Kingpins and Cutouts, Aliens and Hybrids


by Preston James

Who is the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain pulling the strings?
Once a Bright and Rising Star, a great economic engine and the hope of the World, America has been transformed into an International Terror Factory with a collapsing economy.
The USG has become an enemy of the American People and a blight on the World.
How could this happen and where does the real power lie?
Who has been pulling all the strings and taking America apart at the seams, trashing the Constitution, Bill or Rights and everything American Soldiers have fought for since the Declaration of Independence?
How can we make sense out of this confusing mess?
Sometimes the most incredulous things one CANNOT imagine, actually turn out to be true.
How much do you really want to know about who runs the world?
To understand who are the real Powers That Be (PTB), one must be willing to temporarily enter the twilight zone and take a trip deep into a rabbit hole.
True Pyramid Power is the bureaucratic political organizing of society into power control hierarchies, some known and the most powerful ones unknown, it is not the power of the Giza pyramids.
The top Covert Power in the world is referred to by many as “the top of the pyramid” and these top controllers are always hidden by many layers of Cutouts who are more than willing to do their dirty work.  Such is the nature of hierarchies and bureaucracies which have power funneled upward into a few select individuals who are the Leaders of the World and the true Powers That Be (PTB).  These top controllers are best referred to as Kingpins.
Note:  This is a long article with sections that some readers will find irrelevant, tiring or boring. Bold print subject headings have been provided which can be scanned. Those sections which seem interesting can be read in full.
The Old Black European Nobility (OBN) has been alleged to be the top world controllers and have been reputed to have Third Force or secret alien power, including Psi-power.  
It is generally recognized by top researchers of covert world power that the top of the pyramid are select individuals who are representatives of the “Old Black Nobility”(OBN) of Europe which go all the way back to Venice, Rome and even perhaps even to ancient Babylon.
These folks are known for their secret knowledge and skills in the “Black Arts” using “human alchemy”, the powers of trauma based mindkontrol, numerous “magickal” arts, the power of secret assassinations using poisons, and allegedly deep and conventionally unknown Psi-power. They have been reputed to have a lust for shedding human blood and human sacrifice and it has been alleged that they have been anointed with what has been anecdotally referred to as “teaming power of Lucifer”.
Some have alleged that Vlad the Impaler was the model user of this Third Force pure evil and serves as an historical example of unbridled terror and murder, an illustration of what the characteristics are of those at the top of the pyramid of control that truly run the world today who seem to crave mass death from war and eugenics.
Notice that this print of a painting considered to be an accurate representation of Vlad shows the eight pointed double-cross aka the Mark of Cain on his forehead, identifying him as “evil ruling over evil”.  Those who want to learn more about the Mark of Cain can refer to Tupper Saussy’s infamous book, “Rulers of Evil”.
Certainly this type of evil appears to have infested those who pull the strings of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and many other nations as well as the City of London Banksters and the so-called Royal family.
It has also been alleged that these folks have had long term relations with alien trans-dimensional entities which have superior technical knowledge and highly developed mindkontrol skills, but are evil beyond humans normal imagination to fathom.
The Secret Shadow Government (SSG) has allegedly patterned their “Black Operations” on the basis of this hidden knowledge of the secret, occult “black arts” which has been selectively provided to their key Cutouts by top Kingpins of the OBN.
The Old Black Nobility (OBN) are alleged to be the rulers of the covert world which should be considered to be the New Roman Empire. Are they alien/human hybrids and does that explain their extraordinary powers to do immense evil worldwide?
These folks are reputed to be the head of a secret New Roman Empire essentially cast according to the structures of the old Roman Empire and also based on many of its ancient mythical gods and occult practices. Some researchers have suggested that the OBN are actually hybrids and part Draco.  This would certainly explain a great deal of their mastery of the evil, anti-human black arts and psi-power and the various world systems featuring those principals they have set up through their subordinates or cutouts all over the world for many centuries.
One person’s Kingpin is usually another person’s Cutout and vice-verse.
The main or first level of Cutouts of the OBN is believed to the City of London Banksters.  Some say these folks are comprised of the top ranking of the “thirteen satanic bloodlines”, others claim they are part of an interlocked worldwide system of occult based esoteric, Luciferian groups.
The Secret Shadow Government is a main Cutout for the City of London Banksters.
It is generally recognized that the next level of control is the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) (1) which is a direct Cutout for the London Banksters.  So the London Banksters serve as the Kingpins for the SSG which are their Cutouts.
And the SSG serves as Kingpins for the next level of control which is the Intel agencies and the Non-profit foundations and think tanks and their Lobbying groups and Lobbyists which serve to buy and own the American politicians and USG officials for the Banksters.
And the US Administration is also a direct Cutout for the SSG and in turn serves as a Kingpin for the various Cutouts running each USG agency. And so it goes as one climbs the food chain downward.
The use of Cutouts provides layers of insulation and deniability from blame for the Kingpins and is considered essential and basic tradecraft.
By now it should be clear that the use of a Cutout creates an insulating barrier of deniability for the actual string pullers of any USG act.  The more middlemen or Cutouts involved, the greater the degrees of separation from the primary perp who is responsible.
The greater the number of the layers of separation, the greater the deniability of those who are the true string-pullers behind the curtain and the less likely their exposure becomes, nor is it possible to ascertain the true motives for the decisions and actions of the Cutouts doing the dirty work for the PTB.  Instead trite and false cover stories are dispensed as USG propaganda by the six major mass media.
This insulation can become so great that it is almost impossible for ordinary citizens to be able to understand the actual USG actions that are being imposed on them or the base policies behind them which motivate the very top string pullers who have absolute “Cesarian authority”.
Use of Cutouts is just basic intel Tradecraft
Use of cutouts is basic intel tradecraft and helps keep the true motives of those pulling the strings of society secret from the public who would then be able to start asking too many questions about the legitimacy of the authority of the PTB.  The hidden hand prefers to remain hidden because exposure weakens and threatens such entities with eventual erosion and complete loss of power.
Many prominent Cutouts who have the appearance of complete respectability despite the fact they are either owned financially, or victims of human compromise operations such as by sexual and/or pedophile honey traps.  Use of these Cutouts with such a public persona can provide the ultimate front of respectability until the SSG is done with them and releases the photos or videos they always keep on file “for that day”.
The SSG is only serving its own needs and those of the Kingpins who own them and cares nothing about the welfare of anyone else at all.
[youtube 4jQT7_rVxAE&feature=player_detailpage]
It cares nothing for the America People which is in the process of asset stripping and taking their basic constitutionally guaranteed Rights.  Nor does it care a whit about any of its victims of World Terror and unprovoked illegal wars. It has morphed over the years since its inception into a mass murder Terror machine.
And although the SSG claims it is hard at work “protecting the security and well-being” of America, nothing could be more obviously further from the truth.  The SSG is working hard to KILL AMERICA (2) by asset stripping it and trafficking in massive amounts of illegal drugs in order to finance highly criminal and anti-human Black Operations all over the world in order to create a NWO Globalist System.
And obviously all the recent Mideast illegal wars have been waged to protect the Banksters US Petro Dollar (3) and to make massive war profits for offshore corporations at the expense of the American taxpayer, the American Soldiers and the people living in the nations attacked.
One way or another a bad outcome typically awaits Cutouts and Traitors as well as those that live by the sword and make a business or mass murder and war profiteering. 
When the OBN completes their current agenda and “drops the hammer” on the SSG, these SSG top Cutouts will find out they have been set up and conned into being traitors to America they will be shocked beyond belief.
And when they find out that like most other Cutouts they are going to be tossed on the trash heap of history by those they stupidly served, they will be horrified and feel completely betrayed like the way they betrayed America the Republic, American taxpayers and Citizens.
But by the time they come to realize they have been duped, it will be far too late. Their narcissistic sociopathy provided by the power that secrecy and the invocation of national security has provided, will not allow them to see this coming in advance and take steps to redeem or protect themselves.
Any Cutout is always potentially disposable and almost always ends up tossed on the trash heap of history when the Kingpins are done with them.
When a Kingpin decides it is desirable, he can “cut loose” any of his Cutouts anytime he decides he no longer needs their services since he has absolute Cesarian power.
This kind of decision can be made for any number or reasons, such as being necessary to protect one’s identity by attributing complete blame to a Cutout.  Serving up a cutout for exposure and accountability can protect the Kingpin. It can also result when a Kingpin desires to make a shift in strategy to a new chapter in their long term playbook.
Many believe that the decision has already been made by the top Kingpins, the Old Black Nobility (OBN) to cut loose their chief cutouts, the City of London Banksters and their whole Babylonian system of their worldwide web-of-debt by staging the demise of the US Petro Dollar and by building up the alternative BRICS system using China as their poster child for the NWO Globalist system they have been building for centuries.
Use of frontmen, proprietaries and shadow banks to provide layers of insulation and abject plausible deniability has become the mainstream of intel tradecraft today.
William Colby once stated after his retirement from being Director of the CIA, that the Company’s greatest achievement was to acquire control over almost every single newscaster and mass media news outlet.  William Casey another Director of the CIA once stated that the Company’s final success would be when every news story was believed by the public and would actually be untrue. That point has been reached in America.
Almost every single major industry or business in America is either owned or controlled by the American Intel agencies or foreign intel such as the Mossad who are alleged to control most communications systems inside America.
How the CIA came to be called the Company.
The CIA was the apparent successor to United Fruit in South America which was rumored to have been called “the Company” at the time and was allegedly the prototype for the development of the CIA later, which essentially became embedded and disguised within numerous proprietary front companies all over the world as well as inside the Continental USA which is a violation of their charter and technically makes them a RICO crime syndicate because of their massive trafficking in illegal drugs into America and around the world as well as massive illegal arms trafficking.
Due to its use of remote control drone’s and their missiles which have been deployed in the Mideast and Africa, and now 30,000 armed drones have been ordered for America, as well as all of its assassinations and use of privateers and mercenaries to mass murder, the CIA is now considered to have become little more than a murder machine specializing in the trafficking of illegal narcotics and illegal arms. Of course recent talk of transferring drone warfare primarily to the USAF is just another use of psyops tradecraft to confuse and deflect any real public concern and eliminate any true accountability to the kingpins responsible.
Who do you think sold Saddam Hussein the bio-weapons precursor chemicals he later destroyed in an attempt to avoid invasion by America? Who sold nuclear processing materials to North Korea and advanced attack helicopters to North Korea? That’s right, it was all done by the SSG through intel’s secret proprietary companies. These kinds of crimes are capital crimes and clear cases of treason. Obviously the SSG cannot engage in warfare around the world for power and massive profits unless they work hard to set these conflicts up long beforehand, conflicts they can take live at a later date and claim “necessity for”.
So back to the question of who is really making operational decisions for the USG and Congress?
It is now generally realized by top researchers that Congress is the visible USG but not the real one, which actually is the invisible Secret Shadow Government (SSG). Thus it is a fair assumption to make that the USG functions as the main Cutouts for the SSG, their main Kingpins inside America who themselves are the main Cutouts for the City of London Banksters.
What exactly is at the core of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG)?
Actually the best most informed and astute covert researchers have stated that the SSG was quickly constructed after the Roswell crash along with two other UFO crashes and recoveries in the Southeast USA which led to a panicked knee jerk reaction to set up the national Security Act of 1947 and MJ12.  Of course those running the cover-up apparatus for the “alien problem”, i.e. the crashed UFOs and recovered aliens both alive and dead, were very crafty and had substantial experience in psyops during WW2. These were the slickest covert operators that the USG had and were veterans of the OSS.
It has been testified that President Eisenhower was fully aware that alien entities were present in America and that there was reason to believe that Eisenhower had met with them and formed a treaty.
[youtube P4pKW02pwhw&feature=player_detailpage]
Apparently MJ-12 came out with a very negative policy about disclosing the UFO recovered craft and aliens, alive and dead, after a split of opinion occurred. It has been claimed that Defense Secretary Forrestal wanted to go public and was drugged and murdered because he refused to go along (he was thrown from an upper story of Bethesda Hospital by US Intel operatives).
Over the years MJ-12 has been alleged to be under pressure by the aliens who “advise them” to slowly acclimate the masses to the idea of UFOs and live aliens.  Their goal in mind is the eventual announcement and admission of their presence and the bringing of them out in the open to appear in public as political leaders. Some researchers believe this was the case in past civilizations where they walked freely and served as the evil rulers, oppressors, tyrants or “gods” of the various peoples of the ancient times on earth.  It has been alleged that they became so evil that God Almighty periodically destroyed them with some mega earth disasters like a flood or meteor strike.
It has been alleged that these powerful alien entities have been here before serving as the classical “gods” of Greek and Roman legends and desire to come back and take over again in complete openess.
Not surprisingly, some researchers believe they are back and desire to reassert themselves publicly someday and take over as cruel, dictatorial “gods” who demand absolute obedience and require continual human sacrifice such as has been attributed to the Aztecs and other groups in history. Apparently these alien entities are powerful, have an extreme human blood-lust, are tyrannical and have been restrained by some higher force in past years and even at present according to some experts.
Some have suggested that these alien entities are basically energy vampires who somehow are able to feast of the energy of the innocent they oppress, sexually abuse and often murder, especially young innocent children. Obviously something has been terribly wrong and evil with those that have been running the world for many centuries who now operate with a hidden control hierarchy.  Only the assumption that these entities are the most evil and powerful that have ever existed and who appear to specialize in psi-powers could explain their extreme evil and the evil they perpetrate in the world today.
Some researchers have taken this even further and speculated that the overall goal of these entities who are in charge is to use psi-power by high tech mindkontrol, a worldwide web of interlocked occult organizations, TV, mass media and Hollywoodism (movies and culture) to breakdown the family, and  capture and direct the souls of humans, replacing them with offshoots of their own evil spirits in a complex attempt to create a master hive with them as the controllers of a purely luciferan world system of evil.
“Blown cover as cover” was used to protect the secrets of MJ-12.
Top former OSS psyops experts decided to use the “blown cover as cover” method during the 1960’s when there were starting to be too many leaks about additional UFO crashes and recovered craft, especially a big one on Long Island. And they decided to protect the deepest truths about the live aliens they formed treaties with and their recovered anti-gravity inter-dimensional craft with a “bodyguard of lies, and misinformation”.
This strategy is still in place and has been designed to create massive cognitive dissonance in those that get “too interested”, thus resulting in many just going away in quiet desperation. And despite all those on the inside who have seen some or all of the facts that want to come forth, many have had to wait until they were very old and didn’t care any more like the great American Hero Colonel Philip J. Corso, who wrote the astounding, highly compartmented but completely true book, “The Day After Roswell”who was harassed for doing so and contracted cancer and died soon afterwards.
Many younger “leakers” have been murdered i.e. suicided like that other great American Hero Phil Sneider. And recently over two hundred former USG officials and retired military have come forth collectively and publicly thanks to Dr. Steven Greer’s disclosure Project and have not been prosecuted or harassed. They have however been unable to get any hearings before Congress as were promised. Expect to hear much more about them in the near future.
And of course many remember Congressman Steve Schiff from New Mexico who energetically tried to get the secrets of Roswell released to the public and mysteriously died of cancer, which many consider another “convenient death” for MJ-12.
It was decide that the original MJ-12 documents would be retyped using a typewriter that didn’t exist in 1947 using the same content except for obvious errors and a copied signature which would then be claimed proved the whole concept of MJ-12 was false when these retyped docs were leaked to certain select media.  So most researchers concluded that the whole MJ-12 business was a hoax when it is actually true and still operational.
The SSG decided that if the American People were told the truth about the crashed UFOs and recovered live and dead aliens, and their ET treaties, they and the whole USG and MJ-12 would quickly be dethroned of all power and the whole USG would be completely restructured one way or another and perhaps disconnected from the London Banksters and the American Babylonian “money Magick” folks, i.e. the private Federal Reserve which is a Delaware Corporation and its private collection agency the IRS.
Standard Tradecraft includes invocation of secrecy, and compartmenting by “need to know”.
So in order to protect their power, the SSG and MJ-12 resorted to the invocation of massive secrecy, compartmentalizing and “need to know” systems of information control, all backed up by 100% serious threats of lethal sanction, often threatening to murder any leaker and sometimes his whole family including wife and children like which was done to Ian Spiro and his family and many others since, usually all staged as murder/suicides (now called “arkensides” due to the many murders surrounding the Clintons and all the CIA massive drug trafficking through Mena, Arkansas as a part of the Iran Contra scandal).
Thus it is sensible to conclude that the SSG and MJ-12 are the most evil entities ever assembled inside America.  Obviously these organizations are run at the top by criminal psychopathic murderers and enemies of the state, folks with no consciences and no apparent souls, and no apparent humanness either.
If anyone wants to understand why there is so much evil now being perpetrated upon Americans and all over the world by the America military and US Petro Dollar System, all one has to do is gain a detailed understanding of what the SSG is, and who these MJ-12 criminals are that staff it.  Yes, these folks are the true scum of the earth and routinely impose secrecy by invoking “national security” to cover their most evil anti-human acts and crimes against humanity.
Majestic Twelve has twelve members and each one has been fully briefed on the Alien situation and the existing treaties which have been made with them. And some have been deeply involved with some of these “alien ambassadors” on a long term basis.
It is not hard to identify who the current members of Majestic Twelve are.  They are numbered 1 through 12 and the lower the number, the more power each member has. If one does some basic research and turn over every “rock” it is easy to figure out who #1 has been.
If one likes Heinz ketchup on their German bratwurst it is easy to understand who #2 has been.  If one like Polish sausage it is easy to understand who #3 has been. If one likes submarines and electronic warfare it is easy to understand who #4 probably has been.  And so on. All one has to do is examine who the top players have been across several administrations.
As the senior members of MJ-12 age and are nearing the end, others have been groomed to replace them, although this can typically result in some serious inter-factional wars among those who want to climb the food chain.
The Big Secret MJ-12 has been hiding is that they have gone into business with alien inter-dimensional entities which just happen to be exceedingly evil. Other major nations have done the same.  More on that later.
Here is a video clip claimed to have been leaked from KGB archives. If it is a phony, then it is an amazing morph job, far beyond the capability of most video editors including many intel agencies.  Because this entity displayed fits the general description of numerous reliable unassociated, unaffiliated military witnesses, it does seem possible that it is real.
[youtube 6_tegnAESIU#t=4s]
If the major world PTB have in fact formed various treaties with these Extra Biological Entities (EBEs), which many have claimed are evil, self-serving and very crafty in imposing their agendas on these PTB, this would explain why the world has become so evil when such associations would normally be expected to provide massive increases in technology and energy which would make everyone’s lives better.
The answer of what has been causing this evil transformation of America into a Terror State appears to lie deep within the Secret Shadow Government and the Kingpins that control it, as well as their Cutouts.
This evil American Transformation can best be understood by examining the hierarchical structure of the USG and the entities which control it, the Kingpins at the top of the Power Control Hierarchy and their Cutouts who serve as their “owned” minions.
There is a Power Control Hierarchy which is concentrated and segmented in several entities with each subordinate part serving as the Cutout for its superior part which functions as its Kingpin.
The true current worldwide nexus of Power is alleged to be the Old Black Nobility (OBN).
The true Nexus of Power is alleged to be within the Old Black nobility of Europe, families which have maintained power all the way back to Rome and even earlier, perhaps all the way back to Babylon. Next in the hierarchy below them are the World Banksters run out of the City of London Financial District who began as the Bankers for the Old Black Nobility. These folks are considered to be the rulers of the New Rome which is their secret worldwide empire and patterned as an extension of the old Roman Empire.
The City of London Banksters built a worldwide web-of-debt system of interlocked central banking based on debt-based fiat currency according to secret Babylonian “money-magick” and usury. Babylonian money-magick is the creation of money from nothing and lending it to its actual owners at usurious rates. This is considered the greatest scam in history and the making money from nothing.
Most folks work for money; these Banksters just get paid for nothing.  They get huge interest payments for lending people what is actually their own money in the first place.
London Banksters built their own secret empire of interlinked central banks.
These London Banksters were instructed and allowed by the “top of the pyramid”, the unseen “Old Black Nobility” rulers in Europe to build their own secret central banking empire to be used to replace the British Empire which was based on worldwide naval superiority but began to lose its Colonies.  It was a crafty plan designed to create a world-wide web of credit-debt from which a NWO Globalist System could be hatched. And it has succeeded with most of the world entrapped in their worldwide web-of-debt.
It looks like one day in the not too distant future, “Mystery Babylon” will collapse in an astounding reversal of fortune.
The coming end of the US Petro Dollar has been engineered by the OBN and soon Babylon will fall in an astounding collapse of the London Bankster-based world banking system and when this occurs it will have been because it was engineered to happen by the OBN as part of their centuries old game-plan.
Yes, the Banksters covert interlinked central banking empire appears to be coming to an end by design and edict of the OBN and this has not been fully realized by these London Banksters or their Cutouts. They know something is wrong and things are under distress so they are scrambling to extract their own maximum wealth from the system.
The London Banksters and the members of their system based on the US Petro Dollar have no idea they are being cut loose and dumped on the trash pile of history by those who they served for a very big piece of the pie.
In the meantime as the US economy continues to unravel, the apparent goal of the USG now appears to be to oppress and asset strip the American People and to destroy America as a nation-state.
Instead of providing for its populace, the USG has become its chief oppressor and the true enemy within. Warned about by the Founding Fathers, elected officials are required to take an oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution against All enemies, both foreign and domestic.
Before the USG can proceed to asset strip all available pension funds, 401Ks, IRAs and even social security, they know they must get the guns out of the hands of the average American. If they attain that as they have been ordered by the OBN they will then grab all the funds, organize them into one big USG managed fund and means test the populace for what is deemed “a fair share” which in reality will be starvation retirement for most. A point is coming when the Banksters can not issue or print any more money but will have to seize savings accounts like in Cyprus and seize and means test all pensions.
Instead of keeping these oaths, they have become the world’s biggest terrorists and the daily oppressors of the American Citizen.  These twisted USG officials have created numerous staged false-flag inside jobs like Murrah, 911, Aurora, Sikh Temple and Sandy Hook, all designed to bamboozle Americans into giving up their God Given Rights which are supposed to be guaranteed by the Constitution.
Perhaps these folks have been conned into believing that they will be rewarded for killing America by being made high officials in the coming NWO Globalist system. Instead of being rewarded for their treachery to America, they will likely be discarded to the trash heap of history because they will not fit into the NOW Globalist strategy and value system.
As with all cutouts, blame will conveniently be placed upon them for them to become the sacrificial lambs for the NWO Globalist system. And then it will be time for payback, and payback is always a bitch when such folks are tossed on the trash heap of history.
The worldwide Internet is a major Nemesis for the SSG and its cutouts the USG.
So far these staged attacks have worked as designed, but the world-wide Internet has begun to seriously erode these USG propaganda narratives and crack in them are appearing daily, with many waking up for the first time.
This too may have been part of the OBNs plans to re-shuffle the geopolitical entities of the world according to their long term plans.  Certainly the worldwide Internet has become the nemesis of the SSG when it was sold to them as the greatest intel gathering device in history and only that, not a major force to destroy them.
Staged False Flags provide Mindkontrol Narratives for the masses.
Staged False-Flags provide the USG narratives dispensed by the major mass media which are used to mindkontrol the American public and condition them into passive compliance, like sheep led to the slaughter. In history most slaughter houses have had trained Judas Goats who leads the animals to slaughter.  After which a nice reward is provided to the goat.
Yes, according to a former Deputy Director of State and the father of modern American Black Ops whio has served under fours different presidents from both parties, Steve Pieczenik, MD, Ph.D., there were no dead bodies at the Sandy Hook School, not a single one and the major mass media continues to dispense a completely false narrative about this, bamboozling at least 95% of the public.  Yes, it’s just one more in a long line of hundreds of Big Lies going all the way back to the Warren Commission.

Any American who wants the Constitution and Bill of Rights followed by the USG and its minions is now labeled either a “domestic terrorist” or a “potential domestic terrorist”.
[youtube -23kmhc3P8U]
The only ones labeling the USG as the world’s biggest terrorists that they are those who have felt their boot in the face or been attacked in their illegal foreign wars of acquisition which are technically other people’s wars not being fought for the average American.
The USG’s specialty is now staged false flag attacks and pre-emptive, unprovoked, illegal, undeclared, unconstitutional wars of aggression and oppression of American Citizens it defines as “domestic terrorists” or any dissenter of any kind.  This classification has been extended to include Vets, returning Vets and numerous County Sheriffs who have stated publicly they will not enforce unconstitutional gun-grabbing laws. Numerous politicians are now trying desperately to pass state laws to provide jurisdiction and arrest powers for the Secret Service to arrest such Sheriffs who insist on following the US Constitution.
Banksters are running the world’s biggest crime syndicate, but this is all coming to an end, likely to be very abrupt.
This transformation of America being conducted by the USG is nothing less than a byproduct of the RICO crimes of the world’s biggest crime syndicate run out of the City of London banking system, aka the world Banksters.  Their chief American business agent is the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) which serves as a collection of the Kingpins running the USG on their behalf.
These folks in the SSG are completely protected by a wall of secrecy provided by national security.  Once this wall breaks down from exposure through the world-wide Internet as the American Petro Dollar collapses, these perps will likely be exposed and many will want them held accountable for their crimes and oppressions.
It looks like the OBN has decided to cut these folks loose too, although such an action would seem completely counter-intuitive to those in the SSG because of their command of so many high tech weapons and so much secret knowledge.  They do not understand however that the OBN have extremely powerful assets available, rumored to be Luciferian based, Psi-powered, and extra-terrestial, comprising absolute Cesarian power far beyond what the SSG knows about or could even fathom.
Many American want to Storm the gates of the SSG’s crown jewels.
Many already want to storm the gates of such places as Area 51 and Dulce NM, and other DUMBs such as at the Denver International Airport and find out what they have been paying for without being allowed to know about, a complete affront to what America is supposed to stand for. Most Americans want to know the truth about UFOs and aliens and will be hoppin mad when they find out the truth for sure threat the SSG (invisible, real Government) and the USG (visible Government of Cutouts, owned and bought by the PTB).
[youtube xXIWKQOu-k8]
And since most of these DUMBs and secret bases are run by offshore based private DOD contractors, in reality this means that our SSG has been essentially hijacked by foreign based power and constitute just one more form of treason by Congress and the USG.
Someday within the next decade or so, perhaps the gates of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) will be stormed, captured and exposed.
Perhaps someday Americans will take their country back and will get a real President who will deploy the American military properly to capture these “beyond black” bases operated by offshore based foreign companies that have hijacked America and used the false cloak of “national security” as a cover for their numerous RICO crimes and mass murders. This President would be a great American Hero who would open up every hidden secret of these SSG criminals and mass murderers and send them all packing and running for cover.
These Kingpins who have been protected by a huge firewall of secrecy, cutouts and deniability could then be brought to justice for their numerous capital crimes.
The deterioration and impending collapse of the American petro dollar is likely to be a major game changer.
As economic conditions inside America have continued to deteriorate at breakneck speed and the USG has declared a covert war against ordinary Americans, Vets and gun-owners, many folks are confused and bewildered at what has gone wrong and caused this apparent demise of America.
Until folks begin to examine the USG and the forces behind it from the new paradigm of Kingpins and Cutouts, folks will continue to be confused about how America is being transformed and by whom.
How to decode the true world power factions and their stated struggle for world dominance.
Years ago I had contact with a researcher who was given numerous secrets of the OBN for “controlled release”.  He was told that there are rigid rules of play mandated by the creator of the Universe that must be obeyed.
The Kingpins must notify the world of their plans in advance.
One rule was that everything that the “world rulers” plan to do must be told in advance, thus revealed to the world before they are allowed to enact such plans. Thus we have the Georgia Guide Stones AKA the new Ten Commandments for the NWO Globalist system that the OBN is planning to institute.  A careful study of these ten new rules for the world will lead one to conclude that the SSG and the USG Cutouts will have no place in the new system.
The plans for WW2 were carved in stone in a smaller stone relic in a small town in Germany before WW2 commenced and this was notification of what was to occur.
The Main factions which are fighting for Supremacy are identified by Symbols and a corresponding influence of an extra-terrestrial (ET) species.
There are main factions in the world and each is characterized by a symbol. Numerous astute researchers who have studied this issue in depth have concluded that each world power group or faction represented by a major “Luciferian anointed symbol” actually represents a specific extra-terrestrial/inter-dimensional group of alien non-human beings with superior powers, both intellectual and psi-based.
Thus the Nazis represent the tall Arian Nordics ETs.  Note the six pointed star insignia suggesting Teutonic Zionism.
Nordic type Alien
The Nephilim represent the Babylonian money
magic, Talmudic Zio folks, the world Banksters/moneychangers. The Reptoids or Dracos represent the leaders of the pack, the Old Black Nobility (OBN) some believe are the THIRD FORCE that truly runs the world within the parameters allowed by God Almighty who has set “rules of play”. Each world faction displays its symbols on what it owns or claims.When one sees any of these symbols prominently displayed, it can be assumed that the where the symbol is displayed is operating under the authority of the symbol holder. And now for what is claimed to be the symbol characterizing each group.
The five pointed star of the Babylonian System.
The Babylonia system is characterized by the five pointed star and it is accompanied by an upside down inverse counterpart which is alleged to provide the Luciferian power for implementation of its systems such as Babylonian money-magick.
Allegedly the Dracos have been the alien force behind this Psi-power, based on the mascot and coat of arms used to represent the City of London Financial District, a separate country with its own police and ambassadors like the Vatican.
Alpha Draco Reptoids
The Twisted Cross of Nazism.
Then there is the twisted cross which represents Nazism which is covert, but alive and well inside America, South America and other places. It has been allegedly based on influence of the Nordic type aliens.
The Double Cross represents the Old Black Nobility which is the “leader of the pack” and is claimed to be the primary recipient of direct Luciferian power.
Then there is the double cross, the symbol known as the “Mark of Cain”.  This is one cross placed on top of another cross rotated at a 45 degree angle thus creating an 8 sided double cross.  This is the symbol of the OBN or the head of the New Roman Empire.  It is centered in Europe and maintains a wall of secrecy. And contrary to what many would think, it is NOT Zionist nor comprised of any folks of the Judaic faith or Hebrew bloodlines as far as is known. These folks have been alleged to be the THIRD Force.
The Nazis versus the City of London Babylonian Banksters.
Basically it appears that there has been a long term battle since the 1920’s between the Nazis and the Babylonian City of London Banksters.  Both of these groups have been allowed to exist and have been anointed by the OBN as Cutouts expected to each independently strive for world control. The operating philosophy of both has been world Zionism, but each from a somewhat different orientation.
The Six sided Star of Babylonian money changers and money magick.
Now for some real controversy.  Let me start by pointing out that I can neither confirm or deny any of these claims which were shared with me some years ago by a highly connected person who told me that he was being used to satisfy the required rules of disclosure by the OBN.  I am including this story line about faction symbols despite its controversial nature since I think it is something important to consider even though it is so far an unsubstantiated claim.
I was told that the six pointed star was NEVER used by King David of historical Israel.  That it only appeared publicly after about 700 AD and symbolized the merger of Nephilim blood with the earth woman’s blood to form a hybrid being with superior powers of persuasion and a different value system based on existentialism such as that characterized by Leo Strauss and his Chicago followers and was to best be viewed as Luciferian.
Also claimed was that the downward facing triangle represented the female human genes (blood) and the upward facing triangle represented the male Nephilim or “beast” genes. This of course is similar to the symbol displayed to represent world freemasonry.
World Zionism as an operating Ethos of the World banksters?
World Zionism is also claimed to be a temporary tool of Babylonian Talmudists, an operative philosophy used to motivate the City of London Banksters and their Cutouts to practice their money-magick with no morals at all.  It is allegedly an ethos of greed, narcissism, self-aggrandizement only and rationalizations of the evil acts against humanity for massive personal gain.
When Banksters can print or issue all the money they need it is relatively easy to buy almost every single politician and government official they desire.  Those that can’t be bought are just isolated and if they become a serious obstructionist like President John F. Kennedy, Senator Paul Wellstone, John Tower, or Governor Carnahan, well then they are murdered by setting up an accident.

Also claimed was that the Babylonians have been comprised of a high proportion of Judaics mostly Babylonian Talmudists and these are a minority of those of the Judaic faith.  They have been elected by the OBN to serve as their bankers. Accordingly it was also claimed that because only a small proportion of those of the Judaic faith comprised this special class of world Banksters and direct cutouts for the OBN and blaming all members of the Judaic faith only empowers those who abuse it.
Babylonian Banksters from the City of London have created a worldwide web-of-debt which is a new form of slavery without the whips and iron shackles.
Babylonian Banksters have induced almost the whole world into a web-of-debt based on usury and all kinds of strange money magick implemented in secrets from the masses. Of course none of this basic con is ever allowed to be taught in any public school or university or any private school either for that matter.
The fact that this con could be so successfully implemented in plain sight with almost no public opposition shows just how powerful and effective the strategic mindkontrol and culture control systems have been in keeping this knowledge from the dumbed-down America public.
And it has been alleged that the Banksters have been encouraged to subdue the whole world into a web-of-debt fiat based and interlocked central banking system based on the use of Babylonian money magick.
Their profits were to be based on loans granted to governments for war-making and usury gained from such as well, as other loans provided to finance state-based programs linked to the incurring of massive debts and usury to entrap the masses in a continuing worldwide web of credit debt.
Are the OBN aka the Third Force actually alien/human hybrids, some which may live for more multiple generations?
Members of the OBN appear to direct age old plans and objectives which some have felt suggest they are folks who lives more than one normal human generation.
Burning Cutouts is a long term pattern for these inter-generational institutions of the OBN, some have hypothesized are actually Third Force alien/human hybrids.
These folks are known in history for always eventually using up and burning their most favored Cutouts, no exception.  And they can be depended on to use trickery, deceit and covert means so sophisticated and esoteric that it is unlikely their targets will realize what is happening as things crumble around them in an alarming crescendo.
And now the OBN is now creating up a new world faction to displace both the Nazis and the Babylonians while they prepare to cut loose their main Cutouts the Banksters and the SSG which will take the USG down the tubes with it.
It looks like the City of London Banksters and their Cutouts including the SSG and Zionists and Nazis will be cut loose.
It seems pretty certain the world Banksters and their cutouts will be thrown under the bus and tossed on the trash pile of history by the OBN.  Here’s why. Being that the OBN’s symbol is the double-cross, this is what they are known for and can be depended to do when they start up the new worldwide geopolitical musical chairs which will likely commence soon.
The OBN allegedly have a long term modus operandi of setting up and using cutouts and then cutting them loose, that is, double crossing them. The evidence for this are all the anecdotal reports of such of their practices over the centuries and their adaptation of the “double-cross” as their identifying symbol of ownership and authority.
The Great Dragon System of China.
The Eastern Dragon System characterized by the Dragon Symbol is now being formed starting with the BRICS trading block which is an alternative trading system to the US Petro Dollar system and will involve international trading with a shift away from the US Petro Dollar. The alleged Psi-power behind themn is also the Dracos, but these too are subordinate to the Third force or the OBN.
Perhaps the Chinese Dragon system was started by the so-called British Royals, who are either royal blood or British, but German according to top world muckraker Greg Hallet (4).  The City of London Banksters like the Royals apparently have been franchised to operate under the authority of the German Third Force, OBN, aka the Dracos, but they are now allegedly in the process of being exposed and dispossessed.  And it has been alleged that the Dracos will be franchising China as their main Draco representative,
In the early 1940’s the Eastern power block families run by the Rockefellers were instructed by the OBN to institute a plan to set Mao up in China and create the perfect system of “pure Communism”, which could later be built up and merged with America after America was made prominent and powerful by the Second World War which had been planned by the OBN long before WW1 was even initiated.
Albert pike’s infamous letter of notification to be later released to the masses for proper notice.
Albert pike was used to meet the requirement to inform the masses of future events planned to be engineered by the OBN also called by some as the Illuminati or the Olympiads.
Actually this was written about by Albert Pike, in a letter to Mazzini dated August 15, 1871. Pike was a top Mason who stated there would be three world wars engineered, WW1, WW2 and finally WW3.
Here are excerpts from his letter:
The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the “agentur” (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions.”
The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm.”
The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”
China is a sleeping giant the OBN is now awakening to debase the US Petro Dollar System.
It looks like China will be to America what America was to Nazi Germany, a sleeping giant awakened to crush Germany while exporting Nazism to form the Fourth Reich in America, South America and Antarctica.
This was accomplished through America’s Operation paperclip, designed to acquire Nazi secret super weapons, rocket and anti-gravity technology as well as to gain an intel system embedded inside Stalinist Russia.  Of course this worked in reverse as the Nazis were able to gain control of much of the USG with the help of the Wall Street Banksters.
What exactly is the End-game of the OBN?  What is their apparent overall goal?
They allegedly have made claims to certain individuals in the past that they represent Lucifer and are all about staging a world situation which will support his Rising as the NWO Globalist world savior. This means use of extensive social engineering using occult guidance and supernaturally anointed actions based on extreme end justifies the means principals of pure evil.
It has been claimed by Albert Pike that the OBN plans to destroy most of the current societies and culture, including the conventional families and common institutions and set the stage for a final battle between Lucifer and God Almighty allegedly.  So far the way things have unfolded since the letter was written seem to support these predictions.
Since the world system these world rulers have set up is one based on their evil ruling over subordinate evil, in order to control subordinate evil, they must be more evil and more ruthless than any of the Cutouts they have set up to serve their needs. Their goal is to provoke as many of the populace to sin and practice evil, thus dirtying them up, since it is known that it is much easier to control folks that are morally compromised than those who are honest and good and and filled with character.
Their operational ideology is that in order to maintain rule they must be at least seven times as evil, bloodthirsty, savage and ruthless as any of the evildoers they rule over. The system they have put in place is inspired by their evil values and evil practices, but in miniature at each subordinate level, thus we see the same Kingpin and Cutout design used over and over against in each descending level. Power always uses secrecy and abuse of their positions of power, as well as their Cutouts to protect itself and absolute, grotesque and complete treachery and evil is required to maintain complete control over subjects by use of abject tyranny, terror and mass murder.
Perhaps there is a hidden agenda to this massive creation of a massive worldwide surveillance system.
Many believe that the reason the SSG is in the process of setting up a massive worldwide surveillance system is to control the world masses and make it possible to institute a world dictator, a new Caesar of the ages.  Some believe that because lucifer is not omniscient like God Almighty he is attempting to create as much omniscience as possible by setting up a massive worldwide surveillance system.
A NWO global “World Caesar” is expected to be installed according to the OBN’s plans, but this will occur as a natural occurrence as the world masses rise up against the conventional institutions and political groups of society that they feel have stripped all their wealth and made their lives miserable.
The world’s masses will demand destruction of all the old systems and will quite easily be conned at that point into accepting a NOW world Ruler many researchers now believe will be Lucifer incarnate.
The OBN allegedly wants a total world surveillance system to hijack and use for its partnered ETs.
As if this storyline couldn’t get any stranger it now will take us down a deeper rabbit hole. It has been claimed that the reason this massive worldwide surveillance system is being set up is to provide near complete omniscience of what is happening in the world. Also claimed, that this system would provide the ability to provide complete powers of perception for the OBN’s new world Caesar and the ability to withstand an expected attack by God Almighty for the final war of planet earth, a war some have predicted to be the great war between Heaven and Hell.
Also claimed is that those in the SSG who set up and developed the system will be routed out and replaced by new folks who serve only their occult masters and no nation or country. All the technology of the SSG’s total surveillance system will be hijacked, harnessed and utilized by the newly emergent NWO Globalist system which will not include any of the prior Cutouts, all of whom will be tossed on the trash heap of history, once again illustrating the nature of the OBN to always resort to the double-cross.
Their hijacking of all these SSG systems will allegedly be done by the ET’s they are secret in alliance with who will come forth publicly at that time.
As the storyline goes, the ETs allied with the OBN are terribly afraid of guns.
The alleged reason that the USG is so obsessed with gun-grabbing is that is was ordered from the top down by the head of the OBN which rules over a “Council of Twelve” with a rumored thirteenth seat left open for Lucifer. As the story goes, ETs are deathly afraid of firearms and refuse to show themselves publicly and take over their new to be assigned NWO globalist Government roles unless the whole world is disarmed first. If this narrative is true then it stands to reason that other claims about inter-dimensional ETs are doing more than just vacationing on planet Earth. As has been suggested by Gordon Duff, some appear to have been abducting humans and using them as food (5).
Since some researchers believe that ETs are actually in cahoots by secret treaties with various world Power Control Groups (PTBs), it is not much of a stretch to hypothesize that these many of these ET’s, especially the Dracos who are alleged to Comprise the Third Force and running the OBN are basically evil, mass murderers who care nothing about humans or anyone else but themselves and their long term plans.
This narrative about the world top Kingpins and their Cutouts, one of the strangest storylines ever told may be true (or not).
Each person must examine the available evidence and then decide for themselves which is the most probable scenario for explaining what is happening in the world today. 
If this narrative is true it is about the strangest story ever told.  But alas what has already been substantially proved about crashed and recovered UFOs and dead and injured ETs (6) is also pretty mind-blowing already and certainly suggests that there is a great deal more to these recovered UFOs and alien bodies.
Certainly it is a fair assumption to make that exceedingly evil and extremely powerful super-elite groups are running the world from highly isolated and well insulated positions.
It is also apparent that these individuals comprise the very top level of a worldwide pyramid or hierarchy of power and that supernatural or Psi-powers appear to be at play which violate all the laws of normal society.  The alien hybrid hypothesis that these entities are byproducts of extra-dimensional demonic crossbreeding with humans certainly is one explanation which seems to make sense when considered in view of the current conditions of the world and the available historical document and artwork.
It is interesting to note that many think those in charge of the small number of super-elite deviant rulers at the top of the pyramid are not ETs, EBEs or alien beings but are inter-dimensional demons or Jinns.  They view these beings as evil to their core, haters of mankind with an age old goal of destroy all of mankind as crimes and corruption from drug trafficking, societal breakdown, murder, mass murder, eugenics, and the generation of death to the masses as an act of continual 24/7 human sacrifice. Obviously the secret negotiations and treaties with these entities started out positively and benignly.
Now as time has passed since the 1950s when these treaties were made, the behavior of some of these entities has become exceedingly crafty, manipulative, and very, very evil. And very day there is more and more reason to view them as grand deceivers and parasites on the human race like those Kingpins they prop up and use to control much of the earth masses through a very sophisticated system of sub-Kingpins and Cutouts.
At present we do not have definitive answers to all these questions of exactly what aliens are or specifically what empowers them or how long they live.  But it does seem exceedingly clear that they are here in at least some form, can appear and disappear and take form and are exceedingly evil beyond what most normal folks can imagine or even fit into their heads.  It is also apparent that they must operate according to certain “rules of play” of the Universe, some interpret as coming from God Almighty.  Each person must examine what evidence is available and come to their own conclusions.

(1) Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Secret Shadow Government
(4) Greg Hallett Report and Homepage,
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