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Sodomy and Zionist Dark Matter (Part II)

Yuri Slezkine: "The modern age is the Jewish Century, and the twentieth century, in particular, is the Jewish Century….Modernization is about everyone becoming Jewish."

The Prosecution of Zionist Torturers

If we executed the Japanese who warterboarded American POWs, what is the fate of those who practiced the same thing during the Bush administration?

Intellectual Perversity and Zionist Mumbo-Jumbo

Andrew J. Bacevich: "Rudderless and without a compass, the American ship of state continues to drift, guns blazing."

John Hagee's Bloody Moons

Pastor John Hagee, the rapacious Evangelical leader of Christians United for Israel (CUFI), is back in the news with his bloody moon theory.  In...

The Huffington Post – Sleaze Dressed Up as a Liberal

The Huffington Post is a text book example of how 'liberal' media is nothing but Zionist propaganda. The HuffPo, as it is called by its lovers of the Jewish Supremacism mindset, is a dressed up sleazy whore.

INSIDE JOB: Rep. Ted Yoho Lies About Secret Synagogue Meeting

Will AIPAC allow Congressman Yoho to tell his constituents what he said at the secret meeting?

Billy Graham – Possessed by the Memes

Billy Graham is considered to be a holy man, a man of God, is probably the best known Evangelist in the world today. He was an adviser to ten presidents, he has written 27 books, and is considered to be "world's most influential Christian leader".

Zionist Responsible for Bombing Argentinian AMIA Jewish Center

Purpose of these Mahyudi monsters: to lay the blame on Hezbollah and the Islamic Republic on Iran to gain internationals support to attack and destroy them.

New Documents Reveal Homeland Security Deeply Involved in Boston Bombing

Citizen investigators are doing a fine job at exposing the inconsistencies in the story the Feds and corpse media would like us to believe.

Who’ll Mourn Maggie?

These last two days the airwaves have been awash with eye-dabbing tributes to former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. She has been elevated almost to sainthood by commentators, political hacks and former colleagues.

Daniel Pipes Promotes Syria's Destruction

Many Zionist propagandists seem to be losing their knack for deceptiveness (but clearly not their chutzpah).

After Andreasen’s Defection…

This unwelcome cosiness is reinforced by the mission statement of the party’s 'Friends of Israel' fan club foi-ukip.org/mission, which we’re told has “tremendous” support within UKIP.

Armageddon is Cancelled. Sorry

Getting two devoted fans of Israel like UK Foreign Secretary William Hague and his junior minister Alistair Burt to explain their hostility towards Iran was never going to be easy.

The Founding Fathers versus the Zionist Machine

- “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee…” Hosea 4:6

American Hero Hagel Gets Hammered by Israel First U.S. Senator Lindsay...

The U.S. Senate is currently grilling one of president Obama's most controversial choices for a key job in his team.

The Curious Case of David Ward’s Scalp

Last week British MP David Ward was left wondering if his scalp would soon be hanging in the Zionists' tepee.

Are Zionists Now Calling The Shots in The Anglican Church?

Williams’s role as a figure of unity in the worldwide Anglican Communion, which is represented in over 130 countries, meant that he was in a position to bring the needs and voices of those fighting poverty, disease and the effects of conflict, to the attention of national and international policy makers and donor agencies.

The Message from an Israeli think-tank…

The message from an Israeli think-tank all pro-Palestinian activist groups need to hear.

Nahida Izzat: Did the Age of Enlightenment Never Occur?

The following is a must read expose by Nahida Izzat. Nahida is one of the strongest, most eloquent and profound writers in our movement.

Obama’s Hagel Test

By all accounts President Obama wants to nominate Chuck Hagel, the former two-term Republican senator from Nebraska to replace Leon Panetta at the Pentagon as Secretary of Defense, but a coalition led by the Zionist lobby is mounting a smear campaign against Hagel.

Iran and Obama are the Winners

How long Israel-Hamas truce could last is anybody’s guess given the past experiences with such ceasefire agreements. Netanyahu says he gave “peace a chance” while Hamas sees “victory” in the truce.

Excuse Me While I Vomit

I imagine I am not the only one who feels the need to vomit when Israel’s Goebbels justifies the Zionist state’s ferocious and monstrously disproportionate attacks by air and sea on the Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip.

Press TV Ban Tantamount to Human Rights Violation

The recent EU move to take Press TV off the air is to be seen as part of a continued process of media violation against this alternative channel.

US-Made Anti-Islam Film, Zionist False Flag Operation: Analyst

Behind this gigantic coordinated media effort to slander and smear Islam and murder millions of Muslims around the world is the Zionist entity and its supporters.

Debunking the Myth of Assad-Zionist Collaboration

In this early 2011 Haaretz article entitled ‘Israel’s favourite dictator’, great lengths are taken to paint the Syrian president as a weak stooge of the Israeli state.

Theft of a Nation

A recent story from a small American town in Pennsylvania reported a bank robbery by a 35-year-old who allegedly held up a Citizens Bank branch.

“Operation Liar,” How the NWO Orchestrates the “Anti-Zionist” Phony Left

Like the old Stalinists of old, willing to change instruments in the middle of a note, the "activist" or "blogger" press, particularly those who cry crocodile tears for the Palestinian people or mouth continual attacks on "money grubbing Jews" are, clear as day, almost all phony. During the Cold War, Israel was a Soviet ally, filling the US with spies, buying their way into congress, taking over Wall Street, filling the airwaves with holocaust tales, stories of how nuclear Israel was going to be overrun by Jordan or an Egypt they had been running under Mubarak for 30 years.

Dystopia Revisited

Many people have been shocked by the distortion, propaganda and downright lies appearing in the Western media over events in the Middle East.

Israel, US Divided Over Iran Nuclear Issue

While Iran and the world six powers wrapped up their talks on Thursday in an atmosphere apparently meant to resolve the nuclear issue, US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs and top negotiator on Iran Wendy Sherman rushed to Tel Aviv to brief the Israeli officials on the new nuclear developments and "reaffirm our [US] unshakeable commitment to Israel's security."

Radio Discussion Breaches Evil Taboo – The ‘Chosen’ Supremacy

Host Mark Glenn, Ken O’Keefe and Jonathan Azaziah outline the essence of the “Jewish question.” In Videos below.

Anti-Imperialist Syrians Speak Out

Over the past couple of weeks I've had the pleasure of acquainting myself with a segment of the vast Syrian community who oppose the ongoing covert interventions in Syria and who generally think their current government is doing a good job, all things considered.

A BBC Documentary on Vanunu Exposes Who Controls the Media in...

- Israel's Secret Weapon...makes it crystal clear Israel has not only nuclear weapons of mass destruction,but also deadly chemical and biological weapons

Littlewood : Good for Günter!

Everyone and his dog now knows Israel is the problem. Brave Günter Grass should wear the insults like a badge of honour.

Electioneering Continues to Spite!

Media whores keep on analyzing the screwy election process to death while ignoring the facts of life—our country is dissolving into a pile of feces because the masses have failed to pay attention and allowed this corporate agenda free rein.

South Carolina Was More Rational, Patriotic In My Day

In the mid-1990s, when Newt Gingrich was destroying American Sovereignty by pushing the globalist agenda of NAFTAFA and GATT with major media help, my Radio Free America and Liberty Lobby were two of the most outspoken opponents.

Why Is Everything A Filthy, Rotten lie?

How do you teach impressionable youngsters anything of value when the whole bleeping world is a pile of deceit?

Oxymorons – Take it Viral; Musicians and Sports Stars Needed

In my youth, the example most folks gave in order to explain the magnificent word oxymoron was “military intelligence.”

What Hath Bible Twisters Done?

No sooner than my last bit about Josephus and the destruction of Jerusalem appeared on VT than this video came in via e-mail.

Britain May Be a Christian Country…

Prime minister David Cameron has told Britain: "We are a Christian country and we should not be afraid to say so."

History, Money, Lies – Educated Slaves, Part Four Not a Wrap...

This gaggle of columns (parts one thru four) was a big bite, and we are still chewing it.

The Wars – We Paid The Price, They Reaped The Benefits

We have paid an obscene price for the so-called war on terror, which has benefited none other than 1) Israel and 2) American energy corporations.

Are Neocons, Zionists Protesting Too Much?

Evil radio power burst forth yesterday (Dec. 6) with what seemed to be a coordinated attack against Ron Paul. The hatred was as thick as the stupidity. Why?