US Blunders


US blunders and its Iran policy (two days ago)

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

“For years, there has been a “witch hunt,” with America flexing its full “police state muscle.” The great successes of the Bush era “war on terror” have been, for the most part, horrific abuses of judicial process, buying testimony, falsifying evidence, targeting individuals and groups as being in “material support of terrorism.”

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American blunders, mostly tied to Syria, have pushed the US into a sane policy with Iran. When America acts with diplomacy and thoughtfulness, it is obviously under duress.

American policy in Syria has been exposed, not as support for “moderates” over “extremists” against Assad but as a prelude to a planned genocide that will sweep the region lasting a generation.
Iran’s Moral Victory
Now it stands for Iran to throw President Obama a “lifeline,” saving a drowning man, someone who has blundered into circumstances beyond his control, beyond his understanding, even beyond his comprehension.
Iran is now enjoying leverage, able to watch the US and its congressionally backed sanctions stew in its own failures.
Obama Beset
President Obama had never intended to show Iran respect. Around the world, “Obama watchers,” those who have seen his decline into unilateralism and belligerence, have been shocked with this newest Obama turnaround.
What isn’t seen is the behind-the-scenes maneuvering, the blackmail, the leverage and the horrific blunders that have the United States reeling, looking for a policy that will allow America to remain relevant.
Kerry’s Comedy of Errors
Two days ago, sources within the Pentagon cited the irony or perhaps even insanity of the Obama policy in Syria.

“If we think the fighting between rebel groups in Syria is serious, this will be nothing in comparison to what we see if Assad is forced to leave, even if his departure is through diplomatic negotiation.
The Obama/Kerry policy has added a new dimension. Kerry believes he can control the flow of arms to what he thinks are “moderate” groups.
The insanity there is that, in arming one faction, he is predicting a second civil war and assuming Assad’s fall and a protracted and extremely bloody civil war.
Is he so stupid he doesn’t believe people see that? We are seeing a repeat of the fall of Nationalist China to the Communists in 1949. Millions lost their lives after Mao took control, the same is more than likely in Syria if Kerry’s plans work.
America doesn’t have enough “boots on the ground” available to deal with that contingency.”

The more frightening issue is the new US policy that would now allow “material support” to terrorist groups fighting Assad.
Terrorists Trying to Fight “Terrorism?”
For years, there has been a “witch hunt,” with America flexing its full “police state muscle.” The great successes of the Bush era “war on terror” have been, for the most part, horrific abuses of judicial process, buying testimony, falsifying evidence, targeting individuals and groups as being in “material support of terrorism.”
Congressman/Ambassador Mark Siljander was one of those targets, initially charged with dozens of obscure crimes, a government lashing out at one of its own who stood against the invasion of Iraq.
Siljander has finally come forward, outlining how the Department of Justice bribed witnesses and falsified evidence, blackmailing him into accepting a short prison sentence or spending decades locked away under Patriot Act provisions, all without legal redress.
While in prison, Siljander managed to contract a rare and almost always fatal cancer.
I can’t say I am surprised.
Funding Very Real Terrorism
Over the last dozen years, the United States has done more to radicalize Islam and create enemies around the world than, perhaps, any political entity since the Roman Empire.
We saw what happened to them.
Building on the victimization mythology of 9/11, the US entered on a period of naked aggression, building a drug empire in Afghanistan, robbing Iran of its oil, plotting and conniving around the world, stolen resources, destabilized governments, false flag terrorism, blackmail, contrived news, invented “evildoers.”
After a year, skepticism began. After four or five years, new terror acts like the 7/7 attacks lacked credibility.
All the while, Israel hung around America’s neck like an albatross.
However, America had built a mechanism for control, drones for assassination, sanctions for economic destruction and starvation, drug cartels to keep congress paid off and happy and phony news to keep the timid fat and stupid.
America lived above the law; war criminals were always “others,” never Americans and certainly never Israelis.
Billions, even trillions could be sent to gangsters/banksters or stolen by an interwoven conspiracy of criminal elites.
Then came Syria. America faced a return to the surrogacy warfare of the Cold War, with Russia more than able to arm Syria.
This led Obama to a world-class blunder, his decision to “sanctify” anti-Assad groups. Suddenly, laws applied like a hammer, choking off even real humanitarian groups supporting orphans in Africa or Palestinian refugees, disappeared.
In order to allow money to flow freely to the “rebel groups” in Syria, the United States has been forced to back away from any and all oversight of international money laundering and arms smuggling.
Mostly, America has had to end all attempts to regulate the flow of funds to terrorists, not just those fighting Assad but everywhere.
Global Insurgency
What American policy has created, as noted by Zbigniew Brzezinski, is a global awakening. People around the world are politically aware. Moreover, they are not just aware, they are angry and increasingly radicalized, an understandable and totally predictable response to a very real tyranny.
Syria is now the epicenter of that struggle, where factions representing radicalized elements are supposed to be fighting alongside “moderate” groups that are, in reality, serving power elites.
Anyone who believes that regulating shipments of arms will quell the differences between these two factions, each with far more animosity against each other than against the Assad government, is insane.
Anyone who believes that this is a “Syria only” conflict or that it will end with the resignation of President Assad is insane also.
Money going to Syria will fund enemies of American based tyranny around the world. Nations who have been maneuvered into supporting the US will be targeted. We have seen this recently but it has been going on for much longer.
Africa will be the long-term battleground.
Where Obama’s failure has finally sunk in is in the realization that General Dempsey was right all along.
Assad was never the target of the war in Syria. It is only for Assad to step aside and let the real war begin, one that will kill millions not a mere hundred thousand.
This is the war America has created and fed.
This is the door America is trying to close, a door that America no longer controls.
To take attention off this failure of unprecedented magnitude, America has chosen to refocus on Iran.
Iran feels America’s desperation.


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