Government by Lottery

The Solution to the Masonic, Judeo-Conspiracy


Editor’s note:  Consider this a gift for Abe Foxman who took offense at my recent article on the quenelle.

To paraphrase a remark we often make here in Minnesota about the weather: “Everyone complains about the [Judeo-Masonic conspiracy], but no one ever does anything about it!”

I would like to propose a solution to rendering the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy that rules our government a thing of the past.  Before we can get to that, however, we first need to identify the enemy and his methodology of infiltration, advancement, and seizure of control of an organization, be it political, military, economic, the media…etc.

The uncanonized saint, George Orwell, who I have often thought was crypto-Jewish given his extensive knowledge of Jewish ideology, culture, and crypto-behavior, identifies the methodology of advancement that got the Inner and Outer members of the Temple–oops, the Inner and Outer members of the Party–in positions to rule over the great mass of supine and ignorant proles.  In 1984, Orwell identifies this methodology as “oligarchic collectivism.”

Unlike hereditary kingship in which an identified and anointed candidate is selected, in advance, to rule upon the death of the present king, with oligarchic collectivism it doesn’t matter who the particular ruler is as long as he is from the Temple.  [I will use the term “Temple” here to refer to both Jews and Freemasons who are members of a semi-secret conspiratorial society bent on manipulating a system for their own parochial ends, ends which are often antithetical to the public good.]  Even better, if the ruling Temple can employ a figurehead such as Lenin, Stalin, George Bush, Barack Obama…etc. to function as a public distraction so as to give the appearance of non-Temple rule in a state, that would be both a wise and predictable move on their part.

Controlling the Media is crucial in this regard for by controlling both the message and the framing of the message uncritical viewers will accept at face value what they are carefully spoon-fed when it comes to identifying the purported decision-makers in a state.  Perhaps this is why over 90% of the Media here in the US is either run by a Jewish CEO or owned outright by Jewish shareholders.  Jewish wealth is especially concentrated in Media holding, be it tv, radio, film, newspaper, or online communications.  “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,” as we are told in the movie The Wizard of Oz.”  Cockroaches prefer the shadows–as do conspirators.

Members of the Temple have at least a quasi-religious veneer to them, and this is true of both Judaism and Freemasonry.  Granted, not all Jews or Freemasons have a lust for power or practice nefarious power grabs, but enough of them do to single them out for special scrutiny.  For example, some in the Media would have the public believe that Obama is a closet Moslem while the fact of the matter is that his first name “Barak” is Hebrew and he has grossly over-represented Jews, not Moslems, as appointees to his government– Rahm Israel Emanuel as his first Chief of Staff (an especially powerful position in a new presidency for the Chief of Staff has a large say over appointments to the new Executive leadership), Jacob Lew, another Chief of Staff to Obama, Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury, Ben Bernanke, present Chairman of the Federal Reserve who will soon be replaced by Obama appointee and Jew, Janet Yellen…and so on).   These appointees, in turn, have selected fellow Temple members to join the Obama team as bureaucrats and department heads, and the cancerous, selective trickle-down continues.

To flesh out the above for a moment, whiles Jews comprise approximately 2% of the population here in Minnesota, for the last 35 years 50% of our US Senators, 1 of 2, have been Jewish (Rudy Boschwitz 1978 – 1991, Paul Wellstone 1991 – 2002, Norm Coleman 2003 – 2009, and Al Franken 2009 – present).

There has been a continuous line of four successive Jewish senators on the federal level from Minnesota since 1978.  Not a bad showing for a group that comprises only 2% of the population!  With respect to the Federal Reserve, for a second example, Jews have headed that institution for the last 26 years (Alan Greenspan 1987 – 2006, Ben Bernanke 2006 – 2014, Janet Yellen nominee to succeed Bernanke in 2014, and following).

The Federal Reserve is arguably the most powerful non-governmental institution in the US; it is not answerable to the President or Congress and decisively shapes economic policy for the banks and financial institutions for which it serves.  It would appear that with one of the federal senate seats for the state of Minnesota and with respect to the chairmanship of the Federal Reserve we have a Jewish variant of the Brezhnev Doctrine–seats once captured by Jews are not to be relinquished.  Perhaps I exaggerate (a bit) but do not close your eyes to the various overt and covert incarnations the “Temple Doctrine” can manifest itself in.

[As an aside, Zionists–be they Jewish or otherwise–seem to populate the Temple especially.  While Zionists are most often seen as a sub-set of Jews, granted a sizable sub-set, nevertheless, many non-Jewish Zionists hold positions of power as well.  Perhaps as a condition of employment–or more accurately as a condition of high employment–Zionist sympathies are a prerequisite.]

In sum, then, the way the Temple operates is that behind the veneer of a quasi-religious assembly, it is in fact a semi-covert organization which reciprocally promotes its members, by both covert and overt means, to higher and higher positions of authority in an organization, until one of its members (or a collective) have seized control of the targeted entity.

Once again, it does not matter which particular Jew or Freemason has control over an organization–the puppet figurehead of the targeted organization may well be an ignorant or quisling Catholic or Protestant for that matter–just as long as the true reigns of control are in the hands of members of the Temple.

Unfortunately, democracy is a fertile spawning ground for Temple conspirators to nest in and for this reason alone democracy should be disposed of in the trash heap of history as a profoundly and irreparably flawed political system.

Granted, Americans (and others) have been indoctrinated into the purported and trumpeted virtues of democracy–everyone has a right to vote, “bad” representatives can be voted out of office (though they rarely are), civic duty is encouraged, blah, blah, blah…–but rarely do the vices of American democracy get mentioned–a two-party dictatorship functions as gatekeepers to the office here in the US, candidates are vetted by the parties and only those who “tow the party line” get nominated and endorsed, therefore party candidates owe their primary allegiance to the party and not to the public on whose behalf (we are told) they are serving, there is a direct correlation between big money and success at the polls…etc.

Since activist minorities in political primaries can profoundly sway the platform and pre-select the candidates who are endorsed, fractional organizations and their cadres can easily infiltrate the dominant political parties at the grassroots level.  Then as their Temple-vetted candidates rise in the political machine and are elected to office, as payback, the quisling politicians can in turn promote members of the Temple who, through their generous campaign contributions or grassroots field work, assisted the rising politician in getting the elected position he or she has.

The elected official naturally feels beholden to his benefactors and is more than willing to “scratch the back,” in turn, of those who promoted him or her.  These compromised officials can then nominate, endorse, and appoint members from the Temple to powerful positions in an administration or in the bureaucracy.  And don’t fool yourself; members of the Temple are a very patient lot.  They are willing to wait decades or longer if necessary to either seize control of an organization or destroy a competing ideology, e.g., Christian universalism.  Incrementalism is the stock-in-trade of members of the Temple.

This methodology is repeated over and over again.  Quisling politicians or members of the Temple itself run for office and, if elected, place other members of the Temple in positions of power and influence, and these Temple members in the bureaucracy in turn promote other Temple members who can, in their turn, advance members of the Temple and the goals of the Temple.  It is a gigantic conspiratorial, reciprocal, in-group method of advancement.  To put it in the vernacular: “We will promote each other from our in-group until we have seized control of the targeted organization.”

It bears repeating: it does not matter who from the Temple holds high office, only that it is a member of the Temple who does.  In many respects, the public political representative is merely window dressing whereas the real power comes from those non-elected Temple appointees who now fill crucial positions in the bureaucracy, especially those who function in police, intelligence, or advisory positions.  With President George Bush II, for example, virtually all of his major national security advisers were neo-Con Jews: Richard Perle, Doug Feith, and Elliott Abrams.

These advisers profoundly influenced Bush’s behavior and decision-making (e.g., they all encouraged Bush to go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11), and yet all the while these advisors goaded Bush into war, still, they were able to stand back and deny personal responsibility for Bush’s decisions.  It was a perfect set-up for the Neo-cons: they could set policy behind the scenes and at the same time wash their hands of responsibility!  As Richard Peale noted in 2006: Bush “did not make decisions, in part because the machinery of government that he nominally ran was actually running him.”  —  Quoted in David Rose, “Neo Culpa,” Vanity Fair, November 3, 2006.

As I see it, no form of governance is exempt from crypto-Judeo-Masonic infiltration except one.  Monarchy, despotism, republicanism, democracy…etc. are all subject to subversion from oligarchic collectivist infiltration.

Democracy, in particular, was a godsend for oligarchic collectivists.  Under the banner of an “open society,” they can easily practice their nefarious and illicit methodology of advancement.  Now, under the guise of “every person has a vote,” the naive public believes that it has legitimately elected its representatives and that those representatives are beholden to the voting public.

The Media reinforces this canard.  The docile public does not understand that they merely rubber-stamp the Tweedledum (Democrat) and Tweedledee (Republican) candidates pro-offered to them by the parties and the complicit Jewish-controlled Media constantly tells the public that these two candidates are the only viable options the public has to choose between.  The ignorant masses are either unable or afraid to think for themselves and vote for a truly populist candidate who has their best interests in mind; instead, the public votes for poseurs who run for office posing as champions of the “little guy.”

Another problem the masses don’t recognize is that a country can be occupied either by a foreign invader OR by a domestic invader.  This reminds me of an observation from a character in one of Chekov’s plays–The Government Inspector:  Any damn fool general can invade a country from without.

It takes real genius to invade a country from within!!!  The latter is exactly the situation we find ourselves in here in the US today.  The US government has been hijacked from within by Jews, Freemasons, and their quislings, and is not responsive to the common good of the commonwealth—quite the contrary!!!  We live in a nation that is under the thumb of coercive Temple occupation, and the sooner the public realizes this fact the better.

The Temple government in place here in the US routinely promulgates policies that are antithetical to the public good (or the good of the world, for that matter) but via a complicit Media and through quisling elected officials the Temple manufactures consent on these anti-humanist policies.  Then we are told by the Media that the so-called  “American” position on such and such an issue is this, thereby conflating, wrongly, the US government’s policy with that of the attitude of the general public.  It is crucial to distinguish between the policy of the US government and the attitude of the US public; their respective views are, most often, not synonymous.

Just to cite one example of the foolishness and counterproductive policy the democratic government here advances, the US government spends billions and billions of dollars on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (which all knowledgeable people recognize as immoral and illegal wars launched against countries that had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11) while at the same time millions of Americans can’t afford good health care, pharmaceuticals, or food for their families.  “Our” [sic] government is willing to spend hundreds of billions to kill innocents abroad but not one cent on a non-profit government-run national health care plan that would cover everyone.

Of course, as economists will tell you, money spent in one place is money not available to spend in another place–i.e., “opportunity cost.”  Because we are frittering away billions on war hysteria (the most common and effective ploy employed by hypocritical and fear-mongering Temple members on an unwitting public), the public is kept in a constant state of anxiety.  We are constantly bombarded with the message that we need all the police and intelligence apparatus of the state available to protect average Americans from harm when the fact of the matter is that what crypto-society Temple members mean by “national security” is their own insular and parochial protection from the general public should that sleeping giant awaken!  “National security” is, in truth, crypto-society security.

The purpose of the government, as they see it, is not to enhance and benefit the public but to exploit the public and keep the public in thrall and under their thumb; hence the relentless widespread spying on the domestic American public via the NSA, and profoundly evil False Flag operations such at 9/11.  Intimidation and fear are the bread and butter of tyranny and that is exactly what we have here in the US.

So what is the solution?  In a word, government by lottery.

In ancient Greece, the only office the great philosopher Socrates held was as a judge when he was selected by lottery to sit as such an official in a court trial in Athens.  Socrates lived through monarchy, oligarchy, and democracy.  He had both a practical and theoretical knowledge of the various common forms of political organization and he found all of them lacking.  The question we must ask ourselves is what kind of political institution prevents secret societies from getting even a toehold on the apparatus of state governance?

What kind of political organization renders secret societies impotent when it comes to them employing oligarchic collectivism as a means for Temple advancement while at the same time providing a just and fair–and demographically representative–body assuming the mantle of rule in a just state?  The answer, once again, is government by lottery.

By selecting representatives via random lottery from the total body of legal, adult, citizens we could do away with the whole corrupt process of the vetting of candidates by political parties.  We could also eliminate legalized bribery (otherwise known of as “campaign contributions”) from corrupting the political process as well.  Parties should be made illegal for their main goal is to promote and protect themselves and their members and not promote the common good for the greatest number of people.

On a positive note, government by lottery would be truly demographically representative, unlike the body of our misnamed government “representatives” today.  If women make up approximately 50% of the population, approximately 50% of the members of the Lotterist Assembly would be women.  If high school-educated persons make up 70% of the population, then approximately 70% of the representatives would have achieved a high school education.  The same proportion would apply to minorities, homosexuals, and the poor.

Jews would comprise approximately 2%  of the representatives and homosexuals 10%.  Most importantly the poor are not represented in our present democratic form of governance and that certainly needs to change.  The poor make up a large percentage of the population and yet they do not have a seat at the table of governance in our plutocratic democratic two-party dictatorship.

Of course other changes would be necessary as well.  Secret societies (such as the Temple) should be outlawed—period!  Parochial, self-promoting secret societies are anathema to a proper functioning system of governance.  They are, like political parties, a cancerous and blood-sucking leach on the body politic.  The office of the President should also be abolished; no single individual should hold that much power in a political system.  It too easily leads to self-aggrandizement.

The ownership of the Media (of which, as I have noted, today Jews either own or control over 90%) cries out for re-organization and reconfiguration.  There should be a cap on wealth; no one should be permitted to live in opulent luxury while others in that same society live in abject poverty and misery.  In essence, as I imagine it, the Assembly would be the prominent institution of governance, and the executive and judiciary would be sub-units of governance to the Assembly.

Of course there is much to debate when it comes to reimagining and reinventing government, but the bottom line is that the present form of the plutocratic two-party democratic dictatorship here in the US is irreparably corrupt and needs to be dismantled once and for all.  People need to open their eyes to the fact that we ARE living under domestic occupation.

Those shadowy rulers in government know this and that is why there is no right to privacy, that is why we are all subject to domestic spying without the police even needing to first establish probable cause in order to secure a warrant; in a word, in the eyes of the adherents of the Temple, we are all guilty and can only prove our innocence by kow-towing and boot-licking the powers that be, that is, Jews, Freemasons, and their eager-to-please quislings.  Dissent, critical thinking, and civil disobedience are not to be tolerated, but must be nipped in the bud!

To return to Orwell again, this time to his earlier book Animal Farm, he gives us a handy picture of how ordinary citizens–not just here in the US but in all the present nation-states the world over—are, properly and accurately, to think of themselves: we, all of us, in fact do live on “animal farms;” true, some animal farms employ the veneer of democracy to honorifically designate themselves, some employ the veneer of theocracy, some monarchy, some republicanism…and so on.

But the irrefutable fact remains that we are mere disposable workhorses to members of the Temple, to the secret societies that rule nation-states the world over, and the sooner we recognize this the sooner we can, like Winston Smith earnestly hopes in 1984, have an epiphany and rise up and shed the blood-sucking horse-flies from the Temple from off our backs.  We enlightened proles can finally have our epiphany and sweep the parasites of the Temple away, and we can do this as easily as a newly reinvigorated horse nonchalantly sweeps his back with his tail.  Viva la revolution!

© Mr. Vaughn Klingenberg

P.S.  So how is this all to come about?  The great mass of the public is either too lethargic, too cowardly, or too ignorant to see the world as it is.  Cognitive dissonance leads them to ignore the brutal facts in front of their faces and they retreat into somnambulance, Stopthink, and stupor.  Perhaps a new Socrates will arise from the ranks of the military and facilitate a nation-saving coup d’ etat.  Perhaps then we can also get to the bottom of 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, and oh so much more!


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