Uselessness of Credit in World of Tomorrow


Oh Credit!  The Wonderful False Charade of Trust!

In this article I explore the use of fictitious credit and its current flaws.
We now live in a world where economic difficulties have permeated through the very soul of our global economy. Many are beginning to ask questions. Many have been asking questions for a long time. Questions that are similar to the one’s I am about to ask.

Is It Wise to Continue Old Ways?

I think not!  In fact, I think it perhaps a great time to explore new ideas and ways of conducting our day to day lives.
I often find that older folk are baffled by the direction our generation is taking. While there is immense technological progress, the challenge is knowing who to trust business wise.
Credit has become the end all solution to this problem. Just about everyone uses it in America for various reasons;  loans, to qualify renters, and much more…

What are Flaws in Credit System?

The very fact that 90% of people I know in America cannot afford to buy their own car outright or a home with the money they have is a gigantic indicator.
The majority use this invention called credit.  Now why was this invented?  Well, who knows!  I’m too young to know. My educated guess is that  the controlling business interests that existed before my birth want us to work for them longer and harder.  They most likely figure that by creating an economy in which people can’t afford life’s necessities is a must if they wish to continue their controlling ways.

Is Using Credit a Healthy Way to Live?

Continually buying things we do not actually have the money for seems unnatural. Would it not be best if prices were to be lower more relative to their actual value and affordable to the average human being?
The challenge with lowering the prices to goods and services is that this would crash our economy and people would lose a lot of money. Which leads me to my next line. This economy for starters is, by far, too unstable to keep going. If a simple shift in prices can shatter our economy, wouldn’t we consider that a fairly week economy?
If I had bet on an MMA fighter or Boxer who could only take one punch before being KO’d I’d be seriously concerned. The point I’m trying to make is that our economy has a glass chin. A great weakness at the heart of it all. The glass chin is for the most part composed of our fake credit based purchasing system.

Credit and Its Role in Renting

For a renter to feel confident about renting to someone he/she requires a credit check. To have good credit a person has to begin to buy things on credit. How does that workout for newly 18 year olds looking to move out on their own? Well I’d say it puts them at a vast disadvantage and putting our youth at a disadvantage does not seem like a good way forward.

Loans and Their Role in Education

Loans for Education are a serious concern as well. Someone having to go into debt for the sake of pursuing education is not a healthy sign. It seems to me that the advice being given is “Go backwards now to get ahead later”.  Hmm, that kind of logic might be good in a chess game but in real life, does this advice stack up when money is on the line?  I say, no not in a world where jobs continue to become less available as the population and automation increase exponentially.

Automation Fear? It’s OK!  I understand!

Many are afraid of automation because of the obvious;  it does their job for them. T
his precise reason is why it is very important to start shifting our economy to a new one now more than ever before.
Need any proof check out 3D print a rocket Injector with Nickel -Chromium Alloy Powder.   This is just the beginning as 3-D printing is fairly new.
I’m of the mind that says why clean the sewer manually when a robot could do it for me. However if that was my job and my families ability to eat depended on that job I’d be scared too.
Thus, I propose that a new system be devised in which we no longer are afraid of such things as our basic human needs are met and access to luxuries are abundant. Call me a dreamer but I’m not the only one!
Today banks protect themselves with their to big to fail mechanism while the little guys and gals buy insurance for anything. Because not only can we not afford to buy a new car or house outright. The majority cannot afford to fix their cars or pay their medical expenses with their own money. I have a joke with my father that soon we will be buying food insurance. While just a joke now, it could become reality if this world continues it’s destructive ways.

We Don’t Need Shift or Change in System. We Need a New One! Not Later But Now!

Not long ago the Razor flip phone was the hottest sell. A phone that doesn’t even have touch screen technology. I think we are advancing fast and it’s due time that the current political and economic systems die off and we create new ones that are able to adapt at a faster pace. Technology will soon dwarf the systems in place today and if we do not adapt quickly it’s safe to say we are doomed to continue as lowly proletariat while the bourgeoisie ride on their luxury liners.
It doesn’t matter who’s fault it is for all of this. What matters is finding the solution and implementing it as soon as possible.
I leave with a parting thought from my favorite martial arts master, the great Bruce Lee, when he said “”Flowing Water Never Grow Stale”  Keep flowing my friends!


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