Kerry Hammers Israel on the Iran Talks Success



Kerry appeases Israel on Iran deal

… from  Press TV,  Tehran


"Mr. Know it all" - who knows nothing really.
“Mr. Know it all” – who knows nothing really.

[ Editors Note:  I found Press TV’s title here a bit strange as Kerry publicly gave Israel some major pay back. He said Israel had isolated itself from the whole world. which one might consider an historic mistake on it’s part.
Virtually nothing Israeli has said, or is saying about the threats it faces have any validity whatsoever. The Zios are still locked into their Zionist time warp of “we don’t provide validation to anyone, on anything, because we don’t have to.”
A wonderful example of this has been the two decades of the Zios claiming Iran would have a bomb ‘soon’. Over and over the time period passed, and no bomb…only to be followed by a renewed claim that a nuke was just around the corner.
But they really gave up the ghost last week on the phony hidden bomb making facilities they claimed Iran had and wasted the IAEA’s time looking for. They had already been easing over to their new ‘break out’ PR pitch, that Iran could throw one together quickly, simply by adding a weekend shift to the bomb plant.

When Naftali Bennett was on CNN last week with Israel’s favorite shill, Christiane Amanpour, he had been tasked with goosing the six month breakout period to six weeks. Lost on US media, or ducked by them, was to explain to us how any country without an identifiable nuclear bomb program which we have never been able to detect, that such a country could make one ‘quickly’.

Personally I will be having both Santa AND the Tooth Fairy over for a Sunday dinner before that happens. But you will notice that absolutely no one in American politics, academia, or media challenged these totally baseless assertions.
Israel is the real threat, and always has been. It is time for us now to push our political class to admit this or remove them from office by whatever means possible. The have endangered not only American national security, but that of the world. They deserve no respect or soft glove handling.
It’s time to keep the calls and emails going in to them…week after week, and maybe start contacting media in their districts, state party chairman, district chairman, and take the fight right to their front door so they can no longer be hidden supporters. After all, it is ‘them or us’ and and I choose us… Jim W. Dean ]



Watch the Kerry video interview on Press TV as it is historic.

[ Kerry made a devastating attack on Israel, basically saying that it’s behavior is a threat, in opposition to all other input,  and then admitting that the sanctions have not only failed, but boomeranged. He gives the 164 to 19,000 centrifuges as an example.
And that was not an off the cuff remark. It was prepared material, as he was looking down at his notes. This folks is not a minor item, and the Israelis were changing their underwear after seeing this. Please spread this link far and wide as all the defeatists out there need to see it. ]



–  First published November 24th, 2013  –


John Kerry and Obama beat back the Zios and AIPAC
John Kerry and Obama beat back the Zios and AIPAC
US Secretary of State John Kerry appeases an infuriated Israel after Iran and six world powers seal a nuclear agreement following a marathon negotiating session in Geneva.
“The comprehensive agreement will make the world safer … and Israel safer,” Kerry told reporters in Geneva on Sunday.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had warned Washington and its Western allies that a diplomatic deal with Tehran would be “a historic blunder.”
The hawkish premier loudly criticized the six-month deal, saying the world powers were giving up too much to the Islamic Republic.
Kerry said any differences between the United States and Israel on the issue of Iran’s nuclear program were simply a matter of “judgment” and “calculation.”

The top US diplomat added that he had kept Netanyahu apprised of the state of play in the nuclear talks, which kicked off Wednesday. “I talk to him several times a week,” he said. “I talked to him in the last day about this very issue.”

US President Barack Obama welcomed the historic nuclear deal as “an important first step toward a comprehensive solution.” The first step allows for “time and space” for more talks and the deal represents “a new path toward a world that is more secure,” Obama said late Saturday in Washington.
A statement released by the White House also said Iran agreed to provide “increased transparency and intrusive monitoring of its nuclear program.”

Kerry said that as part of the deal, “Iran has agreed to suspend all enrichment of uranium above 5 percent.” He also said that the Islamic Republic “will not commission or fuel the Arak reactor,” a “heavy water” plant in central Iran.

Arak reactor was two years away from completion
Arak reactor was two years away from completion

In exchange, the United States and its allies have agreed to lift some of the existing sanctions and offer access to a portion of the revenue that Tehran has been denied through these sanctions. No additional sanctions will be imposed.
According to the Iranian Foreign Ministry, the country will receive access to USD 4.2 billion in foreign exchange.
The recognition of Iran’s right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes was one of the major sticking points in the talks.
Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told reporters on Sunday that the agreement “covers several important domains, the most important of which is the recognition of the right to enrichment.”
The deal was sealed with astonishing speed coming in just the third round of talks over less than two months.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean



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