The Non-Mainstream Story of What Happened This 9/11

Dr. Cornell West and yours truly exchanging thoughts on how to defeat the politics of fear
Dr. Cornel West and yours truly exchanging thoughts on how to defeat the politics of fear

by Kevin Barrett

The “Million American March Against Fear” in Washington, DC on 9/11 was a smashing success.
Thanks to the Pavlov’s-snarling-dog reflexive hate-mongering of neocon media, more than one million Americans – probably more than ten million – heard about the event.
The goal of the March was to demonstrate that there are still a few people in America who are not afraid – and who are dedicate to leading America out of its post-9/11 morass of state-sponsored, media-inflicted terror. In this, the March succeeded spectacularly…and would have succeeded even if it had been completely ignored by the media, as are almost all genuinely subversive events.
The goal (obviously) was not to draw a million people this year, but to make a statement…and set the stage for an event that really will draw a million people in the not-too-distant future.
The March’s predecessor, the 2011 Million Muslim March for 9/11 truth led by Annisa Abdul Fatah, attracted only a few dozen people and no media coverage, yet succeeded in demonstrating that at least a few American Muslims have the courage to stand up in public and say what two-thirds of American Muslims know: 9/11 was an inside job.
This year, by holding the event on 9/11, organizers were able to bait “Pavlov’s Fox” into drooling with rage on command. The result: Millions of Americans heard that there are Muslims and other Americans who want to memorialize ALL the 9/11 victims (including the millions of Muslims murdered in 9/11-triggered wars), prosecute the real 9/11 criminals, and end the dark post-9/11 era that has been dominated by the politics of fear.
The neocon media, led by Fox News, had pulled out all the stops in its efforts to terrorize the organizers into cancelling the March. By falsely billing it as a “Million Muslim March” desecrating the sacred Islamophobic 9/11 holiday, and repeatedly inviting haters to attack it, Fox stirred up a hornets’ next of cowardly internet thugs who inundated the March organizers with hundreds of death threats and unimaginably vile insults. Even the DC Park Police did their best to convince the organizers to postpone the March, fearing that millions of Hells Angels would be descending on the National Mall to beat participants into a bloody pulp.
Under those circumstances – and in the broiling heat – it took genuine courage not to back down.
By simply showing up, participants won a colossal victory.
As I will be explaining in my talk tomorrow at the DC 9/11 Truth Conference (watch it live) 9/11 was a ritual human sacrifice designed to trigger a deep-rooted scapegoating reflex in the human psyche, and unleash a mass human sacrifice of millions of Muslims. And one of the interesting things about scapegoating and human sacrifice is that it can be stopped by the victim – IF the victim refuses to go along with it, exposes the scapegoating mechanism behind it, and unveils the truth.
Human sacrifice can only work if the victim signals his or her acceptance of the myth behind it, and tacitly or explicitly agrees to go along with it.
And a myth only remains sacred if nobody can get away with questioning, debunking, or desecrating it.
If someone publicly and visibly desecrates a sacred myth and lives to tell the tale, that myth will quickly lose its sacred status.
By debunking the sacred 9/11 myth and the terror-state it created as a colossal fraud ON THE DAY ITSELF, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NATION’S MOST SACRED GROUND, and surviving to tell the tale, the Million American March Against Fear set in motion a process that will progressively desecrate and de-sacralize the whole sick myth invented by the neoconservative “experts on the creation and maintenance of public myths” who murdered almost 3,000 people on September 11th, 2001. Those satanic criminals will face justice in the next life…and, God willing in this one.
Below is a report from one of the March’s organizers, Chris Phillips, who hopes to build on this year’s event and come back next year and strike an even bigger blow against the politics of fear.

The United in Courage coalition led the march on the Capitol
The United in Courage coalition led the march on the Capitol

The Non-Mainstream Story of What Happened This 9/11

by Chris Phillips of United in Courage coalition
September 11, 2013 will forever go down in history as a day of optimistic expectations, of brave Americans coming together to share an important message, of shining bright lights into dark corners, of fearlessness in the face of hate. Before one can begin to understand what happened yesterday and why, one has to understand the history of how yesterday’s events came to be.
Many months ago, the American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC), deeply troubled after 12 years of oppressive, unconstitutional warmongering of the United States government, launched their Million Muslim March for September 11, 2013, however misguided their intentions may or may not have been. They realized their error quickly though and changed the name of their event to the Million American March Against Fear. Peace and truth activists from different groups caught wind of their intentions and signed on with support, and organizing for yesterday’s events continued.
Then Fox News caught wind of their old name, smelt a hot story, and ran with the original name “Million Muslim March,” inviting the Muslim organizers on their shows to repeatedly attack them and discredit them. Despite the name change, the conservative media had picked up on their old idea to get ratings, and it worked. Waves of hate came crashing down upon the organizers at that point as the false story broke “hateful Muslims disgracing the memory of 9-11 trying to implement Sharia law.” This then inspired a counter-protest, what everyone now knows as “2 Million Bikers to DC.” The stage had been set for a media circus and clash of cultures, no matter how many people turned up.
In the week leading up to the event, major names and players signed onto to speak. First, it was Dr. Cornel West, Harvard undergraduate, Princeton doctorate, and reknowned public speaker, who agreed to speak and march. Then it was Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley, acclaimed historian and public speaker, also signed on. Then to round out the heavy hitters, retired military chaplain and Episcopalian bishop George Packard the day before the event. Even Dr. Kevin Barrett was present, a respected scholar and activist, to bolster the academic merit of the speakers involved.
The media fear campaign had worked, and the turnout in support of the event was minimal. About 50 people in support attended, flanked by noisy, angry, hateful Christian groups intermingling with bikers. The counter-demonstrators did not outnumber the crowd in support, but were competitive in size. A few bikers in leather jackets, loud angry Christians, heckled the speakers, insulting them loudly, saying many negative things. Speaker after speaker took to the stage in the blazing hot sun, speaking to a number of different issues. Central to the event was that the theme that the U.S. government has mistreated the Muslim community since 9/11, that many scientific questions still plague the official storyline of events on 9/11, that 12 years of illegal wars have followed, and that there is nothing wrong in assembling freely, speaking freely, as free Americans, protecting the Constitution. Bishop Packard performed an interfaith blessing with a Jew and Muslim, Dr. Tarpley talked about the history of false flag attacks, and Dr. West spoke to the hypocrisies and inconsistencies of current American politicians and policies.
One person, Wayne Costa, represented Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, a group of almost 2,000 professionals who question the official storyline, himself a professional engineer. He went into great detail about scientific inconsistencies, about how Building 7 was never hit by a plane but fell anyway, about the free rate of fall of all the buildings involved and how that is not possible without the role of explosives to remove lower floors, pointing specifically to evidence of nano-thermite, a military-grade incendiary explosive. Another woman, Lindsey Lemmons, an activist who attended in support, came all the way from Mississippi, and spoke about her positive experiences doing outreach with the Christians and bikers. Pamela Senzee, an activist with ReThink 911, spoke about how her group had billboards up in Times Square highlighting the demolition of WTC Building 7.
To address this so-called “2 Million Bikers to DC” storyline, I did not see more than 100-200 bikers the entire day. At no point did massive biker rallies drive by. The bulk of them awaited the march at the Capitol building, where the marchers had a permit to rally safely. Back to the National Mall though, where Dr. Cornel West was the final speaker. After his speech, the march began without 20-30 supporters, with Dr. West holding the main “United In Courage” banner in the front. The marchers took to the streets on Independence Avenue, heading for the Capitol. It was approaching 100 degrees at this point, easily, and you could tell many were suffering. It was at the Capitol that the “biker opposition” became somewhat formidable. Bikers lined the street, revving their engines, thinking they could block the march from rallying. The march broke through their wall, walked across the Capitol lawn, and rallied again in the shade of some trees off to the side. The rally was short and to the point: The marchers were not afraid to break through the biker line, not afraid to rally on the Capitol as is their right, and that is exactly what happened. Bikers tried to drown out the march’s speaker system, but they were unable to fully do so, as they were all parked on the street a good distance away. A former U.S. Army soldier Elisabeth Watt-Norton spoke about her experiences before and after the Iraq War, how she used to see Muslims with hate, and how she doesn’t now.
The march then continued up Pennsylvania Avenue unimpeded by bikers, but followed by a Christian march hurling loud angry slogans. This observer could not help but wonder if they had received a permit like the March Against Fear had. In any case, the police allowed them to follow close behind and did nothing to stop them from verbally assaulting. The march then arrived at the White House, where they used their loudspeakers to project a message of peace to Mr. Obama, who himself right now seeks to launch a “new war in Syria,” (that is in quotes because Obama and the CIA has given the “rebels” fighting Assad millions of dollars in “non-lethal aid” which they then buy weapons with, so we really have been fighting there for almost 2 years, playing a despicable role in creating their civil war). Dr. West spoke one last time, the group disbanded, and everyone went home safe.
The absence of so many activists and peace-conscious people is proof positive of how much fear is still latent from the events of 9/11. People are afraid of reactive violence (from bikers or whomever). People are afraid of questioning official government storylines. People are afraid of protecting Muslim-American rights because so much hate, so much fear is sent directly at them. The rally and march was small in numbers but strong in spirit. They held their ground, they projected no hate to any group present, offered everyone water, and all in all, had a dignified, intimate event. Organizers profess that next year will be bigger and better, with more preparation and people. They believe that the seed has been planted, and that less people will be afraid next year. They have launched a new coalition that they believe best defines their position: United In Courage, a name that best describes what took place.
In the face of a world endlessly at war, the actions of these brave citizens are noble and worthy of our respect. If you do not stand up to defend your liberties, they will disappear. That’s the real story, and I’m sticking to it.
“Drone/Islamophobia/911-Truth March Runs Gauntlet of Bikers and Christian Fundamentalists”


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