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Sharon’s Death, the Third Force and the Planned Desolation of Jerusalem

…by   Preston James


"Once upon a time"
“Once upon a time”

Last week Ariel Sharon was unplugged from his respirator after 8 years of existing in a coma-like state.

Does Sharon’s death signify a new turning point in the future of Israel?

However, before that can be answered folks need to investigate and gain understanding why was he allowed to die now after being kept “alive” on life support for eight years.

And they also need to understand why Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated as well as a very strange and evil Alien Agenda that is engineered to “take no prisoners”.

This Alien Agenda is now being imposed on the whole world through only a few top Policy-Makers.

These Top Policy-Makers are strategically positioned at the top positions of power that sit at the nexus of the hidden worldwide occult network and the secret shadow government.

It is now known that these top Policy-Makers have been involved with Alien ET entities and received secret power.

This positioning as top Policy-Makers has placed them in key positions as principal Cutouts for the Third Force. And the Third Force is only beginning to make its presence and power evident to the masses. Holding such strategic positions places them at the top of world power hierarchies, thereby allowing them to set top policies in every government of the world.

At the time Sharon entered into the coma, it certainly signified an abrupt end to the secret agreement negotiated with him on behalf of the State of Israel for a workable, true Peace Agreement between Israelis and Palestinians. But why was he unplugged now rather than years ago? That is the key question here.

Sharon is finally dead
Sharon is finally dead

Some thought that Muslim Intel operatives poisoned Sharon as revenge for Yassar Arafat whom they believed was murdered at Sharons’ orders.

Recently evidence has emerged suggesting that Arafat was assassinated by the administration of Polonium, something Israeli Intel has been believed to have access to.(1)

Some international Intel experts believe that there was a sophisticated assassination attempt on Sharon, but it was not done by Muslims as revenge for Arafat’s alleged assassination.

They believe that Sharon was taken out of play because he had made a 180% degree turn from a fierce, exceedingly aggressive warrior to a peace advocate. He had agreed in principal for a workable Peace Agreement between Israelis and Palestinians that was being promoted by the man who was the President of the United States at the time.

Sharon’s death has been attributed to extreme hawkish elements in the Israeli Defense and Intel establishment that just could not accept his recent personal changes. These changes included his morphing from a warrior with a record of extreme military aggression into a man who wanted peace between Israelis and Palestinians. To understand this possibility and likelihood, an examination of the facts around the assassination of Rabin is certainly in order.

Several times in recent years there have been serious efforts made to create a workable Peace Agreement for Israel and Palestinians, and both sides have agreed in principal. However before such agreements could be activated, in every instance, strange events have occurred that interfered and prevented the enactment of any workable, real Peace Agreement.

It was during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan that a real and workable Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement was at hand. Few know that A true Peace Agreement was negotiated by Presidential Secret Agent Lee Wanta with Yitzhak Rabin. Had Rabin not been assassinated, this Agreement would have been actuated.

The involvement of Rabin in changing his views and becoming willing to advocate a workable, true peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians, with full recognition of both nations and the establishment of fair borders for both in a compromise arrangement is a story that has not been told before.

Now for the first time you will learn what really happened, that is the true story and context that led to Rabin’s assassination and who the likely string-pullers that ordered his murder and why.

Yitzhak Rabin, the Israel Leader who became serious about establishing a true Peace Agreement between Israelis and Palestinians after secret negotiations with Secret Agent Lee Wanta on President Reagan’s behalf.

Rabin had agreed to a workable Peace Agreement which was brokered by Lee Wanta as he served as President Reagan’s personal Secret Agent.

Rabin was assassinated upon the orders of radical elements of the secret command structure of the Israeli intelligence system. These highest elements within the Israeli Intel and Defense structure have been alleged to be functioning as Third Force operatives (Cutouts), knowingly or unknowingly.

The bottom line is that these top Israeli Policy-Makers maintain and have maintained a 100% policy of no true Peace Agreement with Palestinians will ever be permitted.

They will allow lots of talk and many promises but no real Peace Agreement ever. Their extreme commitment to the zionist “Greater Israel” racist delusion/compulsion/obsession and as long as they are in power will never allow Israel to make peace.

The question is why, and although the answer will seem incredulous to many who consider it for the first time, there is now good evidence to support the answer for those that are willing to take the time to examine the supporting evidence.

In 1993, Lee Wanta negotiated a true Peace Agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Involved was a 5 Billion USD aid package to each party for their cooperation in activating the Agreement.  It was a done deal, already to sign when Rabin was assassinated. Here is a copy of the letter which Rabin sent to Lee Wanta who was serving as Ronald Reagan’s secret agent responsible for negotiating this Peace Plan.

Rabin Letter to Wanta Page 1

Rabin letter to Wanta page 2

Below is a copy of the Totten Doctrine [92 U.S. 105, 107 (1875)] Rogers Houston Memorandum:

Wanta Totten Agreement 2



Lee Wanta, President Reagan’s Secret Agent and a Great American Hero, served Reagan under the Totten Doctrine.

Wanta’s claims are well documented and supported by facts despite coordinated efforts to wipe his past clear and bury all associated documents.  In American intel this is exceedingly difficult to do because of all the excessive bureaucracy and production and filing of multiple copies in strange locations.

For those that are skeptical of Wanta’s claims which seem quite incredulous to those who have never heard of them before or taken the time to truly examine the evidence, let me assure you there is ample documentation available to support them. (1)

This includes massive documentation included in his book, Wanta! Black Swan, White Hat, now available on Kindle in digital form in its latest edition for about $10 (2 ), or free in an earlier edition on Lee Wanta’s website. (3)

I have spent two months examining and studying the documents available which took Wanta and his biographer Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall about 5 years to recover and assemble. Fortunately two top Generals assisted by providing docs. And despite misinformation from detractors in the past, I am well convinced that Wanta’s claims are fully supported.

There is a radical Alien Agenda that has been imposed on the world and it has involved setting up and using Cutouts, best described as several top Policy Makers or “Kingpins.” Once these Cutouts have attained their ascribed goals, a later phase of the Alien Agenda involves getting rid of them and throwing these Cutout/top Policy-Makers on the trash-heap of History once the Third Force is done with them.

It has been alleged by insiders close to top policy-Makers that Marduk came down from the heavens within the last year after many years of exile. He was greeted by numerous top world officials, and was later crowned King of Africa at Mandela’s funeral.

Supposedly, Marduk’s exile of many years ago (going back to the Enochian Epoch) was a sentence enforced on Him for violating God Almighty’s “Cosmic Rules of Play”.

And one of the main rules is this, unless a certain critical mass of the earth’s human inhabitants violate the Golden Rule of “do unto others as you want them to do to you” (AKA “love your neighbor as you love yourself), Marduk and the evil ET alien leaders cannot bridge the sovereignty of humans.

So obviously alien Mass mind-kontrol and Hollywood culture (AKA Hollywoodism) are major tools that have been employed to “dirty up” humans and seduce them into giving consent to the Alien ET beings presence and takeover. These Alien ET beings are believed to be inter-dimensional spirit beings, many regard as fallen angels, Nephilim, demons, Jinns, and/or evil entities that live many centuries. (4 & 5)

Soon Abbadon (aka Appollyon) will allegedly come up from the “pit” though Mount Herman to bring absolute Chaos to the whole world. This will then be followed by his “complete NWO solution” to major world problems. However, this will only occurs after he is crowned the Caesar of the Ages in the New World Order Temple built in Jerusalem over the previous location of Solomon’s temple.

[youtube oPXgQaMoT1w]

The UN has an office on Mount Herman. Why? Preparing the way for Abbaddon to rise from inside the earth (aka the “Pit”) where he has been held captive for his earlier crimes against humanity during what many call the Enochian Epoch (as described in the Book of Enoch).

After Abbaddon has risen and deployed massive, worldwide disorder, chaos and destruction, and has cleared and depopulated the city of Jerusalem and probably most of Israel, he will then pave the way for the seating of the anti-Christ to descend. Some say he will descend from a large Alien ET UFO to become seated in the New World Order Third Force Temple at Jerusalem as the Caesar of the Ages.

There is considerable disagreement of Marduk’s part in all this.  Some believe that Marduk was crowned King of Africa and will serve as the great prophet that will prepare the way for the NWO Caesar of the Ages. Others suspect Marduk will rise again and then descend in an ET UFO for the masses to witness on worldwide Television, and will himself become seated and crowned as the New Caesar of the Ages in the NWO Third Force Temple in Jerusalem.

Others suspect that Abbaddon’s job is to wreak havoc and chaos on the Earth as a great destroyer. And that Marduk’s job is to serve as the great prophet preparing the way for the descent and crowning of the Caesar of the Ages in a new temple built on the Temple of The Mount in Jerusalem.

Before an evil alien ET can be crowned Caesar of the Ages in a new temple in Jerusalem built on the Temple of the Mount, Jerusalem must first be made desolate. It is likely this will be done by some new type of nuclear device or some advanced alien ET technology, perhaps gained through an exchange of alien technology for human biologicals, and then back-engineered.

Some believe that Israel will also be depopulated and most Muslim countries weakened economically to the point of collapse. Perhaps a nuclear exchange will decimate Jerusalem, Israel and a significant portion of the Arab Middle East, creating radical depopulation in those areas hit.

The bottom line is this, the several top Policy-Makers that serve the Third Force in secret, pay first homage to it even more than to family, nation, government or so-called peer groups. And lately these top Policy-Makers have been making some astounding and surprising complete reversals and betrayals, apparently as instructed to do by their alien ET masters.

Zionists Kingpins and Cutouts all over the world are very confused at how the top Policy-Makers they thought were their allies have turned on them and are “cutting them loose”. Israeli leaders are confused because the Obama administration has turned against them and is pursuing its own Agenda, best described as a Third Force Agenda.

The war criminal died without suffering...a shame really.
The war criminal died without suffering…a shame really.

This reversal of policy by America is a completely new phenomena out from left field. It is a real curve-ball to the world zionist Central Banksters and their Noahide Talmudist associates, NeoCons and top Sayanims and media mouthpieces and talking heads. It is also greatly disturbing as well to those who own and operate  the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

And many now realize that the CMMM is little more than a USG propaganda dispenser and chronic advertiser of notably, false absurd or dysfunctional Big Pharma ads, military recruiting ads, political ads, and absurd gadget and phone sex ads.

Without these advertising scams, most at night, the CMMM would be bankrupt in short order. it is no coincidence that less than a majority of Americans believe anything the CMMM says and go directly to their favorite alternative news websites like,,, and the like.

The Israeli policy of “No Peace Ever” has been deployed by covertly hijacking asset nations like America and use of Cutouts to attempt to systematically and incrementally capture future territories in order to create “Greater Israel”. This racial based, religious obsession is far from a passing obsession and fancy.  This obsession has kept the Israeli High Military and Intel command from allowing any true Peace Agreement between Israelis and Palestinians to be negotiated and enacted.  And that is why Rabin and then Sharon were covertly assassinated.

And the best evidence so far is that Sharon was kept on a respirator for all these years to serve as an ongoing warning to anyone else who might try to negotiate such an agreement as he did.

Yes, that is correct, Sharon, the most aggressive, pugilistic warrior Israel ever had, a man blamed for numerous massacres of innocents such as the massacre of hundreds of innocent Palestinians including women and children at the refugee camps of Sabra and Shotila. He was also believed to be the primary planner for the 9/11 false flag attacks falsely blamed by the George W. Bush Administration on Middle East Muslims from Iraq and Afghanistan.

criticizeSome blamed a secret team of American Intel for poisoning Sharon for his part in planning and deployed the 9/11 attacks on America using zionist assets in the USAF High Command, NORAD, the Pentagon and the White House as well as the NeoCon and Sayanims.

This is always a possibility that some deal was struck where it was agreed that Sharon had to go (these kind of high level back door negotiations actually do occur).

But the best evidence so far is that the Israel High Military and Intel Command (very top Policy-Makers) decided that Sharon had to go. the reason? Because Sharon had completely changed his mind and became in favor of negotiating a true Peace Agreement between Israelis and Palestinians and compliance with prior UN Sanctions and Agreements.

At the time this executive action was taken, it was rumored that Sharon’s complete and unexpected turn-around was due to the successful deployment of ultra-high tech psychotronics and pharmacological mind-kontrol.

Perhaps some day the full story will emerge because as Intel assets get old, sick and close to death, they often start talking and telling what really happened behind the scenes. But at this time it does seem likely that his own high command refused to support his complete turn-around and took executive action that they are so infamous for all over the world including inside Israel and even among their own..

Conclusion: It’s a very good guess that the unplugging of Ariel Sharon marks a serious turning point for the coming desolation of Israel and much of Jerusalem as well as some Muslim enemies who have the major military capabilities.

It appears that the Alien Agenda is control of a very few top Policy-Makers who control the Israeli High Military and Intel Command. And these top Policy-Makers appear to be working in concert, knowingly or unknowingly, with other select third Force controlled top Policy-Makers in the USG. This supposition makes sense since the current USG Administration which has been recently throwing the world zionists and NeoCons major curve-balls and reversals of previously long standing policies toward Israel.

Israel, the major Cutout for the zionist City of London Central Banksters is now being Cut-loose and thrown to the dogs in systematic, incremental fashion.  And it seems clear that the secret reason for this is the existence of an Alien Agenda to clear the land in Jerusalem so that the Caesar of the Ages can be seated and crowned.

Domination of Jerusalem has been the desired Crown Jewel for hundred of years by the European kings and Nobility, the British Knights, and the Knights Templars. In the past, alien ETs prophesized to them in secret encounters (some called them personal guides after making a luciferian blood contract) that a NWO Caesar of the Ages will be seated and crowned in a newly rebuilt temple like Solomon’s. These folks believed that taking Jerusalem and discovering its secrets would unlock eternal life and they would become Kings of the World themselves when the NWO ruler descends from the Heavens and is seated and crowned Caesar of the Ages.

The World Zionists have always believed that this NWO temple was to be there and it would be a Talmudic Noahide New World Order.  Wrong on all counts because once the Alien ETs are done with their Kingpins and Cutouts, they get purged and thrown on the trash-heap of History too. (6)

Those who have the time and want to explore the subject of alien ETs, alien/human hybrids, Secret Space War, and the Alien Agenda can use the search bar or by using other search bars.

Since the days that George H. W. Bush was President, contrary to the Prescott Bush (Sherff) Immunity Agreement, the USG has been manipulated into to deployed the American military to fight Israel’s wars in the Middle East. These proxy wars have been fought at great personal cost to thousands of fine American soldiers who have been completely betrayed by their leaders. These fine American Soldiers have endured abuse beyond reason in so many ways, physically and mentally that it would fill many books to adequately describe such treason, sedition and abject betrayal towards them by their own USG.

Are Entities like this controlling the World’s top Policy-Makers on behalf of the Third Force? Are they the Hidden Hand, or the “Missing Piece of the Puzzle” folks must understand in order to get a grip on all the strange unConstitutional actions of the USG, and the inability of “we the people” to bring Congress into compliance with their wishes?

The interesting thing about this is that the few select top Policy-Makers/Controllers of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) is that they have covertly deployed back-engineered alien ET “beyond black” weapons technology against the world. Such weapons include aerosol atmospheric spraying aircraft, with serious toxins in their jet fuel, and in even higher concentration by direct spraying pumped through nozzles from tanks inside special aircraft of CIA and DOD contractors. This is worldwide as are other secret eugenic programs such as tainted water and special vaccine additives as well as GMO foods which indicates alien ET control.

And the same forces at play have also produced so many unConstitutional USG laws like the Patriotic Act, NDAA, Affordable Healthcare Act, and the new illegal zio agencies like DHS, TSA, FEMA and the like. And no matter how many of the populace protest and call their Congresspersons and Senators, nothing is ever done because Congress, the Administration and the judiciary are completely owned by a few alien ET controlled top Policy-Makers. And these few top Policy-Makers are now comletely controlled by the Third Force and serve as its direct agents.

Top Policy-Makers have become deer in the headlights themselves and never foresaw this possibility. For  the last few centuries at least, the top Policy-Makers have formed a working alliance with evil to gain power, wealth, status and fame. Every single one of these folks lost their souls before they entered into these blood contracts and exchange programs.

Their one obsession the last 100 years has been to subdue to earth, capture all of its populations to use a worker bees to built a Globalist NWO One-Government System and then to dispose of them systematically through eugenics, war, environmental poisoning and sophisticated bio-warfare. They have always assumed they were far to special to ever become a liability and personally targeted for disposal or purge. This is the toxic narcissism that inherently comes with the use of power for personal gain and the “selling” of one’s soul to gain that power.

To attain these long term goals, these top policy-Makers have partner-shipped with evil either directly through family based (blood-line) blood contracts via personal spirit-guides whom appear to them when they enter into such agreements. Or by forming working partnerships with alien ET entities for exchanges0, or both. The one major blind-spot these top Policy-Makers have been completely unaware of is the great risks personally dealing with such evil entities who always turn on their own at some point, cut them loose and toss them on the trash-heap of History.

Why haven’t they been able to see that ultimately you cannot trust evil, once it no longer needs your services. Yes, after the NWO basic structure has been set in place, then it becomes “bye-bye” time and Kingpins and Cutouts.  They are already starting to get Cut-loose and thrown on the trash-heap of History.  In fact if one studies history carefully, this has always occurred.  It is now already started for the City of London International World Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) and its main Cutouts, Israeli top Policy-Makers and USG and SSG top Policy-Makers.

Yes, these are the folks who have set up DHS as their own internal American army to oppress and wage war against the American people and if possible exterminate them.  And they plan to do this by morphing DHS into a new American Cheka, by rolling out a Bolshevik style Red Terror like Lenin, Stalin and Mao did to mass-murder over 140 millions humans. But there is a little problem that is now becoming a very big problem for them, and this is the worldwide Internet and the Alternative news  and truth it provides. Once the truth is published it resonates and spreads like wildfire all over the earth at the speed of light.

The top Policy-Makers have used spirit guides and alien technology to mind-kontrol and cast a spell of lies and deceit over America for over one-hundred years.  They have used this to capture and hijack the political, banking, mass media, governmental and  corporations of America and to use them as weapons against “we the people”. This includes doing everything they can to destroy the Rule of Law, buy up or “human-compromise” all Politicians, elected officials, USG officials, high military and intel command as well as most Judges. However, thanks to the Internet the truth is spontaneously emerging, followed by a new worldwide populism and this is destroying the lies and spell of these soulless infil-Traitors, hijackers and controllers of America. Now watch the system implode as hundreds of more Snowdens, Novitskys, Binneys, and Drakes emerge from deep inside the lies, Treason and Sedition of the NSA, DHS, TSA, and the alphabets and their proprietaries.

The thing is once folks inside these parasitical neo-Bolshevik Agencies are exposed to the truth, the Third Force based spell is broken and dissatisfaction spreads quickly within these agencies and folks begin to sandbag, obstruct and even leak anything and everything. Soon only the leaders will remain as “true believers” in the massive lies and deceit which forms their operating agenda. At this point it is only a matter of time when these agencies will implode from within, unless they are stopped first by massive pressure mounting from the masses who no longer believe the lies behind these criminal agencies that violate Rule of Law and the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The next big thing that will occur (and you will learn of this eventually, Snowden was only the first public barrage) is the emergence of a major secret war inside these entities from within. And here’s a hint for you about something to think about when this all comes down upon their heads and you start finding out about it. Hundreds of Intel Cowboys will be close at hand in the background laughing their asses off as true, covert justice is delivered by use of very crafty unidentified means. You will then understand the term fully, “Payback is a bitch” and the Republic of the Great Constitutional Republic America is not dead.

Doubt that these forces are at work to save the Republic, then consider this recent article about a very highly respected retired CIA Officer, Michael Scheuer with a spotless record. This man is truly one of America’s finest that has always told the truth. (7) And he is but one of many who is done with the USG and agency lies and deceit. What he had to say is just the tip of the iceberg now growing inside every major US Intel Agency, the high military command and inside DHS and NSA and all alphabets as well as widespread in all parts of the so-called “Federal Family”.

This is DHS’s secret agenda for America on behalf of their zio City of London and Israeli controllers that want to mass-murder all Goyim as their final revenge for their so-called “holocaust” (which exists mostly in their own racially paranoid delusions). And this racial paranoia, persecution of Palestinians and provocations of Muslims that comes from it could easily serve as a self-fulfilling prophecy to actually produce a very real “holocaust” for the City of London/Israel zios themselves.

Watch as DHS implodes over the several years as the chickens come home to roost, and world populism spontaneously emerges and demands a new form of representation. DHS, all alphabets and even the SSG will split within as most in the Federal Family wake up to their mass-murder doctrine and will turn on their senior officers and move against them. This too will be one of the most surprising turn-arounds in recent history ever experienced and those zio senior officers in power are far too demented and arrogant to ever see it coming.  If they do, however and take drastic efforts to turn the Federal Family into a “snitch family” this will only speed up the blow-back and seal their fates faster.

The most sinister and covertly deadly weapon of all deployed in the Middle East Wars is perhaps the use of depleted uranium (DU) in bombs, guided missiles, in other projectiles and cannon rounds. This DU is known by scientists to be truly genetically Toxic and responsible for numerous permanent mutations and incurable illnesses. The use of these DU weapons were previously forbidden by long standing US Army Regulations and Policies, but have now been deployed as a eugenics weapon in the Middle East wars despite all the previously accepted standard prohibitions.

This DU has been carefully deployed to serve as direct fertility reducer and long term mind and body destroyer.  DU alters genes but kills and sterilizes slowly. A great deal of the DU has always drifted into the Israeli Populace and their birth rate is now less than replacement.

So the more wars that Americans have been manipulated into fighting for the Israeli High Command, the more DU is dumped into the war-zones. And the more drifts into Israeli populations by various means, air, water, food, etc. and the more is ingested into Israelis which lowers their fertility drastically and is rendering a secret soft-kill upon the entire populace. So the paranoid religious persecution delusions of the Israeli Khazarian Judaic Converts has really engendered DU poisoning. It has done so as unintended, currently unrecognized Blowback from manipulating America to fight its Middle East Wars, which are actually proxy wars.

How’s this for “what goes around comes around” or “payback is a bitch”, or “Blow-back”, or never trust evil folks at the top of your nation’s government to “help you”? Sperm counts are exceedingly low and dropping. Is this just an aberration or is it another aspect of the Alien Agenda being deployed? Is this the first stage in cutting Israeli leaders loose with the next stage the clearing and desolation of Jerusalem and perhaps much of Israel?

Obviously, a worldwide boycott of Israel’s apartheid system against Palestinians in growing as more and more institutions cut ties and withdraw investments. It was just reported than more Dutch firms are cutting ties with Israel.(8)  Israel is now under tremendous pressure to either stop its Apartheid against Palestinians or face complete divestiture and boycotting by other nations and their institutional investors, European first and then American.

Have the “chickens come home to roost” in the State of Israel and will they soon come home to Our Great Nation–America with the additional deployments of the Alien Agenda in the near future in America and worldwide?

A cursory look at increasingly bad public relations that the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) has brought on Judaics worldwide shows it to be quite notable.  Unchecked and uncorrected, this could easily produce a second persecution. This backlash could easily be produced, especially in Europe by their hard line “global war forever” strategy against Muslims and Palestinians in order to built the “Greater Israel”.  It could be a result of the increasing recognition by many in Europe, the Middle East and America that the IZCS and their Cutouts, the NeoCons and Dual Citizen Israeli-American Traitors were involved in planning and operating the 9/11 False Flag attack.

It almost seems as if the same “big trick” that produced the first persecution in Europe by Nazis is going is now being repeated in Europe, also the Middle East, America and elsewhere. The common thread here is the top Policy-Makers that control such matters, folks who are known to be products of a lawless hidden hand. This Third Force is believed to be covertly in control of a worldwide luciferian occult network.

It is also suspected of being linked to an ancient, evil, anti-human parasite which has used evil alien ETs to form treaties which provide for an exchange of alien high technology for human biologicals in some of the largest, most powerful nations.

Note: many thanks to Lee Wanta for sharing information and documents about his negotiations with Rabin on behalf of President Reagan. Marilyn Barnewall, Wanta’s biographer has just published an article which further supports what Lee Wanta has been willing to share. (9)













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