John Hagee's Bloody Moons


Pastor John Hagee, the rapacious Evangelical leader of Christians United for Israel (CUFI), is back in the news with his bloody moon theory.  In tradition of other Rabbis centuries lost, Hagee stole his latest marketing scam from another pastor. Hagee, a snake oil scam artist, is cashing in on all the rage of bloody moons with Christian Evangelicals.  What is this all about you may ask?  Glorifying bloody Israel.  What’s the truth behind the hype?  More wishful thinking of trying to fit prophecy to current news.

A wise man views these Bible braggarts with a skeptical eye.  What is Hagee up to?  Is it just money grubbing or something more sinister?  Well did you know Pastor Hagee rubs elbows with top Neocons and presidential candidates like Senator John McCain, and is personal friend of Bibi Netanyahu and top Israeli Rabbis?
With friends like that he might know what’s coming and be part of script and cashing in as we swerve down the Albert Pike freeway to hell.  Maybe Hagee has inside information on upcoming events, or maybe he is opportunistically cashing in on the latest Evangelical prophecy rage.  We ought to look with a critical eye on Hagee’s nest of vipers, and see what they are up to.  You can bet your last wooden nickel it is no good.

Hagee’s Lunacy
John Hagee, like that other evangelist sage, Hal Lindsey, is a fail. Both are famous for their failed eschatological predictions.  They both have predicted a second coming and rapture. They can’t seem to figure that predictions based on myth will fail every time.  These modern carpetbaggers have come up with clever end timelines, weaving random Bible verses into a net to catch more gullible Christian sheep a needin’ a good shearing and separating them from the contents of their wallets.
Making predictions of our world from an ancient book of superstitions is like trying to paddle a dingy across Niagara Falls in the spring runoff.  Over the edge you’ll go, never to be seen again, except by that starving homeless guy fishing for radioactive carp who watches your bloated white corpse float by downstream.  This is going to be good, we get to watch another flaming Evangelical windbag predicting ‘Jesus is coming back any day now’ fail.
You’d think these ‘tards would learn, wasn’t it just a year ago the last one went down in flames?  Who was that?  Oh yeah that other calculus genius Harold Camping who originally predicted Judgment Day on September 6, 1994.  When it didn’t happen he tried again, claiming he didn’t carry the one in his Bible math.  He then made another prediction that Jesus the Christ would, 100% for sure, make it back to Earth on May 21st, 2011 which was to be followed by 5 months of fire and brimstone culminating in total destruction of earth on October 21, 2011.
The earth is being destroyed, not by his imagined god, but by his very beliefs, but he can’t see that his thoughts are causal.  Camping had billboards up all across the United States, after his fail he went into hiding.
We all should hope the same happens for Hagee, maybe we are in the last days of that blowhard. Perhaps AIPAC can throw up some blood moon billboards for Pastor Hagee. Nothing ends a modern prophet’s career quicker than hard dates plastered on extra large billboards.  Profit Hagee wouldn’t be able to wiggle out of concrete predictions.
Doesn’t John Hagee have advanced degrees?  Isn’t he a smart man?  Memo to John Hagee – Jesus is a literary creation of the Roman Flavian dynasty and can’t make it back … because he isn’t real.  You know all that prophecy about him?  A fabrication when they wrote the MYTH.  You know Revelations?  They are about the Roman Caesars.  The Bible is not about our time period, but these learned men think it is.

John Hagee's lunacy is that he thinks the imaginary friend in his brain is about to return.
John Hagee’s lunacy is that he thinks the imaginary friend in his brain is about to return.

For thinking people we see this Christian imaginary friend in your brain, not as a real deity or even a real historic character, especially the miracles attributed.  The physical laws of the Universe applied back then.  But for the majority of Americans, Jesus is real, and may appear on their next piece of toast.  You might as well pray that Harry Potter returns and save us.  Jesus can’t make it back because he’s a fictional character in a book.
The human mind is easily programmable and very susceptible to programming while in the a conscious state of mythos.  When the high priest of the psyop temple like Hagee is making predictions, maybe we ought to view it as programming.
Is America being PROGRAMMED BY Hagee’s latest PREDICTIONS?  You betcha.  For skeptics like myself, I view this guy as the night witch of the blood moons.  I ask, what the hell is he up to?
Why are these charlatans promoted by the Jewish controlled media?  To get you to stand down and do nothing about the collapse of your nation.  Hagee is a big sideshow for the gullible masses.  He is also programming the mass mind to accept more destruction before Jesus arrives, but of course Jesus is never going to arrive, and the net effect is that the masses have accepted daily end times destruction as normal.
Roasting the Hagee Pig

I can’t tell you how much fun this is for me roasting these fat pastoring pigs waddling around the stage, waving the Bible all around in mesmerizing circles claiming this and that and are absolutely sure they know what God says (or thinks).  Sure they do.  Like that soulless puddle of pork knows anything about God.  Why he’s got a PhD in Bibliology and knows the inner mind of Jehovah.
Isn’t it funny how these religious types so obsessed with ‘saving their soul’ are so soulless?  Ever notice that?  Hagee is a heartless bastard glorifying the God of Israel which is essentially glorifying the Israel since god is a fiction and he worships the Jews since they have all the money.  Rabbi Hagee wants in.
Have you ever wondered what happens to the souls of Christians while they are here on earth?  According to them, the soul is the real part, but when you observe them it isn’t present in their being.  Their entire lives are wasted because of the Gospel god spell on their minds, they’ve got their soul imprisoned and their mind in Bible lock down.  The mind is not the real You and your Brain is not God.  Christian Evangelicals are seeking to save their souls in the next life but not experiencing their soul in this life.  The irony.
If you ever hear Hagee’s roar, he’d make Al Gore’s testicles shrivel into little acorns.  The man (if you can call him that) is a a fire breathing dragon of everything Jewish and Israel.  He roars about Yahwey, the lord god who is sending us signs in the heavens but does nothing about hellish conditions on earth caused by his tribe.
Who or what is this god anyways?  A tetragramaton, which to me, sounds like a transformer robot.  I’m not sure I want to worship 4 letters as god who lives inside a black cube.  Clearly this is text worshipping.  The Judeo-Christian cult is worshipping words in a book.
black_cube worship

The four Hebrew letters usually transliterated as YHWH or JHVH which are normally pronounced Yahwey or Jehovah, depending on what church you attend.  Don’t ever make a mistake of saying the right one in the wrong church.
Hagee reminds me of that Fat Bastard character from the movie Austin Powers, spewing chunks of corn all over the mouth agaping duped audience of inbreeds.  ‘Gawd is sending us signs’ says Hagee.  He seems to think moon cycles are influenced by the hand of god even though he’s using NASA’s data for his predictions.  What a friggin’ laugh, yeah the devil god is sending us signs alright … with his prophet Fat Bastard.
John Hagee is a Jewish wannabe Bible thumping bloated bastard son of Israel.  Fat assed dispensationalist dipshit Hagee is pregnant with Bible lunacy. He’s getting filthy rich and if he keeps up the good work then maybe he’ll get a private jet courtesy of Israel like those other televangelists and add that to his 7,969-acre ranch and John Hagee Rabbi Trust.
The ‘Jesus is coming back’ meme is John Hagee’s salvation.  Judas goat Hagee is leading the masses astray with endless money grubbing Bible end times fantasies.  Blood Moons is going to make a lot of Jewish money for profiting false prophet Hagee.  I can only hope he croaks while choking down the next 3 pound serving of prime rib.  I’ll be sure to pay my last respects at his funeral by pissing on his grave.
antichrist and false prophetIt’s easy to figure that John Hagee blood moon theory will fail besides the fact that his interventionist god never shows.   His Christian ministry is tied in with Israel, CUFU, Christians United and FU, has 2 million members and is responsible for mayhem on planet earth, isn’t going to get out of their self generated karmic wrath.  Talk about wishful supremacist thinking.  We get to wreck everything and then go to Jesus while you suffer … you sinners.
According to these Bible fruitcakes, they bring on the doom but at the last minute get Raptured up into the heavens to be with Jesus, while all the non-believers get french fried on earth by the infamous antichrist, who just happens to be in John Hagee’s inner circle.  Such nice thoughts, don’t you think?
I’ll tell you a more likely scenario, the world catches on to their demented Apocalyptic politicking and kicks their asses while they’re still here.
Hagee’s Bloody Moon Theory
Hagee’s theory is amazing simple.  Four blood moons are coming in 2014-5, they are signs from God, something big is going to happen. He doesn’t say what is going to happen, just that something is going to happen.  Big changes.  Yeah, like that’s a tough prediction.  With the world teetering on financial collapse, big changes are on the way like poverty, hunger, riots, police state crackdown.
Hagee plagiarized Pastor Mark Biltz’s moon discoveries.  There ought to be a lawsuit.  Hagee took Blitz’s ideas and is making a run for the money.  Hagee’s bloody moon money making scam is actually someone else’s theory.
I find it hilarious watching blubber but Hagee waddling around the stage in front of a billboard sized graphic of the upcoming four blood moons.  Seeing him in a three piece suit with head microphone and his dark beady little eyes peering out of his sweating fat face you’d think you were watching a comic book character trying to be serious.
Hagee has come up with a new theory for his dumber than sheep flock of end times obsessed brain dead morans.  The blood moons are coming, the blood moons are coming along with the antichrist, Netanyahu, Armeggedon, nuclear apocalypse and Rapture as all of Christendumb is blown to kingdom come in a fiery blaze of self created prophecy obsessed Apocalyptic Zionist war mongering.
While shamelessly promoting his new book, Pastor Hagee says:

“I believe that the heavens are God’s billboards and that He has been sending signals to planet Earth … The coming four blood moons will happen between April 2014 and October 2015″

Isn’t it funny that Hagee claims God is sending us signals and signs in the heavens but uses NASA’s calculations on the upcoming blood moons?  How is it that NASA can figure God’s hand to nine decimal places, ahead of time?  Looks like NASA knows what God is going to do before God even thinks of it, NASA has tables figuring God’s hand for the next thousand years.  Once again superstitious humans (i.e. Apes) are assigning god causality to natural cycles.  Finding patterns doesn’t guarantee a repeat.
Finding patterns doesn't guarantee a repeat.
According to NASA, a blood moon is when the earth’s shadow is cast over a full moon turning it from pale and greyish white to pumpkin orange to blood red.  Four of these in row is called a Tetrad and portend an ominous sign in the heaven, if you are uneducated and have completed Bible college with a BS degree in Bible BS.
Never mind the fact that 4 in a row happens all of the time and has been happening ever since the moon was towed over to earth by Reptilians from Zeta Reticula.  Never mind the fact that many times nothing happens when a tetrad occurs, and that causality is impossible to establish between moons and earth events.  Looks like Hagee is an astrologist, even assigning comets as ominous sign in the heavens.

Comet –> no specified time period –> political event

Do you see a flaw in this reasoning?  There are always comets coming and going.  There are always political events happening. Comet Ison could be blamed for the Iran nuclear enrichment talk failure.
You can always link a comet to an event, especially if there is no specified time period between the two.   Same for blood moons.  Humans do this because the mind/brain is always searching for causality.  The brain is a computer that searches for patterns. Primitive superstitious man, who assigns god to all unknown causalities, assigns events in the heavens as signs of god.
Israel, the Hebrew Calendar, and Moon Phases

If this Tetrad happens on Jewish holy days then its a sign from God.  Never mind that the Jewish calendar is based on the moon.  What a coincidence!  Blood moons fall on Jewish holy days.  Who could of known?  Must be a miracle.
There is an energetic reason why important events happen to Israel on moon cycles.  Israel is a nation patterned to moon events.  Maybe god will write his name on those four blood moons.  A miraculous Y H W H Tetrad.  That will sure be a sign for the believers, and piece of cake with the USAF’s latest beam projector codenamed Project Moonbeam.  Maybe Hagee’s next book could be called God Talks To Us With the Alphabet.

The Jewish calendar is a pre-science attempt at making sense of the heavens. It is primarily a lunar calender then justified to the solar year.  So it is no coincidence that blood moons happen on the Jewish calendar holidays, it was designed to do exactly that.  Jewish holidays are always in a particular moon phase, the calendar is slid back and forth so that it works out that way.  Having a calendar to natural cycles is a good idea and the Hebrew lunar calendar is a good way to do it except all the holidays need to be changed so they are inclusive for all peoples.
The Hebrew calendar must be continuously adjusted to match moon phases to holidays.
The Hebrew calendar is a lunar calendar normalized to a solar year, there has to be periodically adjusted because the number of moons in a year doesn’t match the earth’s orbit around the sun.
The moon will revolve around the earth 13 times in one year, if a year has 19 extra days.  So how do you fit thirteen lunar cycles into a twelve month calendar?  By changing the number of days in a month and in some years adding an extra day to one of the months.
It would be far more logical to break the year up into 13 months of 28 days each, that gives you 364 days then add an extra holiday at the end of the last cycle, and every four years have a two day holiday.  That way we wouldn’t always be guessing how many days in the month.  It would always be 28 days except for the last month which would have one extra day unless it was a leap year.
Don’t forget to name the months after the correct number – September, October, November, December should be the 7,8,9, and 10th months.  Holidays should reflect earth, renewal, and life not some savior god or celebrations of mass slaughter and ear eating.
Hagee would have you believe that the ‘coincidence’ of a blood moon to a Jewish holiday is causal, a miracle, a sign in the heavens, the hand of God speaking to us.  Hmmmm.  Why doesn’t the omnipotent god just speak and stop mooning us?   Oh I forgot, God works in mysterious ways, we have no idea what the hell he is saying.
America is Under the Curse of Hagee and His Zionist Cohorts
John Hagee loudly proclaims that America is under a curse. This I agree, America is under the curse of preachers like Hagee and his unending support of Zionist Israel.  The four blood moons means more bloody years of war.  When the collapse comes and the trade stops flowing then the tanks start rolling.

Is Shotgun Jesus coming the next blood moon?
Is Shotgun Jesus coming the next blood moon?

What is more likely about this blowhard’s predictions is that Zionist operative Hagee has the inside scoop to upcoming psyop tribulations and is cashing in on the tragedy.  Maybe Hagee is part of a larger psyop, he’s prepping the mass mind to accept more destruction and mayhem.  When you are the best friend of Israel and have every conservative Senator in your iphone you become privy to all kinds of inside information, like what is planned next for the American people.
It is no stretch that big changes are coming, the world is at an important turning point with central banking, credit bubble, inflated stock averages. All credit bubbles eventually deflate to a point lower than they started.  The current bubble of credit is far greater than 1929, the upcoming depression will be bigger because the debt default and credit deflation will be greater.
Traitor Hagee doesn’t give a damn about America or her people, he’s a fat bastard.  He’s a Jew in spirit, and will bankroll as much he can as America goes down.  All the while this pig faced stooge will be saying God is in charge of the world, and do nothing because Jesus is comin’ back anyday now.
So what should we expect next in this earthbound play?  Netanyahu is sure to play the devil antichrist.  Hagee plays the role of the false prophet.  Will Pharaoh Obama deliver his people into socialized medicine and drive the Hyksos dual citizens out of the promised land?  And don’t forget about Henry Kissinger who plays the mad Secretary of State dancing on the grave of Nixon.


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