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Round and round we go, and where it will end… no one can know


… by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   … with Press TV, Tehran

–  First  published  November 6th,  2013  –


"Bibi the Brain Dean"
“Bibi the Brain Dean”

[ Note:  I wrote this on the eve of the talks as I often like to stake out a position ahead of the game to have a jump on the Monday morning quarter backs.
The technical people had already been working on an agreement. I had earlier written the lead negotiators had a general idea of what they were going to try to do at the last meeting, but had to go home and leak out some things to build political support for what they hoped to announce at this one.
Netanyahu has continued playing the fool, falsely stating that Iran was giving up nothing, when it has no nuclear weapons program to give up, so says our Joint Intelligence Estimate, and the Iranians have been letting out all week they were open to restrictions on the purity and amounts of their reprocessing.

Bibi also said the US was removing the sanctions, which was a blatant lie. Kerry has been saying that some initial sanctions easing was needed to be part of the step by step process and would be reversible on Iran’s non performance.

We wait with baited breath as it is now Saturday there. The negotiators had to flip some snag up to the foreign ministers, and there is breaking news just now that China’s foreign minister Wang Yi has been asked to fly in ASAP to join the negotiations. What a curve ball that is!
Cross your fingers and pray hard as we need get some pushback momentum going on those who want war in the Mid East. You know who they are…Jim Dean ]


 P5plus1 in Moscow
The end of 2013 will be well remembered historically for great success on the geopolitical resolution front, or great failure. I am optimistic because the forces for peaceful resolution are driven by their own self interest, always firm ground of good expectations, but no guarantee.
Frankly, Western economies desperately need calmer world tensions in the Mid East to take pressure off over priced energy. They need instability factors removed to stimulate trade for some long needed job recovery without which their GNP’s will continue to decline or be flat for another decade. That could trigger major upheavals for those countries and entire regions.

But there is another looming crisis on the horizon, and that is the international banking system collapsing. It has been a house of cards for some time now, and they have used all the flexible evaluations and cooking up the books tricks that they have. We are on the precipice where one event could bring it all down. Major banks have already instituted withdrawal limitations, an ominous sign.

Pallets of Green
Pallets of Green

They need some paper wealth created…the out of thin air kind. And the only way to do that is to have some optimism created about the future.
The ripple effect from real estate values climbing and more business bankruptcies being avoided can pump enough paper capital in the economy to pull us back from the edge of the cliff.
Let’s start our tour on the Mid East. We are on the eve of a critical P5+1 meeting for the Iran nuclear program and sanctions talks on Thursday and Friday in Geneva. We have had enough leaks to rough out some of the pieces of the solution puzzle.
The West cannot politically begin sanction removal without some agreed upon resolution plan along with credible verification of its components.
But the White House has already put on the table that Iran’s blocked funds could be released to oil the wheels of progress and as a show of good faith which [Iranian President Hassan] Rouhani has hinted over and over has to be part of getting the ball rolling. These funds were around $12 billion back in 1979, and much more now.

Iran has indicated accepting some restrictions on the amounts and levels of its reprocessing and verification, but with a carved in stone red line that the Zionist demand for zero nuclear activity is dead on arrival. No one else involved ever expected Iran to give up its rights to peaceful nuclear use. It is the Israelis who made fools of themselves with that silly demand.

The parallel meetings with the technical group people working out their details while the IAEA-Iran held theirs demonstrated what is called the ‘broad front’ approach where everyone that needed to be involved is kept up to date on the progress. This helps eliminate someone throwing a monkey wrench into the process due to some unresolved fear or misunderstanding.
The careful structuring of these meetings showed a strong level of cooperation initially between all the parties. All were careful not to over promise results and emphasized the step by step approach so the needed political support would have time to reach its needed comfort level to support taking the next step.

Our Intel sources tell us AIPAC is the most subversive group in America
Our Intel sources tell us AIPAC is the most subversive group in America

The other good news is that despite the best efforts of AIPAC and the Israelis to wreck the talks using a variety of their influential assets, including an embarrassing display of American Congress people to impose new sanctions…they were unsuccessful.
AIPAC was digging a deeper hole for itself by angering a lot of Americans through their attempt to undermine the White House at this critical time of the Iran talks. When this is all over, AIPAC is going to get some payback.
That brings us now to Syria, sad Syria. With cold weather approaching the misery of the refugees will increase tenfold over the next few months. The good news is that the progress of the chemical weapons program destruction has been running like a Swiss watch.
The Zionists tried to poison the water with silly claims that chemical stockpiles were being transferred to Iraq but nobody believed that for two seconds. It showed that the Israelis had thrown credibility to the wind.

We have the Russians to thank for much of this as they were able to guarantee John Kerry that there would be no funny business, no stalling, or anything to disrupt the successful conclusion of the chemical weapons issue. The UN people on the ground were very complimentary early on that they were getting full cooperation and were optimistic that target deadlines would be met.

Getting all parties to a Syrian Geneva meeting is still up in the air, and it is no surprise to anyone that the insurgents were not coming. The insurgents had entered an alternate universe of making demands that no one would make when the military situation had decisively turned against them.
The Syrian army is using encirclement tactics now to kill off the surrounded terrorists versus pushing them back to fight another day, as happened so much during the earlier stages.
As many of us had expected the hoodlum elements among the insurgents would create internal chaos as competition over looting and kidnapping rights would have them killing each other, or watching while the Syrian army knocked off their competition. They frankly were just a bunch of competing war lords.

Chalabi - the Con Man that conned the CIA into believing Iraqis would accept him as a US puppet
Ahmed Chalabi – He conned the CIA into believing Iraqis would accept him as a US puppet

The Syria National Council could not rule themselves out of a paper bag. They have showed themselves to be a B-grade movie version of the CIA’s backing of Ahmed Chalabi to be the American puppet after the fall of Iraq.
A con man and business deal hustler, he could not be elected dog catcher there now. And we had a big break this week with a major Saudi Sunni cleric who denounced the misuse of their young men going to die in Syria as pawns of evil puppet masters.
Back home in Israel we see the usual Zionist bad faith tactics of wrecking the Palestinian talks simply by expanding settlement construction. They know that no Palestinian leader can negotiate while that is going on.
But that trick is not all the Israeli’s fault. They pull this every time as their Western supporters have never punished them for doing so. The whole process has been a charade.
By punishing I mean canceling funding agreements and imposing sanctions which the Israelis so well deserve. Let the Israeli people starve with their 1000 plane air force, all of their tank brigades and huge weapons of mass destruction stockpiles.
The real fault of these negotiations lies in Washington where we have disgraces like Leon Panetta embarrassing the military and Intel community with his ridiculous statement at the AIPAC convention that America has no better ally in the world than Israel. This is the country that bombed Syria the week it was reported that the chemical weapons facilities had been destroyed by the UN. You just can’t make this stuff up!!

Dear Mr. Panetta, I can get you briefed in on this, that you are dead wrong. I would have thought that as Pentagon chief and CIA director you would have had access to all the good stuff that shows just the opposite, but that you politicians keep hiding from the American public for your own shame.

Leon Panetta - a huge disappointment
Leon Panetta – a huge disappointment

I have to end today on a sad side note. America reached another milestone on its journey to international moral isolation.
But it was not a lonely journey. Israel was along for the ride to vote no against all the other 188 UN votes to end the 50 year old Cuban embargo.
The reason US diplomat Ronald Godard gave at the UN was just as embarrassing. “Our sanctions policy toward Cuba is just one of the tools in our overall effort to urge respect for the civil and human rights.”
Mr Godard must not be aware that US respect for human rights is a false flag in itself.
People should laugh whenever this silliness is ever officially or publicly stated because that is what it deserves. The world is full of the victims of America’s phony human rights hustle. The bodies burn, the babies cry, and yet America never seems to understand why.



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