Inside Beltway III: Creating Cover for Big Shift


by Preston James

92431-cartoon1495Inside the beltway, it’s doofuses ‘R us and perhaps the world’s biggest collection of gangsters, liars, criminal psychopaths and incompetents.
And now it’s getting exposed, even in the Major Mass Media.
And the alternative Internet Media is going wild exposing the dark criminal underbelly of the USG and American Intel leaders who have now lost all the respect of “we the people” and have damaged their agencies beyond repair.
Good work gentlemen, you have now terribly harmed America with your crimes and treason, and are still lying through your teeth and breaking the laws while violating the Constitution and your Oath to it which makes this damage even worse.
You just never thought that you would get caught. But you did and it’s time to resign and stop your crimes against “we the people”. If you had any self-respect, personal honor or any respect for the rule of law you would immediately arrest yourselves and surrender to the nearest US Magistrate. You seem to have no trouble prosecuting thousands for victimless crimes and falsely trumped up, framed charges to discredit honest whistle-blowers as well as your assets and operatives involved in Iran/Contra and other such black operations (you filled several federal prisons with them, Vacaville is but one example). You have murdered countless spooky teams, special ops and Navy Seals after their missions to cover up your crimes and you think the rest haven’t found out about it? It’s only a matter of time and you will be completely exposed for your crimes, mass-murders, and massive narcotics trafficking because many of your insiders, folks you thought were your friends, are now jumping ship and coming clean to save themselves. Time for justice and Rule of Law to be applied to you for your criminal acts while in official office. You should be extended the same amount of mercy you have extended to your victims which is none.

For the average American to be willing to allow American Sovereignty to be taken away and the United States of America to be folded into the NWO, the political process is being manipulated to make USG officials appear to be either gangsters, incompetents or insincere “human compromised” doofuses and shills (which they actually just happen to be),  thereby destroying any respect Americans hold for these USG politicians and officials and now also America, the nation-state as it currently is.

Guns-to-Terrorist-590-LIThus when  a NWO one-world Government is presented in a time of engineered major breakdown, Americans should be suitably motivated to accept the new system with open arms, unless this spell is broken from too many people waking up before the Ruling Cabal aka the Powers That Be (PTB) can pull off this Big Shift to a Globalist NWO system run out of Europe.

When a major covert force that controls the world induces major cataclysmic moves in the background to engineer and stage the World’s largest Economic Restructuring and Collapse in modern history along with near complete social disintegration, it must create political cover to keep from being exposed and stopped cold before it has attained its goal.

To do this it places puppets in power that have a proven track record of public but hidden crimes and incompetencies and/or can easily be blackmailed or human compromised. Then as the system crumbles the public will just blame it on dysfunctional American politics and its incompetent and corrupt doofuses at the wheel rather than a long term conspiracy by an off planet alien ET entity or Third Force.

Expose the game, remove their cover story and their whole game-plan immediately is under a direct threat from “we the people”. That is why their major mass media is so important for their control and that is exactly what the Powers That Be (PTB) aka the Ruling Cabal have been able to do until now.  Why?  Because six major central banks own all of the major mass media making it nearly completely controlled and make sure it functions as their propaganda mouthpiece.

This Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) however is now being directly threatened by a newly emergent worldwide Internet, because the Alternative News it provides is eliciting a new world populism which is rapidly eroding any respect for the CMMM as well as the USG and all its agencies as well as the Judiciary.  It’s like with the fable the King’s New Clothes where the King is now openly described as being actually Naked, and some of the CMMM actually publishing these stories and continuing this narrative.
[youtube Er2G-7YQOr0]

Watch how the Mainstream Media has now shifted gears and turned on American Intel and the Administration and is allowing it to be exposed publicly for the first time for its major crimes against “we the people”.  This is a major lane change and suggests higher powers beyond the USG are at work here to reshape American thinking about the USG into a realistic view to that of near complete political corruption and major Intel crimes against “we the people”.

[youtube lBmLwPhqYzU]
In real terms what this means is that there is a mad race now between the existing order and their CMMM, versus the newly emerging populism which is a direct byproduct of the Internet, which in reality is a new worldwide Conscious-Collective gaining power by the minute.  Unless the PTB quickly institute a complete fascist Stasi style lock-down, they will be overpowered by the masses and become fully exposed for their RICO crime syndicate and will be deposed.

Could it be that this mad race itself has been engineered as part of a larger plan that the current ruling cabal (PTB) do not understand and that their own demise has been engineered? Could it be that all the cutouts that have done the dirty work for the world zionist Central Banksters syndicate run out of the City of London (aka the Rothschilds) will be thrown under the bus and all cutouts even the big boys will be thrown under the bus in one of the greatest reversals and betrayals in history?

Could it be that the Third Force is now making its move and anyhow who ever claimed the Third force was loyal to cutouts once it is done with them when it no longer needs them.
Mike Harris has pointed out what is really behind the NeoCon zionist pressure for America to attack and invade Syria as a precursor for doing the same in Iran.
[youtube JAAcx4wkaDU]
Many now view this disintegration of the economy and rule of law as little more than a byproduct of the political elections trashed by the twisted, dumbed-down masses which appear to have continually elected “incompetents and doofuses” into the presidency ever since JFK was assassinated.
Of course few realize that most elections since JFK have been manipulated, some even faked by electronic vote fraud, and one stolen by a cooked Supreme Court decision which was blatantly illegal at face value.

There is a very powerful secret force at work in the world, the Third Force (1), which is busily at work to covertly entrap the whole world in a central Banksters “web of Debt” with plans to suddenly collapse it at some future point in order to end the “Old World Order” System and replace it with a “New Word Order” System.

This cataclysmic induced world wide financial collapse which has been designed around the soon to collapse US Petro Dollar is necessary in order to destroy the “old world order” and create a “new world order” that is to create a massive transformation in a short period of time using “disaster/crises economic or what Naomi Kline called shock economics in her excellent, highly respected book, Shock Doctrine, the Rise of Disaster Capitalism. (2)

“The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise their power from behind the scenes.”
— Justice Felix Frankfurter, U.S. Supreme Court.

Fabian Socialism has been the method used to debase the economy and society in small, incremental steps which become “normalized” and therefore draw little attention.
Although this complete covert restructuring of the world’s economic system should have been considered cataclysmic as it has been occurring in progressive steps by anyone’s definition, it has generally been accepted as the masses as merely a byproduct of what is considered a dysfunctional political system. The actual reason is far different because this obvious systematic breakdown and disintegration of society and the associated economy has been staged in Fabian, small successive but increasing steps. And of course because the major mass media is controlled and owned by six large private central banks, the mainstream mass media is really a Controlled major Mass media (CMMM).
Bit by bit normal sex roles in America have been destroyed, also taking the normal family system with it, and all due to the quiet systematic and successive implementation of neo-Bolshevism globalist values designed to destroy America the Republic forever.

The results of the implementation of this systemic neo-Bolshevik social and economic engineering have become noticeable to astute researchers, but the actual “behind the scenes” root cause has not. In this article it will be exposed as the Third Force, some believe is lucifer a fallen angel, others believe is an long living alien ET entity which has gained great power over the earth.

The last presidents “elected” have been a CIA drug trafficker and murderer of JFK, another who ran cover for the Iran Contra Arms out- drugs in at Mena Arkansas and was rewarded with the presidency, a fraternity party hound, and a sheep dipped CIA man, a complete fraud with no past and alleged to have used various fake names and over 40 different social security numbers used to obtain college aid while not having the required registration card.  All of these men have been used to very craftily manipulate the public sentiment by dividing major elements to battle psychologically against each other.  This is the age old strategy of Perfidious Albion aka “the Crown” and is commonly known as “divide and conquer” while you steal the nation blind or take down another country.
We have had complete incompetents appointed to run alphabet agencies and the US Department of Justice, and have had whole new major police state mechanisms started and staffed by NWO doofuses and criminals appointed to run them. DHS is a primary example of such RICO criminal, completely Unconstitutional Agencies.

We have heads of intel agencies which have been caught lying and committing treason publicly and Congress does nothing, and these same folks literally crucify any subordinates who blow the whistle when they discover illegal acts and honor their oaths to the Constitution. Never before in the history of America the Republic have federal whistle-blowers been so severely harassed, many of which have been wrongly jailed, quite a few murdered (like Michael Hastings) and most rendered jobless and destitute wit continual 24/7 surveillance and harassment.  Even the East German Stasi would have been impressed with this state tyranny and RICO abuse. We have Justices appointed to the Supreme Court that are twisted sisters, and one that is closeted and blackmailed provided by secret intel wiretaps, assuring that the new unaffordable health care plan is ruled Constitutional because it is a legal tax, one of the most absurd ruling ever made.
No protection for federal Whistle-blowers who reports serious crimes and violations of the US Constitution and lots of long term, very serious harassment for many of them.
Mark Novitsky and Susan Lindauer are two major victims, with both now being being re-victimized almost daily by private American intel contractors who allegedly have been hijacked by Neocons and/or Israeli-firsters. Novitsky has reported that his former employer Teletech Holdings threatened him and now he believes is having him frequently harassed.  And he believes that it is certainly obvious that he has been completely blacklisted for any employment for refusing to do illegal acts while employed at Teletech which resulted in his firing.
Novitsky believes he has uncovered associations between DARPA, NSA and Teletech and that recent new associations may suggest that Teletech may be also illegally obtaining personal health care data and providing to intel agencies. If this is true it will eventually come out and one can imagine how angry the public will become at those responsible for these crimes. No one wants their personal health care data and personal financial data stolen and provided to intel agencies and/or sold on the open market to other major corporations and sub-contractors, including some foreign. If true this is a very grave disclosure and one that violates  many federal laws and the US Constitution.
According to Novitsky, Teletech Holdings has done data processing and customer service for BestBuy, Verizon, the FBI, DHS and the US State Department as well as others and Novitsky believes that the company has misused personal consumer data providing it to intel agencies and perhaps others.
Novitsky has “clean hands” in this case and has assembled substantial documentation of the offenses as well as his efforts to notify those who are responsible for investigating these abuses.
Note that in the past according to Novitsky, Teletech Holdings sued him to stop him from disclosing their offenses.  After discovering that his legal counsel was acting more in the interest of the Plaintiff, Teletech Holdings, Novitsky has reported that he took charge of his own case and defended himself.  And he won obtaining a dismissed “with prejudice” judgment which means he can never be sued again by Teletech for revealing those offenses. According to Novitsky, truth is the best defense and they should have left sleeping dogs lie. Instead of backing off and allowing Novitsky to move on and forget all this and pursue another career, Novitsky believes that these folks have made sure he was continued to be harassed instead and have kept him from obtaining and holding employment. This has caused him to start disclosing what they have done once again, since he believes they are refusing to leave him alone and let him live a normal life.
Novitsky says what frustrates him the most, even more than the almost daily harassment and surveillance he receives, are statements by major CEOs like Melissa Meyer from Yahoo, Mark Zuckerberg and Senator Al Franken from Facebook that if they had admitted publicly what they knew about what the NSA was actually doing to Americans they would have violated national security laws.
Novitsky believes that this means that American National Security laws protecting these folks at the NSA from being exposed for their crimes against “we the people” have been passed that are completely unConstititional and prevent our Congresspersons and Senators or any other USG or Intel official from protecting Constitutional American interests or even sharing information about these clearly illegal actions by the NSA. Novitsky believes this is an abject abuse of process and a good example of an ignorant Congress passing national security laws which invite extreme abuse and cover under the false guise of “national security” which actually means the ruling cabal is protecting its own specific interests of “the national security state”.
Professor James Fetzer was the first to publicly disclose this distinction between true national security of “we the people” and the false invocation of “national security” to cover the crimes and unConstitutional acts of the state which serve only “the national security state” of the ruling cabal.
Novitsky points to a recent CNN Op Ed by Senator Franken on July 23, 2013 in which Senator Franken stated that:

“The companies that were involved in these [NSA] programs were under strict gag orders. And while members of Congress had the opportunity to be briefed on these programs, it would have been a crime, literally for us to have talked about them publicly.”

Novitsky believes that any of these Congressmen, Senators, USG officials or Corporate heads that neglected to inform the public and Law Enforcement of these NSA abuses and crimes against the America people have committed Misprision of a Felony at a minimum and perhaps even Misprision of Treason because he believes those at the NSA running these programs have committed treason by sharing intel gained from these illegal wiretaps with foreign governments who appear to act against US interests quite often and are now beginning to be seen by many as an enemy of America.

Al Franken
Minnesota Senator Al Franken

Obviously any folks ordering Novitsky’s continuing  harassment need their heads examined because this will eventually create complete exposure for the companies involved and will likely seriously damage them. Any credible Board of Directors should take immediate action now to see that any harassment of Novitsky stops before their company is irreparably damaged and their stock value drops because of these disclosures. And it is not too far a stretch to expect that any persons involved will be disclosed, exposed and thrown to the wolves, because that is what usually happens in these kinds of cases. In time everything always gets fully exposed.
Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison

In 2007, Novitsky went to Congressman Keith Ellison and informed him of these abuses at Teletech Holdings. Congressman Ellison refused to investigate and covered it up, according to Novitsky. In 2009 Novitsky went to Senator Al Franken, Chairman of the Senate subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and Law and provided detailed information about the abuses of the public by Teletech Holdings.
Senator Franken refused to investigate this matter according to Novitsky. And according to Novitsky both Congressman Ellison and Senator Franken now state that they never knew about the massive NSA spying, which according to Novitsky is simply not true since he fully informed them.
Novitsky believes this may be a clear case of Misprision of a Felony as well as Misprision of Treason for not reporting these matters to the Department of Justice and investigating them further as is their obligations as members of Congress. Novitsky believes that these offenses at Teletech Holdings he was aware of when he worked there are perhaps even prosecutable as RICO. There is a great deal more to Novitsky’s story and those interested should stay tuned because it will probably be exposed in many other venues as he starts receiving the attention he is due.
Novitsky’s story is perhaps just as important as Edward Snowden although not quite as dramatic because of the international intrigue and actual copies of docs involved with Snowden’s whistle-blowing because in Novitsky’s case it allegedly involves the privatization and hijacking of an American Intel agency and use to enhance a foreign nations intel interests as well as to capitalize off of American consumer data lifted by illegal intel gathering (and it also appears to be a serious foreign espionage matter in the final analysis).
The ruling cabal, which is actually a foreign based entity, that has privatized and highjacked American intel has been so cunning and powerful that they have been able to manipulate their “owned” Senators and Congresspersons to pass laws which contradict long established established law such as Misprision of Felonies and Misprision of Treason. So now Congress is completely double-bound and cannot see any way out.  If they disclose these illegal, unConstitutional abuses they expect to be prosecuted under self-serving “national security” laws designed to protect the ruling cabal’s “national security state”, and if they fail to disclose they have committed Misprision of  felonies and Misprision of Treason.
The Ruling Cabal is twisted and duplicitous, and only concerned with protecting their own little private kingdom and does so by buying, bribing and manipulating Congress and USG officials to do their bidding.  Their favorite tricks and biggest lies are accusing everyone else as a potential or actual domestic terrorists, spying on everyone and building up DHS and Northcom to attack and subdue Americans who want to take back their country or anyone that wants the US Constitution obeyed and rule of law re-established.
Just to illustrate how twisted and duplicitous those who run our American Intel agencies think, consider this recent article in which a former DHS privacy officer recounts how she was regularly called a terrorist by the intelligence community. (3) Now let me ask you this important question, who do you think the REAL terrorists are? Who are the actual people that have planned and set up DHS and morphed American intel into an “enemy of we the people”?  If you can answer this question you will understand who the Ruling Cabal is and the fact theat they are foreign based.
After the 911 Gladio style inside job false-flag attacks on the NYC Twin Towers and the DC Pentagon which they did and blamed on the Muslims (who never attacked America)? Who inside the top centers of the Secret Shadow Government are constantly accusing average Americans such as Catholics, Evangelicals, Vets, NRA members, hunters, gun owners, patriots as domestic terrorists.  This is complete duplicity and the biggest lie and deception ever told.
This is the greatest trick in history accusing honest good Americans of being domestic terrorists, you know the folks who want honesty in government and those foreigners who hijacked the USG and the US monetary production and distribution system booted out of America.
Why won’t Congress investigate these serious invasions of privacy and obvious violations of federal law and the US Constitution even when clear-cut and substantial evidence is provided?
Recently Novitsky says he contacted the new General Counsel for Teletech Holdings Margaret Mclean to inform her of the evidence that he was aware of about Teletech Holding’s misbehavior and mishandling of sensitive personal customer data. Novitsky says the result was a “no response” from the Teletech Holdings new General Counsel.
Barrett Brown, simply the worst example of complete out-of-control Tyranny by US Intel and an incompetent and criminal US Department of Justice.
Barrett Brown, illegally jailed for nothing by out of control criminal Dept of Just-Us

And of course we have the most egregious case of Barrett Brown, illegally prosecuted and jailed for legally revealing major USG RICO crimes.  All of these whistle-blowers should receive ticker tape parades as great American Heroes instead of being harassed and tyrannized beyond reason.  It is those who are criminally harassing them that should be immediate arrested and prosecuted for major RICO felony crimes, many of which are now committing Treason and Sedition, major capital crimes which can carry capital punishment as sentences for such criminal behaviors.
The case of Thomas Drake has now exposed intel crimes and treason that are so extreme it is hard for ordinary folks to imagine or even fully comprehend when first told.
Now take the case of Thomas Drake, another major NSA whistle-blower who was criminally attacked, harassed, threatened, and made into a virtual enemy of the state while actually being one of the greatest American heroes that ever lived. He tried to work within NSA but was thwarted in every way. This case clearly shows just how criminal the US national security system is and just how criminal the US Justice Department has become.  Yes, it’s a big RICO crime syndicate that would make the Stasi and the KGB proud. These criminal scum must be brought to justice by we the people and tried for criminal RICO, Treason and Sedition and well as for major civil damages under Civil RICO. Mainstream America is now catching on, our European allies are furious at American intel and no longer trust it at all.  The day is coming when “we the people” will deal with this their own way unless the USG cleans itself up very soon. These scum and traitors have been exposed now and their crimes against “we the people” can no longer be covered up.
[youtube 02ljBDNr100]
It is really time for these USG supported criminals and abusers to be brought to justice and be stopped from using the false shield of so-called “national security” to protect them from criminal and civil RICO prosecution because these exposures are seriously damaging the image of the USG, perhaps irreparably.
We now have a Congress bought and sold to any group with major funds every day and every election no matter how criminal or what their associations are. Thus we find DC as the biggest gangster town in history, one that puts Tammany hall of NYC and Al Capone’s Chicago Outfit to shame. (4)  And yet all these abuses of so-called “national security”, treasons, and violations of the US Constitution are being fully exposed in the alternative media of the Internet and even now in the CMMM.
This is a major shift and one that is degrading respect Americans, Europeans and others have for these American Intel operations, which are now mostly privatized. Unless checked this will motivate Americans to abandon their corrupt USG for perhaps a new Globalist system.
A major Coup de Etat took place when JFK was assassinated and this started the major shift in policy to start raising up, grooming and electing criminals and unknowns to Potus and appointing doofuses to run the alphabets.
lyndon-b-johnson-colorEver since the JCS, LBJ, JE Hoover, A. Dulles, GHWB, Op40 of the CIA assassinated JFK to prevent the destruction of the private central banking system, the ending of the Vietnam conflict, and the permanent take-down of the Mispucka and its subordinate La Cosa Nostra, these matters JFK was seriously committed to were abandoned by LBJ and the USG. JFK wanted to route out the basic systemic corruption he discovered was related to the international Money trust Monopoly of Central Banksters and their associate enforcer henchmen, the CIA, the upper leadership of the FBI, and the crime families which corrupted the unions and much of the shipping through the ports and trucking.
FBIHooverIt is interesting to note that LBJ (like JE Hoover) was a hard core murderer and had his own hitman who was a member of the Skull and Bones.  LBJ used Malcolm Wallace to murder his out of control sister, Department of Agriculture investigator Henry Marshall and at least several others.  Wallace’s fingerprint was eventually identified from a box in the School Book Depository years later which now strongly suggest that he was gty_george_hw_bush_82256688_jef_130307_mninvolved in setting up the phony “shooters nest” on the sixth floor, so that Oswald could be set up as a patsy for the work of an OP40 hit team. We now know that Hoover had his own teams of murderers.  One was called the squad and was staffed by Cosa Nostra “button men”. This COLDlansdaleis explained nicely by a first hand witness, Michael Milan in his book the Squad. Names were never used. They were contacted for jobs for Hoover but identified by number only.
Some have hypothesized that JFK was secretly rebelling against his father’s known organized crime connections which helped get 37787JFK into the White House and expected numerous favors in return, like no major Law Enforcement heat. The Mishpucka and its subordinate La Cosa Nostra had become part of the CIA (two sides of the same coin).
These gangsters believed that JFK would honor that partnership since the “Outfit” helped fix the votes in his favor in Chicago and felt that he could not have beaten Nixon without their help. They should have known from Bobby Kennedy’s work on the Kefauver Commission that this would not be possible. 01v/27/arve/G2079/035
Soon after JFK was elected, he and Bobby spent a great deal of time planning how to take down the Cosa Nostra and then their superiors the Mishpucka (aka Kosher Nostra which was fully financed by the Central Banksters and served as their business partners and enforcers as long as they agreed to fully support world zionism and the Rothschild’s personal nation-state, intel operation and army, Israel).
Actually one of the greatest secrets is that there is a large worldwide secret zionist crime network which runs parallel and is a co-partner with a world-wide secret occult network of numerous interlocked super-masonic, OTO, and generally unknown esoteric groups, some of which can be extremely dangerous.
The Mispucka overtook the Cosa Nostra in power under Meyer Lanski after he dropped a dime on them at their Appalachin NY meeting which he did not attend and also because of the kosher Nostra’s close connections and support from the private central Banksters(aka the money-changers).

It was VT’s own Senior Editor Gordon Duff who predicted a couple of years ago that zionism was in its death throes and at the time this claim seemed quite incredulous since the zios had so much apparent power over American politics. Well as it turns out Gordon Duff was correct once again and his prediction was quite prophetic because we are now seeing the NeoCon zios, dual Citizens Israeli-firster traitors and infil-Traitors being fully exposed for their major part in the 911 terror attacks and many other staged Gladio style terror attacks, their hijacking of American Banking, their infiltration with groups specializing in espionage and influence peddling like Aipac, the ADL and SPLC and their duplicity in claiming anti-Semitism when they receive any criticism.

Of course the recent John Hopkins genetic research shows that 90% of Judaics living in Israel have no Hebrew bloodlines at all but have Khazarian or Ashkenazim roots and 80% of the Palestinians have Hebrew bloodlines.  Thus it is now beginning to be generally known that the Talmudic Judaic converts who are abject zionists are the real anti-Semites and are not even Semitic at all themselves.
It is known that the Chitown zios worked with the CIA to place the current Potus in the White House.  These are the Leo Strauss, aka the neo-Bolsheviks and are a different faction than the NY faction. However, neither faction is getting what they thought they would and they are finding themselves cut-loose and thrown under the bus when they expected so much more. All this exposure is terribly confusing to these zios who deserve all the ridicule and prosecution imaginable for all their RICO crimes and violations of obamnerothe US Constitution and rule of law and massive bribery and blackmail of Congress, Judges, and numerous USG officials.
For whatever reasons and they may be exceedingly complex, this current Potus who many hoped would clean house because he is supposed to be a Constitutional Scholar and his campaign speeches made such dramatic promises, has turned on almost everyone who thought he would do their bidding and not followed through on all his promises which seemed very convincing at the time.  So many of us hoped he would be just the opposite of the Bush/NeoCon zio regime, but he has continued their national security spying trends and even increased them.  But the one thing he has done is to pull back from Israel and the zio controls which has fully exposed the zio infiltration in America for all to see.  For this I am grateful.  Some say that he is turning on everyone not just the zios and his plan is the complete dis-assembly of America the Representative Republic to form a neo-Bolshevik state.
And now we have the planned staging of the ultimate insider’s candidates, Hillary Clinton against Jeb Bush for the next Presidential election.  Hillary is hanging on for dear life since her part in the Benghazi mess, but is having great success assembling a huge war-chest. She does however face a formidable challenge for a number of obvious reasons. The PTB provided the masses their token minority and now apparently they want to provide the women of America their own President, since their specialty is to divide and conquer as much as possible so folks do not pay attention to what they are doing in the background to destroy America the Republic. With the emerging world populism and the impending major world financial restructuring and the upcoming apparent engineered complete collapse of the US Petro Dollar, the Third Force may have other plans for America.
The overall secret game plan appears to be the use of controlled releases about the major USG crimes, abuses, but mostly soulless criminal psychopaths and incompetent, ignorant, obsequious doofuses in order to create political cover to mask a secret Old Black Nobility (OBN) engineered plan which is being deployed in stages, and one that has been planned for hundreds of years.
This plan is the wet dream of the OBN, the folks that really run things, and their partners in crime the Third Force, the entity which inspires, anoints, empowers, enriches, provides high status to them and protects them. The current state our USG is in is best called “rule by criminal sociopaths” yet many of these are folks who appear to be simple doofuses, too stupid to be plotting evil or blatant parasites and bloodsuckers on the body politic and “we the people”. (5) J. Edgar's son
The current means of providing political cover, that is, generative a plausible cover story or narrative for these completely dysfunctional behaviors makes it difficult for the public to understand what is happening to society, and even more difficult to figure out how to correct it. This creates massive alienation from society and major cognitive dissonance which usually causes all by the strongest to just simply go away in quiet desperation.
It has been suggested that the best way to create peace in the Mideast is for Israel to become occupied. Mike Harris had suggested that the US occupy Israel. (6) Of course this could perhaps be done by a UN coalition too. And it would definitely be a good idea for Israel to sign a nuclear non-proliferation treaty and get rid of its biological weapons, since it has wrongly accused Assad of using them and claims they are so destabilizing for the Mideast.  What is good for the goose is good for the gander.
According to the best anecdotal evidence supplied by insiders, it appears that Top world leaders are criminal sociopaths that have sold their souls to some very powerful inter-dimensional major spirit or alien entity in exchange for power, status and vast wealth, which such entity appears to control and be able to dole out to those who contract with him.
If true, this off planet powerful alien ET entity has existed for thousands of years and been attacking humans for many years but cannot just take-over because there are certain required “cosmic rules of play” which require some degree of human consent.

If true this would explain the current USG leaders current despicable and completely ineffective behaviors and why they are really doing such evil rather than just being incompetent or run by simple lustful perversions or greed and nothing else.  If the real reason is that these leaders have made blood covenants or contracts with an evil entity which requires that they sell their souls to the Third Force in exchange for promises of power, status, protection and extreme riches, this would explain a great deal. Yes, if these folks have joined esoteric occult groups and made blood contracts with the Third Force which makes their lies, deception, murder and mass-murder seem justified under the philosophy of the “end justifies the means” or “only the strong have a right to prevail and rule, the rest deserve what they get”, this would explain a lot.

Some astute researchers believe the Third Force is simply the devil, satan or Lucifer a fallen angel. Others believe that the Third Force is an evil entity or alien life-force that lives for many hundreds of years, can breed into certain family bloodlines forming alien/human hybrids who have no human souls at all and thus cannot act human unless it is to gain something they want, or they are threatened with immediate exposure or severe sanction which would end their power and/or lives.
And it has been discovered that the Secret Shadow Government is now operating secret underground joint bases with alien ETs in order to develop alien ET/human hybrids for the alien ETs and receiving important alien high anti-gravity, sophisticated electronics technology, ultra high tech mind-kontrol technology, and deep knowledge of quantum particle physics in exchange. (7)
The current elected politicians and USG leaders inside the beltway are doing an astoundingly effective job in destroying everything good in America, every single thing as well as driving the Mideast into mass death and mass suffering through illegal wars of conquest for the City of London, the Central Banksters, the large oil companies, the large offshore defense contractors, Israel and the SSG.
Ever since JFK was assassinated the so-called elected politicians have been doing an effective job destroying basic rule of law, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the War Powers Act, the economy and basic family structure as well as a workable educational system, instead dumbing kids down and creating a huge population of unemployed or underemployed college grads that will be lifelong debt slaves to high interest college loans which provide huge profits to Banksters.
So we end up with a government of wolves in sheep’s clothing, only these sheep appear as dumbed-down doofuses. But folks should not be fooled by this because it is all part of a well-conceived plan to place dumb looking stooges in high office that will create a plausible reason for the society and economy becoming so terribly messed up. Many of these doofuses are very skilled liars, however, as are those who really run the USG and the SSG.
But do not be fooled by this because this has all been somehow carefully orchestrated to fool the masses and create a logical reason for the progressive, catastrophic destruction of the “old world order” so that the “new world order” can be implemented.
As the actual effects of these increasingly traumatic economic losses are felt at the street level for most, dramatic political games have been instituted ever since the JFK Assassination to create political cover and plausibility.
What this means is that absurd incompetent doofuses, perverts, sociopaths, sadists, and complete criminals have been placed in power as puppets of the SSG in order to create a visible reason for the masses to view so they can blame their society’s demise of these incompetents and evildoers, rather than blame the “hidden hand” in the background which has been engineering this progressive destruction of western society and economic stability.
Don’t be fooled by this massive deception.
Dianne-Feinstein-6402Most of these leaders are hand-picked because of a proven track record of being human compromised or have a well-established occult or criminal background. This means they are usually quite easy to control because should they “go off the reservation” (aka go outside their allowed parameters), they can quickly be exposed by an owned, controlled mass media and knocked out of office very quickly. This is why almost no one who is not dirty is ever allowed in any high position of the Executive, Congress, the Judiciary Intel or the Alphabets, or the Military. And as many know the US Dept of State (aka “old foggy bottom”) has terrible track records of corruption, incompetency and cronyism. And as many know USAID has always been a nest of spies around the world.
peter-t-king-wideThe Bottom Line to all this is that motivating American Citizens to reject the USG and accept a NWO Globalist one-world government run out of Europe sets the stage and increases the ease at which Americans can be conned into rejecting their own Republic in order to enter the NWO Globalist system now being set up in Europe.
Consider all the seemingly stupid lies that the USG has been caught making lately. (8)  Intel leaders lying and committing obvious perjury in public on camera, A secretary of state lying through his teeth and being fully exposed in his dumb lies just like Potus. Have these people been selected to screw up, or are they being manipulated or asked to do this? At this time it is not known by researchers, however it does seem that the result is a massive loss of respect for all these related USG entities and agencies and a massive emotional rejection of the current administration as well as the whole Congress by approximately 80-90% of the Citizens surveyed by reputable pollsters.
ap_graham_imm_130313_mnWhen even the CMMM has exposed the current administrations and intel massive lies, you can bet that some higher power is likely manipulating these USG folks to appear as lying criminals and completely incompetent. (9)  They have been caught in such terrible lies and deceptions it is near impossible for these agencies to ever regain any respect from mainstream America and especially the younger folks who get all their news from Internet Alternative News like  It is now known that many of the active military top and middle ranks, as well as many inside Intel and numerous USG policymakers now use VT as a frequent source of news.
In order to motivate the average American to be willing to allow American Sovereignty to be taken away and the United States of America to be folded into the NWO, the political process is manipulated to appear incompetent and run by doofuses thereby destroying any respect American held for the USG and America the nation-state. Then when the “Big Shift” occurs from the “Old World Order” to the “New World Order” in response to a staged world economic crises, folks will be motivated to accept the shift and become loyal NWO citizens. abc_benghazi_senators_121127_mn
If the Third Force is crafty enough to make most Americans disrespect their own government and view them as part of an incompetent, uncaring, corrupt, group of criminal, doofuses or incompetents, it becomes much easier for Americans to reject their own government in favor of a Globalist NWO one-world government that appears honest and caring about everyone.
If you stop and think of it, it appears that the USG has been assembled and structured by the Ruling Cabal, Circle of Twelve, the OBN or the Third Force to become a confusing mess, filled with corrupt vicious liars, soulless psychopaths, smooth talking con-men and pathological liars, mass-murderers and war profiteers as well as many that come into so-called “government service” with modest estates and leave as multimillionaires or billionaires. 
What have they had to do to receive this much money, and whatever it has been it must have been worth a great deal to the PTB who have unlimited money because they can print or issue all they need even it it debases it (and it has by 98% since 1913)?
Many of these folks are so caught up in the DC lifestyle and Congressional or “Federal Family” culture that they are not aware of their part in the delivery of such massive evil on “we the people” or the rest of the world. When there are thousands of supporters inside the beltway for these illegal foreign wars, kidnappings, assassinations and war crimes such as Depleted Uranium usage, each persons feelings of individual responsibility are very diffused, removing any personal guilt from all the massive spying, mass murder and human suffering brought on by these folks committed to the DC lifestyle of luxury at “we the people’s” expense.
Back in the 1950’s a well known non profit Foundation studied the strange popularity of soap operas on the viewers best described as a strong addiction to the dramatization of good and evil characters which often formed an extended new symbolic virtual family to these addicted housewives.
It was decided at this time that the best way to keep folks caught up in the Republican/Democrat system politics so that they could not see the forest trough the trees was to start modeling beltway politics after these soap operas. And the political power brokers and controllers have created this kind of political psychodrama inside the beltway, which has worked effectively to keep the public ignorant and asleep. This means they select numerous politicians with shady backgrounds or those that seem they can be easily compromised and these characters can be “played” or activated one at a time to keep DC one big soap opera. This creates a grounding, a seemingly valid excuse why the USG is so ineffective, when actually the real reason is that it has been engineered to be this way to serve as cover for a long term planned agenda to destroy America the Republic from within after using it to take down the world and after asset stripping it’s vast wealth.
Facts are facts, the USG is in the grasp of the Central Banksters Babylonian Money-Magick machine which has ways to deal with what it views as aberrant Congresspersons and Senators that stray out of their parameters.  These politicians all know what the sanctions are of the Central Banksters international crime syndicate (the IZCS) run out of the City Of London Financial District by the Rothschilds.  They won’t talk about it but they know it is the Senator Paul Wellstone “correction” by Dick Chicanery because that was the most obvious recent extra-judicial executive “with extreme prejudice”action, but there have been so many more before this one as well as the anthrax attack.  And a working daily knowledge of these “corrections” as well as the fact it is almost impossible to be re-elected if the Bankster controlled and supported zionist organizations dripping with their money like Aipac oppose you, keeps most Congresspersons and Senators quite compliant to the private Central Banksters rules.
This all seems so cut and dried, as if the PTB or the Ruling Cabal has it all wrapped up.  However, the worldwide Internet is a wild card and has evened the playing field. Some insiders have claimed that if the masses awaken and withdraw consent to these staged pretexts and this coming shift, it cannot be successfully attained. And it seems as if, thanks to the Internet, the people are waking up more and more each day. Once 12% are fully awake the gangster system inside the beltway can no longer function.  It appears that we are now just about at 11%.
We shall soon know for sure if we can “beat the Beast”because it seems that there is a coming staged financial collapse in the not too distant future, perhaps mere weeks or months, but the can could be “kicked down the road” perhaps for even  up to another few years. But one thing that has already occurred, most of the USG doofuses, Traitors, Infil-Traitors and dual citizen Israeli-firsters have now been fully exposed.
As the Big Shift approaches it is still possible for “we the people” to wake up fast enough to withdraw the consent many have already given by their passivity due to excessive TV and cell phone usage and the induced trances than can accompany such.
(2) Naomi Klein, Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism,


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