Israel called shots from Grassy Knoll?



by Kevin Barrett

We know far more about the JFK assassination than is generally recognized. We know the names of many of the players. We even have a good idea who all of the shooters were, and where they were located.
I recently published two JFK assassination articles at Press TV. The first discusses CIA involvement. The second, published today, is headlined:

Israel called shots from Grassy Knoll?

Despite the accumulating body of data, the real power structure behind the JFK hit – and other crimes including 9/11 – is not yet fully understood. Abundant circumstantial evidence, as I discuss in the above article, implicates Zionists.
But if the Zionists were pulling the puppet strings of the CIA and the mob, who was pulling the Zionists’ puppet strings?
Dr. Michael Salla thinks there is an ET hand – or at least an ET-coverup hand – behind the JFK hit.
And if that isn’t weird enough for you…let me tell you a story from my days as a punk rockin’ JFK-assassination buff.
In 1981 I was in a Madison, Wisconsin band called The Comicosmics. The drummer, Sarah Bellum (who later rocketed to stardom, sort of, with the world-touring band Tribe 8) and the bass player, Amy J, thought they had mutually-reinforcing psychic abilities. They claimed that they once saw a guy standing on a pier and said to each other, “let’s make that guy fall in the water.”
They closed their eyes and revved up the old PK. Sarah, it later emerged, imagined herself pushing the guy into the water, while Amy visualized pulling him in. Sure enough, the hapless target started rocking back and forth, saying “whoah – whoah – WHOAH!” SPLASH!  The guy came up sputtering for air, yelling “What just happened?”
Something equally weird happened one night while we were playing at a punk-rock dive called Bunky’s. We had a JFK assassination song that went like this:
CIA killed JFK / with the M-A-F-I-A / but it don’t matter what I say / they’re gonna kill me anyway
The song ended with a long drum roll and a final rim-shot that sounded like gunfire. At the rim-shot, I would feign getting shot and fall from the stage into the audience.
This particular night, we added some convincing special effects. I had a confederate in the audience with a realistic looking pistol that fired only blanks. And I was prepared with a baggie full of ketchup. When the song ended with “they’re gonna kill me anyway” (rimshot) the confederate leaped from the audience and fired at my head; I simultaneously slapped the baggie of ketchup on my forehead and took the dive into the audience.
Simultaneously with the gunfire and rimshot another, louder explosion went off at the back of the room. As I got up, my face covered in ketchup, and started reassuring startled club patrons that I was okay, I noticed an anxious crowd gathered around a table further back. I walked back to see what was up. A guy was passed out on the floor, and blood – real blood – was oozing from his arm. WTF?!
It turned out that at the same moment as the rimshot and blank shot, a beer glass sitting on the table had just…exploded. And the glass had injured someone close to Sarah and Amy.
They should have started their own band and called it “The Poltergeists.”
The blood and ketchup got cleaned up. The injured man healed. The band broke up. Life went on.
And the mystery of why the beer glass exploded for no particular reason, at almost exactly the same time the blank pistol and rimshot went off, remains unsolved. Apologists for the Official Story of Everything say that it must have been some kind of weird acoustic coincidence. Psi advocates blame the Amy/Sarah PK effect.
But we’ll never really know for sure, will we?
For what it’s worth, we know a lot more about what really happened to JFK than we know about what happened to that beer glass.


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