Sweden far-right extremists may be manipulated: Jim W. Dean interview



Sweden far-right extremists may be manipulated


… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor     …with  Press TV, Tehran


A lot of the Neo-Nazi stuff is stage manage psyops
A lot of the Neo-Nazi stuff is stage managed psyops

[ Note: This Press TV interview gave me the opportunity to get on the table that many of these race riot incidents are staged events, either by intelligence services or political operatives looking for a guaranteed way to grab some headlines.
They can do this to make themselves look good, or their ideological opponents look bad. Yes, it’s a nasty world out there.
The American version of this is fake hate crimes, which make up about 25% of reported incidents. Phony ones, particularly on campuses get huge media coverage.
When later it is learned to have been staged, that news is on page 27, showing our media just loves fake hate crimes. Even adults students found to be involved over age 18, their names are protected. I will let you guess what group they belong to.

Unfortunately the public has to be on guard for these kinds of news hustles all the time, which often means not really being able to know what is a real event or a staged managed one… Jim W. Dean ]


Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, the managing editor and columnist of VT, about Swedish police arresting 28 people after dozens of far-right extremists attacked protesters during an anti-racism demonstration in the capital Stockholm.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

You can view the 5 minute interview at Press TV here.


–  First  published  Tuesday, December  17,  2013  –

Press TV: Let’s talk about the emergence of these far-right extremist movements in Europe. We are hearing about one now in Sweden, very clearly claiming responsibility for this violent attack.

Head bangers hit the streets in Stockholm
Head bangers hit the streets in Stockholm

Dean: Well we see this happening from time to time in Europe because of the economic conditions, the fear of the immigration, even countries in Northern Europe like Sweden and Denmark who have very open immigration policies.
The numbers sometimes particularly in cities spurs some backlash. But there is a hidden part to this that I find it is not covered very much.
You have these natural occurrences where different groups are opposing each other and trying to do public demonstrations to get support but the public often isn’t told these groups often are manipulated by two groups.
Intelligence agencies use them to stage events if they want news about certain things to embarrass a government at a particular time and also political parties also stages these events both on the left and the right and they infiltrate groups on the left and the right.
Sometimes in a group of hundred you will need about five or six infiltrators who can trigger violence and the others did not even really know that was going to happen and yet there is a video, they get all kinds of coverage. So it is a very difficult thing to really know what is going on.
Sweden usually would be aware if a large group of far-right people were going to be wearing mask. They would have more protection for these people who are marching. So I am surprised of that.


Press TV: Well Mr. Dean, do you think that there is now this danger, some would put it, that there is a rise in extremism in Europe and it’s not being taken seriously as it should?
There have been a lot of concerns voiced about these kinds of groups even entering into politics and entering into political parties and we are having extremist figures making very important political decisions in these European countries
Dean: Well it is a double [exhort]. Extremist or far-right or far-left people cannot be banned from political activity. The far-left never want to be banned and you cannot really ban the far-right.
So you have a problem that the dividing line is violence and this is why I am concerned. Sometimes violence is staged because if you want to discredit a group, the easiest way to do so is with violence.
Now they have arrested twenty eight, we had two people stabbings and if it is a natural group type of events, you will have people spending a good bit of time in jail or maybe prison for a long time and they can snuff out this as a threat just using the legal system.
But if it is something that has been manipulated by intelligence agencies or political parties, they can keep it going on indefinitely so we are just going to have to wait and see and just hope that there is as little violence as possible.



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