Israel Has No Right to Exist


by Yukon Jack

Israel is doomed, the state has no right to exist and it’s identity politics are all based on false assumption, hyperbole, a false history of persecution.  Israel floats on a sea of lies, once exposed it will sink into oblivion and be remembered as an aberration of evil, a death machine that the world tolerated for to long damning humanity a miserable future of a nuclear contaminated earth, the Fukushima radioactive volcano a gift of extinction by the chosen ones.  Israel is a gift of hell unto the world.
The unacceptable treatment of the native Palestinians in the modern world is enough to cancel Israel.  The mythos of a murderous tribe is out of touch with modern sensibilities.  Israel gets away with  its genocidal  internal Gaza bombing stunts by a Jewish controlled press, that whitewashes it crimes and exaggerates other states defenses against its aggression.  It’s high time to end the Jewish monopoly of the mass media, it’s time to classify Jewish ownership as a religious monopoly.

You have to wonder if humanity us a failed experiment of Annunaki gold miners, their Bible control document gone haywire.  If so, I fully expect that the off world alien creators of homosapiens to pull the plug on this experiment, all thanks to Israel.  Israel’s behavior is so bad as to cause the owner’s of this planet to pull another earth cleansing event and start over.
Israel might be the cause of the extinction of  the specie.  Want to live?  Then we the people of this planet need to start dealing with Israel and the Jewish problem forcefully.  No more Mr. Nice Guy.  The problem in the Middle East is Israel, the world should never have unloaded but loads of Jews into the heart of Arab territory.  Who does shit like this?  Rothschild.  Well fu$k Rothschild, how about we put a Hellfire missile up his ass.
Holy Land Claim Jumpers
So what legal claim do they assert to the land?  A fictional book about a fictional god who talked to a fictional people.  Israel has no legal claim, a holy book does not establish a claim, the Bible is not a legal document.  The Bible is a bullshit document.  People that assert the authenticity of the Bible and its blood lust are suffering a cult of supremacy delusion, none of it is true.  None of it.  No god, no afterlife judgment, no hell, no chosen ones.
It’s total bullshit and no one should be allowed to psychologically abuse children with these ideas.  What gives you the right to program children into religious cults?  All religions are cults, they all do weird things like mutilating sex organs, the world can’t take this abuse any longer.  We should not allow cults to mutilate children.  Do you think it’s ok for Rabbis to perform oral circumcision?
If you ever get your mind free of the that myth and see it for what it is then you will realize that hell is created on earth because of the belief in hell.  People will do anything to get with god, getting to god first is like the gold rush claim jumpers, people will do anything to get the claim first.  “Get the hell out my way, that god is mine!”.
How do we solve this problem of Jews in Palestine?  The two state solution is no solution because the Jews have no right to any claim.  The problem is NOT Jewish immigration to the so called holy land, the problem is with the Jews and their ethnocentricity, they are unable to live with others, just look at how they behave here in America, just look at how they have behaved all through history.  They never change because their books never change.  Want to fix the problem for once and for all time?  Then take their god damn books away from them!
The problem is that Jews are unreasonable and can’t get along and when they get political power they make hell on the other tribes.  They will never get along because they can’t get along, when you are a Jew you are taught that it is your job never to get along.  Putting the Jews in Palestine was a no brainer as to the wedge effect, and a way for the Jewish owned Anglo-American empire to get a foothold in the Middle East.  Do you think this was the plan all along?
Jews have this other lovely trait, they whine when caught.  When those being abused by Jewish predation catch on they scream antisemitism, Holocaust denier, stop picking on us.  They somehow worked up this idea that if they act like outcasts then are treated as outcasts then that is proof of their chosen status.  Since I am not a trained professional in psychology and Bible bullshit, you’ll have to check with a PhD on why that is.  Maybe it’s because the Bible encourages assholes to be assholes, but that’s just a guess.
The Jewish race-religion, or whatever it is, is the problem, once a human being gets programmed to be “me only” and to hell with everyone else then you have a problem, because once the ego latches onto this exclusionary mentality, watch out.  This exclusionary idea taught to Jews and Christians that God chose us is the problem.
I’m tired of this world going to hell because of religious ideology and I tell you what, next time I’m whooping it up drinking whiskey my fist might choose some Jew or Christian face.  We don’t have to put up with this shit.  I am not going to put up with these filthy bastards any longer.  Time to scrap.
This problem isn’t limited to the Jews, We can see this ugliness clear as day with white nationalistic Christians who think they are the chosen ones.  By some unbelievable twisting of Bible logic, white Europeans magically become the chosen ones, the lost tribe of Israel.  Yeah, they’re lost all right, lost in Bible bullshit.  Those with twercked Bible possessed minds just have to be chosen.  Many of these ‘tards really believe they are the  “true” lost tribe.  As you can guess, they can’t get along with anyone either.
So it isn’t just a Jew thing, its a “I’m chosen” thing.  Well imagine my fist in your face you separatist, we are a melting pot now and are going to have to deal with it.  You got a problem with me then I got a problem with you.  I’ll stand side to side with any other ethnicity and beat the crap out of those people possessed with exclusionary ideas.
The problem with this book is that it gets people all worked up trying to be the teachers pet with God.  Fearful of not being the favored and a end life trip to hell.  I’m not sure why people worship the Bible god, he doesn’t seem very human to me, he seems to be very much like a murderous Jewish supremacist.
Then we have this other problem that most modern Jews are not of Middle East ancestry.  DNA crosschecking has proved beyond a scientific doubt that 98% of the current Jewish population in Israel are not the real Hebrews.  Got that?  Not Hebrews, as if the Hebrew tribe was anything but a literary fiction all along.  Once again it’s all bullshit. What Jews?  What wandering tribe?  What part of this madness has any validity?  None of it.
Israel’s Obsession with False Flag Deceptions
Israel is also doomed because it has performed false flags on the nation that bankrolls it.  Israel killed JFK, Israel attacked the USS Liberty, Israel spied on the United States, Israel performed 911 and was probably involved in other numerous false flags.  As this information leaks out and the nation becomes aware of what Israel has done, then Israel is finished.
There is absolutely no way that Israel can survive once exposed to light, Israel is the heart of darkness and evil, a murderous state machine, all while claiming divine inspiration.
Israel is based on a pile of lies, the primary one is that the Jews are chosen by God.  This laughably insane and  incredible bold claim is made in Hebrew authored books.   We represent God but all we do is kill, lie, steal, and blow shit up.  God’s chosen destroyers represent the dark lords of mayhem, its loyal followers utterly convinced of their invincibility and divine status.  As Israel psychopaths kill innocent defenseless peoples around the world they feel Jewish divinity boiling up within their demonically possessed meat bags.
Palestinian mothers are the real Jews being killed by imposters.
The blood lust tales of the Old Testament are being relived by imposters, being a good Israeli is killing in the name of God even though you really aren’t a really a true Jew.
America on the Brink of Destruction Abandons Israel
Even with the unwavering support of mind controlled brain dead Christians, eventually the destruction of the United States will force its leaders to change its favorable policies toward supporting a mad dog that keeps biting and bleeding out its owner.  The Obama administration is yelling “down dog, down dog” and is now locking the dog in the kennel in the back of the lot.
The endless glorification of Israel by the Jesus death cultists all across America is sickening display of Bible believers gone bad, turned to the dark side of state worship.  When America goes down the religious kooks like John Hagee will claim that God cursed the United States for abandoning Israel.  With typical inverse logic of a preacher blowhard, abandoning the cause of your destruction is destruction.
Recently one Pentagon general was heard talking to another, “You know Bob, Israel blew up one of our ships the other day, why are we giving them free airplanes?”  “Well George, it’s good for business, did you notice Boeing stock was up today?”.
So where is our gold?  You ought to find it because you are going to soon need it again.  The United States gold is probably long gone, stolen by the Federal Reserve, Israel, or Bush shadow government and his buddies at Wall Street.  Maybe the masters of the Universe looted the gold, those high level Illuminati science wizards using alien and Tesla technology, loaded up an antigrav TR3B and took it to Mars.  Maybe they got a gold depot there waiting for the Annunaki to return.  Where is the gold?  We need to find the gold and put in on an Army base surrounded by Marines.
The real historic mistake was the creation of Israel, not just for the Palestinians but the Americans and the world as well.  America has been taken down by the Rothschild banking cartel with the tool of Israel.  The American Republic destroyed by Rothschild private estate with the help of televangelical looney tunes.
America the beacon of liberty and freedom to the world destroyed by ethnocentric tribalists.  Way to go morans.  Now we are going to have to kick ass to get our nation and liberty back.
In a Sane World, Sane People Do Not Support and Fund Crazy
What would a sane world do about a mad dog tearing up earth?  Eventually the world will come to its senses and see Israel for what it is, a state floating on fictional holy book myths, a state that is nothing but bad, a nation that follows no law, cares nothing for anyone or anything, a sickness of self-centeredness.  Israel is a lawless state and makes mockery of world government, this is why the New World Order is really a drive for a Jewish world disorder.   The NWO is mayhem because look who’s driving the bus.
A sane world would physically remove Israel’s offensive weapons and its WMD’s.  The world should take back all of the weapons they gave to Murder Inc.  All the aircraft retrieved, all the submarines retrieved, all of the bunker busting bombs retrieved.   Do not give modern weapons to a state run by warmongers hell bent on world domination.
Allowing Israel to possess nuclear weapons is suicidal, Israel will use nuclear weapons without reservation even on the host country.  Israel will use nuclear weapons to black mail the United States, Israel will blow up American cities with even blinking an eye and then when found out tell you you deserved it because you dared to think otherwise.  They don’t care, giving Israel nukes is like giving an alcoholic a bottle of whiskey and tell them not to drink it.  Trusting Israel is like trusting a pit bull to play with junior.
The world will eventually reject the gift of hell, Israhell that is, the world will eventually reject the idea of a murderous tribe as special, the world will eventually pull the plug on Jewish madness.  It is only a matter of time before the world totally rejects Israel and everything she stands for.  Israel is an epic failure, the modern world has trumped ancient superstitions.
No one is chosen, no one is special, we are all one race of beings sharing a planet, a planet we are severely abusing in the name of religion and supremacist ideology.  It’s time to outlaw these old time religions.
Israel has no right exist, the Bible should be banned, Netanyahu arrested for genocide, terrorism and war crimes.  That is what sane people would do.  The precedent has been set with Noriega and Saddam, any head of state can be taken down and put in jail.  Netanyahu can be taken down and dethroned before he does something really stupid.
No one on this planet needs to be threatened by Netanyahu and his Likud madness.  Arrest Netanyahu just like we did with Noriega.  War crimes show trial.  Put his victims in the courtroom, put the surviving Palestinian parents of murdered children in front of that bastard and confront him for his deeds.
Its time to stop Israel’s war aggression and its time to arrest Netanyahu, remove weapons from Israel.  Israel has no right to exist, the Jewish only state should be immediately dismantled or destroyed and the world stepping in to manage fractured Palestine.  The world needs to police the Jews.
My Attitude of Dealing With an Insane World
My attitude toward the rest of you is Tom Petty’s great song  “I won’t back down”.
“I Won’t Back Down”  by Tom Petty
Well I won’t back down, no I won’t back down
You could stand me up at the gates of hell
But I won’t back down
Gonna stand my ground, won’t be turned around
And I’ll keep this world from draggin’ me down
Gonna stand my ground and I won’t back down
Hey baby, there ain’t no easy way out
Hey I will stand my ground
And I won’t back down
Well I know what’s right, I got just one life
In a world that keeps on pushin’ me around
But I’ll stand my ground and I won’t back down
Hey baby there ain’t no easy way out
Hey I will stand my ground
And I won’t back down


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