The Kennedy Conspiracy (5)

"Greatest Sniper Rifle" now unsuitable for hitting milk jugs from 10 feet away
“Greatest Sniper Rifle” now unsuitable for hitting milk jugs from 10 feet away

By Michael Shrimpton

 (Editorial note:  Michael’s take on many things is considered ‘non-conventional.’  I personally don’t accept all of it.  However, I have found him correct at times.  I have to ask, “When I didn’t find him correct, was I wrong?”  If there is a DVD, and he makes a powerful case, our historical analysis of events since WW2 are deeply flawed. 
I do believe Michael has missed the potential connection between the current Zionist regime in Israel and what he calls the “DVD.” 
Toward that end, he should, as I see it, look at more of the work of his “team” at VT.  Merry Christmas…g-ster)
Merry Christmas!
A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all VT readers.  I don’t go with this mealy-mouthed, watered-down, pc ‘Happy Holidays’ nonsense!  I hope you all get lots of presents, even ‘Dieter the Hun’.
Response to Comments
No, I am not a team, although I may be a team player!  I’ll assume that was a compliment.  There are some good thoughts on the ‘magic bullet’, which I’ve incorporated into my comments below.
Yes my publishers do know that I have the honor to write for VT.  I too was keen to keep it in ‘American’, but they want it converted back into English!  It’s 330,000 words and we’ve taken the decision to split it into two volumes, first volume out in February.  It opens with an autobiographical section and then takes the story of Germany’s covert intelligence activity through to 1945.
Spyhunter Two deals with the DVD and its postwar activities.  It will follow shortly after volume one.  Both volumes have had to be updated of course.
Five Shots or Six?
When I said last week that were at least five shots, I meant at least.  I was counting the Kennedy/Connolly shot as one, but I agree it is a stretch.  It is not just the trajectory and the number of wounds, but the timing.  Of course bullets don’t stop in mid-air.  The probable number of shots was six.  It might have been five, or as high as seven.  One thing we do know – it wasn’t three!(Ed:  correct and proven)
As commented, the magic bullet theory was propagated by Arlen Specter, a part-time Republican who later became a very dodgy Senator.  He was close to the DVD’s Allen Dulles.  There is no doubt that he was an operative.  Forget the Jewish thing.  Both the Abwehr and the DVD loved used Jewish assets – great cover.
Upwards or Downwards Trajectory?
If we count the Connolly bullet or bullets as separate to those which hit the president we then need to consider whether they were fired upwards or downwards.  It or they were probably fired downwards, but that brings us to the entrance/exit wound controversy.
It is now tolerably clear that the President’s neck wound was an entrance wound.  That means that the shot was fired from in front of the president, on an upwards trajectory.  I suspect that round came from the storm drain.  We can virtually discount the official autopsy, which by law should have been conducted in Texas, not Washington.  It was clearly conducted in bad faith.
Like a lot of bad faith government reports however it suggests what the Bad Guys were anxious to cover up, in this case the number and location of the shooters.  Clearly in order to present Oswald as a lone shooter the number of shots not only had to be limited but any evidence that the shots came from in front or below had to be suppressed.
Explosive Bullet?
I see force in the suggestion that the final, fatal bullet which struck the president was an explosive round.  Our community partners the ‘Eyeties’ never used exploding rounds in their Carcanos, but just as special rifles were probably used, there is no reason to suppose that the DVD and COREA Group planners limited their ammo to that used by the Italians in World War II. (Ed:  As an expert on historical weapons and ‘other related issues,’ no ‘lone gunman’ Marine would use a Carcano with sniper versions of Springfields, Enfields and Mausers, in proven configuration readily available and cheap.)
Who were the shooters?
Thus far the stuff I’ve covered has been pretty basic, apart from the involvement of the DVD and the COREA Group, which clears up the mystery as to motive and gets the CIA and the FBI off the hook, once you stop counting DVD/COREA assets as CIA or FBI that is!
There is strong evidence, on the Russian KGB file on the assassination, extracts of which found their way to Sir Roger Moore, of all people, after the break-up of the USSR, that a team was brought in from Saigon.  That would make sense.  The DVD would not want to use ‘Jerries’, the Mafia were all over the hit like a rash (the banker was Carlos Marcello Senior, taken out many years afterwards in the Fort Worth Federal Penitentiary, as it happens by a friend of mine) and the Mafia had close links to the DVD.  In the fascist era the Mafia were sponsored by Italian intelligence.  The DVD stepped into the breach after ’45.
These guys were enforcers from the very active Saigon underworld.  They had had plenty of practice.  What I do not have is the precise number of the shooters, or their names, and I want them!  I cannot exclude the possibility of a US citizen being on one of the teams, but I doubt it.
Wing Commander Jimmy Flint GM, DFC, DFM
Jimmy Flint’s obituary appeared in the London Daily Telegraph this morning.  Sadly, he passed on Monday, at the grand old age of 100.  By all accounts he was a lovely man, who bombed Germany.  If the boys can get his photo up on the site that would be great.
He started out in World War II flying the Handley Page Hampden.  They were a nice old crate, but were obsolescent by 1941, underpowered and slow.  They were also difficult to get out of in an emergency.  Jimmy got his GM, deservedly, for hauling his navigator out of a sinking Hampden, after they had fanned Osnabruck. I gather Jimmy was a mate of a friend of mine, also sadly passed, Ricky Dyson GM.  Ricky lived in Aylesbury and got his gong for hauling his skipper out of a blazing bomber which still had all her eggs on board.  Brave man.  They were both in the Aircrew Association.
Jimmy Flint was eventually commissioned, and rightly so, going on to command 50 Squadron, which by then had re-equipped with Lancasters.  He did superb work leading 50, going on a number of ops himself.  Drink a toast to Jimmy this Christmas. I shall.
This week’s classic movie: The Story of Dr Wassell
This timeless classic was part of Cecil B DeMille’s contribution to the American war effort.  Made in 1944, it starred the great Gary Cooper as Dr Corydon M. Wassell, a courageous US Navy doctor, who rescued wounded American survivors of the Battle of the Java Sea.  A true story, Dr Wassell’s inspiring devotion to the wounded men under his care was referred to by President Roosevelt in a radio address in April 1942.
The photography and production values are superb, for 1944, stunning in fact.  Left wing critics might complain that it casts the Japanese in a bad light.  Yes it did.  No offense, but in 1944 all you had to do to cast the Japs in a bad light was to tell the truth.  This movie did.  It’s Good Guys v. Bad Guys and the US Navy, then and now, are the Good Guys!  It was re-shown on British TV this week and is well worth watching.  Perhaps Jim and the boys could put up a link?
Merry Christmas again, one and all.


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