The Enemy Amongst Us


by Yukon Jack

Jews and Christians, live amongst us and have corrupted society with their fictional god and authority. The Jews have convinced most gentiles the authenticity of their book and have enslaved almost the entire planet. Because of the dominance of Christianity, humanity is doomed to total enslavement. It is no longer just a Jew problem, the entire population is infected with authoritarian memes because of Bible indoctrination. Welcome to Judeo-Christian hell.

Submission to authority is the enemy of freedom.
Submission to authority is the enemy of freedom.

Look at how far we have fallen, America now wallows in the pits of hell, the pit of religious hell as obedience to authority is taken to its logical conclusion. The police state is Christian obedience made political, where every knee is forced to bend to the pure evil of Jewish domination.
Most Christians are so completely brainwashed that they will gladly submit their necks to the chopping block. Good riddance say I, the gene poll needs to be cleansed of these people and their faulty DNA. If you can’t see how obvious this ruse is then maybe you need to get out of the gene pool.
Christians demand you submit to their god but their god is a fiction, a meme, and idea the brain invented. No man has authority over another, never did, never will because humans are free beings and always have been.
If you remove the god from their argument, what stands bare is a Jewish book that claims authority. Should Jews have authority? Hell no. They invented it as a way to thieve and kill legally. Should anyone be given authority over another? No!
As we approach the end game, we see in the daily headlines the level of corruption of the Jewish owned Federal Reserve, the Jewish owned banks, the Jewish controlled political structure, the pedophile ridden Christian churches. Do you need any more evidence of how authority corrupts? The unprecedented evil engulfing the world is ALL a result of giving some men legal authority over others. Where’s your God now Christian? Ain’t it funny how the Devil rules the planet of God believers.
The earth is a hell planet because it is a planet where religious and political entities assert authority, when they do, they tax, they subjugate, they legislate, they imprison, they torture, and they kill. They also bomb and kill other authorities and commit genocide on a scale never seen in earth history. All evil that originated in a myth of God, a supreme being that rules earth and gave some men authority over others.
Do you smell the dead rat yet? Maybe, just maybe, God was a ruse all along and used to take your liberty.
Freedom and Religion are Polar Opposites
Deranged Christians think the path to freedom is through submission to the Jew Bible. At least the Jews openly admit that gentiles are their goyim slaves. The purpose of the Bible is to enslave, that is the clear intent of the authors. How is it that you will find freedom when you indoctrinate slavery? All Christians are reading an evil book that corrupts the mind, there is no such thing as a ‘good’ Christian unless you think being an obedient slave is good.
Critical thinking and reason are the enemy of church and state.
Critical thinking and reason are the enemy of church and state.

The primary tenet of this book is a supreme deity that created humans as play toys and when he’s done testing you he then judges you, all go automatically to hell unless you believe in the son that he tortured and killed for you. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Insane people call this message the ‘good news’. According to adherents of this religion, that message is proof of God’s great love. To the rational mind it sound like pure psychosis.
Have you ever wondered the true source of fascism? It is monotheism, the demand you submit to one god. When you no longer give your neighbor the right to believe another way then you have fascism. The gods are fictions, always have been, all of the previous 10,000 god’s of human history are gone save one. That last god, a meme in your mind, is being used to enslave you. If you enslave the mind then you enslave the body, that is why authorities give the god pushers tax free status and put those raving imbeciles on the boob tube.
The fascist theocrat only allows for one god and one way of thinking. This is how political fascism comes into fruition, monotheism is the whip on the body politic. One way only. First it starts in the pew, then it moves into the halls of power. Zero tolerance for any view but the one true view.
The End Game, Everyone is Killed
The Christian death cultists are the standing army that enslaved your nation to the Jew. The end result is mass enslavement, endless fascist wars, the police state. The Christian has that yellow police tape “do not cross” wrapped all around their mind. They are unable to think of anything, their minds deactivated, their minds permanently Sandy Hooked.
Connecticut Town Continues To Mourn Loss Of 26 In School Shooting
The police state is societies illness. Only extremely mentality ill people would ever allow themselves to be enslaved like they are now. Only very sick people would allow thousands of cameras spying on everyone’s every move. The purpose of all of these cameras? To make sure you are obeying. Where does this obsession to obedience originate? In the pew, in the church, in Bible study.
God is watching you all of the time has morphed into the government is watching you all of the time. Big god, big brother, big sister is big mental illness. It is also big business, where sick people invent technology to enslave themselves. “Hey Bob, our security company made record profit this past year” “Yeah Bill, the police disabled my car on the way to work so they could search for illicit drugs.” “Got any?”.
The sickness is now so great that the vast majority of people prefer to drug themselves than deal with reality. Most Americans have given up, caved in to corporate food, television, religious and political authority. The nation is dead, you might as well wrap America’s coffin in yellow police tape.
The earth is hell, a hell we created with our beliefs. We have reached a logical dead end of these beliefs. The state is now a monster, authority has gone crazy like a psychopath on a killing spree.  The state has created welfare as a way to buy loyalty, but eventually the profligate spending reaches a limit and then the government must cutback or rid itself of its burden.  Communistic policies lead to a final end, kill everyone while holding onto power.
So Christian why aren’t you signing on to Obamacare? Why are you not submitting to Obama’s authority over you? According to your book God put the authorities in charge. You seem to be lacking faith in the authorities these days. Looks to me like your lie has caught up to you and is now biting you in your ass.


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