The Top Ten Reasons Why Israel Should Be Bombed Back to the Stone Age


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Here are Yukon Jack’s top ten reasons why Israel should be bombed back to the stone age:

#10. Control of Western nations and the media. I am tired of having every channel on the boob tube play the same boring Zionist propaganda. If Israel disappeared then we wouldn’t have to listen to the media whine about Iran, Iran, Iran all day long.
#9. 9112001 and other False Flags like USS Liberty, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon. Israel’s terror operations are so negative, why can’t Israel do some Fun Flags? Like maybe they could give every kid at some Connecticut school icecream made from gefilte fish, that would be so funny.
#8. JFK assassination. Why can’t Israel assassinate some Presidents I don’t like? Israel only assassinates Democrats like JFK or Paul Wellstone, why can’t Israel assassinate some Republicans now and then?
#7. Stolen gold and world central banks. We all know how we are being ripped off by the central bankers and are wondering about what happened to the world’s gold and who produced those fake gold bars. It is sure funny that the world’s gold is being secretly carted back toward Israel in exchange for secretly placed nuclear bombs. I think we should stop trading our gold for bombs planted in our cities, that doesn’t seem like a good trade. Our nation should back up its fake money with real gold, I don’t know about this new fangled idea of backing fake money with fake gold, how’s that supposed to work? Who’s going to trust the worthless paper script when it’s backed by gold covered tungsten bars?
#6. Patriot Act and DHS. Have you checked ammo prices recently? I was down at the hardware store lookin’ to get some hollow points to take care of some my neighbors barking all night long hounds and they were sold out. It’s not fair that DHS is getting all the good hollow point ammo.
#5. Israel is the bully and trouble maker. By ending Israel the world will be a far better and safer place and Abe Foxman wouldn’t have to complain about the rise of antisemitism and then he could get a real job trafficking human organs with the local New York rabbis.
#4. Fukushima nuclear radiation catastrophe. I am tired of having to lug to the supermarket a cumbersome World War 2 radiation detector just to check the cans of tuna.
#3. Because Israel has the world’s biggest cache of illegal weapons and has threatened to nuke western cities and has used them in regional wars like Syria. Israel has been cheating using little nukes and its hard to tell if that troop position they just vaporized was a nuke or just an extra big bomb. How pathetic, little Israel uses little nukes. Nukes should be big, so when they go off everyone knows it and goes ahhhhhh, wow that’s one big smokin’ hole.
#2. Because the Rothschilds should not have their own country. It’s not fair that the Rothschilds get their own country, if the Rothschilds get a country, everyone else should get one to. If I can’t have my own country and supreme court then neither should the Rothschilds.
#1. And finally the number one reason Israel should be bombed back to the stone age is because Neanderthals should live in their natural environment.


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