Unraveling: Perfectly and Thoroughly


Unraveling: Perfectly and Thoroughly

… by  M. I. Bhat


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Well, we all know this is the developing story of the United States of America – as a nation, as a democracy, as “the leader of free world, as the richest country.” Every news that comes out of the country is negative — for its own people and for rest of the world. It is a country not even its own population, forget “allies” and “partners,” is happy about. It is a country that has lost trust of the world.
Lies, lies and more lies. Day in and day out. From the President to the lowly administration official; from the elected representatives to the corporate moguls; from the army brass and intelligence spooks to the economy czars. Anyone and everyone in any position of authority seems on Talmudic diet, out to deceive its own people and the world.
Listen to the stories of its 99%, particularly those in tent cities, you sometimes wonder who you should sympathize with more – tens of millions of them or the 1.5 million Palestinians trapped by Israel in Gaza open air torture chamber. Unemployment, poverty, homelessness, hunger, police shootings and killings on flimsy excuses, continuous spying and surveillance, ever growing incarcerated and terrorized population – in short, every feature that characterizes Palestinian’s wretched life now seems to have enveloped the American poor with equal viciousness.
The only thing that so far sets the two apart is the luxury of freedom from aerial bombardment for the American poor. But that too may get soon equalized when use of drones by FBI and militarized police is okayed.
It is no secret that the United States’ current situation — be it economy, social disarray or dented international standing – has its roots in the wars it fought for and in the cause of the Zionist illegal entity, Israel. It was Israel’s call to remove potential roadblocks to Greater Israel project and the United States felt obliged to respond. As we repeatedly see how deeply American Congressmen revere Israeli Prime Minister while feeling no hesitation to rebuke their own President.

Indeed someone put it very aptly, “It has become crystal clear that, if an Israeli PM says “jump” the only disagreement between Democrats and Republicans in Congress will be who can jump higher.”

There doesn’t seem any one left in the Congress willing to be American-poor-firster and jump on the call of the homeless fighting hunger and cold. They find fighting Iran’s imaginary nuclear threat to Israel more urgent and worthwhile than saving Americans’ dignity or lives.
If this was not a tragedy enough for the American poor, real tragedy for any concerned American should be the announcement in the 2013 budget of increased funding for Israel that came simultaneous with demand, and its acceptance, for cut in funding for food aid to the American poor. You couldn’t have imagined a better authentication of the “Chosen” by none other than the goyim itself. No, not goyim It is something full hundred-levels-below- goyim!
To what return reward? Slap – no, spit – in the Americans face. When the American people decided no more wars for Israel, Israel threatens with ‘dump America.’ Here is Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman: “For many years Israel’s foreign policy was one directional towards Washington, but my policy has many more directions.”
Reminiscent of Jack Ruby’s “to show that Jews had guts.” Liberman goes on to say, “Americans ‘’today are dealing with too many challenges and I wouldn’t want to be in their place. They are busy in Iran and North Korea and also have economic and immigration problems.” Wow! Ship is sinking, so the rats must jump off!
And Netanyahu did indeed try jump the ship when he rushed to Moscow to seek President Putin’s help to scuttle Iran’s nuclear deal, only to get disgraced. In his frustration Netanyahu perhaps forgot that, unlike Talmudized Western Christians and their leaders, majority of Russians and their leader President Putin belong to Eastern Orthodox Church who still hold original Christian values of justice, who know and remember Jews – not Muslims and definitely not Persians – killed Jesus (pbuh), who know Jews – not Muslims, and definitely not Persians – were responsible for millions of deaths in Soviet Union, who know Jews – not Muslims, and definitely not Iranians – were responsible for bringing Russian economy on knees in post-Soviet Union Gorbachev-Yeltsin era, who know Zionists – not Muslims, and definitely not Iranians — did the 911, who know Zionists – not Muslims, and definitely not Iranians – are a threat to world peace…….
Israel may not be alone to see American ship sinking. Well, if Israel can forget all that United States did and is doing for it to keep it floating (including the $123 billion in aid – just only the verifiable part), what can hold Europe back if they, too, decide to forget American help, first in blood against Hitler and later in treasure (Marshall Plan).
Disclosure of spying NSA of Europeans including as high and respected a political leader as Angela Merkel has already put a monkey wrench on Transatlantic Free Trade Area (TAFTA) (aka Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, TTIP). Merkel’s brief, cryptic statement — “Spying between friends, that’s just not done. Now trust has to be rebuilt.” was enough to tell Brussels to sleep over TAFTA, at least for the time being.

Couple this with the appreciation of the hard reality of the United States steadily and progressively losing economically to China, EU top brass lost no time to rush to Beijing and announce plan for discussion on free trade agreement and for bilateral cooperation with China, which the Chinese Premier described “unprecedented in its breadth of content, ranging from aerospace and counter-piracy to urbanization and energy.”

Notice there is no loaded American crap about “counter terrorism” or human rights that ends in locating military bases in and/or trade concessions from the “partner” countries. Pure business relationship – your democracy, freedoms and values to you, ours to us.
Portents for future aren’t any good. Unravelling will only pick up as the United States is losing its trump card – money power and market access – it always unabashedly used to bribe the world to forward its military and business interests.
Economy is grinding in a vicious vortex where tapering of quantitative easing (EQ) is not a way out without increasing interest rates and, in turn, setting inflation in motion, which, in its own turn, is red flag for any expectation of economic turnaround. In a nut shell, however rosy picture Government and Fed may try to paint to convince the Americans or the world governments, the American economy is in for a long term down slide.

Characterizing the current state of economy as “A Permanent Slump” and echoing the opinion of a number of economists, Paul Krugman argues American economy will remain depressed for a very long time. He calls it “new normal” that is going “to persist, not for another year or two, but for decades.”

It should be interesting if Krugman tells us how that translates for China to displace the US from No. 1 position. For, answer to that question has implications for how soon world could get to a relatively peaceful environment. Read here.
Coming on the heels of this depressing prognosis, it can’t be a mere coincidence that Fed Chief Ben Bernake, in his latest statement about the American economy delivered at the fag end of his charge, appears to have initiated immunizing (?the) 99% against nursing false hopes of change in their current situation any time soon. This is not what he had been feeding Americans each time he launched fresh phase of EQ.
Now, isn’t it curious to guess where Janet Yellen would dump the American economy at the end of her term after Alan Greenspan guided it to meltdown and Ben Bernake to “permanent slump” and a mountain of debt? Hazarding a guess on such a topic could be a challenge for experts but not to an outsider like me, unencumbered by any apprehension of losing a professional name or position.
And, my guess is that by end 2017, the year Yellen would complete her term, United States would already be on an accelerated course to return to its shell, busy collecting wares from around the planet and nursing deep gashing wounds received out of its arrogant military and economic misadventures.
It won’t be United States of today, certainly not of a decade past. It will have given up on pushing Nato boundaries closer to Russia and China. It would be shy of its “allies” and shy to even mention “strategic partnerships.” Its “Asia pivot” would have changed to ‘Nation Pivot,’ limiting and fighting its “war on terror” within its own national boundaries.
Bereft of technical jargon, my basis of predicting so is, firstly, the economic, and consequent social, problems America presently faces are unique to it and its west European allies, primarily UK, France, Italy and (to a lesser degree) Germany. None of these countries is not in a great shape or position to help one another. Their problems, as we have already noted, are not going to go away any time soon; rather, it is certain they would exacerbate.
Second, in addition to China there are quite a few countries that provide good markets to one another for growth, in the process lessening their dependence on the American market and growth. This is in sharp contrast to the situation that prevailed during the Great Depression when the United States alone had the means and capacity to rejuvenate the global economy.

And third, the US dollar, already in the process of losing its value as global reserve currency as trade in national currencies is spreading fast, is likely to have lost most of its attraction and use by 2017. If this process needed a final push, it is going to come when China formally acts on its just announced two plans – one, to stop stockpiling US dollars, and second, to change petrodollar to petroyuan.

That would be a real big blow to the US global hegemony. Among lot many other things, United States would have lost power to threat countries with banking and financial sanctions. If innovations spring from peace, prosperity and education, the United States, as a spin-off, is very unlikely to retain its tag for a long time as the country of innovations.
I can’t foresee anything that could impact the situation for the better except for one possibility, which is the United States decides to be go the Chinese way. This would entail forsaking its role as the global policeman and immediately start winding up military bases abroad and focus attention on its own house, beginning first and foremost by regulating its corporate and banking businesses and disbanding lobby groups. This should greatly satisfy 99%. But it would mean hara-kiri for the Congress – therefore an unlikely proposition.
The other possibility – to the cherished desire of the Zionists, overwhelming majority in the Congress and military-industry moguls — is that Israel initiates war with Iran, forcing the United States into yet another long war with unpredictable consequences — except for one certain result, which is the country going into deeper dark hole at a faster pace.
Whatever way it finally turns out, what is certain and what we can see unfolding before our eyes is that the version of democracy and freedoms and the version of free market capitalism (both bought out by Zionist and corporate lobby groups – not really any different) that America oft touts as the panacea for rest of the world have failed in their own country of origin and to the misery of its own people. There is a lesson for others who are trying to mimic this failed course.



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