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CIA torture report cites more than failure

… by  Gordon Duff  and  Press TV


"The man behind the man"
“The man behind the man”

Americans are waiting to see if President Obama will order prosecutions based on the most recent report on CIA torture.
Sections leaked from the least classified portions of the report outline fraud and incompetence on a massive sale, that and criminal abuses.

Americans may well have to wait forever.  Even during Obama’s second “lame duck” term, he is unlikely to proceed against those clearly cited as criminals in this most recent report.
Torture advocate John Brennan, Obama’s current CIA Director, would be one of the first arrested.
The few who have seen “the juicy parts,” read of mutilation, death squads, detainees being dragged behind vehicles until their bodies were unrecognizable.  Current CIA director, John Brennan, now an “Obama insider,” was very much a part of this process.
Brennan was a major torture supporter during the Bush administration.  Brennan, with no military or operational experience in intelligence, rose to his current position through “telling people what they want to hear.”
Americans are deeply concerned that Brennan, very much part of the CIA’s “cult of torture,” will be able to block needed reforms.

You see, torture isn’t the only issue.  The CIA, through Bush restructuring, “privatization and compartmentalization,” was recreated and “retasked.”  The new CIA works for banks, oil companies, rigs American elections in addition to those “overseas” and is capable of acting as, not only a terrorist organization, as told of in the most recent torture report, but trafficking in drugs, human beings and weapons of mass destruction as well.

The real report, if ever released, would cite the CIA as “beyond Al Qaeda.”



American's constant battle over classification - Real security issues versus butt covering
American’s constant battle over classification – Real security issues versus butt covering

The report, in itself, is one in a series, part of a process that began in 2006; four years after the secret concentration camps used as torture centers had opened.
During those four years, responsible members of the US government tasked with overseeing these activities had been told nothing.
Over 6 million pages of documents were given investigators.  As the shock set in, so did the censorship.  Documents given to congress soon disappeared.
As it currently stands, the most prosecutable criminal acts exposed aren’t for torture or CIA “ritual killings” but for a seemingly endless series of cover ups, destroyed documents, perjured congressional testimony and “obstruction.”

Ashcroft and Siljander


John Ashcroft - Obstruction of Justice became his holy cause
John Ashcroft – Obstruction of Justice became his holy cause

We move back in time, back to the 2000 election, most controversial in American history.  Bush takes office and nominates John Ashcroft as Attorney General of the United States, a man uniquely unqualified for high office.
Only the legal opinions of one man, John Ashcroft, a former Senator then recently defeated in an election by a dead man, one believed assassinated to assure Ashcroft’s reelection, provided a “legal basis” for acts the Geneva Conventions cite as war crimes.
Ashcroft even had neighbor and longtime friend, Mark Siljander, who served with Ashcroft in Congress, arrested and charged with 52 “terror related” counts that later turned out to be fabricated.  As another longtime friend of Siljander, I worked on his case along with former Attorney General Ed Meese and Secretary of State James Baker III, longtime conservatives tied to Presidents Reagan and Bush (41).
Case records reveal that, where there wasn’t overt torture, the Bush administration systematically used blackmail, bribery and perjury to support what had become its own “reign of terror,” not just through America’s Muslim community but anyone in Washington who, like Siljander, spoke against torture or the phony intelligence it produced.

The Bush administration’s purge of every governmental organ of power deeply paralleled Stalin’s purges in Russia during the 1930s. Of course, many Bush advisors were lifelong Bolsheviks, particularly those credited with founding “neocon philosophy.” Bush era torture policy has been revealed as nearly identical to that instituted by Stalin.  The parallels are undeniable.

Above the Law


Rumsfeld - the biggest failure at Sec. of Defense in American history
Rumsfeld – the biggest failure at Sec. of Defense in American history

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft and Gonzales instituted a policy of indiscriminate arrest, torture and cruelty unseen since the era of Hitler and Stalin.
What is also made clear is that the creation of the mechanism, America’s “Gulag Archipelago” of secret detention centers, had nothing to do with national security and everything to do with fraud, drug dealing and destruction of rule of law on an international scale.
In particular, the report cites that “no actionable intelligence” gained thru torture had aided US efforts against terrorist groups, prevented attacks or led to significant successes.
Classified parts of the report go much further.  They indicate that torture was used on a massive scale, hundreds of times more prevalent that previously imagined, torture often leading to mass killings that in fact, was never intended to produce any real intelligence at all.
To some extent, the torture was done “for fun,” a way of playing to the baser instincts of America’s Christian Evangelist community, steeped in “Old Testament” stories of slaughter and debauchery, indoctrinated in Zionist extremism and enthralled to cult figures like John Hagee, peddlers of an unrecognizable form of Christianity that has swept through America.

Polls over the last decade have shown wide support in the Evangelical Christian community for not only torture and wars of aggression but the indiscriminate use of nuclear weapons as well.

The Bush Coup

Those cited by the report, not just “Bush insiders” but a virtual army of handpicked key staffers running the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, NSA, Justice Department, Homeland Security, Drug Enforcement Agency, Federal Courts and key state agencies used phony torture intelligence to create an artificial threat to justify a massive program of domestic spying and a massive militarization of police agencies.
The overt parts of the report cite torture as useless in “finding Bin Laden.”  The still classified parts of the report go much further citing the total lack of credible evidence that any worldwide terror organization targeting the US and Israel has ever existed, not an Islamic one at least.

The Bin Laden Fiasco

Stories about the report obsess on one subject above all others, the purported killing of Osama bin Laden and how torture failed to produce any intelligence that led to the version of events many accept as the killing of “the most dangerous man in the world.”
We are now told Bin Laden was shot well over 100 times before his body was flown to the Southern Indian Ocean and slipped into the waters off Antarctica. These stories keep changing; it is hard to know which one to disbelieve the most.

Stories filling the press claim that CIA torture in no way assisted in the hunt for Bin Laden.  Other sources, White House, National Security Council, CIA, ISI (Pakistan), Mossad and more tell an even stranger but far more believable and better documented story.

Censoring the Truth about Bin Laden


Time Osman with Brzezinski - the old days
Time Osman with Brzezinski – the old days

Bin Laden became important recently for a second reason.  A recent story, now proven to have been a hoax, cited what was supposed to be a new American policy to give “Al Qaeda,” the CIA supported terrorist group killing tens of thousands in Syria and Iraq, advanced air defense weapons.
This is an old story, one dating back to the Mujahedeen and their war against Russian forces assisting the Afghan government.
It was Osama bin Laden (known in the US as Colonel Tim Osman) who, while working for the CIA, managed inventories of Stinger missiles and reported to his handlers in the White House and ISI (National Intelligence Coordinator Leo Wanta and ISI Director General Hamid Gul).
Confirmed CIA reports, totally in conflict with those given Congress, tell of the decade long operation led by Bin Laden to recover unused Stinger missiles, an operation concurrent with the other “reported” Bin Laden role as leader of “Al Qaeda.”  Real CIA reports cite Bin Laden as high ranking operative until his death.
The “new” reports only cite how torture failed to lead to his supposed killing.

While the CIA is still trying to sell their own version of Bin Laden “the terrorist,” highest level sources cite Bin Laden as a continuing CIA asset who regularly visited Washington, an asset still in active employ when legitimate White House, CIA and ISI officials reported his death in 2001.


Where investigations of CIA abuses fail is in their scope is in their unwillingness to accept that torture along with controlled press and false flag terrorism as tools intended to create a narrative in support of a systematic program of global destabilization on behalf of secretive organs of economic and political power whose real agenda is yet to be revealed.
Congress has again discovered that everything it had been told was a lie.  The question they will never ask is “why?”

Editing:  Jim W. Dean



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