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NEO…Henry Kamens – Will Friends of Russia be railroaded?

Jim W. Dean..."Henry takes us into a news backwater, the simmering situation between the Republic of Georgia and its uppity former possession, Abkhazia."

NEO – No pensions, water, electricity: Ukrainian way to the EU

- If we would hold a referendum today in Luhansk, most of the population would favor annexation to Russia

NEO – Latest Terrorist Attack Inside Russia has All Marks of...

- Henry Kamens - America can’t survive without enemies, having discarded the one thing that could have replaced them--the positive values it claims to have, in whose name all its state-sponsored terrorism is committed.

NEO – Putin Pipeline Moves and European Union stupidity

- South Stream is dead -- It was the $45 billion project to deliver Russian natural gas via underwater pipeline through the Black Sea to Bulgaria & on to other Balkan & southern European markets.

NEO – Mideast crisis and America’s shifting alliances

- Salman Sheikh gives us a tour of the evolving US-Iran relationship, viewed as a Hail Mary pass because the Israel Lobby has to be defeated for it to succeed.

NEO – Justice is Lynched in Ferguson

- The Ferguson race scam is an attack on America from an enemy within -- and I don’t mean the rioters in the streets.

NEO – Israel and Jim Crow: Creeping Segregation

- Heroine Rosa Parks refused to sit in the “blacks only” section... Will Israeli women tire of breathing the exhaust fumes at the back of their buses?

NEO – Banning Malaysia from MH17 Investigation reeks of a coverup

- Ulson Gunnar - "After the MH17 flight was shot down over Ukraine in July, Malaysia has been systematically blocked, leaving a pro-NATO bloc in charge of the evidence."

NEO – Iran’s Nuclear Program: Who’s in charge in Washington

- Victor Titov - "Iranian leaders should not forget who now manages the activities of the White House on Iran."

NEO – Murder Investigators Suffer Suspicious Deaths – Coincidence NOT!

- Henry Kamens - "What happens in Georgia today is what the US would like to see happen everywhere. America has shown it will go to any lengths to get its own way."

Islamist Dogs of War in Ukraine

First Ukraine & Russia, and now Poland are having to combat state-sponsored Gladio terrorism within their countries.

NEO – America's Real Ties to ISIS

US CIA-trained Chechens are at the forefront of nearly every terrorist struggle, fighting against US forces in Afghanistan, leading ISIS brigades & tied to the Boston Marathon bombings.

NEO – George Soros- The EU a failed experiment in international...

- Steven MacMillan - "The EU is on the verge of crumbling due to economic problems, the political fallout after the illegal coup in Ukraine & the economic war on Russia."

NEO – Egypt and Russia – “Historical Realities” between Old Friends

- "Seth Ferris takes us back into the maze of Egyptian geopolitics with the 19th century framing needed to have any chance of understanding it all."

NEO – Washington’s New Enemy Image – Victor Orbán

- Orbán's cardinal sin is his defiance of Washington by signing an agreement with Gazprom for bringing the Russian South Stream gas pipeline into the EU via Hungary.

NEO – West supports Kiev in new East Ukraine war

- "More signs of an impending offensive by Kiev & the West...defacto proof that this offensive was planned before the Minsk ceasefire was signed."

NEO – America’s Nuclear Command Meltdown

- "This week, Sec. of Defense Chuck Hagel is expected to announce the entire restructure of America’s nuclear weapons force based on two studies."

NEO – US-Armed Syrian Opposition “Surrenders” to Al Qaeda?

- 'NEO's Ulson Gunnar gives us a review of “terror org musical chairs”, a game hard to follow as the order of battle changes weekly, if not more often.'

NEO – US-backed Regime Change in Georgia

- "Henry Kamens takes us back into the maze of Georgian politics where regime change, corruption and US subversion is the name of the game."

NEO – Stewart, Colbert and the upcoming Nazi Terrorist conference in...

- "Our new allies in Ukraine now include hard core fascists who are using their Parliamentary immunity to espouse what would get most people arrested."

NEO – USS Liberty Film Only a First Step

- There isn’t anything you can’t do to Americans... ninety-year-old Veterans can be gunned down by police for “brandishing” shoe horns or mobile phones.

NEO – ISIL attacked Saudi Arabia

- "Viktor Titov brings us his analysis of the recent “trained in Syria” Sunni terrorists coming home to Saudi Arabia to shoot Shias down in cold blood."

NEO – Ex-EU Diplomats want Iran nuke settlement now

- "The enemies of peace will launch any last minute deal-killers they have been saving, which could include a false flag terror attack."

NEO – Old Tricks from Old Dogs: Afghanistan to Abkhazia

- " Seth Ferris takes us into the Black Sea backwater of Abkhazia which sided with the Russians in the US backed Georgian’s attack on South Ossetia ..."

NEO – Has Washington just shot itself in the Oily foot?

- Jim W. Dean..."William Engdhal revists his American shale oil Ponzi scheme theme that he has been writing about for some time now."

NEO – How are Frozen bank accounts used by the West?

- Sofia Pale - "The US has started using the lucrative 'blocking bank assets' as an effective tool to control the activities of political leaders & activists in different countries."

NEO – Plan X is White House’s Cyberspace Conquest

- "Valdimir Platov brings us more coverage on a cloud that is coming not only over the world, but America, too...social network controls"

NEO – Ukraine Democracy is a $3 bill

- "Poroshenko sent his political adversaries a "democratic Ukrainian message" of artillery shelling, GRAD rocket attacks & ballistic missiles."

NEO – A Strange tale about ISIS

- "ISIS has money when there is no money; they have fuel when there is no fuel. They get floods of new recruits when all borders are sealed,"

NEO – Georgia in the Ebola Zone

- "Henry Kamens takes us back to the front lines of the US beacon of freedom and democracy running illegal bio-weapons labs in overseas,"

NEO – China’s Dragon at Large

- "Neo's Vladimir Terehov takes us into the evolving dynamics of the Asian economy both in terms of inter-Asia trade and the West."

NEO – Putin Exposes Criminal Global Order

- "NEO’s Ulson Gunnar brings us a timely piece on the Valdai Club meeting this year where international experts were brought into Russia for extensive discussions."

NEO – Has the US Nuked Syria?

- "My guess is it is a test for micro nukes of some type, also called “uranium deuterium triggers.” ...Jeff Smith, ex-IAEA Non-Proliferation investigator.

NEO – The US and ISIL Nexus

- "Henry Kamens pulls together many of the loose ends on the West's involvement with ISIL,...spread out at different times and different media."

NEO – Oil Oligarchs continue global takedown

- "The big game now is not the fight over the resources, but for the customers, in terms of the means to supply them and the price... through pipelines."

NEO – America’s Chechen Proxy Terrorists

- "Henry Kamens takes us on a trip to one of the headwaters of modern terrorism, where unknowing US taxpayers have been footing the bill."

NEO – New SWIFT system for China and Russia

- Jim W. Dean..."The financial uncoupling of the East and West, which would probably have taken a generation, will now be over in five years."

NEO: 9/11 Plus Thirteen Years – A Decline Into Madness

- The American congress is willing to vote away constitutional rights, authorize insane wars using illegal WMD - including tactical nuclear weapons - in what they openly admit is a religious crusade.

NEO – Organized Crime in the 21st Century

- Organized crime does not get much coverage during these times where countries are engaged in major state-sponsored terrorism.

NEO – The World gets smaller as ambitions grow

- "Seth Ferris goes against the grain, and deeper, in his analysis of what is really driving the divide and conquer game playing out on the world stage now."