Is America the Mother of Al Qaeda?


‘Real’ US-trained al-Qaeda ‘to wage war on US’

The “real” al-Qaeda, trained by the US to fight in Syria, will return to the US – to wreak havoc, writes <b>Duff</b>. Above, several militants are seen in the town of Ras al-Ain near Syria’s border with Turkey, November 16, 2012.


By Gordon Duff and Press TV

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In the lead up to the Geneva peace conference, the world is now hearing of terrorist armies dedicated to turning Syria into an al-Qaeda state.

The European Union is in panic; Jihadists returning from Syria are setting up terror cells in nation after nation, and those who now claim to have been “duped” into supplying and training al-Qaeda are throwing their hands in the air and screaming out, “How did this happen?”
What they should be screaming out is, “How did we get caught?”
Will the real “mother of al-Qaeda” please stand up?
Intelligence sources in the region report that al-Qaeda terror groups are, in fact, not just getting weapons and support from the same sources as the Free Syrian Army but far more dangerous weapons.
Al-Qaeda can now shoot down airliners anywhere in the world, use mini-guns on crowds, killing thousands or deploy poison gas or bio-toxins.
Americans have supplied all of that and more to al-Qaeda.
Weapons transfers to al-Qaeda are tied to not just American political leaders and members of the Israel lobby, but powerful defense groups in the US that, during “Sequestration” cut backs, have “gone rogue.”
Investigations prove conclusively that the “al-Qaeda” Europe is cowering in fear of being armed by American contractors.
From a Henry Kamen article published in New Eastern Outlook:

“A Georgian film studio house is now producing an independent documentary film which will explore the role of the United States in the Caucasus region, the plot being based on documents which are now part of criminal investigations. It will also investigate serious allegations of weapons trafficking which are supported both by documentation and a leak which originated from the US Department of Homeland Security.”

Georgia has long been recognized as a transit point for illegal trade, not only in arms but in drugs and other contraband, a transit hub for criminals who wish to move goods between Asia and Europe, and more recently the rest of the world. Investigating the people involved can provide us with deeply important information regarding the links between certain “interest groups,” including terrorist networks and al-Qaeda fighting in Syria, and the Georgian special services – for example, the head of al-Qaeda in Syria happens to come from Georgia, and was recruited and trained there, with the help of Georgian and American special services.
Our own investigation discovered an American firm, one paid by the Department of Defense to supply both the Iraqi and Afghan forces with Russian weapons (assembled with several minor American parts), to be the primary source of al-Qaeda’s arsenal in Syria, that and biological and chemical weapons sourced from Georgia.
Kamen’s continues:

“Much of the information cited here was shared with Georgian investigative bodies approximately 6 months ago. It includes a two-hour long film which shows a US weapons manufacturer, Dillon Aero, (“allegedly” author’s note) negotiating to illegally ship a cache of weapons from Arizona to Turkmenistan via Georgia and Azerbaijan by means of various ruses and fake documents.
Legal counsel Mark Barnes and Associates wrote last year, November 27, 2012,
‘We realize that you are interested in an evidently sensationalist Youtube video… In light of the fact that a Federal Investigation is still ongoing, that is Dillon’s only comment on the matter.’
Strangely, the attorney failed to note in this threatening letter his own involvement in arms imports.”

As we are being told, the al-Qaeda-backed forces, the ones kidnapping nuns, burning churches and raping women, are infiltrating through Turkey, Jordan and Iraq.
Minimally, this means they are receiving weapons, training and tactical support from the same sources that supply General Idris and the Free Syrian Army.
Publicly, this is the CIA, US Army Special Forces under former Vice President Dick Cheney and his Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), Israel and Saudi Arabia.
Also operating in the region is MI6, French groups and, less publicly, a Turkish/Israeli front tasked with luring Kurdistan out of Iraq with the promise of, not just full autonomy but control of the Kirkuk oil fields.
Technically, all of these groups are al-Qaeda “affiliates,” including and especially the US and Israeli groups operating across the region, not just under total secrecy but fully in support of terrorist groups.
In Turkey, this is Israel along with US-based contacting firms, “Google”-based, and suppliers from Georgia, the Ukraine, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan.
Advanced weapons, including mini-guns, a devastating US weapon used in Iraq and Afghanistan, have been supplied using forged “end user certificates” or smuggled by intelligence services.
The mini-guns sent to al-Qaeda were mounted on three US-built Denali SUVs in a deal brokered by close business associates of Senator John McCain.
Other weapons have included Sarin gas and American-built Stinger missiles.
Similarly, US and Israeli forces operating in Jordan, while claiming to support the FSA, have been flying al-Qaeda recruits in from around the world, Saudi-financed, “Wall Street” weapons and Israeli radios and transport.
Some of that armament is being used in Iraq against the government there. Whenever Assad’s forces push back, al-Qaeda heads “home” to Iraq or Kurdistan, using American and Israeli training and weapons to maintain the continuing level of terrorist activity that has kept Iraq at the edge of civil war.
Chickens come home to roost
This “al-Qaeda” will be real. They will be using those mini-guns on crowds at shopping malls or at football games, perhaps even at a political convention.
The war on terror, the Bush-era imaginary war on terror, may well be a reality now with a real nation of “evildoers,” armed and trained by America and Israel, financed by Saudi Arabia, wreaking havoc around the world.
Does America have the national resolve to go to war again, this time against its own monstrous orphans?

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