Quiz: Are You Under the Influence of Mind Programming?


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There are 10 sections with 5 yes or no questions for a total of 50 answers.  I’ve arranged the sections from easy to hard. There are no trick questions, no one but yourself will know the score so be honest, don’t game the quiz because it is for you to discover how much of your beliefs are part of mind control.

Political – The WTC attack
1.  Do you believe Muslims attacked America on 911?
2.  Do you believe that aircraft impacts and subsequent fires within the WTC buildings were responsible for their collapse?
3.  Do you believe that the United States government objectively investigated 911 and that their findings are true?
4.  Do you believe that the 6,000 Israelis that didn’t show to work on 911 was luck?
5.  Do you believe that the War on Terror is justified based on what happened on 9112001?
Political – Federal Reserve
1.  Do you believe the Federal Reserve is part of the Federal Government?
2.  Do you believe the Federal Reserve helped stop the Great Depression from being worse?
3.  Do you believe the Federal Reserve can prevent inflation?
4.  Do you believe that the primary purpose of the Federal Reserves to stop the business cycle has been achieved in its 100 year history?
5.  Do you believe that Federal Reserve has reserves and it Notes are money that have a store of value?
Political – American Exceptionalism
1.  Do you believe America is a special nation that is favored by God?
2.  Do you believe that Americans are more enlightened than other peoples?
3.  Do you believe that when America bombs another nation they must deserve it because America is always right?
4.  Do you believe our flag is better than other national flags?
5.  Do you believe that America defends freedom around the world?
Political – False Flags
1.  North Vietnam attacked the US Navy in the Gulf of Tonkin and that justified entry into the Vietnam war.
2.  Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and that justified the Iraq war.
3.  Adam Lanza used multiple weapons and killed 20 children at Sandy Hook elementary school.
4.  Boston Bombing was a real terrorist attack by men wearing backpacks.
5.  The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor took the United States by surprise.
Religion – Judaism
1.  Do you think  Jews should be distinguished from gentiles and that god chose some over others?
2.  Do you secretly wish you were a chosen one?
3.  Do you believe Jews are unfairly persecuted by other nations because they are Jewish?
4.  Do you believe that Jews have a legal right to return to the Holy Land?
5.  Do you believe that Zionism is completely separate from Judaism?
Political – Palestine/Israel
1.  Do you believe that Palestine is a ‘holy land’ or that Israel is a special nation protected by God?
2.  Do you believe that the Israel was the genetic birthplace of most Jewish people?
3.  Do you believe the Torah or Old Testament is an accurate historical account of the Jewish people?
4.  Do you think that Israel is a special nation and doesn’t have to follow international law?
5.  Do you believe that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is justified because of the Holocaust?
Political – World War 2
1.  Do you believe that in order to secure freedom at home that America must fight wars overseas?
2.  Do you believe that Hitler was the most evil villain of all time and luckily we defeated him?
3.  Do you believe that National Socialism is an aberrant political philosophy?
4.  Do you believe Hitler exterminated six million Jews?
5.  Do you believe that Germany must pay reparations to Israel because what Hitler did to the Jews?
Scientific – Global Warming. 
1.  Do you believe the earth is warming (or has paused in warming) due to man’s activities?
2.  Do you believe that an increase in CO2 will create runaway warming and disastrous consequences?
3.  Do you believe that CO2 is of sufficient quantities to warm the atmosphere or that CO2 is the primary global warming gas?
4.  Do you believe carbon credits are good way to stop global warming?
5.  Do you believe that an Ice Age can be triggered or averted by global warming?
Religious -Christianity
1.  Do you believe in any of the following:  god, angels, virgin birth, heaven, hell, devil, afterlife, salvation, judgment?
2.  Do you believe the Bible is the word of God?
3.  Do you believe you have a soul that must be saved?
4.  Are you living this life for the next?
5.  Do you believe Jesus can save you from your sins?
Political – Authority
1.  Do you believe the police have authority over you?
2.  Do you believe you should be punished if you resist arrest?
3.  Do you believe someone has the right to summon you to their court?
4.  Do you believe that a judge has the right to judge, sanction, limit, or fine you?
5.  Do you believe that the state has the right to collect information on every citizen?
Correct Answers
All the correct answers are to the negative, No.  Your score is the number of No’s times 2.  You aced the test if you answered all negatively and are a dangerous anarchist and freethinker according to the Jewish run Department of Justice.  All of the questions are queries of belief systems, since no belief system is provable by definition then it must be deemed false.
Wherever you answered Yes are areas you need to work on your personal growth and elimination of religious/political/authoritative memes.  If you answered Yes for most questions then you are seriously delusional and should seek a job as a pastor of a megachurch or get a job with Fox News or as a featured writer at World Net Daily.
If your score is 10 or less you are so deluded you are probably a Baptist and should check into the nearest DHS Fusion center for additional programming instructions.
If you answered yes to all questions then congratulations, you are the perfect imbecile and should apply for a job at your local Zionist controlled police department.
Discussion of the Current Ruling Myths Promoted by Religious Institutions, Media, Government,  and Bribed Scientist Hacks

The WTC attack (9112001)   The WTC attack on 911 was a carefully engineered psyop giving the United States moral authority to bomb the Middle East and wax hegemony in the interest of Israel, who is the only beneficiary of the crime.  Israel is the prime suspect because they are the only party that could of done the job and covered it up in NYC which is Jewish controlled.  No Muslims were involved in 911 because there is no evidence of any Muslim being involved, only a media assertion.  Most people doubt the official story, fewer understand that Israel and Zionists moles within the American political establishment did 911.   The official story doesn’t even mention WTC7, which was not struck by an aircraft, and came down by a controlled demolition.
Federal Reserve  The Fed is a private bank without reserves, it is an inflation engine as it allows for the unlimited expansion of credit, as credit balloons so does the price level until the bust and deflation.  The Federal Reserve was the credit engine that created the 1920’s stock market bubble that burst sending America and the world into the Great Depression. The Fed inflates by its act of purchasing Treasury Securities, this creates price inflation, the money flows into one or more asset classes (commodities/stocks/real estate/junk bonds) creating an asset bubble that becomes unstable and deflates causing widespread bankruptcies and bank failures.  The Fed destroys banks on a regular basis.  The Fed impoverishes Americans because their inflation schemes jack the underlying asset price like real estate until it is unaffordable and robs the home buyer with interest payments.
The Fed’s purchase of 2 trillion in US Treasury securities can not count as reserves since they are the buyer of last resort, who could they sell them to?  The Fed does not stop the business cycle, it amplifies it.  The Fed does not stop inflation as its actions are causal.  The Fed can not put off deflation forever because eventually the debts will liquidate at the end of the long cycle when the economy contracts.  The Fed allows the government to run endless deficit spending until the bond holders revolt or hyperinflation destroys the value of money.  Either way the Fed is a great destroyer of the American economy.
American Exceptionalism  Manifest destiny is a major myth in America, fleeing religious persecution, religious types believed they were led by god to the promised land of America and then proceeded to genocide the inhabitants.  If you tally the score of what America has done to the world then America is exceptional violent.

click on chart to view larger image
False Flags  President Johnson’s claim that North Vietnam attacked US Naval vessels in the Gulf of Tonkin was a complete fabrication.  The Japanese surprise attack wasn’t. 

Judaism  Judaism is a collection of written superstitions of the Jewish people, highly racist and aggressive in nature. Modern archeology and scholarly research has destroyed the myth of a Jewish race, the myth of Jewish kingdoms, the myth that Jews were ever a people in Palestine.  Claiming land based on a fraudulent tribal document is not a legal claim and no state, except Israel, recognizes the Bible as title.

Palestine/Israel  The Zionist Jews took Palestine by using repeated acts of terrorism then blame the Palestinian defense forces as terrorists.  The result is a modern genocide that mocks international law. The United Nations has passed 128 resolutions against the illegal occupation of Israel of Palestinian lands.  Israel is a National Socialistic (NAZI) state by definition, Israel is highly nationalistic and socialistic, and it is extremely militant.  Israel is the most NAZI like state on the planet, bar none.  Israel’s claim to being the only democracy in the Middle East is a laugh, it is a Jew only state, and because the Jews are tribal and racist the war making Likud party rules.  Israel is tribal mob rule, it has a flag representing Jews only.  The meme of Holy Land is particularly absurd when you see how apartheid Israel has walled off sections and keeps the original natives as prisoners in abject poverty.  Israel is the most unholy place on the planet, it is the center of world evil.  Those that support Israel are seriously delusional.

World War 2  Considered a good war, the United States assisted International Jews in taking down Germany which opposed to the international Jewish bankers and their money system.  The Jewish media demonizes national socialism even as Israel practices it, the Third Reich had no extermination program and there is no evidence that the work camps were used for systematic genocide.  Germans cooking Jews in ovens is a false flag, it was the Jewish controlled west that Holocausted the Germans.  The six million number is a magic number used by the Jews many times before WW2.  Every war crime accusation leveled at Germany was practiced by the allies, they pinned their crimes on the Germans justifying their criminal actions.

Global Warming  Those seeking funding for world government came up with an idea to regulate and tax everyone based on a life gas, they chose carbon dioxide because it is everywhere and the biproduct of combustion, making for a nice broad tax base.  They sold this idea very successfully claiming that CO2 could warm the atmosphere by the greenhouse effect.  That sounds logical but it is wrong, they commonly site Mars as a reference point, but Mars’ atmosphere is almost all CO2, so the comparison is a fail.  Any planet with an atmosphere will have a warming effect unlike a moon or smaller body with no atmosphere.
The problem is that CO2 is a trace atmospheric gas and human contribution is of no consequence, CO2 can not warm the atmosphere even if the concentrations triple or go up 10x like they were during the peak of Ice Age ice coverage.  The correlation of CO2 to earth temperature are ass backwards, CO2 follows the trend, it does not cause the trend, the lag has been measured in hundreds of years.

Man made CO2 is 0.117% of the global warming gases.

The primary global warming gas is water vapor being 96%, CO2 is 3.618% and man made CO2 is 3% of that which makes it negligible (0.117%), and remember the so-called warming gases are only 1-2% of the atmosphere.  (BTW the earth would still be warm without any global warming gases so even that claim is patently bullshit.  The earth has a a heavy atmosphere in the Goldilocks zone, it would be warm regardless of any CO2!  Think people think!   They are selling you a wagon load of horse shit claiming it’s magical unicorn droppings )

CO2 levels can steadily climb while temperatures plummet from a reduced solar cycle, like they are doing now, totally confusing the CO2 witch doctors.   The Global Warming cargo cult is awaiting the return of warming as if a warming data trend is the savior god to their bullshit theory and flawed mathematical models.

Christianity  A savior myth invented by the Roman ruling class to quell uprisings of Messianic Judaism.  Jesus is a provable literary invention.  There is no proof of any of the main tenants of this religion: god, afterlife, judgement, hell, devil, or sin and thus there is no proof you need to be saved.  There is no proof that even if you need savin’ that Jesus did some magic trick that could save you.  There is no proof of an afterlife, or if there is one that you are judged by a god on the way there.  Christianity is an epic farce and comical once you get past the spell, how can any rational person believe any of the main tenants of Christianity during a scientific age?

Authority.  The primary myth that allows governments to exist.  No one has any authority over another.  It can not be established that any human has authority over another without using a holy book as reference.  All authority is therefore a form of religious control and oppression.  All authority is a ruse enforced with guns.  God establishes authority is a memetic phrase being used to establish authority in your mind with the god meme.  In order to get you to agree to something patently false the controllers first had to establish a false concept in your mind and get you to view it as the absolute truth.  God is a lever being used by those that rule to get you to relinquish your personal sovereignty.  It will literally blow your mind if you can wrap your mind around how the duped you with the authority meme.
How ingrained is the authority meme in your mind?  If someone holds you at gunpoint and demands $100 bill then you will surely feel you are being robbed by an armed criminal.  Yet every year you voluntarily write a check to the IRS for a sum far greater than that and feel it is your duty to pay.  The IRS and the court system is run by armed criminals but you don’t view them that way because they have authority.  Most people are completely under the influence of the authority myth.

The only Democracy in the Middle East is our best friend!
The only Democracy in the Middle East is our best friend!  Authority, everywhere where you don’t want it.


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