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Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, stepped forward regarding the Syrian chemical weapons attack and said: “This was an Israeli false flag.”
He cited his intelligence sources as saying that it was actually the Israelis that killed all those people with gas.
He was just one of many people going “way off script” in the US regarding the heinous attack.
Dr. Kevin Barrett in an exclusive interview with the Voice of Russia was very candid when he said it was stunning that someone like Saudi Prince Bandar would come to Putin and threaten to bomb the Winter Olympics and claim that he was acting with the full support of the US Government.
According to Dr. Barrett the US government, threatening to bomb the Olympic Games with Al-Qaeda, through its Saudi proxy, turns the whole “War on Terror Paradigm” on its head.


Hello, this is John Robles, You are listening to an interview with Doctor Kevin Barrett, a Doctor of Arabic and Islamic Studies and the co founder of Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for Truth, he is also the owner and the manager of the website. This is part 2 of an interview in progress, you can find the previous parts on our website at
Robles: Now in Syria there are all supporting what supposed to be the enemy of all mankind, Al-Qaeda.
Barrett: Right, and this is all so impossible to summarize and sell to the American people. So what they did in order to try to sell their war on Syria is, they took a page out of the same old book that they’ve used for the war on Iraq (9/11 was false flag terrorism), so here apparently they did a false flag attack in Syria, and then they did the same kind of rhetoric that they used against Saddaam Hussein. They said: “Oh it’s chemical weapons! Weapons of mass destruction! Etc., etc. They raised a big stink out about this horrible atrocity in Ghouta but actually it turns out it was apparently a false flag.
And this one incident of a chemical weapons attack, there is no evidence that Assad did it. All the circumstantial evidence was against it from the get go. And then as more and more evidence has rolled in, it’s become ever more clear that this was a false flag attack. And so these “war mongers” were trying to sell this completely inexplicable intervention in Syria on the basis of showing pictures of dead children and claiming: “Look at these terrible, horrible pictures! It’s all the fault of this demonized guy Assad” – but that wasn’t enough.
The American people were not convinced and they asked all kind of questions, like number one: “Why is it so much more terrible to be killed by chemical weapons than to be killed by all these other weapons?”
Two: “What’s the evidence that Assad really did this?”
Three: “What is the end-game, what is the strategic purpose of bombing Syria?”
Four: “If the main opponents of the Assad are Al-Qaeda fanatics, are these really the people we want to put in charge of Syria?”
So these are the types of questions that even fairly mainstream Americans have been asking. Conservative people like Pat Buchanan, Ron and Rand Paul, even Lawrence Wilkerson who was chief of staff to Colin Powell, a guy you might term as Colin Powell’s brain, in the same way that Karl Rove was Bush’s brain.
Wilkerson stepped forward and said: “This was an Israeli false flag.”
He cited his intelligence sources as saying that it was actually the Israelis that killed all those people with gas.
So there have been a whole lot of people going way “off script” here in the US and they have dismally failed to sell this war to the American people.
And I hope this will be the start of a movement away from the post 9-11 politics of endless wars on the Middle East.
Robles: I mean: we are talking about this, I mean… I kind of get the feeling like we are talking about normal events going on, but we are talking about: “426 children were killed as a pretext to invade a country!” Is anybody thinking about that? Is anybody thinking about going after the people who were behind this, because these are obviously, monsters of historic proportion?
Barrett: The reports are… It is hard to tell for sure what’s really going on on the ground in Syria, but from the available reports it sounds like children were kidnapped, these were apparently, at least according to some reports, Alawite children.
Robles: Right! From Latakia.
Barrett: Exactly! From the mountains. These are people from the same ethnic and religious group as President Assad. They were apparently kidnapped by these rebels and killed and then shown to the world as alleged dead victims of Assad. And yes, that is very much like what happened on 9/11: where these insiders butchered nearly 3,000 people and showed horrible pictures to the world and then blamed the victims!
In other words the whole thing was staged, 9-11, to go after the Middle East, and go after the Muslims, who were falsely blamed for doing it. And then this time it is all staged to go to after Assad and the Alawites – and it turns out that the Alawites were the victims, their kids were the ones that were apparently kidnapped and murdered.
So yeah, we need a real investigation of what’s going on in Syria and probably the only way that’s ever going to happen is if peace is allowed to break out. And the only road to peace that I can see would be essentially for the West to stop supporting these co-called rebels and allow President Assad’s amnesty offer to work.
Apparently there have been over a thousand of these former rebels who have taken this amnesty offer, the actual Syrians who have been fighting against Assad, and I would say with some reason. There is a real conflict in Syria that goes back decades, and I don’t really blame some of these people for hating their government. But joining these lunatics from Saudi Arabia in the pay of Israel and the US is not the solution, and more and more of them are seeing it.
So the best outcome I can think of would be for Assad to belatedly become a bit generous and really make sure that this amnesty offer really works, and bring in the Syrians who have been fighting him, bring them back in society and work out a way for peaceful change in Syria.
That would be the best possible outcome and then if Syria comes back under control, and there is law and order in the country, at that point it would be possible to do a real investigation of this atrocity.
Robles: I don’t think the United States wants that to happen. I mean 90% of the fighters there are being imported. I mean there are these Al-Qaeda affiliated groups, Al-Nusra, Wahhabbists and others. President Assad gave an interview yesterday to the US media and he said up to 90% of the so-called rebels are foreign fighters. So, I think they have to be extracted before anything can actually happen as far as peace goes.
Barrett: I agree. It is really a disguised war on Syria that they have managed to sell as a civil war. I think it was a set up, I think that there are plenty of indications that this has been planned for a long time, and that the Arab Spring provided an excuse.
They were able to get lots of people out into the streets, and of course, that wasn’t all that difficult, given the fact that there are these sectarian differences in Syria that have had a long bloody history.
So once they got those people out in the streets, then it appears that a lot of false flag activity was going on with snipers, firing on crowds, to make them think that government troops were shooting them and then other snipers firing on the government troops to make them think that the crowds were shooting them.
There were these mercenaries and killers sent into Syria to turn the Arab Spring demonstrations into a civil war and once they had this pretext of a civil war, then the mercenaries could start flooding in.
And it’s really a disgrace to Islam. I have been a Muslim since 1993 and it seems to me, that it is just tragic to have this kind of regime in Saudi Arabia run by playboy billionaire hypocrites, funding these kind of murderous activities on behalf of an empire that seeks to just keep on crushing Muslims all over the world.
And the poor people who are brainwashed into becoming mercenaries for these extremist Saudi rulers are really not using their heads. I think that it’s a combination of…there is a certain element of fanaticism…there is also a lot of money being paid to people who are willing to go fight. But there is a noble intention to defend Islam, which really is what motivates a lot of people, when they want to go fight somewhere. It is being warped and twisted and turned inside out by propagandists and in particular by the Saudis, who I think are really the worst offenders in this regard.
Robles: The Saudis, now they are the principle here, in funding, controlling, financing, organizing, importing/exporting, arming all of these terrorist groups. And Bandar “Bush”, or Prince Bandar, he even admitted to President Putin that they control the Chechen terrorists and threatened Russia with a terrorist event at the Sochi Olympics in 2014 if President Putin didn’t pull his support for Syria.
Do you see the US being supportive of a Saudi agenda bringing about all this violence, or do you see the US pushing this agenda and the Saudis going along with it? Who is really behind all this? And 9/11 as well, if you could comment.
Barrett: Right. I don’t think it’s any particular nation that’s behind any of this. I think it is a global ruling elite that has been very well explored by Peter Phillips, who’s the professor in California who put together “Project Censored”.
His most recent work concerns figuring who are actually the members of this sort of hidden global elite that control most of the finance capital on earth. And so these are the people who are really making the decisions and they are making the decisions on behalf of their class, not really in the interest of any particular country.
Listen to Kevin Barrett’s recent interview with Peter Phillips
Now it is true that these people tend to be overwhelmingly white and Euro-American. They are probably grossly disproportionally Jewish, probably not the majority, but certainly more than the 1 or 2% of the Western population that is Jewish. And so there is a certain affinity for Israel in this group as well. But generally these people are just protecting their power and their class interest, and so: “Who are this people?”
Well, we have on the one hand, the Rothschild family, and these other big banking families and then we have all sorts of technicians who’ve risen to the top and are now the managers of these investment funds. Those kinds of people and the Saudis obviously control quite a bit of money.
They have cut a deal with this empire, they are allowed to pocket many many billions of dollars, in return for serving as sort of the “custodians” of this oil rich peninsula.
So at the very top of this global elite are the people controlling most of the money. I think these are the people who are making these decisions.
They want to expand their empire which currently dominates Europe, the US, and several other parts of the world, but doesn’t really, fully control the world yet. But I think they would love to control the whole world. They want to keep expanding.
So the strategy they’re following is: Whenever there is country that is fairly cohesive and is not cooperating with their program – and Syria would qualify, Iran would qualify, Russia would qualify, maybe tomorrow it would be China – then these nations and their leaders become targets.
So I think that is the way the game is being played. And when you cited this meeting between Bandar, who is sometimes known as Bandar “Bush” because he is an honorary member of the Bush Crime Family here in the US, and President Putin… the meeting in which Bandar Bush rather outrageously said: “Which do you want, billions of dollars in this hand or do you want us to go stage a huge terrorist attack at the Winter Olympics next year?”
Talking about an outrageous Mafiosi style approach, it’s so crude and thuggish. The reports are that President Putin rejected this approach.
Robles: He just gave him a big “NYET”.
Barrett: A bit “Nyet” saying that we are not interested in this kind of dealing. We want to be dealing in an above board way, with people that we can have confidence in. I think that is the best possible way…
Robles: With people who share our views, right?
Barrett: Yeah. So, but it is kind of stunning that someone like Bandar would come to Putin and threaten to bomb the Winter Olympics and claim that he was acting with the full support of the US Government. Since when is the US government going to be threatening to bomb the Olympic Games with Al-Qaeda, through its Saudi proxy?! It kind of turns the whole “War on Terror Paradigm” on its head.
That was the end of part 2 of an interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Doctor in Arabic and Islamic Studies and the co founder of Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for truth, he is also the owner and the manager of the


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