Impossible … You Say?


by Jack Williamsthe-power-of-thoughts[email protected]

In a seemingly infinite universe of unlimited possibilities, anything must be possible.
Mankind has, however, been held in an artificial box of limited possibilities called the Matrix.
Many well-meaning souls only do their research within the contrived confines of the Matrix box, disregarding everything outside of it as not possible.

I believe that such investigators have long been programmed by the Matrix – itself – to disregard any thought that appears to be beyond it. In this fashion, the Matrix will continue to suppress mankind, untroubled by conspiracy researchers, as it has done for untold centuries.
Conspiracy researchers, however, have long been stymied by how extensive the Matrix control over human life has become. “How was it possible?” they ask.
“The Matrix had help, lots of it,” is my best answer. This article is all about the nature of that help, even if it might be thought to be impossible by some.
Have you ever had a thought that seemed foreign to your way of thinking? Have you ever thought of doing something that would be absolutely evil? If you are like most of us, you have had such thoughts, thoughts you later feel ashamed of having had. I believe that in most cases, such thoughts were probably not yours. Could they have been given to you?
Given? Given by whom?
The more modern question should be, “Given by what?”

darpaHave you ever heard of DARPA?

DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and is a scantily promoted bureaucracy within the US Department of Defense that develops new technologies for use by the secret services and the American armed forces. Their exotic weaponry is light- years beyond what most people think is even remotely possible.
Anything DARPA develops today might be kept secret for decades. For instance, weather control and modification for warfare use was engineered before the Vietnam War. Although our military utilized weather control during that war, such a capability is top secret even to this day.
Another top secret is DARPA’s ability to use electromagnetics to implant thoughts into the heads of anyone, especially those people who have slow vibrations, which are brought on in many ways, most commonly by watching too much mainstream television.
Human vibrations are commonly called vibes. A gauge for vibes is angry people are thought to have low, slow vibrations, while happy individuals have quick, high ones.
How do I know such things? I do not know them, I have merely deduced them, after forty-five years of researching conspiracies. But actually, one doesn’t need much research, good or otherwise, if their intuition is sharp enough. And by the way, people with good intuition have high vibes, while those with nasty thoughts have low ones.
For eons, however, man has been plagued with what I believe to be a more basic reason for many of his unwanted thoughts.
The closest that ancient man came to understanding the source of those negative thoughts came from his belief they were evil spirits. The Muslims called them the Jinn. The Gnostics called them Archons. Demons, they are called by Christians.


Oh, how right were our ancestors. But don’t tell that to modern man as he has long been programmed to believe that evil spirits and demons do not exist.
I wonder where those thoughts of denial come from. Could they come from the very demons that modern man denies? Could these negative- thought-making demons work best when their presence is unknown? Might we, if we learn all about them, nullify most of their influence and thereby raise slow vibrations to quick ones?
If these negative beings are electromagnetic in nature, they would be able to home in on us by  entering our auric fields (a series of electronic energies that literally surround our bodies).

Wonderfully gifted people can see the colors of these fields, while technology can measure them. Our friends at DARPA must know all about our auric fields, far more than they are willing to tell us.

synchronicity-aura-readingsI believe it is reasonable to assume that these negative spirits do not possess our bodies, but from their positions in our auric fields, they can and do influence the perceptions and actions of our bodies, minds, and spirits.
And while in our auric fields, can these negative beings perceive our greatest fears, then enlarge and broadcast them to us as if we originated those thoughts ourselves? In this fashion, a sane being could literally be driven insane.
Psychiatrists and their prescription drugs are certainly not the answer to problems such as these, as they will complicate the situation and make it much more difficult to handle.
Since negative beings probably operate from abysmally low and slow frequencies, we can most likely avoid them in our auras and lives by keeping our own frequencies at a higher, quicker vibrational rate. This is impossible to do while under the spell of psychiatric drugs.
Are such drugs meant to not only slow our vibrations, but to attract evil beings who can cause us to think and act in ways that are acutely detrimental to ourselves individually, and to society collectively?
Initially, antipsychotic medications can chemically produce soporific highs, which soon become addictive. So addictive are these drugs it can take months or years to wean oneself free of them; and even then, one risks becoming absolutely deranged in the process.gandhi
While on these psychiatric drugs one is easily programmable to think and do things they would not even imagine otherwise.
Most of the gun violence that has recently hit our country came from psychiatric drugs and programs administered by intensely dark elements from the intelligence communities. (Research: psychiatric drugs/gun violence)
Why has this been done? Most probably to create a public reaction against private gun ownership, even for self-defense, recreation, or hunting. A cowed and disarmed nation is easier to suppress than one that is widely armed with weapons they know how to use.
Why all this thirst for cruelty and oppression from the institutions of government?
That question puts us into the metaphysical essence of this commentary.
First of all, man is restricted in his perception. All we can see comes through to us via the rigidly limited spectrum of visible light, which is immeasurably small when compared to the whole electromagnetic range, thought to be infinite.
It has been said that human beings are basically blind, considering what they can see compared to what there is to see.
electromagnetic spectrum
I suspect our auric fields, which most of us cannot see, to be benign or harmful, depending on our vibration.
If negative entities are electromagnetic in nature, could not these beings be able to lock into the auric fields that approximate their low vibrations? Exorcists have concluded this is what we call demonic possession, which could be far more widespread than suspected.
To avoid these evil spirits, who can ruin our lives, we must keep our minds and bodies clean and free of street and psychiatric drugs. Television and pornography could also lower our vibrations as does sickness, crime, arguments, bad news, stress, worry, lack of quality sleep, genetically modified or processed foods – as well as aspartame, vaccines, fluoride, ionizing radiation, and a host of other little-recognized hazards.
Additionally, the practices of elitism and revenge surely reduce one’s vibrations, as do the lower emotions of fear and hate.
I have read that exceedingly low/slow vibrational men and women actually invite selected negative beings into their auric fields.
Who are such people? All those who secretly worship Satan, practice black magic, want power over others, lust after money, enjoy seeing people suffer, and are sexually compulsive – always in a most perverted manner, usually with the practice of pedophilia.
There is a monstrous connection between the psychiatric insanity of pedophilia and the twin evil of Satanism. Some researchers are convinced that most of the men and women at the higher rungs of governments and mega-corporations are clandestine Satanists. (Research: Satanism/pedophilia)
I am convinced that, guided by means of the devious and insidious thoughts coming from their auric fields, these possessed humans are often able to worm their way into senior jobs in corporations and into positions of power on local, regional, and national levels of various governments – most becoming  politicians, bureaucrats, or judges.
And by being clever, these possessed frauds mask their evil intent with double-talk that seems plausible to the undiscerning – the bulk of the all voting populations.
To reinforce and strengthen the evil entities in their auric fields, these possessed and psychotic individuals attend Satanic rituals that are ancient in origin.
Usually held at night, these secret rituals are attended by the pillars of society, whom few would ever suspect of being Satanists.
Is it reasonable to assume that worshipers of Satan are literally controlling our world, while these same evilly possessed beings pretend to be devout Christians, Muslims, or Jews?
Do these possessed mortals span the socio/economic strata of Earth’s societies?
Do the ones at the top of the hierarchical pyramids come from certain bloodlines from antiquity, which were specifically designed for possession by the negative beings from higher, unseen realms of existence? Has it been these selected bloodlines that have been our kings, prime ministers, presidents, media moguls, corporate CEOs, financial oligarchs, and so forth?
Do negative extra-dimensional entities invade the auric fields of their choice human bloodlines and guide them into becoming society’s leaders of mass destruction and death?
Is there a better explanation for the psychotic leadership in our world of continual wars and devastating poverty in a world of plenty?
Can we conclude that it is the lower human emotions of fear, misery, depression, pain, terror, and panic that energetically feed these negative extra-dimensional entities, without which they would die? Is that one of the main reasons for wars without end?
Has it been through our demon-possessed leaders and the negative entities sent in to guide them that a race of incontrovertibly vile inter-dimensional beings have effected their Matrix reality on Earth, which seeks to bring about the utter enslavement of man?
Certainly, it was not the possessed Bush, Clinton, or Obama puppets who did any of the planning for the New World Order. They are only well tutored PR spokesmen for it.
Our presidents, outside of Jefferson, have never possessed even a small fraction of the intellect needed to orchestra the Illuminati’s Matrix reality. They must have had massive help from elsewhere. Extra-dimensional help?
With this help and mankind’s ignorance of its existence, the Luciferian empire has grown incalculably large and noxious.
For the novice, in the field of esotericism, it may take a while for them to come to grips with the idea of extra-dimensional beings controlling the possessed leaders of Earth.
If it were not true, why would the British government ask internet service providers to censor all esoteric material from the net? But does it not makes sense? Esotericism holds the potential to move public awareness closer to not only seeing major parts of the whole picture of worldwide tyranny, but bringing it to an abrupt halt.
Epicurus, the ancient Greek philosopher, asked six important questions.


In response to Epicurus, I would say that the source of all that has been, is, or will be, has created a freewill universe, of which suffering caused by evil has become a part – perhaps an important part.


Eckhart Tolle has said, “Suffering has a noble purpose – the evolution of consciousness, and the burning of ego.”
In a freewill universe, we all have a choice between the negative and the positive, good or evil. But in order to make good choices, we must expand our view of what is possible.
It seems that a freewill universe is necessary in order for life to organically evolve to higher states of being. Positive beings take a quicker route to divinity, while others choose a longer way, burdened with lifetimes of negativity of their own making.
I believe that in a freewill universe, such as ours, all we need to do to free man from his chains of ignorance, poverty, and pain is for enough of us to begin to understand what has been happening in the world of geo/politics on an esoteric basis and then to disagree with it.
In spite of the uncomfortable dissonance it may initially cause, the first step for us is to chose critical thinking over the promoted and popular worldview, which is routinely pushed upon us all by the corporate media.
What science and the mainstream media does not tell us can often be more damaging to us than their lies.
Limit what a person believes is possible, by limiting their access to what is actually possible, and you have rendered him or her helpless in the onslaught of the Matrix.
The final wise step for mankind would be for us, en masse, to make a positive postulate for a just world of plenty for every life form.
“Impossible!” you say?
Conceivably if we all expand what we believe is possible, mankind will come to know how our humanity and dignity was expropriated by Illuminati control over governments and how we can regain them both.


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