Holographic Mind Programming


 obama-caesar-200by Yukon Jack

The Twentieth Century saw the rise of the superstate and they employment of mass mind control like never seen before. What is going on, why is the state so concerned about controlling the mass mind, is it really only money and power or is there something more devious? Having everything is not enough, the ultimate aphrodisiac is to rule as a god. The ruling class seeks to recreate the mind control effects of religious programming substituting a new program, one that makes them gods, the masters of infinity are attempting to be the masters of your mind. Already they are applying advanced mind control programs in the mass media like the War of Terror based on the 911 false flag and Global Warming cargo cult that awaits the return of warming.
How About a Deity for President?
For the last couple of decades the media has been portraying Presidents as saintly figures, in numerous photo ops the President is show with a halo, photographers carefully choreograph to portray the President as a high spiritual being. Numerous commentators have noted that in a dictatorship when you can’t convince the citizens with logic or reason hit them with a deity. You will obey because you believe.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, it feels good to be king, if they would only believe in me then I could lead them to the promised land of collectivism.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, it feels good to be king, if they would only believe in me then I could lead them to the promised land of collectivism.

Obama is the first leader to appear out of nowhere (like a god) and then become a god amongst men. He believes but do you? Obama appeared as a savior during the induced trauma and emotional crisis of the Bush-Cheney years, like Jesus, he comforted the masses with his change rhetoric. The population was traumatized by the illegal and immoral wars and were ready for a change, the change candidate was dangled like a marionette in front of the masses, hypnotizing many, who fell in a deep trance, many have yet to awaken.
Obama did change things, for the worse, we were fooled again. The man has little talent except being somewhat convincing reading from a teleprompter. Jesus is being weaponized, the ruling class is now presenting us with highly groomed cutouts who will do their bidding. The problem is their proteges are not very convincing, they went live with their presidential robot project and we didn’t get hooked. Even though many sheeple are greatly dumbed down, they aren’t buying the Presidential savior meme. The controllers are missing something in their formulations, maybe they need more cowbell, they need to induce more trauma. I am afraid that they will be forced to do nuclear false flags in order to push the collective consciousness to the point that they will become true believers in the savior meme.
It is openly recognized that the population is being abused and traumatized by ruthless politicians and their handlers. The latest batch of staged deceptions is approaching pure evil, it makes the commentators wonder if we are ruled by Satanists. The false flags are designed to drive the herd into the next pen, slowly squeeze the panicked population until they totally submit. For those aware of the Hegelian dialectic it is amazing they can pull off such blatantly obvious stunts, we underestimate their desperation and the gullibility of the masses. Each President is a phase of their operation, each President is played off the previous, each installed President will be presented as a savior from the previous until they decide to abandon the ruse of voting and openly lord over us.
Obama’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) makes him a prime candidate for worship, if they can only get him to believe that he is a god and for you to believe in him. Worship is a two way street, an energy flow back and forth. Both sides of the equation must be believin’ for cult worship to be fully convincing for a human being. Once the POTUS is convinced of his godliness, he can he radiate that vibration which will resonate with the worshipper’s beliefs creating an energetic union like a two magnets drawn to each other. In the cult of personality, the believer is emotionally attached to every word of their guru/leader/savior/lord/ruler.
cartoon joe sixpack text
The goal of the collectivist state is to have the leadership reign in god status, once the population is wholly convinced the leader is god then they can be made to agree to any utopia the apparatus engineers. The state gets its power and authority from you, you have to give it to them, and you do so by believing in them and participating in their programs. Collectivism is the forced compliance to the state, since individuals resist such insanity, collectivist regimes are quite bloody as people are compelled to act as a group against their individualistic desires.
Normal people compete with one another, for jobs and women and sexy automobiles, they are not compelled to join in a collective and share everything, the behavior of ownership starts at a young age with toys. Do you want to live in a society where every vehicle is exactly the same and one dull color? How are you going to attract a hot chick unless you drive a bright red sports car? In the real world people naturally want choice because they are choosing based on whims and desires, they are not going to put up with collectivistic fantasies of the demented ruling class that wants an efficient goyim ranch on a state run farm.
Obedient Slaves is Not Good Enough
The state is not satisfied with obedient slaves, they want you fully immersed in belief, they already own your body, now they want your mind and then they can take your spirit. You have owners and the owner wants you to obey his commands, but he also wants you to wag your tail. The masters of this realm want god status. The problem with these mind control attempts is the population, even the dumbed down sheeple, are far to sophisticated to fall for it. Most Christians can not be persuaded to believe in Obama as Christ because in their memeset they are warned of false Christs who come in his name.
Virulent memeplexes have strong defense mechanisms built in. The sheep are dumb enough to believe in a fabricated savior but wary of Obama’s handler’s manufactured god king. Why is this? The illumined ones forgot that Jesus program is a large upload, the brain is fully immersed in wall to wall Jesus memes installed in decades of indoctrination, the brain has Jesus data stored holographically, in ever nook and cranny of the brain. Obama is not convincing because even saturated media coverage can’t match religious indoctrination. If you wanted Obama to be the next savior then he would have to programmed in at childhood then activated by prophecy fulfillment during the voting years. It is always best to brainwash with a fresh brain, one that is not patterned yet, the president must fulfill prophecy when he magically appears with no previous history.
It appears that the Bible was the first successful holographic mind program. The Bible is a template of modern mind control programs, this is why the CIA’s Jim Jones cult was Bible based. Early attempts at mind control are programs that piggyback on the Bible, for instance the Bible is constantly being reinterpreted. The Scofield Bible is a successful attempt at re-engineering the myth toward political purpose, it lead to the rise of Zionist Christianity, a large segment of Christianity was herded into the Jewish camp. Psyop spooks are desperately looking to the Bible for a winning formula, how can they match the success of the Bible?
The Bible was a success because the god concept was programmed into the human mind by studying a book. God became a real living being in your mind with the invention of the Bible. The Bible is a large and comprehensive document explaining the origin of man and establishing rules for human behavior. Jewish deviants are not satisfied with Biblical rule of the population, they want to be god, and they can be your god if they can convince you with holographic mind programming techniques. So far their god making attempts have failed but some of their political programs have been wildly successful. They are learning how to control us with memes, its not working to well for them, they probably want to just beam us with microwaves until we submit.
The Problem With Belief, the Logos of God
If you travel to Greece and look upon a god carved from marble, do you believe that god as real? Probably not. You have an advanced understanding of your environment, you have scientific explanations to explain your origins, you understand that thunder and lightning are natural effects of thunderstorms and not the rumblings of an angry male god. Most people no longer worship carved deities. How did we transition from the ancient man-god-statues of ancient world to the present abstract concept of god? God evolved from the visible to invisible, god became the word, a concept, an idea , a principle of reason, divine wisdom, a logos.
Wikipedia explains logos, the meme ‘logos’ originates in the Greek culture and evolves, like any meme, over time:

“became a technical term in philosophy, beginning with Heraclitus (ca. 535–475 BC)” then centuries later “Under Hellenistic Judaism, Philo (ca. 20 BC–AD 50) adopted the term into Jewish philosophy”, later still with the Gospel (god spell) writers “The last four words of John 1:1 (Greek: θεὸς ἦν ὁ λόγος, literally “God was the Logos,” or “God was the Word” ”

‘The word of god’ is really ‘the word was a god’, thus the bible words are a god according to the correct translation of Greek. Wow! That changes everything doesn’t it? This is very important distinction in identifying the real god of the Bible, the original writers make it clear that the word was god, the reason they did so was back then the other gods were statues or deified political figures. The new god was a textual creation, they were consciously inventing invisible deity based on words. This was a radical departure from traditional gods who were visible and had form, the new god was not a man-god, not a statue in a public place or temple, the new god was text in a book. God was evolving to a more abstract figure, as human consciousness evolved god became more of an abstract concept. God had become an invisible deity that lived in your mind by reading a book, god was a facsimile of a carved deity, a simulation in your mind.

God as a meme.
God as a meme.

Most western peoples no longer believe in a stone effigies as representations of god, but they do believe in god, the god in their mind installed by indoctrination. It is a more nebulous entity but very credible to many people, they can not see god but believe. John 20:29 praises those that believe, but have not seen: “blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed”. This was an important meme in the creation of the new god, you needed to believe in it without actually seeing it. Romans scoffed at the Jewish invisible god. Back in those days your god was carved in rock and worshipped in temple, the Jews had no effigy in their temple. Who were these people who worshipped a god who was not there?
There is a big, big problem with an invisible god that requires belief, once you start believing in unprovable ideas then you have opened Pandora’s box of mind control. Religious belief opens the door to political belief systems (like Communism) and gives entrance to those who wish to manipulate your mind. The unprovable deity that lives in your head is the key to unlocking the secrets to mind manipulation and explains why modern mind engineers are busy studying how the Bible can be used for manipulation.
Recent false flags were 100% wag the dog, no children were murdered by alleged gunman Adam Lanza who, according to county records, died the day before Sandy Hook school massacre. No actual evidence has been presented of a shooting, no blood, no bodies, no empty casings, no bullet holes, not one iota of real evidence yet everyone believes. Most of the population now believes a completely fictitious narrative of Sandy Hook shooting, one of the greatest hoaxes of our time.
The Story of the First Primate

Many scientists are investigating the holographic nature of the human brain. Writers ask, are we waking up in the machine? Are our minds big enough to comprehend the hologram when we are in the hologram and part of it?  Do you think we humans are really that much smarter than chimps?  Are you are chimp in a mind controlled cage being fed bananas (EBT)?
chimp-thinking-thoughts death
Today’s sermon from The Primate Book of Holy Wisdom:

Chapter 7: The Book of Chimpses

1 “And the first enlightened monkey Chimpses donned a robe and sash and went up onto the mount to seek god, he prayed ‘Who am I, what will become of me, what happens when I die?’ 2 As Chimpses devoutly meditated and prayed, seeking audience with the Lord Almighty, a dark ominous cloud gathered above his head, the air became still, then Almighty God spoke with a thunderous crack, his words shook the ground, the Heavens lit up with bolts of fire! 3 His awesome power and might terrified Chimpses, causing him to collapse on his knees seeking forgiveness. 4 “Forgive me O’ lord” Chimpses begged, “For being so bold as to approach the almighty heavenly being”.
5-“Who dares approach me the all powerful, all knowing and wonderful supreme being that I am?” God roared! 6 It is me, Chimpses, your loyal servant, not daring to look up upon God’s angry face. 7 “Why have you called unto me oh insignificant one?”. 8 “Oh Lord, what happens when I die?” Chimpses asked tears swelling in his eyes, 9 “NOTHING! uh, uh … I mean you live forever with me!” 10 With that God smacked a nearby bush with a bolt of lightning causing Chimpses to be knocked over and burned. 11 The cloud dissipated and the sky cleared, in the twilight Chimpses made his way down from the mount.
12 Chimpses survived God’s wrath and approached the huddled group of followers with blackened face and burned fur, all the monkeys were amazed for they had watched the spectacle of God’s greatness. 13 “Who is Chimpses, the one who can speak with God and live to tell of it?” they all wondered. 13 They were in awe of the monkey that spoketh with god and survived. 14 Chimpses then proclaimed: “The lord hath spoken to me and I bring good news, we shall all survive after death if we believeth in the Lord God, just as the sun arises every morning we shall arise after death, just as I was was spared by his mercy so shall you be. Also, he wants us to eat bananas until are bellies are full and be fruitful and multiply”.
15 And the monkeys believed and were happy, without fear of death they joyfully procreated and they spread out and populated the entire earth. 16 All was well until thousands of years later another smart monkey came along and invented a telescope and looked into the heavens and did not find the god of Chimpses, for that was when the trouble started, for now many stopped believing in the existence of the great thunder god. 17 Doubt cast a dark shadow across the land, the monkeys were unhappy, many no longer believed in the all powerful sky god, the land stricken with divisiveness.

This is the word of the Lord, the all powerful but merciful one, now let us sing Praise Be His Name, please turn to your hymnals, page 42.
Epithet: As it turned out the god of the heavens, the one who spoke loudly and cast bolts of lightnings unto infidels and non believers, was only a thunderstorm and Chimpses had imagined a conversation with God. Doubters say he faked the encounter, others say Chimpses was not even a real chimp, he was a literary fiction of the Oragutang dynasty.
Mind Control for the Gullible

Do you really, really believe in God or your country or flag? What belief system is emotionally entrenched in your being, one that you defend emotionally at all costs? Did you know that most of your cherished beliefs are not your own? Someone sold your mind an idea, and along your way you became a being programmed with other peoples ideas. How many thoughts have you imagined and created on your own? Are you the one doing the thinking when watching television?
In order to be believable god is now a concept in your mind, god is a simulacrum, a derivative of the original, god is no longer a real physical being that walks amongst men, god is an invisible entity that some believe you can communicate with in your mind. This phenomenon is of great concern to me, I am trying to pin down who or what is talking to the believer, is it their higher self, their soul, an alien mind, a machine mind, a memetic viral infection? Can those with new technology play god and talk to people by beaming messages into their skull? How suggestible are internal thoughts? Wikipedia on Suggestibility:

“A person experiencing intense emotions tends to be more receptive to ideas and therefore more suggestible.”

Many modern Christians are convinced that god talks to them, answers their prayers, is a voice in their head. The New Testament authors did a fantastic job of creating a god so powerful that it is still believable to billions of souls, and this god dominates the planet. Modern governments are very interested in this power, they to would like to create similar powerful myths and sell them through the media. Businesses sell their products through advertizing, so can the state. What kind of people are open to suggestibility? How about gullible ones? Wikipedia:

“Gullibility is a failure of social intelligence in which a person is easily tricked or manipulated into an ill-advised course of action. It is closely related to credulity, which is the tendency to believe unlikely propositions that are unsupported by evidence.[1][2]
Classes of people especially vulnerable to exploitation due to gullibility include children, the elderly, and the developmentally disabled.[2]”

What group of people are easily fooled by authorities? How about those that buy the authority meme, those indoctrinated into the cult of authority, Christians and other religious peoples. Religious indoctrination makes you particulary credulous, trusting, naive, a dunce unable to grasp even a badly botched false flags like Sandy Hook. Religion is gullibility training. Some conspiracy theorists say the state opposes religion, but this is not true, religion is a great asset of the state and is given tax free status. The masters of deception are not going to stomp out mainstream religion with their New World Order until they master the art and provide a new religion.
Are You Under the Influence of a Programmed Mind Control Spell?
False flags are thought simulations, the ability to create a new mass thought pattern out of nothing. thus the state funds mind control research and does false flags on a regular basis. Faking is so prevalent now that the question is whether anything political is real. Television is a giant bullshitting device being used to control the mass mind.
Why are human beings so susceptible to mind programming and external influence? Science says the brain stores information holographically. It is simple to examine if you are under the spell, examine your personal beliefs, what things to you believe that have no physical proof? What beliefs do you cherish that also match the will of the state? Are your thoughts parallel to the propaganda being spewed from the MSM liars? Do you wish for ‘free’ money the state provides? What internal belief allows you to accept free gifts of the state? How did the state get money to give to you when they produce no wealth?  Why do you believe in the state sugar daddy?

Do you believe in unprovable religious, political or scientific ideas?

That might be an indicator that you are under mind control.

Part 2 of this essay is a 50 question quiz that I have prepared. Do you think you own your mind? Think again, my quiz will prove to you that all of us are under mind control. Even dedicated conspiracy theorists and avid readers of VT will struggle to get a passing score.
update:  https://www.veteranstodayarchives.com/2013/10/15/quiz-are-you-under-the-influence-of-mind-programming/
Drugs and Alcohol – Chemicals that Undo the Programmed Inhibitions of Mind Control
Why is drug and alcohol use rampant in our society? The widespread use of drugs and alcohol must be caused by something, possibly we do not want to be in our minds because we do not like this place. Now why would a living being not want to be in their ‘right’ mind. Perhaps we do not like being slaves of the bankers, perhaps we do not want to live programmed lives in fear, perhaps we don’t like our separation of our capitalistic society and like how alcohol gets us to socialize. Humans are tribal animals, most of human evolution was tribal, so what do we do about separation in a banker manipulate world? We ingest a mind altering substances, we party, we get happy in the terrible depraved world of the money junkies.
Spring-Break-girls church lady  yukon jack bottle
Who is opposed to alcohol? Those who control us with the Bible, the overly controlling and sexually inhibited church lady. What does alcohol do? Loosen morals. All of your obedience training goes right out the window with a few drinks. I’ve seen Amish girls so drunk they would slept with the football team, that is the power of the chemical C2H6O.
The prevalence of mind altering substances is an indication of how far off we are. Our world is a dysfunctional mess of mind controlled slaves trying to escape the bondage of belief systems with drugs and alcohol.  If you take your blinders off and take a walk downtown you will see large churches, banks, insurance companies and courthouses vs. nearby liquor stores and bars.  The later make the former tolerable.  We drown our misery in the bottle because of what we do, enslaving each other for the almighty dollar, our real god.  I have an idea, let’s change.  No more power mongering with the authority meme, no more banker money, no more jails and courts and gas guzzling cars and huge mansions walling ourselves off from the rest.
If god is the words of a book like John 1:1 says, when you read the book and those words take up residence in your mind, your holographic brain. When you believe in god the words of the book now possess your consciousness, the word is made flesh or real to you. The New testament writers were fully aware of what they were doing. Maybe we ought to realize that and not believe the farmer like duped farm animals inside a fence. Quit being a dope, those with authority have criminal, diabolical minds and pull the wool over your eyes with myth.  Your personal freedom is based on your ability to transcend myth, if you want to be free you must bust through the fence like a wild mustang, the fence is the mind control you are under, the matrix a system of restrictions and controls enforced by the mind control slaves.


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