Are Netanyahu and Foxman Holocaust Deniers?


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Bibi bombs at the UN last year
Bibi bombs at the UN last year – and again this year. “Way to go, Bibi…do they really pay you for this” ?

“I  won’t allow the Israeli delegation to be part of a cynical public relations charade by a regime that denies the Holocaust and calls for our destruction.”… Bibi  Netanyahu, militant  Zionist


   … by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,    … with  New Eastern Outlook, Moscow


Israeli military vehicle seized in Syria
Israeli military vehicle seized in Syria

Militant Zionists were pulling out all the stops and betting the Israeli farm on guilt tripping the world one more time at the UN this week. Both or Bibi’s claims above are worn out lies. The man is no quitter, that is for sure.
Always the world’s professional victims, Israelis had no shame pushing the 100,000 dead and millions of homeless Syrians to the back of the victim bus.
At the end of the day, only one thing matters, ‘it is all about the Jews’.
This even includes the WWII victims. Here in the US by the time elementary school kids are finished being bused to all the holocaust indoctrination centers the main item imprinted on their young minds about the worst part of WWII was that a lot of Jews were killed.
When it comes to the 50 million estimated who died overall, they don’t know too much about that. They are not allowed to care. That is stolen from them by a ruthless propaganda machine.
A key part of Zionist intelligence operations has been the car jacking of WWII victim supremacy. All non Jews who died are banished into oblivion as the Zios do not like any competition when it comes to exploiting the dead. Reparations for non Jews who lost property?…they are not interested. That is ‘for Jews only’.

No one has been sent further to the back of the bus than the WWII Russians. Because the Zios have been sucking up all the victim attention, young people today know hardly anything about the suffering of their own families. You could ask American high schoolers about Leningrad and Stalingrad today and they know almost nothing.

Yes folks, Netanyahu is a holocaust denier, because other than the Jews who died, no one else really mattered. He and his gang consider any moral equivalency an insult to Jews. For years now in my writing I have referred to that frame of mind as ‘victim supremacy’. It has never been denounced as it should, but I will never stop trying as long as I have a breath in me.

Having two, or three of worse then one
Having two, or three of these…is worse then one

My mother was a WWII widow at 16 years old, and she has three flags now, for two husbands and one son.
But on Veterans Day when they have the parade, does anyone call to ask if she wants to ride in the parade? No. She invited herself one year, but that was it.
Children today, even teenagers with WWII veteran ancestors, most will not even know the unit their great grandfather fought in, but they will know all about the holocaust, because they have to learn it at school.
I interviewed an incredible Russian WWII vet in Atlanta some years ago and enjoyed a Victory Day evening with the Russian veteran community representing my Military Order of World War group.
He had been a big strapping young Russian kid in officer candidate school, in a class of 350. When things were really bad in Stalingrad they were all sent to the front as desperately needed infantry.
They fought for three days and were then pulled out, about 30 survivors, so there would be some experienced officers to show for the loss of his class. They went in with no winter coats, and no food. There was no resupply of ammo.

If they did not want to freeze to death at night they had to kill a German and take his coat, his food, his weapon and his ammo. He went all the way to Berlin, wounded several times, ending up as a general at the end in Hitler’s bunker. It was an incredible journey, yet humbly told.

Stalingrad - 1942
Stalingrad – 1942

Israelis don’t want to share the stage with stories like this. They don’t want to acknowledge comparable suffering, or…God forbid…even worse. So last week we saw the pitiful manipulation of the Syrian sarin gassing hijacked by American Jewish lobby here, an arm of Israeli espionage.
Their assigned task was to refocus public attention and concern on Israelis who are sitting on the largest stockpiles of WMD in the region, as their being under some kind of a mortal pending threat, which is totally bogus from the word go.

The pitch is always the same. Anyone who can retaliate from a pre-emptive strike by Israel is deemed a threat. This is the Neo-Con inspired national security policy that Bill Clinton rolled over for to get some Jewish votes for his mid term elections.

Obama trotted this out in his UN speech with his own version of spreading peace and harmony with the help of the military threat always hanging over any negotiations. We got this from a man holding a Nobel peace prize. It all seems like a hallucination.

AIPAC did not take the Hill this time, and maybe never again
AIPAC did not take the Hill this time, and maybe never again

But the American Jewish Lobby holocaust deniers have thrown caution to the wind.
Their Israeli espionage handlers tasked them with making sure Obama went through on his Syria attack, which to the militant Zionists is the road to Tehran.
None of these groups have never had the slightest problem with the holocausting of the Palestinians, including the children of Gaza. They think it is just wonderful.
The people of Syria have been going through a holocaust of their own, one in which Israelis have launched attacks and have openly supported terrorist groups operating inside Syria. VT has confirmed this with multiple intelligence sources, civilian, military and diplomatic.
Abe Foxman, the head propagandist of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), won the first hypocrisy award with this gem. “As Jews, we are particularly sickened by the images of unarmed and defenseless men, women and children who were indiscriminately targeted for death by toxic chemical weapons made and stockpiled by the Syrian government.”

By the way, the ADL and AIPAC are regarded by American Intel as being long time assets of Israeli Intelligence. But due to their political espionage here there is a stand down with our counter intelligence from prosecuting them. This makes them sloppy in their methods, which are not discreet.

“The civilized world cannot tolerate the use of these barbaric weapons, particularly against an innocent civilian population including hundreds of children,” the group said in its statement, which was signed by AIPAC President Michael Kassen and Howard Kohr, the chief executive.

AIPACs Michael Kassen and Bibi
AIPACs Michael Kassen and Bibi

Notice how they all agreed on focusing on the children, which is why we feel so many kids were killed, purely for the PR value that you see them trying to manipulate here. Yes folks, they would have kids killed to use like this.

These dual citizen traitors have long experience in having two teams saying different things which they can latter use quotes to back up which ever position they choose as their historical one. It’s an old psyops con.

What they did here is task some spokesman as saying Israel did not want to get involved, and others to push full force for an attack. We call this the ‘good cop, bad cop’ routine.

The Jewish lobbies, lead by AIPAC very publicly bragged that they had a 250 man hit squad going to Congress to browbeat Congress into supporting Obama on a Syrian strike.

We now know they were defeated by the American people who just poured the phone calls into the White House and their elected representatives to let them know they felt they were being flagrantly lied to by the Obama administration.

Congressional staff reported to us they have never seen anything like it before, and it really rattled their bosses.

AIPAC staging - Is Israel part of America?...or the other way around?
AIPAC staging – Is Israel part of America?…or the other way around?

Here is New York Representative Eliot Engel, the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, playing his assigned role as ‘proof’ the Israelis did not want the American military fighting for them and the taxpayers footing the bill, a flagrant lie.

“The Israelis will always take care of themselves. They have never asked for our military. They will never ask for anyone to defend them but themselves, and I think that Israel will be just fine.” Sure Eliot, that is why the Zios wanted their military assistance budget voted ten years in advance.

But the Times of Israel, a Mossad online newspaper played a different role quoting AIPAC and the ADL, “Barbarism on a mass scale must not be given a free pass,” says AIPAC; ADL cites ‘moral and national security grounds’ for attack.”

I will close with a veiled threat example from the ADL’s Abe Foxman on Iran. When the Syrian attack fizzled out their back up plan was to crank up the Iran bomb threat. “…for those who would want to avoid a military confrontation with Iran, the best chance lies in making clear that continued Iranian obstinacy will inevitably lead in that direction.”

Abe 'da fox' Foxman
Abe ‘da fox’ Foxman

In the ADL’s statement, National Chair Barry Curtiss-Lusher and National Director Abraham Foxman said that “any nation that violates international norms and obligations which threaten the peace and security of the world must face the consequences of those dangerous acts.”

If the rivers of Syrian ran red with blood and Iran was one big parking lot from thermonuclear blasts, these Zionist holocaust deniers would swear they had nothing to do with it.

But with their statements above they condemn themselves as they have a long history of threatening peace and security, ‘violating international norms and obligations’. And we have let them get away with it.

But I smell change in the air. Maybe a military strike against THEM, to ‘degrade’ their threat, a surrender of all of their WMD would be a good idea.

But I would go even further. I would demilitarize Israel like Japan after WWII, as just being too dangerous to be allowed to have any military at all. Sure, we will all have to change our political landscapes in a major way to do this, but so what.

Jim W. Dean is the managing editor for, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, a member of the Assoc. for Intelligence Officers and Sons of Confederate Veterans, specially for New Eastern Outlook.



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