interbred of their hybrids.
This treaty changed when the Nazis lost WW2 and became bifurcated with some of their scientists working on alien technology moved to alien bases in the southern part of South America and German designated territories in Antarctica, and the rest going to America given complete immunity to work under Operation Paperclip.
The Grenada/Eisenhower Treaty.
alien-human-hybridThe next alleged treaty known was the alleged “Grenada Treaty” between the US Army and the Alien Tall Grays and was based on an exchange where the aliens would provide high tech anti-gravity, communications, weapons in exchange for the right to conduct abductions of humans to gain biological/genetic samples as long as they kept records and released the abductees with no harm done to them and with their memories wiped clean to prevent PSTD.
The Technician/Scientist Exchange Treaty.
Apparently a later additional treaty with the tall Grays was negotiated later and part of this treaty allegedly included exchange of technicians/scientists between the aliens and the Americans and advanced high tech psychotronic mindkontrol technology.
Several years later more than one crashed UFO was recovered with dissected humans and body parts and some evidence that suggested humans were being kidnapped outside the allowed program with no required records and murdered and butchered for food.
It has since been learned that tall Grays have cloned numerous little grays which act as obedient servants and appear to be hived creatures that operate very mechanically.

Some abductees have reported that they have memories of tall Reptoids being present on the UFO where the abductee was taken to and was directing tall Grays to take biological samples from them and also directing small Grays servants that were present. So it has been alleged that the Reptoids are superior and seem to be the controllers of the tall and small Grays.

The Grays get caught violating the treaty.
When crashed UFOs of the Grays contained butchered human body parts which appeared to have been used as food, those top few senior individuals who ran the SSG and made the decisions, were concerned.
They discussed this with the Grays they had a treaty with and shared their concerns which were met with blanket denials. Since these SSG “top dogs” were men with no functioning consciences, they made the decision to “play along” as long as they continued to get more and more high technology provided.
Whether their involvement with the Grays resulted in their becoming mindkontrolled or perhaps infected with the rumored “black oil parasite” or some other parasitical hive engendering malady is still an open question, but certainly these men seemed to lose their humanity and appeared to be supporting the “alien agenda” of the Reptoids.

Some have wondered if these SSG officials were somehow hybridized in the first place or changed after becoming inoculated or infected with a Reptoid designed mindkontrolling parasite which can produce hive behavior loyal to the Grays and their leaders. And then there is the alleged alien “black oil” parasite which is claimed by some to be several steps beyond “smart dust” and is claimed to have been deployed as an adjunct to mindkontrolling parasitical “smart-virus” (1).

An SSG obsession with building Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) connected by tunnels with high speed trains which required the massive asset stripping of American wealth and illegal narcotics trafficking and weapons sales for secret black budget financing.
tunnel_boring_machine_8The collaboration and shared technician/scientists resulted in at least one joint DUMB where alien hybridization experiments were conducted away from the prying eyes of the public, protected by “beyond black”, deeply compartmented “need to know”, special access unacknowledged programs with absolutely no administrative paperwork and completely untraceable black budget funding. And yet despite extreme secrecy and threats of immediate murder/assassination for dulce3leaking anything about these programs, the truth has leaked out one again proving the greatness of the immutable human spirit.
These DUMBs were also constructed to provide distance from the prying public eyes as well as assumed safety from any serious geophysical and nuclear warfare disasters. Of course you can bet these DUMBs have been adequately sabotaged to turn them into underground mausoleums if a major nuclear WW3 ensues.

It is well known that Russia has a well-developed underground system also designed to allow survival, but some experts believe that both sides have made provisions to make sure such underground bases become mausoleums if a situation of above ground mutually assured destruction (MAD) of a major third world war nuclear exchange occurs.

Secret “beyond-black” joint alien/SSG hybrid breeding programs at the DUMBs.
Allegedly these joint hybridization programs have yielded advanced technology that has provided “genetic injections” and alterations to the human fertilized egg that have resulted in various types of “super-soldiers”.
These super-soldier programs have allegedly involved the use of gifted individuals selected from certain Scottish bloodlines, Psi-power entrainment and various types of black arts soul murder, induced DID/MPD and in some select individuals, injection of isolated Reptoid gene fragments.
The current big push is the secret programs to develop the third strand of DNA, the so-called, self-healing Triple Helix. This third strand is supposedly going to give a new race of super-hybridized soldiers the ability to self-heal from wartime injuries and grow needed body parts and internal organs in the race for the development of immortality, something the “old boys” that sit at the top of the SSG pyramid aka known as the “evil cabal” need very, very soon and something that will never occur due certain immutable laws of the universe.
Rumors of other alien races approaching earth humans, peace loving groups that claim to want to provide help and support without direct action or interference, or any entering into treaties with humans.
There have been alleged instances of other alien groups that have approached humans. One group has been called the Star group and is allegedly comprised of peace-loving individuals who have a non-interference philosophy and policy but are willing to share spiritual and emotional support for gifted transformed individuals they call star children, and these kids are reputed to have special Psi-powers and are oriented to helping humanity instead of enslaving it. They do not however have the support of the SSG or the USG.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D. is a respected psychologist with some deep contacts in the military aerospace industry at the highest levels.  Dr. Boylan was the one who first researched and adequately disclosed what the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) truly is comprised of. he also claims to have had numerous contacts with the Star Group aliens and has set up programs to help “star children”. Folks can visit his website if they want to learn more about Dr. Boylan’s interests and discoveries.

Allegedly a former treaty made with the large Grays requires complete disclosure by 2015.
The SSG must provide Complete Disclosure soon or the large alien Grays will allegedly make massive public displays of themselves and their anti-gravity crafts (AGCs) and disclose everything themselves directly to the American people, including the temporary use of the major mass media.
And yet even the Steven Greer’s well respected Disclosure project has been able to make public presentations of numerous highly respected and credible witnesses with no threats or TWEPS so far as it is known, the SSG is still dragging its feet and preventing any full scale Congressional hearings which were promised.
Apparently the SSG old boys at the top of the pyramid, the evil luciferians aka the “evil cabal” are afraid that if they disclose, Americans will completely “dethrone” them and they will have to get out of dodge quickly forever, thus experiencing a complete loss of power, privilege and status..
It has been claimed that a certain prior treaty with the large alien Grays requires complete disclosure of alien presence and technology by a certain date or these aliens will supposedly make large public landings in every major city of the world, guaranteeing a systematic but rapidly developing complete end to secrecy and especially the deep black and beyond black programs previously protected by immediate assassinations (i.e. premeditated murder aka SSG terminations with extreme prejudice).
And there has been an apparent and claimed split in the SSG between the “oldsters” and the “newbies” who want complete disclosure to be attained in logical steps done in a manner preventing public panic or out of control business changes from occurring too rapidly.
The desire of the SSG to Globalize America and rule the world backfires in one of the gravest mistakes in history.
In a muffed intel operation that will eventually be realized as the biggest error in modern intel history, the SSG was conned into setting up “free trade” under Nafta, Cafta, WTO and now the secret Pacific Trade Treaty (which is Nafta on steroids).
This strategy was to export all heavy American industry and manufacturing to Mexico and China, and CPU manufacturing to China. The CPUs were to have secret back-doors installed that would allow the SSG remote access by satellite or other secret backdoors or hidden, burned in programs.
The brokers for this deal who claimed to be able to outsmart the Chinese were the Israel intel folks and their front corporations working on behalf of the City of London as Cutouts and a private intel force for the Rothschild Banksters who started and paid for the development of Israel in the first place.
These Israeli companies became select i.e. prime DOD contractors due to their unlimited Bankster provided funds and strong political influence provided by such foreign controlled espionage groups such as the ADL, Aipac, etc.
American Intel has become an inbred “revolving door” with very large Israeli-controlled defense contractors:
[youtube jv4CQJuANYM]
These Israeli companies became very large, rich and powerful on the back of the American taxpayer by implementing their phony war on Terror and staged 911 attacks and then obtaining huge defense contracts to protect America by spying on and suppressing normal American Patriots, Constitutionalists, Ron Paul supporters, Vets and returning vets and any profiled to be an informed dissident.

These now large, wealthy and powerful intel contractors are now moving back to Israel after they have successfully hijacked most American intel including the NSA. Their game was to lavishly buy and bribe top US officials and use NSA derived secrets to blackmail various Supreme Court Justices and federal Judges and bring wayward politicians into line one way or another. If that fails then they resort to using the “Wellstone/Carnahan solution” or the “Michael Hastings solution”, aka “terminations with extreme prejudice” or TWEPS.

All on the backs of the American taxpayers and American recreation drug users who provide the financing.
And the extremely lucrative “revolving door” positions in their now very large companies were now possible because these Intel contact corporations became very, very rich off from the vast sums of taxpayer money funneled to them for supposedly necessary intel work to protect national security.  Translated this meant they had used the system to asset strip billions of taxpayer dollars to protect the existence, the secrecy and the security of the “national security state” aka the Secret Shadow Government (SSG). And the typical American purchaser and user of illegal drugs has also provided a great deal of black budget money for these illegal, unconstitutional, criminal spying and surveillance police-state activities of the SSG/defense contractors now moving to Israel to avoid the reach of the American Judiciary.
The take-down and hijacking of America of American Intel and America institutions by the use of data provided by the NSA to blackmail and coerce.
Thus these Israeli City of London Bankster cutouts were able to hijack American intel and use it for their own sinister purposes which include blackmail and coercion of Supreme Court Justices and Judges as well as politicians to do what they want, in effect transforming America into a province of Israel and just another cutout of the City of London Banksters and all their other member central Banksters.
The NSA has been leaking illegal surveillance gained data on American drug users to police and DEA to set up phony stops to arrest non-violent recreational drug users.
The NSA has been screaming for the arrest of Edward Snowden for Treason when they have been doing the very same things only worse and have concealed years of USG/SSG and American Intel crimes including assassinations of US politicians, whistle-blowers and citizens and engaging in blackmail of Justices, Judges and politicians.  Snowden is an American Patriot and Hero who reported unConstitutional, illegal activities by a USG/SSG privatized entity known for massive asset stripping of American taxpayers and huge untraceable black budget funding.

[youtube LZAgDpjkgxY]

The SSG tried to trick the Chinese with sneaky backdoor CPU designs but the Chinese found out about it and are hoppin’ mad.
The big trick was supposed to be tricking the Chinese into thinking that they could control all the CPUs they began manufacturing from American deigns when the truth was that the Americans had a secret way of over-riding that. The problem is that allegedly certain SSG assets and Israeli brokers sold these secrets to the Chinese and now the Chinese are hoppin’ mad about it and believe they have been set up to be used and become just another province of the Central Banksters of the City of London unless they take control. And wouldn’t you know it, a certain alien force just seems to have made itself available to capitalize on this new conflict between the SSG and the Chinese.
Has a new alien treaty with the Chinese been negotiated?
13In the meantime supposedly the Chinese were approached by Reptoids who have built and undersea base in the Pacific. These Reptoid as the narrative goes claimed that they can help the Chinese obtain actual and complete mastery over all American cybernetics and cryptography by sharing quantum computing technology with them in exchange for a promise to assist the Reptoids in establishing a joint world rule in Africa and perhaps proceeding to another continent like America after it is properly depopulated and terra-formed like Africa is supposed to be under this plan.
Big and empty new high rise cities in China, who are they for and why?
It is a very curious situation in China that has developed with the major new cities which have brand new concrete high rises which are mostly empty. Why have these been built? Were they merely poor financial investments made by wealthy military owned industries that had nowhere to invest their money before they started buying up everything in America including toll-ways, iron mines, public government building, and a major movie theater chain? Or are they planning to move an off planet humanoid type, alien species into these buildings?  Or are they expecting a worldwide major geophysical disaster that will demolish much of the current coastal Chinese housing and have built these cities to provide ready-made homes for survivors?
The end of the NSA legitimacy is their own fault for illegally spying on Americans and their allies and getting caught.
NSA has thus irreparably damaged their reputation with the public and with the computer geek geniuses that they used to recruit from. The young and upcoming computer geek geniuses are far smarter than anyone employed at the NSA now or their private contractors and they know it. These computer Geek geniuses have lost all trust in the NSA now that they have been caught and publicly exposed for lying to Congress and the American People(2).

The Snowden affair has created a major change in the public’s perception of USG secrecy as an abusive big brother, police state, freedom robbing unConstitutional act of Treason and Sedition against “we the people” of America the Republic. And this has fully exposed the head of the NSA’s lying to Congress which has probably irreparably damaged American Intel forever.

This has triggered a new look by the alternative Internet press and informed members of the public at all the other NSA Whistleblowers including Mark Novitsky who blew the whistle on Teletech Holdings years ago for allegedly selling customer information to other vendors without authorization. Novitsky approached numerous Congresspersons and Senators, and major news media including 60 minutes and despite great initial interest, all refused to cover the story with several pulling it right before publication or broadcast.
Now those same Congresspersons and Senators deny they ever knew about the illegal NSA surveillance and spying on Americans when they were fully briefed years in advance to this recent disclosure. They are all playing dumb to protect their careers since they do not want to lose the “beltway lifestyle” and all the huge perks and future revolving door opportunities if they are obedient little slaves to the Secret Shadow Government (SSG). And Novitsky’s reward for refusing to go along with alleged corruption and corporate illegality and exhibiting great American heroism? Complete occupational blacklisting and massive and continuing harassment and surveillance including heavy and sometimes daily pulsed beam microwave and scalar psychotronic harassment.
Or highly credible and respected whistle-blower Russell Tice who revealed NSA crimes against “we the people” several years ago but got no traction. Now his American heroism is starting to be recognized and this is long overdue. And there are numerous other whistle-blowers that are true American heroes that are being abused harassed and treated very badly when they should be elevated, rewarded and protected by the USG and Congress. But when you have a completely crooked Department of US Just-us which is little more than a blackmailed CIA cutout run by un-arrested, un-indicted, un-prosecuted career criminals, it is hard to expect anything but more abuse of these heroic whistle-blowers who put it all on the line for America and the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Completely broken campaign promises of compete transparency with all Legislation posted on the Internet for everyone to read and comment on for at least five days in advance of any attempted passage.

Campaigner Obama/Soetoro had promised transparency in government, but has actually allowed less than any other president including both of the Bushes who used and abused secrecy to engage in massive narcotic trafficking into America for black ops money and started numerous completely illegal, unprovoked, undeclared, unconstitutional foreign wars based on pre-emptive strikes, something that was identified at Nuremberg as completely illegal and were responsible for thousands of dead and wounded American soldiers and over a million innocent civilians classified merely as “collateral damage”.

Whistle-blowers have been more persecuted and illegally harassed and blacklisted under Obama than any other president except for Bush1 who typically whacked a lot of those who leaked stories about Mena Arkansas and the “Enterprise” and illegally imprisoned hundreds more of his covert ops who got cold feet or wanted out, sentencing them with trumped up, phony charges to hellholes like Vacaville to drug them into oblivion and discredit them from ever testifying.

Pandora’s Box has been opened and cannot be closed.
The head of NSA knowingly lied to Congress and attempted to deceive the American people and got caught and now the “cat is out of the bag” and “Pandoras box” has been opened and cannot be closed. So with all the trillions of dollars of spying and surveillance and phone and Internet tapping, how could the NSA have made such a colossal screw-up to knowingly deceive the American people, violate the US Constitution and think they would get away with it without being caught.
Pretty stupid for an organization that supposedly specializes in intelligence, huh? Unless the organization is a fraud in the first place and designed to support those who hijacked America in 1913 and desire to asset strip it bare or unless they have been completed infil-Traited and hijacked by zio NeoCon dual citizen Israel corporations which are cutouts for the City of London Central Banksters and the Rothschilds.
NSA’s Comprehensive National Cyberspace Initiative (CNCI) and “Einstein 3” packet-inspection technology.
We know that NSA developed its Comprehensive National Cyberspace Initiative (CNCI) which features “Einstein 3” a secret packet-inspection methodology, another clearly use of illegal warrantless spying of honest, law-abiding American Citizens. In a compete lapse of judgment believing it would never be caught and publicly exposed, the NSA assigned this technology to be also used by DHS to supposedly police and protect private cyber communications. Providing this surveillance technology to an obvious Bolshevik style zionist secret police organization to illegally spy on innocent Americans is about as unwise a decision as possible. Of course the American public would find out about this because DHS is like a leaky sieve and is run by dual citizen, double dipping Israeli-firsters, zio infil-Traitors whose serve the City of London Banksters and their private intel Cutout Israel rather than America.
This exposure of NSA’s lies and use of DHS to further their illegal spying, has resulted in a massive loss of respect and has served as a colossal failure and one that will guarantee the functional demise of the NSA and the eventual complete end of secrecy in America (2).
Good work NSA, your addiction to secrecy and criminal blackmail of politicians has backfired and you really screwed up this time. Only what you have done is a terminal mistake when added to what is being done by the Chinese to counteract your war game penetrations of their system. You have now all received your “burn notice” so perhaps you may want to clean up your act and start prosecuting Israeli spy agencies such as the ADL, Aipac and severing ties with all the corporations infiltrated and being moved to Israel.
And while you are at it, why not prosecute those who have used NSA wiretaps to blackmail Supreme Court Justices, judges and politicians and sever your connections to the crooked Central Banksters? And fire any dual citizens or anyone who refuses to “put America First”.
The Cat is out of the bag, completely, so you folks who run the NSA need to go get your minds straightened out and start acting like American-firsters and obeying your Oath and obligations to support and defend the US Constitution instead of being traitors to your Oath to protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, which in this case includes you.
Yes, the cat is out of the bag. For the first time many Americans now realize that the NSA has been feeding the SSG many secrets of the Supreme Court Justices, various federal Judges and numerous politicians and corporate leaders which are then used to blackmail them into compliance with the wishes of the small cabal that runs the SSG on behalf of the City of London Banksters who in turn are Cutouts for the Old Black Nobility (OBN) of Europe. Yes the secret top leaders of the SSG, aka the “Evil Cabal” are also on record against any alien disclosure even though some insiders have said it is required to be attained within a certain timeline or else the aliens will make public landing, or so the narrative goes. This evil cabal has been responsible to the take-down, hijacking of America and its massive asset stripping on behalf of the central Banksters of the City of London who are the personal Banksters for the Old Black Nobility that also hijacked the Vatican.
How the Chinese can take down the NSA, the SSG secrecy system and the SSG “National Security State”.
It can be done with quantum computing and an alleged new treaty allegedly negotiated with with Reptoids which are rumored to have established and undersea Pacific base and are planning on habituating Africa after it is de-populated and terra-formed. Certain high ranking members of secret societies who “own” or control large international corporations that serve the SSG have been briefed on the plans to depopulate Africa, but they have been misled, told it is necessary to protect the environment or as a necessary part of gaining access to the numerous mineral and other resources Africa contains, but not that Reptoids plan on habituating African landmass.
Quantum Computing is strange and spooky, it is also multi-dimensional.
Quantum computing is a strange phenomenon. It is based on quantum physics which is a counter-intuitive science and one that is particularly difficult to grasp and develop. And yet it poses the greatest single risk to the SSG and the National Security State and its institutions such as the NSA, NRO, etc. In non-technical terms quantum computing is at its best, inter-dimensional computing where a byte is a qubit that can exist in multiple dimensions at the same time and when processed leaves a fingerprint or trail and can be intermingled or entangled with another cubit in a strange relationship over a significant distance. This entanglement phenomena can be set up to occur through different “unseen” dimensions allowing the warping of space and time, making it the the spookiest and most counter-intuitive part of quantum mechanics and quantum computing.

[youtube e8c8_vO-dy8]

One reason quantum processors are so spooky is that as “entangled” signals are processed, a indication and record can be made simultaneously.  If combined with high tech Josephson Junctions, anyone who accepts a data signal at any point can be identified quite easily due to an alteration in the spin of the signal at its origin.  Very, very spooky and counter-intuitive, just like most quantum physics and quantum electronics.

A Josephson junction is made up of perhaps two different superconductors, operating at temperatures approaching absolute zero, separated by a non-superconducting layer that is so thin that electrons can cross through the insulating barrier. The flow of current between the two superconductors in the absence of applied voltage is called Josephson current and the movement of these electrons across the membrane is called Josephson tunneling. With voltage applied strange oscillating voltage can occurs through the tunneling which is very sensitive to magnetic fields and “particle spin”, thus making such a sensor very sensitive to inter-dimenional signals not otherwise receivable.
The Josephson junction can pick up very weak magnetic fields allowing the Josephson junction to be used in devices that measure extremely weak magnetic fields and strange inter-dimensional signals, such as from superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDS). The developers of the Josephson Junction sensor, Josephson, Esaki, and Giaever shared the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1973 for this astounding discovery.
The Josephson Junction can be adapted to serve ultra-high-tech communication needs and has been alleged to bridge different dimensions and to allegedly provide a very strange ability to communicate with inter-dimensional alien beings.
It is rumored that the remote viewers who used this technology to communicate into a different dimension with aliens beings started experiencing serious personal problems and desired to quit the program due to “dark-side influences”. Thus, use of this new technology in certain new scalar communications systems can provide the sender of the signal an indication that the signal has been received on the other end, and the signal received on the other end can indicate how far away the sender was and the actual location of the sender without using GPS.  This is all due to the qualities of the use of torsion or torroidal or “standing-waves” and the use of Josephson junctions which are high tech dimensional filters. If you are not an electronics engineer or physicist with a substantial background in quantum physics, scalar, torroidal signals generators and receivers and Josephson Junctions, good luck understanding this. Of course some of this is covered in the Raymond C. Gelinas patents and the rest in USG controlled or owned classified patents.

Equipment built with the correctly designed high tech Josephson junctions can thus be used to reach different dimensions and has allegedly been used by USG remote viewers working in beyond-black programs to communicate with aliens in other dimensions. And of course the mindkontrol potential for the secret criminal use of scalar waves as now deployed from the SSG is astounding and is a current means of entraining and influencing the mood and thoughts of Americans.

Add to this the various subliminal systems such as the patented Subliminal Sound System and one can see that the deck seems stack against the average American. And yet all this control is still failing.  Why, how can this be? How can all the trillions of dollars spent for the use of fluoride in the water, food and toothpaste, all the chemtrail spraying that even includes “smart dust” and all the sophisticated psychotronics deployed from cell phone towers and special transmitters as well as specialized space platforms fail to attain 100% mindkontrol of the America masses? Answer, there is an immutable aspect to the human hear and mind which is amazingly resistant to all these high tech mindkontrol manipulations and despite their effectiveness on many it is not complete and just pain doesn’t work on a significant portion of folks best described as “free thinkers”.
Chemtrails and the deployment of “smart dust”.
What the heck is smart dust?  It is alleged that the SSG has developed nano-sized particles which have magnetic and CPU properties that can be sprayed by aircraft to be ingested through the lungs, or placed in beverages or food which then migrate to the brain and cross the blood brain barrier (thanks to cell-phone use which temporarily degrades the blood brain barrier) and then be “flashed” remotely by various tuned pulsed microwave and/or scalar signals transmitted from a variety of means. And yes these mindkontrol methods are somewhat effective but do not work on everyone and in fact perform far less effectively than claimed by the DOD contractors that have developed and sold these systems to the DOD and the various American Intel Agencies at hugely inflated prices that provide ample funds for kickbacks while still providing huge profits.
Are American dumbed down and psychotronically entrained to be in denial?
Yes, as many educated foreigners who come to visit America will tell you, how phony and shallow the American media and news is and how so many folks seem naïve and “dumbed-down”. But even so, thanks to the worldwide Internet, a certain percentage of Americans are waking up and “de-entraining” themselves from this psychotronic barrage and chemically induced fog.
So as the narrative goes regarding this alleged new treaty between the Chinese and the alien Reptoids, the aliens have mastered quantum computing and will transfer much of this technology to the Chinese in exchange for their cooperation. Why is this a big threat to the SSG and the “national security state”?
Fully operational full-spectrum quantum computers can easily become a major cyber threat if used in cyber warfare.
Fully operational quantum computers without major error rates (the single biggest problem so far) can almost instantaneously crack and cryptographic code the SSG or any other government has and assert complete cyber control orstage an exceedingly effective cyber attack which would and could paralyze any modern nation state. Now the NSA has spent billions developing quantum computers and has constructed the VESUVIUS system at their new Utah Data Center which is estimated to perform over 100 to the 12th power of computations at once. Nobody knows what the error rate of this system is but is expected to still be a big problem and one that greatly reduces efficiency and correctness, despite all the extreme contractor claims.

If the rumors about the Chinese system are true then their new alien quantum technology will be virtually error free and will allow complete domination of the cyber space of America and the world. This means that almost all of America’s diplomatic and intel communications will be instantly decoded and America will become 100% vulnerable to a disabling cyber-attacks from China should Chine decide to do so.  And with all the secret encryption of back-doors and other high tech remote access means provided by Israeli intel contractors on the sly to the Chinese military, most if not all of America’s nuclear missiles are probably hackable to be made dysfunctional.  And if that wasn’t enough, it is known that alien Anti-gravity Craft (AGCs) have already shown on at least two instances they can disable American ICBMs while they hover over them. And if reports and rumors are accurate this technology may be shared with the Chinese who have been alleged to have entered into a treaty wit these same aliens.

The SSG plan for China may have backfired?
There have been rumors for years that the SSG planned to export almost all of America’s heavy industry and manufacturing first to Mexico and then to China in order to use China to provide cheap American good and allow more of the American taxpayer dollars to be asset stripped. Then when this mission was completed the SSG would initiate a war with China and destroy its economic health one way or another, going into a provoked, staged war with China in the future if necessary.
Now if these rumors are true that the Reptoids have approached the Chinese without involving the SSG as direct representatives of the THIRD FORCE, this suggests that the SSG, the City of London Financial district, central Banksters and all their cutouts including Israel are going to be cutloose and “thrown under the bus” in one of the greatest tricks and turning points in history. But like the saying goes, “what goes around comes around”. All that would have been necessary is for the Reptoids to have shown the Chinese their secret intel and reveal the SSG’s secret plan to use and then discard China and inform them of the SSG’s treachery regarding the secret double backdoors of their chip designs.

One doesn’t have to be a Rhodes Scholar or a rocket scientist to understand that once the USG is forced to admit that aliens and anti-gravity craft are real, as well as existing treaties made with them for technology exchange for human subject experiments exist, this is the beginning of the end for any remaining USG secrecy and the beginning of the full and complete exposure of the oppression of Americans by the Secret Shadow Government and their private central banking system designed to use phony money and pernicious usury to create debt slaves and allow massive and complete asset stripping of all of America’s wealth to feed the “Secrecy Machine” of the SSG.

What should the USG, NSA and SSG do to repair the damage they have wrought?
The first thing is to come completely clean about everything that the NSA has been keeping secret, other than specific technology building methodology regarding software and new computer hardware circuits.
This means releasing all the evidence that the dual Citizen neocon zio Infil-Traitors and some Traitors in the JCS, USAF and American intel planned and executed the 911 attacks, and thereby completely exposing them publicly. Set up a Truth and Justice Commission and start offering appropriate partial or complete immunity to those who will come completely clean and deserve it. And then start setting up numerous large public grand juries of normal “we the people” in every region area and city where these crimes were committed.
Reveal how the factions in the USG and American intel have been trafficking in illegal narcotics and other drugs such as marijuana in joint ventures with foreign cartels to raise black budget money. Come clean about the alien presence, crashed UFO’s and the alien treaties and technology transfer resulting in DUMBs, hybridization programs and an American fleet of Anti-gravity space war vehicles (AGCs).
Direct Congress to get rid of the private central bankers, seize all their holdings and as assets, here and in foreign offshore accounts, claw back every single bit of interest stolen from the American people and any profits from lucrative drug money laundering and defense and war related scams.
Cancel all debts and interest due the “Fed”. Nationalize all banking into a central American bank that prints its own green backs in highly controlled amounts. Get rid of all these free trade agreements like Nafta, Cafta, Gatt, Wto and the new secret Pacific Trade Treaty (called Nafta on steroids) and institute “fair trade” with properly set tariffs which will bring back heavy industry to America and manufacturing once again.
Sanction all large international corporations that have their home bases off shore and require them to have their home office here in order to do major business. Take away the right of the corporation to exist in perpetuity and serve as a liability shield for its owners and board members. Make corporations receive yearly licenses to operate like the Founding Fathers did.
Make a commitment to move all manufacturing of important defense contract items here, including all CPUs and weapon systems and replacement parts. Make a complete commitment to once again require and force compliance with the US Constitution and Bill of Rights in its original intent as stated by the original Founding Fathers in their own papers. Set up secure borders, require English as the universal American language to written and spoken by all Americans.
Get rid of all the alphabets and the IRS and all agencies set up to serve as the enforcement arms of the private unConstitutional Federal Reserve Bank. Get rid of all federal income tax and allow the USG to raise taxes only from excise or import taxes the way it was set up by the Founding fathers.
Start dumping all the thousands of useless federal laws designed to rob American freedom, liberty and ingenuity. Face the fact that the emergence of the worldwide Internet is the kiss of death for secrecy and the aliens are going to reveal themselves in the public soon, it’s only a matter of time. And make sure that everyone understands that the “cosmic rules of play” some attribute to an all powerful eternal God Almighty prevent any alien force from taking over completely without acquiescence by the submitted free will of the people in mass which means that if “we the people” in mass resist evil and live by the Golden Rule of treating others the way they want to be treated, aliens or any other force which may be evil cannot attack them like parasites and take them over.
The SSG and the other major Cutouts and Kingpins of the Old Black Nobility function as selfish, soulless parasites on the rest of the human race and themselves are infected with a parasite of evil which they submitted to out of desire for power and greed.(3) Every so-called “bloodline” family has had individuals in it which have rebelled and refused to be part of the evil.  Many of these have been murdered and a few have lived to talk about it to those who would listen. Johnny Todd is one example.
The worldwide Internet has resulted in the growing emergence and power of a new worldwide conscience-collective which is going to eventually shred all government secrecy and create an endless demand for complete disclosure of every single big secret.
This conscience-collective can be harnessed by governments who decide to voluntarily end all secrecy and disclose deep secrets like aliens and anti-gravity craft (AGCs). If these governments choose to avoid facing reality and do this this new conscience-collective can perhaps be easily harnessed by the Third Force and their appointed new Caesar of the Ages they intend to seat in Jerusalem in the not too distant future.
So the choice is yours SSG, get real and be part of a new system, or get thrown under the Bus and crushed by the evil NWO globalist system which will emerge unless you straighten out, recommit yourself to America the Republic and make an effort to completely disclose the secrets about aliens, UFOs and the alien agenda and technology transfer.
The Reptoid “Alien Agenda” can be stopped cold if folks wake up, take America back from the City of London private central Bankster hijackers and infil-Traitors and Americans in mass utilize their free-will and withdrawn consent from the take-down, hijacking and planned destruction of America by luciferian secret society zio globalists. Why, because the “rules of play” of God almighty require consent, betrayal decisions to violate the Golden Rule in mass before the final assault on America is allowed to be successful.
The complete end of secrecy is coming sooner or later.  Why wait until the infil-Traited and hijacked SSG has asset stripped America bare and destroyed it with worthless wars of conquest to protect the Rothschild oil empire and their US Petro dollar?
Why not stop starting all these illegal wars, stop torturing POWs, many of which are innocent teenagers kidnapped by evil warlords and sold to the CIA and US mercenary cutouts (“operators”) for big bucks which is actually a new type of slavery, token prisoners to satisfy evil war profiteers and continue their big phony war on terror lie that the terrorist boogey man will get us.
The truth is now finally spreading to mainstream America that an evil cabal of the top of the SSG, the USAF, the JCS and Norad and these groups worked with dual citizen zio NeoCon Israeli-firsters to plan and institute the 911 attacks.
It is time bring all these traitors and infil-Traitors to final judgement. Instead of staging all these false-flag terrorist acts, operating al Quae da which is actually “al Cia Duh”, and starting all these pre-emptive, illegal wars of acquisition on Israel’s behalf and the Rothschild Family Banksters and their associates,  why not rebuild America and make sure there are plenty of jobs which pay a living wage?  How’s that for a goal for America we should all be able to agree on?
(3) The Secret Shadow Government by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.,


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